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What Human’s Expect of Life?

Suicide By: Masay Nakano

He knew he wanted to live, but suicide was his only choice. His life was terrible.Teachers, homework, chasing him, parents not letting him sleep. Every things every body’s cruel actions were being delivered to him like a pizza , but the things that was delivered was not pizzas, but instead it was filled with hate. He thought to himself ”There should be ways that should be better,” but he only knew one idea that could help him. It was to die. To go out of the horrible community. To leave everybody behind and go free. He didn’t like it, but it was his only choice. His parents died after the tsunami hit right in the middle of the little town where he lived. After, he went to a center that can find new parents. He was picked up one week after the day he went to the centre, and he was happy, but the new parents was cruel and never let him sleep. The new school was two times bigger than the school he went to before. The teachers were mean. If he

misspell one tiny word, few lap around the school. Unfortunate for him, fortunate for teachers, there were millions of security cameras around the school, even in toilets. the teachers gave 20 or even more pages of homework per day, and bullies wildly ripping the workbook so he can’t do it. Sometimes, bullies goes to him and take him to some small roads that people would never go though, and take his money. Some violence if he doesn’t have any.These things stacked up as if he was playing a long tetris. a Jenga until he thought he could die. He wondered where he would go if he died. “Heaven,”. He was surprised that he said that. He would never want to go to school, except for the good old school where he went before the tsunami hit. It was heaven. Good food no bullies, good teachers, and most important there is friends that can support him. There were no students that he can call friends. If they were to play with him, bullies would attack them too, so they wouldn’t play with him. Instead they would fight with the bullies too, and if he would tell to parents or teachers, the bullies would be angry, and he will have to go back home with wounds to heal physically, and mentally, so he had no hope for getting a better life. That why he wanted to die. He didn’t want to die, but it was the best he could do, and the least he could do. He had three ideas. He plan, he die, he adventure the world where he goes when he dies. It is actually pretty easy to come up with this, but if there is bullies, teachers, and all the things chasing you, it would take 5 hours with coming up with these ideas like him. The next morning, he did as usual, but he went up the bed and got some rope, and tied a knot. He went to school as usual, he came back wounded as usual, he went to his room, wrote his dairy, wrote a letter to his parents, got out the old rope he used for swings,and he hung him self. It was actually not painful. All his memories whirled around like when the Indian tribes hunt. He smelled subtle blossoms. Sweet blossoms. Then he felt like if he was going through the gate in his loving old school, and it was the gate he loved, but there were no school that he knew, but there was one blue and white school that said “PSI”. The phrase near the name said “A place where we belong”, and he felt like he did. He felt this calm mind that he never felt before in his short life. It was the first feeling he got when he was hugging his real mother, or when he first came to school and made some friends. He went threw the school gate, and went to the building in front of him. He saw sign that said reception, so he asked where the cafeteria is. When he was talking, he didn’t feel he was nervous, but in fact, he was talking normally. The answer came back quickly. “It is just on the left”.He went to the cafeteria, and got some lunch. It was warm and delicious. it felt like if it was his mother’s food. For some reason he had money to buy lunch and drinks. He was wondering around the school and went to the gym. Everyone was playing basketball. He wanted to play, and he really did. He was asked by one teacher to play, so he did. He wasn’t sad when he missed

the goal, and other team players encouraged him. He finished the match, and went to some other place. He went to the football pitch and played soccer, learned science in science class. Made things in DT room. He had fun doing everything he could do, and he found a place where he truly belonged.

The Test by Martin

Well today is a great day, we are having a test or more summarily a final exam. And no matter what happens we cannot skip school. So I practiced all day and night and I still don’t remember a thing, so I thought to go to my friend’s house and practice for the test. It was night so I didn’t see anything while riding my bike. I crashed into some kid on a bicycle. Suddenly I felt something crashing into my forehead, then the pain sliding to the back of my head and then the bike appeared behind me. I felt great pain and my eyes started watering but right before I wanted to start crying I heard a howl of cry what was coming from the boy on the other bike. He was the same age as me so I was surprised. He didn’t seem to be familiar didn’t so I asked, ‘Where are you from?’. But he kept crying. So took him to my friend’s house because it was closer. When we just came to my friend he quited crying and instead he had an unnatural grin on his face. So then I shivered from that grin, but I sensibly asked him, ‘Where are you from?’. And he said that he’s new to this town. Then I asked him, ‘What school are you going to?’. And he answered the same school as me. I went up to my friend’s room and told him about the newcomer and he was actually happy to meet him. I was really surprised because my friend didn’t like newcomers so we practiced for a little until I got it in my head the new kid seemed really smart so I already defined him in my head as a nerd. Finally it’s the final exams I am really nervous, but then I come into the school and I suddenly black out for no reason then I woke up by hearing a shout and I ran after the shout came from. It was Gabriel Dunina who I only once talked to.She was all scarred like a pirate’s face. I asked the girl beside me what happened but when she just opened her mouth she got dragged by the police. I knew the exams would be stopped so I went to the director but surprisingly he answered that should be fine and we should begin still do the test. I was speechless, I was trotting back from the office up to the site Gabriel was in and I saw a letter Saying “LOL here comes the reaper’. I then thought that only a girl could write it. Maybe Lydia Grimmet... No, she’s too popular. Or maybe Cora Ballance. YES! She’s that type! All the time she’s mean and quite and she always takes notes on the classes with LOL or

