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MSF Charter Médecins Sans Frontières is a private international organization. Most of its members are doctors and health workers, but many other support professions contribute to MSF’s smooth functioning. All of them agree to honour the following principles: Médecins Sans Frontières offers assistance to populations in distress, to victims of natural or manmade disasters and to victims of armed conflict, without discrimination and irrespective of race, religion, creed or political affiliation. Médecins Sans Frontières observes neutrality and impartiality in the name of universal medical ethics and the right to humanitarian assistance and demands full and unhindered freedom in the exercise of its functions. Médecins Sans Frontières’ volunteers promise to honour their professional code of ethics and to maintain complete independence from all political, economic and religious powers. As volunteers, members are aware of the risks and dangers of the missions they undertake and have no right to compensation for themselves or their beneficiaries other than that which Médecins Sans Frontières is able to afford them.

Angola Š Roger Job

Chad Š Peter Casaer

President’s message very year with this annual report we try to give a window into what Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Canada has experienced in the past year, as well as a window into the world of emergency humanitarian medicine, the world behind the tattered confines of a refugee camp, inside the make-shift operating room in the middle of a conflict zone, under the shade of sparse desert trees to which thousands of people walk for hours to be part of a mass immunization campaign.


What every one of those windows has in common is struggle. In this respect, sadly, 2004 was no different from the past 14 years of MSF Canada’s existence. Struggle, however, is a mixed bag of tricks, and once again Canadian volunteers and donors helped drive the movement through the at times overwhelming responsibilities and challenges it faced. Struggle reared its head throughout the past year in the horrific situation in Sudan’s Darfur region, deemed by many the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Struggle met MSF kicking and screaming as the organization made the heartwrenchingly necessary decisions to pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq due to unmanageable insecurity and a lack of humanitarian space, decisions made all the more difficult knowing these were two contexts in which we were desperately needed. The year was also tainted by the murders in Afghanistan on June 2 of five MSF workers, whose lives and work we invite you to learn more about on page 19 of this report.

When earthquakes and the subsequent tsunami seemingly in a flash devastated parts of Southeast Asia on Dec. 26, MSF was quickly on the ground providing aid and support. Keeping MSF focused on our mandate of relief work during the immediate emergency phase was sometimes difficult. We struggled to ensure that our work remained driven by the needs of the field in Southeast Asia while at the same time drawing attention to the needs of forgotten crises around the world. In Canada the push in 2004 was long and hard to be a part of something monumental: legislation that would allow generic manufacturers to produce affordable medicine for those suffering from treatable diseases in the developing world. Though the outcome of the government legislation, Bill C-9, was far from ideal, it was a step towards access to essential medicines for millions, and yet another example of how struggle can so often be tinged with hope. At MSF Canada we continued to grow in 2004 – sending more volunteers and money overseas than ever before. We also saw changes on our board of directors. After six years of exemplary volunteer service, the last three as president, Dr. Leslie Shanks left the board of MSF Canada. Also ending their time on our board were Dr. Ann Duggan, Jeff Elzinga, and Ben Chapman (who joined our MSF Canada staff, replacing Annik Chalifour, our long-time director of human resources).

Also leaving MSF Canada, after seven successful years as executive director, is David Morley. During David’s tenure at the helm he brought the organization the leadership it needed to flourish and thrive. His focus on teamwork, his good humour and his commitment to the core values of MSF have earned him respect and friends across the movement, and he will be deeply missed. The new board of directors elected in 2004 from its inception has expressed the desire for MSF Canada to be strong and relevant and has increased the push to be an integral part of the struggles we face. The result has been a heavy field focus – more money going directly to our projects and more board members and other Canadians volunteering with MSF around the world – and a drive to steadily increase medical and nonmedical recruitment in this country. The efforts and the needs are ongoing. What does all of this struggle mean to MSF? It is quite simply a part of everything we do. We often find ourselves putting out one fire only to find another burning. Within each of those fires, within every struggle, there is a story to tell. MSF will continue to provide emergency humanitarian medicine to those in need, and we will continue to share those struggles and stories with the rest of the world.


Joanne Liu MD - President, MSF Canada


Executive director’s message ith a machine gun slung over his shoulder, his yellow eyes stared balefully out at us from under his purple baseball cap. “J’ai faim”, he said morosely. “J’ai faim.”


We were negotiating our way across a rebel checkpoint near Kinkala, Republic of Congo, into one of the world’s forgotten conflicts. Clearly and carefully we explained who we were – a medical team from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) – and why we were there – to offer health care to the innocent civilians trapped in the conflict. After much discussion, he let us through and we continued on to the remote villages cut off from the outside world by a cordon of armed young men. This is MSF at our best – bringing care to people who need it so desperately, and who otherwise would receive none. 2004 was a year of struggle for us in MSF. We were saddened and shocked when we learned of the deaths of five of our colleagues in Afghanistan, volunteers and Afghan staff who were murdered by armed men as they drove back to their base after a day’s work in a remote village clinic. After 25 years, working through the Soviet occupation, the Taliban regime and the Coalition War, we were forced to leave this country.

Another prime area of struggle for us in the past year was our response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. More people die from AIDS than are killed in wars, and even though we treat more people than any other international agency in the world – we currently have 25,000 patients on antiretroviral therapy in 19 countries – we know our response is not enough in the face of a pandemic which killed nearly 3,000,000 people last year. Within the MSF movement, MSF Canada has been at the forefront of developing innovative ways for us to improve our response to the humanitarian disaster of AIDS. Together with the B.C. Centre for Excellence, we are working to improve laboratory analysis techniques. In Ethiopia, we are pioneering a communications programme to share details about MSF’s work there as well as increase understanding and decrease stigma of HIV/AIDS. Together with officials of the Canadian government and the Canadian generic pharmaceutical industry, we have been trying to see if the government’s much-vaunted legislation to allow Canadian generic medicines to be exported to Africa can actually work to save lives, and not be simply empty words. We also struggled in Darfur, in western Sudan. At the beginning of the year we became aware of the horrific atrocities being

committed there as we cared first for hundreds of thousands refugees who had fled across the border to Chad, and then were able to access and give care in Darfur itself. Since such a high percentage of our funding comes from individuals, we were able to start our life-saving work before governments released funding for projects in Darfur. Indeed, some of our most important advocacy work was shining the spotlight on the situation in Darfur so that it became too big an issue for governments to ignore. Once governments started freeing up funds, other agencies were able to join us in trying to meet the needs of the 1.5 million people displaced by the conflict. MSF’s commitment to provide medical care to the world’s most excluded people is firm. Back in Kinkala, Congo, after a day’s work in the mobile clinic, one of our Congolese nurses summed it up best as she reflected on the sorry state of her country. “Just think of it. Health and hospital care for all. That’s my dream – and everyone treated equally, too. I love that idea.” And at MSF, we strive to help make that dream a reality.


David Morley - Executive Director, MSF Canada


Sudan Š Ton Koene

Fighting for their lives: The struggles of HIV care and treatment In wealthy countries, with access to sophisticated technologies and specialist knowledge, ARV therapy has been very effective at reducing the mortality of AIDS. There is no clear mechanism for transferring this technology to regions with poor health infrastructures and limited financial and human resources. Obstacles are huge and harsh and include the ongoing high price of drugs, lack of appropriate drug formulations, over burdened health care providers, and HIV stigma. Treatment is further complicated by limited laboratory capacity, the high incidence of coinfection with tuberculosis, and the immense difficulty in treating opportunistic infections such as cryptococcal meningitis and karposi’s sarcoma, infections which latch on and find an unwittingly ideal host in a compromised immune system.

Kenya © David Levene

here are currently an estimated 39 million people infected with HIV, of whom six million are in urgent need of lifesaving treatment with antiretroviral (ARV) drugs. Two-thirds of these people live in sub-Saharan Africa, where less than two per cent are receiving ARV treatment. The mind-numbing result: approximately 6,500 people are dying there each day of this treatable disease. It is inconceivable in the west but a grim reality in the developing world. MSF currently runs 56 HIV project across 27 resource-poor countries, and is committed to finding solutions to this ‘treatment gap.’ MSF currently supports the treatment of over 25,000 people with HIV/AIDS.




There are stories that epitomize these struggles and frustrations of HIV care and treatment and many quite simply do not have a happy ending. A single mom in her 40s, Hélène started ARV treatment in an MSF project in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo. She had worked as a commercial sex worker and, together with other women, had organized and formed a local nongovernmental organization to protect the rights of female sex workers. Her disease was already quite advanced by the time she started treatment. Unfortunately by this point her body could not handle the battle her immune system had to fight against a brutal opportunistic infection. She eventually went into congestive heart failure and died, leaving behind two children and a sad example of how complicated and difficult HIV treatment can be.

