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Learn to Play the Guita r - Should I Play the Electric Or the Acoustic Guita r? Deciding what kind of guitar you want to play can be a daunting task. You ask yourself, "Do I want to play the electric or the acoustic guitar?" The best guitar to begin with is the acoustic guitar and here is why. In the first place you will not have to lug an amplifier around with you when you go places to play. You can just put your guitar in the car and go. Often times you may be somewhere where there is no electricity and so an electric guitar would do no good. That is when you pull out the old acoustic and you are in business But more so than ever at some point in your music endeavors with the guitar, you are going to want to own an acoustic guitar, even if you think you play an electric. You will still always have the desire and also the need to play an acoustic guitar. Again, you are going to want to own one. An acoustic guitar can be played with a wide variety of instruments. You can play it with any fretted and stringed instrument and many of the wind instruments too. They are very versatile. Now what type of acoustic guitar will you want to buy? What kind of sound are you going to want to hear coming from your guitar when you play. How much are you willing to spend? What make and model of instrument will you buy? All of this has to be taken into account and decisions must be made. These and much more. Do you want a guitar that has a soft mellow sound or do you want a sound that has a brighter deeper tone? The Gibson acoustic guitar, which is a fine quality guitar, will give a more mellow sweeter sound than most other acoustic guitars. The Martin guitar, a very good guitar, has a brighter sound on the upper strings and a deep brassy bass sound on the lower strings. Both of these guitars are excellent guitars but they are expensive. Once you find yourself truly committed to playing the guitar you will surely want to get yourself a really good one. If not a Gibson or a Martin or a Taylor or an Ovation, then it will be some other good quality made guitar. It is for certain you will want to have one or two good acoustic guitars or in your collection. On your first guitar, you will spend from a hundred and fifty to three or four hundred dollars. Look for a Ventura or an Alvarez, a Yamaha or maybe even a Takamine. I would highly suggest a Takamine. For the money invested they are one of the better guitars. The Takamine is made well, it is easy to play, it sounds very good, and it is not too pricey. You can look at pawn shops as a fair source for an inexpensive beginner guitar. Most medium to large cities have guitar shops where you can buy either new or used guitars. I prefer a music store whether it be a new guitar dealer or a used guitar shop. Used guitars are not necessarily less expensive than new ones and new ones are not necessarily better instruments than used ones.You will have to make the decision by choosing what feels and sounds good to you. No matter what kind of guitar you decide to buy you should do some on line research before you make your purchase. Once you have bought yourself a guitar it will be the one you will have to play. If you get an inferior guitar then it may be difficult to play and the sound quality may not be very good. Both are a big distraction to a musician whether it be a beginner or an advanced player. So, unless you have a lot of spare cash laying around and don't mind turning loose of it for another one. Chose your guitar wisely and choose the best one you can afford. Look for a guitar that appeals to you. It is not so much what the guitar looks like, but the way it

feels when you put your arms around it and begin to play. It has to feel good. Once you have tried out a few you will know what I mean. An acoustic guitar is really something to hold, especially a good one. After you have played around on a number of guitars you will become aware of how each instrument feels subtly different than another. At some point you will pick one up and once you have settled into it you will say, "Wow, this is the one!" And you will have it, you will have found your guitar. It makes no difference what name is on the guitar what matters is how it feels and how it sounds. Looks are not so important, it is all about feel and sound. Keep this in mind when looking for an acoustic guitar, feel and sound. It has to feel good first and with feeling you can make a guitar sound good. I have played guitar for most of my life and have never regretted picking it up and learning how to play. My first guitar was an acoustic guitar, a Ventura. I did not know anything about guitars and so it was not much of an instrument. Still, I practiced till my fingers were raw then callused over and tough enough and strong enough to stand the pressure on the frets. After my Ventura I bought an Epiphone which was an easier guitar to play but someone had filed down the frets so it wasn't much of an instrument either. Within a year of beginning to play the guitar, I decided to save my money and get myself a Martin D-35. It was the greatest musical investment I had ever made. It was like the Martin would play itself all I had to do was hold it. My point is, when you are looking for a guitar look for a good one. You will not regret the time you took looking and you will be satisfied with your guitar. You can find out more about how to choose good a guitar by Clicking Here now. Take your time and look around and you will find the instrument that is perfect for you. Go to where you will find more information about different types of guitars. You will also find links to other websites where you can learn even more about the acoustic guitar. Article Source: The Acrostic Collection.

Learn to Play the Guitar - Should I Play the Electric Or the Acoustic Guitar?  

Deciding what kind of guitar you want to play can be a daunting task. You ask yourself, "Do I want to play the electric or the acoustic guit...