OMG. I should ask her, but just in that second she ran out crying from a class and I thought to my self that it’s her. She just made it as a joke and it became serious. So I was satisfied with my brilliant logic and when I just was walking to the class room, I heard a scream. It came from the boys bathroom, I ran there and saw a kid who I never talked to and didn’t even know his name. I saw a blood stain in front of him. I looked through the guy there was no note this time. I knew that this will just create more chaos so I went out of the bathroom quietly like nothing happened but then I felt a blow of guilt coming through my whole body, but right before I wanted to shout out. The PE teacher Mr Max put his hand on my shoulder and said, ‘Don’t worry be happy’. I then got that it was him, he talked all hipster,he could scar children with his fist, he was the one who did it and I’m going to be his next victim. I felt him smile behind me and then I black out again. I woke up just lying, I looked at the clock and only a minute passed I needed to run to the exams. I came into the room, the teachers were frowned because of the absence of many students not including my friend. I sat next to him hoping to copy off him. We waited for five more minutes and when the teacher wanted to announce the beginning of the test the kid we met yesterday came in. I wanted to sit next to “him” to copy off but when I sat next to him the teacher said to go and sit somewhere else, so I sat in the back of the room. After hours of working we finally got a break. I ran to the PE room because I knew who it was. I saw the PE teacher training with a dummy, I bet he was imagining his next victim so I saw him and started running after him. When he saw me, he started running himself. Then I saw my friend coming from the other side of the gym. I guessed he heard what happened too so in the end me and my friend caught him. The teacher roared and shouted, ‘What are You doing?’ We said, ‘We know your secret’. He smiled and said, ‘That’s why you caught me? That’s silly!’. ‘Silly?’, I answered in surprise but when the man wanted to finish. The new kid who we met before came out of the shadow and said, “I think your going off track with this I’ll show you who it is’. He pointed at “me.........” but then I felt some pain in my back. I started falling slowly and collapsed and right before I closed my eyes I heard Your Frien.. . I think the reader know is asking lots of questions like why is the friend the killer or how did the new kid know it was him or the most importantly how can I write this if I’m dead... . But that you will find out yourself..... . With your own mind.

Freedom a feeling that you only get once, usually… Story Written By: Dasha Amanda Koenig Bat mitzvah, a period of a girl flowing into a

teenager, it's when her parents can rely upon her and let her be more mature and responsible and let her decide what her actions are going to be in the religious side. I have been waiting for April 25 2012 since 1st grade and now there is only one day left to it. My best friend Sophie has helped me realize so much incredible decorations and activities and things we can hand out at the end of the party as a thank you for coming. Mother and Father has made it perfectly as I wanted it, I gave them a list and said “you know this day of my life is going to be like the big bang, and I really hope this dream will happen on my Bat mitzvah”. Now it’s up to me, this day is very important depends how I will react to it.

At 3 pm at the roll coaster park I am meeting up with Sophie and Jake my too very close friends, to make a final day of freedom with my friends before I become a full teen, 12 years old. I went downstairs to catch a bite before my mom drives me there. Oh the smell, Oh the smell. I smelled freshly made strawberry pie with caramel syrup on top with whipped cream to top it. That was definitely what I call the last day of a girl, Jessica Best. “Yo Jessie!” cried out Jake, with Sophie walking in back of him. He ran down into and hugged me soft cuddly and it was like I was in heaven, I had always liked

him more than just a friend but I only told Sophie about it. “Hey!” I said back with a joyful smile. Sophie came storming into me. “Hey sister!” I said loudly! Then we did our handshake. “So what’s up Jessie?” “Well, waiting for tomorrow!’ “Yep, we all are!” said Jake in a lively voice. “OK so let’s go, have some extreme before you know what!” said Sophie trying to make me and Jake get closer on the rides.” There we went on the shaggy mummy ride, and all the rides we usually go on. But now the most spectacular ride of the day that only opened today. The Tower Of Doom! Jake and me have been wishing to go to the opening of it and today is the day. Sophie didn’t want to go because she was a little scared. So there we were waiting in line the fast pass area, the line was dangerously long, but we had time to talk about stuff. Finally we were next in line that was for the first row, it was only two seats per row. We sat down and had a face-to-face stare down with a slight smile on our faces, about to kiss, but the Roll coaster started to go forwards. Then I thought to myself what an awkward moment, but then slowly he took my hand and then we went of into the tower, going up, down, up, down! In about ten minutes we got off still holding our hands together and looking at each other with such joyful smiles. As we walk outside Sophie is waiting for us at the ice machine, as she sees us holding hands, we kind of took them apart the moment she saw us. But that was truly the best ten minutes of my life so far. It was getting dark outside we decided to go home so we walked Sophie home first and then It was alone me and Jake walking together. There was about ten minutes to my house so he had an idea to go on a bench and just sit for a while. We sat leaning on each other and we were talking about how in life we will know each other forever. “I really hope when we grow up we will know each other still” he said, “I know” I said with a smile looking at him as he gently kissed me. After the kiss we walked home just talking and holding hands said as an original couple once and I hoped for all. He walked me too my house and there I was kissing him again and telling him actually, how great was the night. “Urg, what a day, what a day.” I said out loud with joy falling on my bed while calling Sophie. “Hey Sophie!” “Hey, don’t you have something to tell me?” Sophie asked. “Yes, yes I do!, after we dropped you off me and Jake have kissed and are officially dating. Now I definitely know that I am ready to become a woman and to have my Bat mitzvah tomorrow, this is how a few moments of your life can change the rest.

Readers Questions to Author’s Dasha’s Guiding questions: 1.How will life time events affect your life? 2.When people grow up how does their point of view of the world change?

Masaya’s Guiding Question 1.Where do you think where do you go when you die? 2.Where is your place where you truly belong? Martin’s Guiding Question 1.Do you really know your friends? 2.Have you ever felt loss?


magazine from grade seven english class by Masaya and Martin and Dasha in Ms. F's Seven K class