Diagnosing and treating children with HIV infection is also a particularly difficult task. Paediatric HIV is very rare in wealthy countries and as a result minimal investment has been made in developing appropriate treatments. Rapid diagnostic tests used to diagnose HIV are ineffective in children less than 18 months old, leaving clinicians unsure of the HIV status of infants. Paediatric formulations of ARVs are 10 times more expensive than similar adult formulations and require complex dosing schedules involving foul tasting syrups and the cutting of adult tablets. Improved diagnostic and treatment options urgently need to be developed. But even within these dark narratives of all that desperately still needs to be done, there is light. At nine years old, Claire was grossly underweight when she arrived at the MSF clinic in 2001. She was an AIDS orphan, the youngest of five children, and was being raised by her older brother and her uncle. Good nutritional and medical support were the first order of business for her to become stronger. She didn’t in fact start on ARVs until two years after coming to the clinic. Claire’s treatment was an intense struggle at the beginning, with her weight forcing doctors to give the nasty syrups and split adult-dose pills for her. Now, two years after beginning treatment, she is in good health and has moved on to the battle of being an HIV-positive teen. MSF experience thus far has shown the world that treatment in these settings is possible, with survival on treatment in our programmes approaching 85 per cent at two years – similar to results found in Canada. Long-term success will require much innovation and hard work, but with so many lives at stake, it is a crisis that cannot be ignored.

In the emergency humanitarian aid world of MSF the question of who matters has an initial easy answer: the people we help. The strength and determination of field volunteers from around the world, however, make them a driving force behind our organization’s ability to provide assistance to people in distress. Canadian volunteers, over 160 of whom went on field missions in more than 30 countries in 2004, play a key role in this force. They come from a variety of professional backgrounds from across the country, equipped with an amazing array of skills and insight, and constantly challenge MSF to remain effective and relevant. They bear witness to the needs and struggles of the people MSF helps, offer assistance, and come home to tell other Canadians about those needs and struggles. Their own stories are as diverse as their motivations for volunteering with MSF. We’d like to share four with you.

Albania Š Roger Job

© Peter Rehse

MARILYN ABRAHAM Profession: Paediatrician, public health specialist Home base in Canada: Richmond Hill, Ontario History of missions with MSF: Medical doctor in Myanmar (12 months) Medical doctor in Aceh Utara, Indonesia (6 weeks)


On MSF’s role as an advocate for our patients: When someone is denied health care or cannot access health facilities, MSF can advocate for change to ensure that lives are saved. It is important that MSF remains in situations so that the people’s needs are not forgotten and that we can in some way be the voice of those who cannot speak on their own behalf.


A window into one field memory: A three-year-old girl came into our clinic in a coma and with intermittent seizures from severe malaria. MSF provided all the emergency treatment including the best malaria treatment. By the third day, she was playing with the children that were outside our clinic. She came in near death and walked home holding her mother’s hand. The mother was very grateful and thankful to our team for giving her daughter a chance she otherwise would not have had.

.com © educom@mac

KEVIN COPPOCK Profession: Coordinator Home base in Canada: Vegreville, Alberta History of missions with MSF: Project coordinator in Sierra Leone (12 months) Project coordinator in Kashmir, India (10 months) On working in crisis situations: The medical staff and often the logistics staff are the heroes here. Being a coordinator is all about making their work as efficient and as safe as possible. It’s about trying to keep a good team atmosphere, drawing out the best in people and doing the best we can. On expanding professionally through volunteering: I have expanded my objectivity, confidence and humility. I feel much more confident in my ability to think (meaning reason through complex difficulties and come up with a best solution). These help in life and professionally.

ch © Constanze Ha

© Catrin us van d er Veen

GLEN HEARNS Profession: Policy and decision analyst Home base in Canada: Vancouver, British Columbia History of missions with MSF: Logistician/water and sanitation coordinator in Republic of Congo (1 month) Logistician/administrator in Republic of Congo (3 months) Logistician/project coordinator in Colombia (12 months) Logistician in Sri Lanka and Indonesia (1 month) Why did you choose MSF?: MSF acts as both a relief organisation to address immediate suffering and as witness organisation to effect change. As it is medically focused there are little to no grounds to dispute its need or motivation.

Profession: Registered nurse Home base in Canada: Montréal, Québec History of missions with MSF: Registered nurse in Chad (6 months) Describe your experience in the field connecting with the patients and people MSF helps: The highlight of my mission was the chance to meet true survivors and to be a witness to their strength and richness of heart. It was quite a lesson of humility to learn during my journey. A window into one field memory: We were never part of the easy and uneventful infant deliveries. So often labour ended with a stillborn child and sometimes even the death of the mother. Once, after a long day of hard work, a scared young woman facing her first delivery came to us. In the end I was finally holding in my arms my first living newborn. It was the most joyful moment.


Why do Canadians need to be aware of health care issues in the developing world? For the simple reason that they exist, that action can alter them, and that action does not necessarily have to be collective.




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Canadians on mission in 2004 1. AFGHANISTAN Laura Lau Suaad Mohammad Theo Murphy 2. ANGOLA Maryse Bonnel Christene MacLeod 3. ARMENIA Marise Denault Sonya Jacques 4. BURUNDI Francine Bélisle Philippe Blackburn Rachelle Brière Jean Gélinas Shelina Musaji Tara Neville Brian Ostrow Marie-Pascale Pichette Vivian Skovsbo Jennifer Weterings

6. DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO Jason Anderson Nicole Aubé Berthier Bourque Jennifer Buck Alain Calame Yves Cantin Émilie Chagnon Heather Culbert Julie Doldersum Vincent Echavé Émilie Frédérick Sylvain Groulx Jean-François Harvey Véronique Mogé Lynda Moore Louise Morency Tanguy Paquot Jason Peat Michel Plouffe Richard Poitras Marlene Power Katiana Rivette Heather Thomson Patrick Ulrich Jennifer Weterings Fred Wiegand 7. ETHIOPIA Martin Alpert Alexandra Conseil Cara Kosack Ingrid Kuhrt Joe Leberer

8. GEORGIA Katja Mogensen Robert Parker 9. HAITI Kyra Abbott Cathy Huser Sylvain Groulx Éric-Viet Laperrière-Nguyen Joanne Liu Jean-Pierre Perreault 10. INDIA Kevin Coppock David Croft 11. IVORY COAST Ben Chapman Catherine De Ravinel Carol Frenette Michael Hall Kurt Jansen Michel Lacharité Adèle Leblanc Shelina Musaji Brian Ostrow Johanne Primi Brigitte Robichaud Mireille Roy Grace Tang Richard Zereik 12. KENYA Frank Boyce Marilyn Hurrell Anders Lonnqvist David Michalski Tiffany Moore Sheila Stam

13. LIBERIA Mario Fortin Dale Greene Josée Pepin 14. MALAWI Kris Stephenson 15. MAURITANIA Jacinthe Pressé 16. MOZAMBIQUE Dolores Ladouceur 17. NEPAL Chris Warren 18. NIGERIA Adrienne Carter Nayana Somaiah 19. PAKISTAN David De Bold Ronald Henbest 20. PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES Johana Amar 21. REPUBLIC OF CONGO Mike Fark Tyler Fainstat Judy McConnery David Morley François Riffaud 22. RUSSIA Nicole Aubé Tony Parmar

23. SIERRA LEONE Adrienne Carter Nancy Graham Eva Lam Anna Richley Catherine Wright 24. SOMALIA Sylvain Deslippes James Squier Irene Turpie 25. SUDAN Reshma Adatia Susan Adolph Jérôme Aubin Isabel Batten Frédéric Beaudoin Jaroslava Belava Nancy Dale Sylvain Groulx Ralph Heeschen Megan Hunter Marilyn Hurrell Cathy Huser Sharon Janzen Dawn Keim Pierre Kronstrom Yannick Lavoie Joanne Liu Claudine Maari Carrie Morrison Theo Murphy Thierry Petry Jangh Bhadur Rai Leslie Shanks Kathleen Skinnider Marie Skinnider Karin Sutherland

26. TANZANIA Anne Henderson 27. TURKMENISTAN Christine Hwang 28. UGANDA Carrie Bernard Donald Chambers Lynne Chobotar Asha Gervan Brendan Hanley Éric-Viet Laperrière-Nguyen Darryl Stellmach 29. ZAMBIA Tim Christie Paige Davies Jean-François Nouveaux 30. ZIMBABWE Chentale de Montigny EMERGENCY TEAM AND SPECIAL CONTRACTS Patrick Lemieux Sudan Uganda Jean-Sébastien Matte Chad Gabriele Pahl Bangladesh Burundi Ivory Coast Russia Alnaaze Nathoo Guinea Sudan


5. CHAD Julie Blanchet Émilie Chagnon Alexandra Conseil Vance Culbert Hélène Genest Bruce Lampard Jacinthe Larivière Christine Nadori Tanguy Paquot Ben Reentovich Patrice Richard Danielle Robillard Patrick Robitaille

Jean Sander Sophie Villemaire


Tsunami ravages Southeast Asia, Dec. 26, 2004 with MSF Canada sending 14 volunteers — and more than 2,000 metric tonnes of supplies to regions in Southeast Asia to support victims of the disaster. The first volunteers arriving on the scene focused on providing medical care, and carried out epidemiological surveillance and vaccinations, as well as psychosocial support to victims. Once the emergency medical needs were met, MSF teams conducted surveys to respond to the victims’ needs for shelter, non-food items, clean water and sanitation.

