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Campaign run by MÊdec ins Sans Frontières @ n o i t i b i h x E m u i d e M i t l u M See S4S a c i r f A h t u o S g r u b s e n n a h o J ConHill 2 1 0 2 e n u J 6 1 10 May to Curator: Bobby Rodwell Artists: Andrew Lindsay, Ayanda Ogqoyi And Gift Mangena Site Manager: Remy Kasanda MSF Johannesburg Programme Director: Sharon Ekambaram

g r o . F S M @ l a v i v r solidarity4su

Solidarity for Survival Campaign  
Solidarity for Survival Campaign  

SOLIDARITY FOR SURVIVAL is a dynamic new multi-medium exhibition presented by Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in Joha...