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Guitar Super Stars is an internet based system that teaches people to play the guitar and claims it can do so in minimum time. The system uses a very unique way that provides a form of power lessons using some of the best guitar teachers available. Guitar Super Stars vision in creating the system was to enable normal people to learn playing the guitar as quickly as possible and more importantly the process of learning this skill should be as painless as possible. The system is based on step-by-step lessons and workshops with online guidance all the way. It can take between four to six years at college for a person to learn the skills of guitar playing but since the invention of the internet and modern technology simpler and easier to use systems could be developed giving ordinary people the chance in learning this skill. The system focuses on teaching a person to excel with picking technique, rudiments, scales, and the ability of incredible memory records. Guitar Super Stars system is both suited for beginners and advanced players in bettering their skills. All lessons are easily accessed on video using with a control panel and supports PC and Mac. Guitar Super Stars was developed by Andy Johnson, a guitar player and teacher with more than twenty years experience. His online guitar teaching system using some of the best guitar players in the world as teachers has been a new ambition he had to fulfil. Andy makes it very clear that learning to play the guitar is not easy and that's maybe why some guitar learning systems look great but once a person gets started things are not as simple as they seem. Ben Phillips, Chris Nicholson and Lorenzo Wolff are some of the teachers being used by the system. As an added bonus a Jam Machine software is thrown into the package as well as personal one-on-one support. Developing memory skills, technique and physical ability with your left and right hands are some of the aspects of playing the guitar and Guitar Super Stars claim to develop those skills. (c) Make Easy Money Directory 2009 Article Source:

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Guitar Super Stars Review  
Guitar Super Stars Review  

By Christian Cameron Howto Play The Guitar Learn Jamoram Guitar, Over 200,000 Students, Visit Now! Ads by Google