Indonesia © Francesco Zizola

n the morning of Dec. 26, 2004, Vijay Kumari had no idea her life was about to change. Vijay lives with her two children in Koddaikallar, a small village south of Batticaloa, on the east coast of Sri Lanka. That morning, as her children were getting ready for school, she noticed a difference in the sound from the ocean. She rushed out of the house to face a huge wave. Vijay had just enough time to grab her children




and escape through shoulder-deep water to higher ground in the village. Though she lost everything in the tsunami, MSF was able to provide Vijay and her two children a tent, clean water, a hygiene kit and blankets. Following the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on Dec. 26, MSF worldwide sent over 200 volunteers —

MSF worldwide was overwhelmed by the incredible generosity of donors, with MSF Canada alone receiving unprecedented millions of dollars from Canadian donors in the weeks following the tsunami. In an effort to remain transparent to our donors, MSF Canada made the decision on Jan. 3, 2005, to stop accepting earmarked donations for the tsunami, as the funding target needed for our operations was clearly met. Donors were offered instead the option to give to the Emergency Fund, a fund which allows MSF to react immediately to emergencies, as was the case in the days following the tsunami. MSF may stay only for a short period in a location such as the areas hit by the tsunami because we are an emergency relief organization. In situations such as Southeast Asia that require our aid we are very conscious of the limits of our skills and capacities. Thanks to the help of our donors, Vijay Kumari and her family received the medical help, shelter and clean water they needed from MSF.

The projects highlighted in this report were funded by MSF Canada in 2004. Our financial support comes from both private donors and institutional donors, including the Canadian International Development Agency. The number of international staff (volunteers) and national staff indicated represents all members of MSF teams working on different projects in the country profiled, not only the staff in the project MSF Canada funded. The numbers are a snapshot of how many staff worked in that particular country at one point in 2004.

Colombia Š Juan Carlos Tomasi





Tragically, on June 2, 2004, five MSF colleagues were shot and killed on the road between Khairkhana and Qala-i-Naw in Afghanistan’s Badghis province. Following the fatal attack, all MSF activities nation-wide were suspended for a period of 10 days. Activities subsequently resumed at a lower-level, with clinics and hospitals operating with reduced schedules and staffing. After further assessing the situation, MSF decided to withdraw indefinitely from Afghanistan on July 29, 2004.

Although Angola’s civil war ended with the signing of a peace agreement in April 2002, the country’s population still lacks the care they need in many places.

As part of the withdrawal MSF, where possible, handed over its programmes to the Ministry of Health and other organizations. Before the murders, MSF had been providing health care in 13 provinces of Afghanistan, performing tens of thousands of medical consultations each month. Teams gave basic and hospital-based care, treated people with malaria and tuberculosis and worked to reduce maternal mortality. MSF staff also provided safe drinking water and sanitation facilities. MSF worked in Afghanistan from 1980 until August 2004.

Most MSF projects in Angola provide basic health care to those who would otherwise have none. MSF teams support multiple hospitals and health centres as well as mobile clinics and health posts that help MSF staff reach surrounding communities. Activities include vaccination, maternal and child care, treatment for malaria, tuberculosis and other diseases, epidemiological surveillance, and supplementary feeding as needed. Some MSF projects also help supply clean water and sanitation services to the communities where they are based. In the municipality of Matala and surrounding towns and camps located in Huila province, MSF has provided support to health facilities and managed feeding centres targeting an estimated 143,000 people. In February 2004, MSF also responded to an outbreak of malaria in Matala by treating more than 16,000 people.


MSF has worked in Angola since 1983.






Burundi’s civil war and resulting economic crisis have left civilians with little access to health care. A national survey conducted by MSF during the final quarter of 2003 suggested that approximately one million of the country’s six million inhabitants had no means to attain health care. MSF is concerned that a new cost-recovery policy, implemented nationwide, will further reduce people’s ability to get needed care.

HIV/AIDS in Cameroon affects an estimated six per cent of the population. MSF has been caring for people living with HIV/AIDS in Cameroon since December 2000. The following year, the organization began treating patients with life-extending antiretroviral (ARV) medicines. In the capital, Yaoundé, MSF runs an AIDS project that has enrolled 1,697 patients, of which 839 have received ARVs since the beginning of the project. Another prevention and treatment project began in the city of Douala in 2002, with ARV treatment started in early 2003. By the end of 2004, 1,371 patients had been enrolled in that project with 475 patients receiving ARVs. MSF’s project also focuses on counselling and finding ways to expand access to treatment.

Since 1993, an estimated 300,000 people have been killed directly due to conflict, while hundreds of thousands of others have died indirectly from disease and malnutrition. Malaria remains the number one health problem in Burundi. In Karuzi province, MSF delivers primary and secondary health care in 13 centres, focusing on improved care of malaria and upper respiratory infections. To complement MSF’s medical activities, the development of local health committees and an action research project on malaria were initiated.

MSF has worked in Cameroon since 2000.

MSF also delivers primary and secondary health care in Ruyigi province. The Ruyigi team focuses its support on eight health centres and a referral hospital in the Moso region. MSF activities include training health care staff, supplying medicines and medical equipment, and providing paediatric and obstetric care, as well as treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. Sexual violence in Burundi is widespread and acute. MSF has therefore paid particular attention to this problem by expanding medical treatment and psychosocial support to victims of sexual violence and by advocating for prevention and the proper treatment of victims. ANNUAL REPORT 2004

MSF has worked in Burundi since 1992.






MSF started an emergency intervention in eastern Chad in October of 2003 as a response to an influx of people fleeing the conflict in the Darfur region of western Sudan. MSF has remained flexible in attempting to follow and meet the needs of these refugees, whether they are on the border, in transit towards a camp or in a camp. In addition to aiding the surge of refugees, many of them sick and exhausted, MSF teams also treat people with infectious diseases and offer basic health care to those who have none.

In Colombia, decades of protracted violence have made conflict a daily reality for civilians. Each day, people are killed, wounded or forced to flee their homes, or they simply disappear. Trapped amid this unending war, many rural dwellers face restrictions on their movement caused by nearby violence or the fear that they will be seen as sympathetic to one of the armed groups. At the same time, many health professionals are reluctant to provide care in isolated areas for fear that military groups might target them.

In the district of Adre, MSF provides Sudanese refugees with access to primary and secondary health care in several ways: on the Chadian border with Sudan through support to three health centres, through emergency referral hospital support in Adre town, and through the provision of primary health care in two refugee camps, Farchana and Breidjing. In all of these medical activities, a special emphasis is put on the detection and treatment of war wounded, sexual violence, epidemic disease and malnutrition. MSF also undertook the installation of a water system for Farchana camp.

MSF attempts to break through this isolation by running mobile clinics that employ local health professionals to provide medical and mental health care to people who desperately need it. MSF’s presence in such harsh locations, rarely visited by authorities or other international organizations, also brings some psychological relief to those forced to live amid chronic violence.


MSF has worked in Chad since 1981.


MSF’s mobile clinic teams provide basic medical consultations, deliver essential drugs, treat mothers and children, and give individual and group counselling. MSF has worked in Colombia since 1985.

Democratic Republic of Congo




Despite the establishment of a transitional government and elections scheduled for June 2005, violence and insecurity continue to characterize large parts of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In May 2004, seven armed militia groups from the embattled district of Ituri signed an agreement with the government to disarm. However, renewed fighting broke out shortly thereafter between armed factions in the district, with mass pillaging and rape sending thousands of civilians on the run again.

