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Authentic Designer H andbag Wholesale D i rectory.

Selling Designer Handbags - Advice on Selling Wholesale Gucci Bags  It is not an easy task finding authentic Gucci bags wholesale. There are lots of factories producing high quality replicas of these popular bags because of their high demand. Tread carefully when selecting a wholesale or dropshipping company to work with. Be realistic as well. You are not going to be able to find or sell a high quantity of the real thing. When the bags starting price is $800 it is simply too difficult to get a hold of any in bulk at discounted prices. However, there are wholesalers out there selling Gucci handbags for great prices. If you want your business to be one of those companies, you are going to have to invest the in the time and research necessary in finding the right suppliers. How do you make sure you are selling real Gucci products? Here are some things to keep an eye out for: Logo One of the most well known ways to spot a Gucci knock off is by checking out the logo. Many fake bags will have a "C" instead of the trademark "G". Study the Gucci logo so you know what to look for. Wrapping Authentic Gucci will not come to you wrapped in plastic. If you find any with plastic wrappings you can be certain they are fake. Material Like with any designer handbag, quality is always a good indicator of authenticity. If the material or fabric is not good then you know you have a replica. If the bag is known to fall apart for only a few months you should realize you do not have a true Gucci product. ID Card Gucci provides identification cards with each product. If your bag does not include one, or the card does not match that of the authentic bags, you have been dupped. It may take more research than you would like to find authentic designer handbags at discounted prices, but the success of doing so will more than make up for it. Consider using an online wholesale directory, like Salehoo, to help you in your search for the real thing. 70% Discounts On All Wholesale Designer Handbags - Salehoo Platinum Edition It is advisable to buy these fashionable, designer bags from legitimate and experienced drop shippers like Salehoo. Buyers will buy their bags based on their usability and distinctiveness. They need to know where they can use these bags. As Seen on CNN, Money Networks and FORBES - Get Salehoo Wholesale Directory (Platinum Edition) Only from here! Limited Versions of Salehoo Wholesaler Directory Article Source: Authentic Designer H andbag Wholesale D i rectory.

Selling Designer Handbags - Advice on Selling Wholesale Gucci Bags