Early 2004 saw the start of Ethiopia’s first free AIDS treatment programme using lifeextending antiretroviral (ARV) medicines. In addition to providing life-saving treatment, MSF’s goal was to show that it is possible to successfully treat patients living with HIV/AIDS in a resource-poor setting.

The combination of a ruined health care system and the difficulty for aid workers to negotiate safe passage to remote and insecure areas has left millions of people without access to adequate health care. Throughout the country, MSF supports primary and secondary health facilities, water and sanitation activities, and nutritional programmes, as well as emergency response and targeted programmes aimed at diseases such as malaria, sleeping sickness, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. In the provinces of North Kivu and Katanga, MSF delivers basic health care services to displaced persons and isolated communities through mobile clinics, runs therapeutic and supplementary feeding programmes and provides secondary health care in Ankoro hospital. It has become increasingly clear that sexual violence has been a terrifying reality for many women during the years of war in DRC. MSF is working to help survivors of sexual violence by treating their physical symptoms and providing counselling to address trauma. In Bunia alone, more than 1,600 women have been treated since July 2003. MSF hopes that a national protocol will be developed to ensure proper treatment for survivors of sexual violence.

As part of the project, the MSF team provides voluntary HIV counselling and testing to the wider Humera community. It also provides medical care to approximately 500 HIV-positive people and food for patients with HIV/AIDS, kala azar or tuberculosis who cannot provide it for themselves. To share the example of the programme’s success and encourage the creation of similar efforts elsewhere in the country, MSF Canada together with team members in Ethiopia created a regular newsletter about the work in Humera. The information and advocacy publication is distributed to health authorities, government decision-makers and nongovernmental agencies throughout Ethiopia. MSF has worked in Ethiopia since 1984. ANNUAL REPORT 2004

MSF has been active in DRC since 1981.

In close cooperation with district health authorities and HIV/AIDS patient groups in the northern Tigray region, MSF began treating patients with ARVs in the district hospital in Humera. By December 2004, 148 patients were receiving ARVs. The programme aims to admit 15 new patients per month.


Afghanistan Š Carl De Keyzer/Magnum Photos

Memorial to five slain MSF workers Hélène de Beir of Belgium fought with passion for the rights of people worldwide. After her studies in International Relations and Law in Washington, Bologna and Brussels she specialised in humanitarian issues. She worked as the humanitarian affairs officer for MSF in Ivory Coast and Iraq before becoming a project coordinator in Badghis, Afghanistan in May 2004. Through her enormous commitment and desire to act she became a driving force in a difficult project. Hélène’s positive personality and cheerfulness made her a much-loved colleague. Behind her youthful appearance was a strong woman who knew exactly what she wanted. Her death has hit us hard. Our thoughts are with her family and boyfriend.

n June 2, 2004, five MSF staff members were mercilessly shot and killed after their clearly marked MSF vehicle was deliberately attacked and ambushed in the northwestern province of Badghis, Afghanistan.


Since the murders, there have been ongoing discussions about the necessity of a humanitarian space for aid workers to do their job. How can that space be ensured in increasingly dangerous and unpredictable contexts? How do organizations such as MSF prevent humanitarian aid from being co-opted by military forces? The struggle continues and there are no easy answers.

Willem “Pim” Kwint wanted to help people in need. He put his own IT company on hold in order to work for MSF. He brought a mountain of technical and IT experience with him. Since June 2003 he worked as all-round logistician in Badghis, Afghanistan. He wanted enormously to make a contribution and seemed to

Besmillah had worked as a driver for MSF in Badghis, Afghanistan since October 2003. As an adept driver and mechanic, he was an important member of the local Afghan staff. He gave great support to his foreign colleagues, not only as a source of information and advice, but also because of his calm yet enthusiastic personality. The work that MSF was doing in his country was very dear to him. He thought it was very important for basic medical care to be available for the Afghan people and covered the huge distances between the different projects untiringly on a daily basis. We are shocked by his death. During the course of his employment with MSF, Besmillah became the proud father of a little girl. Fasil Ahmad had only worked as a translator for MSF in Badghis, Afghanistan for a few weeks. After an extensive search, the team in Badghis was very pleased to have found in Fasil a qualified Afghan translator. It is tragic that he had to pay for his contribution with his life. Our compassion goes to his family and friends.

Photos, from left: Hélène de Beir, Egil Tynaes, Willem “Pim” Kwint, Besmillah, Fasil Ahmad.


For MSF, the personal stories of these five staff must not be lost in the midst of this struggle.

Egil Tynaes worked as a senior doctor at the Municipal Outdoor Clinic in Bergen, Norway. During his periods of special leave he frequently used his medical experience to help populations in need in other parts of the world. He worked for MSF in 2002 in Baharak, Afghanistan and went on to work for MSF in Badghis in March 2004. Here he worked on a tuberculosis project and trained local medical staff. Egil succeeded like nobody else in making real contact with the Afghan patients. He became very close to the people and managed to gain their confidence. His creative solutions and original ideas to improve the quality of work will be missed dearly, but even more so his warm heart and sensitive nature. Egil leaves behind his wife, five children and five grandchildren.

have found his calling. Pim was the ideal person for the job in difficult circumstances, always willing to go out of his way for other people and happy to get his hands dirty. He had endless energy and a great sense of responsibility. Time after time he succeeded in motivating the local staff and cheering up his colleagues and so became an indispensable team member. Pim was expected home in two weeks time by his family, friends, as well as his girlfriend, who later gave birth to twin girls in November 2004. We are devastated by his death.






On Sept. 18, 2004, the city of Gonaives, on Haiti’s northwest coast, was subjected to severe flooding as a result of tropical storm Jeanne. A large number of homes were damaged or completely destroyed. It is estimated that the water level downtown reached 1.2 metres and the vast majority of the city’s 108,000 people were affected.

Honduras is home to 60 per cent of the people living with HIV/AIDS in Central America. For this reason, in August 2001, MSF set up a clinic in the town of Tela, located in northern Honduras, to offer complete treatment for the opportunistic infections that often manifest in HIV-positive people. MSF also began prevention efforts, counselling, patient monitoring, prevention of mother-to-child transmission of the virus and community visits. In July 2002, these efforts were supplemented by the use of life-extending antiretroviral (ARV) treatment. By December 2004, 302 people were receiving ARV therapy through MSF’s programme.

In response to the emergency, MSF quickly mobilised staff and resources to provide assistance. Raboteau health centre, which is situated in one of the slums of the western part of the city, existed before the disaster but was not operational. With the assistance of the local population, who helped remove mud and clean, the facility was quickly made operational. Teams conducted more than 500 consultations a day, many of them involving minor surgery (mainly for fractures and cuts caused by falling objects and roofs), as well as mental health care. MSF has worked in Haiti since 1991.

This project was started within the framework of MSF’s campaign to increase access to essential medicines for people living in poor countries. MSF’s initiative was a first step in demonstrating that it is possible to make progress against AIDS in a country such as Honduras. Other actors, including the Honduran government and the Global Fund on AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, have now promised nearly $45 million U.S. to provide care and treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS. With funding available and adequate political will and staff present to implement the programme, MSF is now in the process of handing over its HIV/AIDS activities to local health authorities.


MSF has worked in Honduras since 1998.


India INTERNATIONAL STAFF: 21 NATIONAL STAFF: 90 PSYCHOSOCIAL CARE AND SUPPORT CANADIAN FUNDS: $200,200 Since January 2003, MSF has assisted those who have been internally displaced in the wake of violence that has displaced more than 300,000 people in India. MSF offers primary health care, malaria diagnosis and treatment, prenatal care and water and sanitation services. MSF teams care for patients in existing health centres as well as in the organization’s own clinics. They also carry out health promotion activities in the region. In the state of Jammu and Kashmir, for more than a decade, the local civilian population has borne the brunt of the conflict over the disputed Kashmir valley, suffering physical and psychological violence at the hands of both sides. MSF staff provide psychosocial education and hands-on counselling within the region’s Islamic community, holding seminars for health professionals and community leaders in an effort to increase sensitivity and recognition of the health consequences of the violence. The MSF team has established seven counselling outposts within health facilities in Srinagar, Budgam, Baramulla and Kupwara districts.

Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Laos) INTERNATIONAL STAFF: 8 NATIONAL STAFF: 26 HIV/AIDS CANADIAN FUNDS: $50,000 MSF’s work in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, better known as Laos, focuses on the growing problem of HIV/AIDS. Since 2003, MSF has been adding care components to its pilot project based in the 170-bed district hospital in the town of Savannakhet. MSF’s HIV/AIDS programme in Laos started in July 2001 in Savannakhet province by providing treatment for opportunistic infections. In June 2003, the Laotian government authorized MSF to import antiretroviral (ARV) medicines. In September 2003, the first MSF patient in Laos was treated with ARVs. By the end of 2004, 160 patients were receiving treatment. MSF has worked in Laos since 1997.

MSF has worked in India since 1999.







On Aug. 18, 2003, the three warring parties in Liberia signed a peace agreement providing for a two-year transitional government, disarmament and demobilization of the fighting forces, and elections in 2005.

MSF decided to review its activities in Mexico because of the improving military and political situation in the country’s southern Chiapas state. MSF had been providing basic health care to civilians living in Zapatista-controlled areas for years. With military fighting ending and the struggle becoming one of a political nature, MSF decided to close its programmes there as the Zapatista conflict no longer resulted in urgent civilian health problems. Before its closure, MSF had been using mobile clinics to give basic health care and hospital referrals at 10 sites within Chiapas’s Las Cañadas region. In addition, the team had trained a network of health promoters and vaccinated children living in the clinic areas. In the programme’s last few months, MSF followed up on the remaining medical needs and trained local health promoters who would continue activities after MSF’s withdrawal.

Long years of war have severely damaged the social fabric of Liberian society. Families have been separated as people were forced to flee to other parts of the country or to neighbouring nations. Many civilians died from war wounds, malnutrition or the epidemics that plagued the weakened population. The country’s infrastructure, including the health care system, is destroyed. More than 40 per cent of the population lacks health care and less than 20 per cent have safe drinking water and sanitation facilities. Today there are only about 30 Liberian physicians working in this country of more than three million people. The MSF response has been to address health needs through health clinics, hospitals and or feeding centres in both Monrovia and in rural areas. The most common health problems seen have been cholera, malaria, watery diarrhoea, measles, malnutrition, sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy-related conditions.


MSF has worked in Liberia since 1990.


MSF first worked in Mexico in 1994 and had a continuous presence from 1997 to 2004.


Republic of Congo



In northern Nicaragua, MSF treats patients with Chagas disease (American trypanosomiasis) around the municipality of Esquipulas in Matagalpa province, where almost 30 per cent of the population is estimated to be infected. The project targets 8,000 children younger than 15 and focuses on prevention and treatment as well as on improving access to good-quality diagnostics and treatment. As part of its international campaign to increase access to essential medicines, MSF is also advocating for national institutions to improve Chagas control and access to diagnosis and treatment.

A peace accord signed in March 2003 brought a halt to open hostilities in Republic of Congo’s Pool region near the capital city, Brazzaville. But the uneasy peace has not led to political progress in disarming the Ninja militia or integrating combatants back into community life. Tension remains high and MSF is one of the few organizations present in the area, which remains unstable, lawless and dangerous.

MSF has worked in Nicaragua since 1983.

For more than two years, MSF has been responding to medical needs resulting from the area’s devastation by civil war. Currently, MSF staff members work in hospitals and mobile clinics in the Pool region towns of Kinkala and Kindama, providing basic health care, performing emergency surgery and treating people with malaria and tuberculosis. This past year, MSF added mental health care activities, including counselling and community outreach, to its health care programme in Kinkala. MSF team members use individual and group counselling to help civilians work through traumatic war experiences. MSF also aids people suffering from sleeping sickness (African trypanosomiasis) in Nyazi, in the south of the country and in Mossaka, on the Congo River, some 450 kilometres north of Brazzaville. Since 2000, MSF has screened more than 250,000 people for sleeping sickness and treated more than 2,000 patients with the disease. Caused by parasites spread by tsetse flies, the disease is fatal unless treated. MSF has worked in Republic of Congo since 1997. ANNUAL REPORT 2004


Sierra Leone




Much of MSF’s work today in Sierra Leone focuses on providing and improving basic health care for both Sierra Leoneans and refugees from other countries. Poverty and unemployment remain high in the country and the introduction of a cost-recovery system involving user fees for medical services has led to a situation where fewer than half of the people in Sierra Leone can obtain needed health care. In the northern Kambia, Bombali and Tonkolili districts, MSF staff members provide maternal and child health care, emergency obstetrical and general emergency surgery, training and supervision of local medical staff, and epidemiological surveillance, as well as health education in three district hospitals and 15 clinics. MSF is beginning to integrate HIV/AIDS activities into the current programme by supporting voluntary testing and counselling and setting up programmes to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV, as well as to treat patients with opportunistic infections at Kambia Hospital. MSF has worked in Sierra Leone since 1986.

The cease fire and subsequent agreement between the Sudanese government and the southern rebels of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army has greatly improved MSF’s ability to reach areas and people in need in Sudan, and has reduced the displacement of groups of people fleeing this long-endured violence. However, although the situation has improved between the north and south, since the summer of 2003 the people of western Sudan’s Darfur region have endured a campaign of violence and terror which has forced well over a million people to flee from their villages in search of safety. In the face of this disaster, MSF launched one of its largest aid operations ever. Our programmes provided therapeutic and supplementary feeding, primary health care (including assistance to victims of sexual violence) and water and sanitation assistance. Since the beginning of the crisis, MSF has spoken out about the extent and the nature of the violence against those in Darfur and its impact on the health and nutritional status of the population. Despite the efforts made by MSF and others, many people remain exposed to hunger, disease and violence.


MSF has worked in Sudan since 1979.


Zambia INTERNATIONAL STAFF: 17 NATIONAL STAFF: 69 HIV/AIDS CANADIAN FUNDS: $200,000 Since 2002, MSF has worked to provide comprehensive care to those living with HIV/AIDS in the Nchelenge district of Luapula province in northeastern Zambia. One in four people is estimated to be infected with HIV in Nchelenge, and many have minimal access to medical care. In addition to education and prevention, decentralized voluntary counselling and testing, care and treatment of opportunistic infections, MSF began treatment with lifeextending antiretroviral medications (ARVs) in February 2004. MSF also carries out operational research in Zambia, documenting the success of comprehensive HIV/AIDS care in poor, rural settings. By the end of December 2004, 182 patients were receiving ARVs. MSF has worked in Zambia since 1999.

Cambodia Š Roger Job

Auditors’ report To the Members of Doctors Without Borders Canada/ Médecins Sans Frontières Canada We have audited the statement of financial position of Doctors Without Borders Canada/Médecins Sans Frontières Canada as at December 31, 2004 and the statements of operations, changes in net assets and cash flows for the year then ended. These financial statements are the responsibility of the Organization’s management. Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audit. Except as explained in the following paragraph, we conducted our audit in accordance with Canadian generally accepted auditing standards. Those standards require that we plan and perform an audit to obtain reasonable assurance whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement. An audit includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. An audit also includes assessing the accounting principles used and significant estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall financial statement presentation. In common with many non-profit organizations, the Organization derives revenue from donations, the completeness of which is not susceptible of satisfactory audit verification. Accordingly, our verification of this revenue was limited to the amounts recorded in the records of the Organization and we were not able to determine whether any adjustments might be necessary to donations, excess of expenses over revenue, assets and net assets. In our opinion, except for the effect of adjustments, if any, which we might have determined to be necessary had we been able to satisfy ourselves concerning the completeness of the revenue referred to in the preceding paragraph, these financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of the Organization as at December 31, 2004 and the results of its operations and its cash flows for the year then ended in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles. As required by the Canada Corporations Act, we report that, in our opinion, these principles have been applied on a basis consistent with that of the preceding year.

Chartered Accountants


Toronto, Canada March 4, 2005




Year ended December 31, 2004, with comparative figures for 2003

December 31, 2004, with comparative figures for 2003

2004 ASSETS Current assets: Cash and cash equivalents Accounts receivable (note 2) Prepaid expenses Investments (note 3)

Capital assets (note 4)

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Current liabilities: Accounts payable and accrued liabilities Deferred contributions (note 5)

Net assets: Invested in capital assets Unrestricted


$ 3,030,582 3,970,079 44,604 601,035 7,646,300

$ 3,138,682 1,310,014 24,544 549,762 5,023,002



$ 7,718,324

$ 5,085,337

$ 763,767 2,232,128 2,995,895

$ 863,158 36,671 899,829

72,024 4,650,405 4,722,429

62,335 4,123,173 4,185,508

$ 7,718,324

$ 5,085,337

REVENUE: Donations Support from Canadian International Development Agency (note 6) Interest Other

EXPENSES (note 8): Program services: Emergency and medical projects (notes 6 and 7) Public education Program support and development

Supporting services: Management and general Fundraising

Excess of revenue over expenses (expenses over revenue)



$ 12,298,665

$ 9,379,108

3,974,293 44,889 62,324 16,380,171

4,014,276 98,208 126,318 13,617,910

11,134,555 498,790 1,225,192 12,858,537

10,113,302 725,444 1,267,921 12,106,667

558,567 2,426,146 2,984,713

531,834 2,357,434 2,889,268



$ 536,921

$ (1,378,025)

See accompanying notes to financial statements.

See accompanying notes to financial statements.

On behalf of the Board:

Christopher Doll Treasurer


Joanne Liu MD President, MSF Canada




Year ended December 31, 2004, with comparative figures for 2003

Year ended December 31, 2004

2004 Invested in capital Unrestricted assets Net assets, beginning of year Excess of revenue over expenses (expenses over revenue) Purchase of capital assets

$ 4,123,173

$ 62,335

574,413 (47,181)

(37,492) 47,181

Net assets, end of year

$ 4,650,405

$ 72,024




$ 4,185,508 $ 5,563,533 536,921 –

(1,378,025) –

$ 4,722,429 $ 4,185,508

See accompanying notes to financial statements.

STATEMENT OF CASH FLOWS Year ended December 31, 2004, with comparative figures for 2003



$ 536,921

$ (1,378,025)



(2,660,065) (20,060) (99,391) 2,195,457 (9,646)

1,091,570 (11,007) (471,532) (522,855) (1,256,780)

(51,273) (47,181) (98,454)

(53,512) (42,444) (95,956)

(108,100) 3,138,682

(1,352,736) 4,491,418

$ 3,030,582

$ 3,138,682

CASH PROVIDED BY (USED IN): OPERATING ACTIVITIES: Excess of revenue over expenses (expenses over revenue) Amortization of capital assets which does not involve cash Change in non-cash operating working capital: Accounts receivable Prepaid expenses Accounts payable and accrued liabilities Deferred contributions

INVESTING ACTIVITIES: Purchase of investments, net Purchase of capital assets

Decrease in cash and cash equivalents Cash and cash equivalents, beginning of year


Cash and cash equivalents, end of year


See accompanying notes to financial statements.

Doctors Without Borders Canada/Médecins Sans Frontières Canada (“MSF Canada”) actively commenced operations on January 1, 1992. MSF Canada offers assistance to populations in distress, victims of natural or man-made disasters and victims of armed conflict, without discrimination and irrespective of race, religion, creed or political affiliation. MSF Canada is a registered charity under the Income Tax Act (Canada) and, while registered, is exempt from income taxes. 1. SIGNIFICANT ACCOUNTING POLICIES: These financial statements have been prepared in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles. The significant accounting policies are summarized as follows: (a) Cash and cash equivalents: Cash and cash equivalents consist of cash on hand and short-term investments with original maturities of less than 90 days. (b) Investments: Investments are recorded at market value. (c) Revenue recognition: MSF Canada follows the deferral method of accounting for contributions. Unrestricted contributions are recognized when received or receivable if the amount to be received can be reasonably estimated and collection is reasonably assured. Donations are recognized on a cash basis since pledges are not legally enforceable claims. Externally restricted contributions are recognized as revenue in the period in which the related expenses are incurred. (d) Capital assets: Capital assets consist of office equipment and leasehold improvements. These costs are capitalized and amortized on a straight-line basis using an estimated useful life of three years. (e) Contributed materials and services: Doctors and other volunteers contribute a significant amount of time in support of MSF Canada. However, as this time cannot be easily valued, contributed services are not recognized in the financial statements. Contributed materials are also not recognized. (f) Use of estimates: The preparation of financial statements requires management to make estimates and assumptions that affect the reported amounts of assets and liabilities and disclosure of contingent assets and liabilities at the date of the financial statements and the reported amounts of revenue and expenses during the year. Actual results could differ from those estimates.



Donations receivable Canadian International Development Agency (“CIDA”) MSF Holland Other MSF organizations Other



$ 3,098,450 600,000 140,941 67,079 63,609

$ 999,289 – 146,209 97,422 67,094

$ 3,970,079

$ 1,310,014

3. INVESTMENTS: Investments represent a variable rate Dow Jones Industrial Average Linked Deposit Note from a chartered bank with a minimum annualized compounded rate of return of 2.83% and a maturity date of November 2, 2006.



Office equipment Leasehold improvements


Cost $ 245,020 8,966

Accumulated amortization $ 179,627 2,335

Net book value $ 65,393 6,631

Net book value $ 60,690 1,645

$ 253,986

$ 181,962

$ 72,024

$ 62,335

5. DEFERRED CONTRIBUTIONS: Deferred contributions represent funds received for special projects. The continuity of this balance is as follows: 2004 2003 Deferred contributions, beginning of year Receipts from other sources Program expenditures Refund of unspent amount Deferred contributions, end of year

$ 36,671 2,217,309 (21,852) –

$ 559,526 21,562 (138,968) (405,449)

$ 2,232,128

$ 36,671

6. CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY: MSF Canada solicits funds for projects being undertaken by MSF worldwide from CIDA. CIDA funds a number of these projects and grants the funding to MSF Canada. MSF Canada retains between 4% and 5% (2003 - 4% and 5%) of the CIDA funds to cover its project coordination, administration and overhead costs. MSF Canada enters into an agency agreement with the operational MSF section that will carry out the project and passes on the CIDA funds to that section. At the conclusion of the project, the operational section accounts for the funds to MSF Canada. MSF Canada reviews these accounts and presents them to CIDA. To the extent that the funds are not fully spent, they are returned by the operational section to MSF Canada and by MSF Canada to CIDA.

New grants recognized as revenue Grants disbursed by country: Angola Bangladesh Burundi Côte d’Ivoire Democratic Republic of Congo Liberia Sudan



$ 3,974,293

$ 4,014,276

$ 1,153 – 1,208,678 – 1,331,900 475,000 760,000

$ 1,074,285 95,000 424,302 708,613 475,000 563,778 475,000

$ 3,776,731

$ 3,815,978

The grants disbursed are included in program services expenses - emergency and medical projects. For the year ended December 31, 2004, the difference between net grants recognized as revenue and grants disbursed represents project coordination, administration and overhead expenses totalling $197,562 (2003 - $198,298).






Projects funded by CIDA (note 6) Afghanistan Angola Burundi Cameroon Central African Republic Chad Colombia Congo - Brazzaville Costa Rica Russia Democratic Republic of Congo El Salvador Ethiopia Haiti Honduras India Iraq Laos Liberia Mexico Nepal Nicaragua Palestine Territories Sierra Leone Sudan Zambia Other: Access to essential medicines Other field activities


8. EXPENSES: MSF Canada has allocated its common expenses to the following accounts:



$ 3,776,731 400,000 330,920 400,000 250,000 – – 550,000 300,000 50,000 – 869,080 – 350,000 75,000 400,000 200,200 885 150,000 500,000 150,000 – 400,000 9,911 500,000 950,000 200,000

$ 3,815,978 350,000 293,720 – – 306,280 400,000 100,000 550,000 100,000 28,648 350,000 350,000 – – 400,000 – 555,000 200,000 10,000 310,000 380,000 – – 350,000 660,000 –

260,411 61,417

539,726 63,950

$ 11,134,555

$ 10,113,302

Public education Program support and development Management and general Fundraising

15% 40% 20% 25%

This allocation is supported by Médecins Sans Frontières International. The prior year’s figures are shown on a comparable basis.

9. COMMITMENTS: MSF Canada has commitments for its leased premises and equipment. The future minimum annual lease payments are as follows: 2005 2006 2007 2008

$ 118,635 118,635 119,291 90,943 $ 447,504

10. FAIR VALUES OF FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS: The fair values of cash and cash equivalents, accounts receivable, and accounts payable and accrued liabilities approximate their carrying values due to the short-term nature of these instruments. The fair values of investments are based on quoted market values, as disclosed in note 3.

11. COMPARATIVE FIGURES: Certain comparative figures have been reclassified to conform with the financial statement presentation adopted in the current year.

Thank you From the medical teams in the field and the people for whom we provide care, we wish to thank each one of you, our donors, for supporting our operations and the work of MSF. In 2004, more than 75,000 Canadians donated financially, organized fundraising events and assisted us with our activities. The following names are some of the many people whose extraordinary generosity has helped MSF provide independent medical care to marginalized people around the world.

Chad © Rodger Bosch


Sue Adam Carol E. Adams Ruth Adams John & Merilyn Adler John J. Adrian Prasad Aduvala Advanced Metaltech Manufacturing Corp. Adventures Abroad Will Adye-White Sandy Affonso Madonna Agar Peter Aghar Farouk Ahamed Afzal Ahmad F. Ahmed Associates Nighat & Sikandar Ahmed Bill Aird Rebecca Aird Sally Aitken Peter Ajello Mahesh Ajwani

Jasmine T. Akbarali Manzar Akber J.C. Akin Architect Sherlynn Akitt Real Alarie Annabella Alberti Peter W. Alberti Jacqueline Alberto Paul Albright Nancy Aldrich Alert Music Inc. Farida Alexander Joanne Alexander Rob Alexander Timothy W. Alexander Lois M. Alger Samina Ali George Alig Inga M. Alig All Charities Campaign Emily Allatt Mark Allemang

Christopher Allen Danielle Allen Della Allen Don Allen Jack W. Allen Jocelyn Allen Laurette Allen Rae Allen Ruth M. Allen Allgorithms Inc. Brad Batten & Marla Allison Michael B. Alms Lynn Alp Dennis J. Alsop Joe Amato Peter Ambery Brent & Norine Ambrose Amin Amershi Aliya Amershi Alexander & Barbara Ames Herbert S. Amos Bobby Anand

Nicholas Anapliotis Christian E. & Kathy L. Andersen David Anderson Grant D. Anderson Jim & Jackie Anderson Kathryn Anderson Kirk Anderson Laureen Anderson Paul Anderson Roy Anderson Saundra Anderton Susan Anderson Susan J. Anderson Andreows Holdings Ltd. Christine Andress Doug Andrews Richard Andrews Jesus A. Anereau Laurette Angers James Angle Paul Anglin

Chris Aurini Electa Aust Katherine Austin Jean & Mike Austreng Madeline Avedon Maria Aveiro Aviva Investment Canada Inc. Axis Pharmacy Seymour Axler John B. Ayer David Ayers Mark Ayles Louise Ayotte Carole H. Ayotte William Ayre John M. Ayres Mohammad Azab Frederick Azman


Flora Lee & Arne P. Baartz Jasbir Baath Rudy Baay William & Margaret Babcock Ross Bach Anne Bachinski Edith Bacon Bryan & Alice Bacon Mary Ann Badali Marion Baechler Hans Baer Evelyne Baertschi Sharmila Bagchi Barry Matthew Bagdan Claude Bagley Robert F. Bailey Brian P. & Catherine Mitchell Bailey Christian Baillargeon Alex & Yolande Baillon Margaret Baily Janice Bain Suppinder Bains Andrew Baker David Baker Leah Baker Wilhelmina E. Bakkenes Theadoius Bakker Dick & Peggy Bakker Kenneth Balderson Phyllis M. Baldwin Virginia Baldwin Henry Balen G. Larry Ball Patricia Ball Barbara Balmer Mary Balogh

William Bamberg Walter Banco Claude F. Bandel Bank of Nova Scotia Wallace Bankert Bryan & Phyllis Banks Ted Baran Barbados Nurses Association of Canada Albert Barber Graeme Barber Elizabeth S. Barbour Helen Barclay Earl Bardswich Barjac Construction Management Inc. Graham Barker Alan B. Barkin Katheirne Barnes Brigid Barnett Karen Barnett David A. Barr Mary Barr Geraldine Barregar Marti Barregar Deborah Barrett Elizabeth M. Barrett Joan Barrett Patricia Barrett Gaston Barrette William Barron G. M. Barrow Mary Barry Diane Barsoski Bill & Pat Bartlett Kevin Bartlett Maureen Bartlett Michael Bartlett Norman R. Bartlett Thomas & Rosamond Barton Mary Bartram Florence Barwell Vivien Basco Karachiwa Bashir David Baskin Dora Basmajian Marion G. Bassett Helen E. Bastaja Peter Bastian Irène Bastidon Dale Baston James Bates Michael Battistel Suzanne Baudouin Walter Bauer Steven Baum Morris Baumel Cynthia Baumgardt

Nicholas Bayliss Sabrina Bayne BC Parent News George & Pauline Beagley Colin & Jennifer Beal Alma Bealle M. Philip Tunley & Mary Anne Beamish Jim Bean Jean Beath R. Harry Beattie John Beatty Keith Beaty Jean Michel Beau Lucille Beaudet Martin Beaudoin Thérèse Beaudoin Florence Beaulieu Gérald Beaulieu G. Beaurivage Beauté Star Bédard Québec Inc. Althea Bebington Manfred W. Becker Doreen W. Bedard Beddington’s Bed & Bath Invor Bedessee Rayman Bedessee Lesley Beech Charles & Jenny Befrene Garry Beirne Patrick Beirouti Warren Bel Jeanne Bélanger Michelle A. Belanger Marcelline Béliveau Craig Bell David Bell David H. Bell G. Douglas Bell Judith Molly Bell Marilynne Louise Bell Susan Bellamore Christine A. Belliveau Carla Beltrami Mark H. Ben-Aron David & Susan Bender Caroline Benedek Roger Benham Carolyn Bennett Jean Bennett Alison J. Bennett The Bennett Family Foundation Paul Benoit Roger Benoit Germain Benoit Penny C. Benson Hollis Bent

These pages reflect donations received by MSF Canada between Jan. 1, 2004 and Dec. 31, 2004. If we have made an error in how your name is listed, please contact our donor relations team at 1-800-982-7903 or by


APDBO Wadid Abadir Susan Abbey Arun K. Abbi Margaret A. Abbott Aboosanly Z. Abdeen Basina Abdelgafar Nadine Abdullah Anjum Abedi William & Margaret Abell Arnold B. Aberman Christopher Abiad E. Jean Abrams Ron & Jan Abson Académie Marie Claire Ace Bakery Ltd. Jost & Helen Ackermann Gillian R. Acton Heide & Den Acton Ian Adair

Heather Angus Wojciech Aniol Joseph Antiglio Stephen Antle Natalie Anton Professional Corporation Edgar Appelman Barry Applebee Barry Appleton Appleyard Foundation Peter Arbuckle Judith Arbus Edward J. Archer Carolyn Archibald Susan Archibald Mohamed Arebi Betty M. Argue Stephen Arif P. & M. Ariss Karin Arkinstall Derick & Mary Armstrong Grant Armstrong Marion Armstrong Philip Armstrong Loris Aro ARP Communications Inc. Monique Villanueva Arquint Adam Arshinoff Neethia Arsiradam Jill Susan Arthur Richard & Gabriella Arthur Iain Arthy Anusha Aruliah Olaf & Deirdre C. Arzheimer Irene M. Ashby Stephanie Ashe Barry Ashton Tisha Ashton William Ashwell Kathleen Asp Kenneth Asquith Mohammed Abu Assi Associated Medical Services, Incorporated L’Association socioculturelle Granby et villes jumelées Joel Brett Atallah David Atkins Donald & Barbara Atkins Wendy A. Atkinson Mary Atkinson Margaret Attis Margaret Atwood Theodore Audette The Audio Producers Inc. Michele L. Auffredou E. Augusteijn Vanessa Auld




Claude M. Benton Marion Berard L. Van Den Berg Rolande Bergeron Irma Berlin Roy Berman Anne Bernard Paul Bernards Sasha Bernatsky Mark & Audrey Berner Claude & Mary Ann Bernier Claude Bernier Mark Bernstein Neil R. Berrington Michael Berry Tom Berry Victoria Berry Sebastien Berthelet Andrew Berthoff Roland Bertin John Bertram Jim Bertram Bruce Wilson & Mies Bervoets Elenor Besen George & Judith Almond Best Robert Andrew Best Ronald Best Timothy J. Best M. Suzanne Betcke Peggy Bethune Denis J. Bettson Perry Seafield Beverley Vivian Bevis Susan Bexton Kevin D. Z. Bezanson Shiraz & Nurjehan Bharmal Sreenivasa Bhaskara Kul Bhatia Mini Bhatt Sandra Schindeler & Arif Bhimji Judy & Bill Bialkowski Carol Bickell Margaret L. Bieman Jean-Luc Bigras Dr. & Mrs. Mervyn Billinghurst Frank L. Bilotta Kenneth H. Bilski Milton A. Bingham Patricia Richard Bingham R. David Binkley D. Bird B. Biringer Derek Birt Doris E. Bishara Jean C. Bishop Bishop Strachan School Jay Biskupski Julie Bissonnette A. Katherine Black Gloria I. Black Mary W. Black Naomi Black Black Bond Books Black Isle Consultants Cicely Mary Blackstock John W. Blackstock Anthony M. & Meely Blackwell William Blaikie Sean & Kirsten Blaine Shawn Blainey Peter Blair F. Roy Blair Sheri Blake William Blake Joan Blakslee Wilfred Blanchard Alfred Bleichert John Blenkinsop Nancy Bligh

Heather S. Blois Suzette Blom The Bloor Street Diner Ltd. Jean Robert Blouin Blowfish Restaurant & Sake Bar Gordon Blue Alice Bluemke Mark Blumberg Helene L. Blunt Alex Bock John Boddie Andrew Bodkin Janet L. Bodley Bodzan Enterprises Ltd. Boeckh Investments Inc. Aleyda Boersma Bogart, Robertson & Chu Peter Boger Boha Design Mary C. Bohn Harald Bohne André Boisjoly Arthur Boisvert Francis W. Bolger Kathe Bolvary Herbert R. Bolz Arthur R. & Mary B. Bond David Bond Edward J. Bond Janice Bond Wendy Bond Michael Bondy Daniel P. Levin & Lilian Bonin John Bonnar Alan Bonnell Gene & Judy Bonny R.A.N. Bonnycastle Jane Bonsteel Lionel Bonvouloir David & Terry Boorman Michael G. Boorman M. L. Booth Kathryn Boothby E Roger Boothroyd Suni Boraston Anne Bordeleau The Borden Ladner Gervais Foundation Joan A. Bordman Herman A. Borkent David Borowski Hedley T. Boschma Juerg & Sallie Boschung Marie-Louise Boshouwers John & Myrna Bosomworth A. Kathleen Bossort Randy & Melinda Boston S. Boswell Florence Boswell Margaret Botterell Pamela Botting Teresa Bouchard Pirjo Boucher Sandra Boucher Aubruy Boughey Raoul Boulakia Dominique Boulanger Michel J. Boulanger Susan Bouley André Bourdeau Bourmet Settings Inc. Roland Bourneuf Christopher N. Bourque Lisa Bourque Omer Bousquet Zane Bouvette Beverley Bowen Jean Bowen Julie Bowen

Sarah Bowen Norma Jean Bowie Penny Bowles Sidney Bowles Laurel Bowman David Bowman J. Edward Boyce Bruce Boyd Rodney Boyd Trevor Boyd Gwen Boyle Janet Boyle Greg Braconnier Donald Braden Donald Bradley Gloria Bradshaw Douglas T. Brady Thomas R. Braidwood Claire & Phillipe E. Brais Jocelyn N. Braithwaite Patricia Braithwaite Robin Braithwaite Roel C. J. P. Bramer Rainer Brandel Carolyn Braunlich Michael Breakey Margaret A. Bredin Agnes E. Bregg Lynne Brennan Eveline Brenninkmeyer Albert Breton Hilda Brett Réjane Bricault Kathleen Bridel Lynn Briden Eleanor Mary Bridge Elizabeth Briemberg Ferme Brienz Claire Briere James Duncan Brierley James Brierley Frances Brigham Ursula Brigl Brimstone Holdings Limited Rob Brison Fernand Brisson David A. L. Britnell Michael Britton-Foster Myer Brody Carl Bromwich The Edward M. Bronfman Family Foundation C. Heather Brooks Kathleen Brooks Martin & Jane Brooks John Brophy Steven Brougham Alexander J. & Trish Brown Alice E. Brown Catherine E. Brown Christopher Brown David Brown David E. Brown Dougald C. Brown Genevieve Brown James & Theresa Brown James G. & Karen I. Brown Janie Brown Joanne N. Brown John Brown Judy Brown Kevin Brown Margaret Brown Marjorie Anne Brown Mary Lou Brown Miriam Brown Peter T. & Lillian Cathy Brown Robert & Kathryn Brown Robert D. Brown Susan Brown Trudi Brown

Valerie Anne Brown W. Curtis Brown William & Vivian Brown Beverley Browne Jennifer Browne O. Marion Browne Robert M. Brownstone Stephen Bruce Bruce A. Wright Inc. Viola I. Bruggeman Colette Brunner Martha Brunning Theodore J. Bruseker Brad Brush J. Bryant Graham & Cicely Bryce Janusz Brzozowski Buccaneer Management Inc. Shirley Buchan Finlay Buchanan Joshua Buchanan Neil D. Buchanan Robert Buchanan Rosemary Buchanan T. B. Buchanan John Allen & Catherine Buck Ely Buckland Buckland Southerst Gallery Peter Buckley James Buckley Vincent & Marlene Buckley McLean Budden Dieter Bueddefeld Shayna Buhler Lilyan Buins Chris Buller Brenda Bullock-Paget Catherine Bulow F. Bulow Garden Centre Hannah Bulow Elizabeth A. Burcher Fred J. Burford Robert Burgees Burgener Research Inc. Andrew Burgess E. R. G. Burgess Carole Burgess Helmut S. Burkart Earl Burke Moira A. Burke Stephen Burke Patricia E. Burn Edna M. Burnard David J. Burnett M. Burnett Jacqueline Burnning B. L. Burns Margaret J. Burns Patrick D. Burns John R. Burrell Paul W. Burrowes Professional Corporation Chris & Sel Burrows Jim Burrows Margaret Burrows Selwyn Burrows Jennifer Burry Anthony Burt Philip J. Burton Robert Burton E. Burton Grant & Alice Burton The Burton Charitable Foundation Brian Bury Ellen Busby Janet Bush Janet E. Bush Richard Bushey Nicholas Busing Peter & Dianne Bussmann

Ingrid Busson Brigitte Busson Eleanor Butcher Allan J. Butler John Butler Michael Butler Charles & Lenoran Butler Jennifer & Martin Butler David Butler-Jones Carol Butt Jenifer Butterfield Carrie Buzminski Philip Byer Neeltje Bylsma


Adrian Cabilio Thomas Richard Cadieux Jean-Philippe Cadot Kevin Cafferata Alan C. Cairns Mary Calder Elizabeth A. Caldwell Mary Lee Calef The Calgary Foundation R. M. Callad William J. Callahan Brian Callahan William Calvert Christel Cameron Christine Cameron Christopher Cameron Grant Cameron Harold Cameron Helen A. Cameron Jane Cameron Judith Anne Cameron M. Landmann & A. Cameron Margaret Cameron Margaret A. Cameron Margaret J. Cameron Mary P. Cameron Reid S. Cameron Richard Cameron Brian & Gillian Campbell Claudia Campbell Colin Campbell David Campbell Eleanor E. Campbell Elizabeth Campbell Gillian Campbell H. V. Campbell James Campbell John Campbell Marlene Campbell Denise Campeau Patricia Campolongo Philippa Campsie Canadawide Claims Service Canadian Church of Novus Spiritus Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC) Canbulk Ship Management Inc. Charles John Canning Alex Cannon Patricia D. Cantwell Capital Home Hardware Thea Caplan Nancy H. Cardwell Paul Cardyn Simon Carette Helen F. Carew Barbara L. Carey Mavis Cariou David Carle-Ellis Robert Carlin Mr. & Mrs. Carlson Don Carmichael Stuart Andrew Carmichael

Mark Carney Nahalie Carninghon Dorothy Caron Eleanor Carpen Ken Carpenter David Carr Phil Carroll Ruth Buckinger & Peter Carroll Sheila A. Carrothers Joan Carr-Wiggin David Carson Raffaela Caruso Slava Carvalho George J. Carvell Peter Case Alan R. Casey Douglas Casey Jay Biskupski & Catherine Imrie Jane H. Catterson Peter Cavelti Jeffrey Cavill Roger & Yvonne Cawthorn CBC Employee’s Charity Appeal Marjorie Cels Centraide du Grand Montréal Daniel Cervera Carole Chabot Stephanie & Ungad Chadda Chander Chaddah Colin H. Chalk Wes Chalmers Norma Chalvardjian Grant W. Chamberlain Pete Chamberlain Gregory Chambers Bassima Chami Luce Champoux Benjamin Chan Elaine Chan Hock Chuan Chan Linda Chan Maureen Chan Nicolas Chan Stephen Chan Suzanne F. Chaney James Chang Margaret Chang Yok Leng Chang Alan Chan-McLeod Murray Chant Michael Chao Robert Chapdelaine Alex Chapman Ben Chapman Bruce Chapman Orval Kenneth Chapman David Chappell Peter & Joan Charbonneau Charity Begins at Dayspring Gaetan Charlebois Kelley Charlebois Jocelyn Charles David Charlesworth M. J. Charpentier Nicole Charron Gloria Chartier Charles Chastain Susan Chater Chris Chatten Andrew Chau James Chau James T. Chau Marilyn Chechik Charanjit Cheema Paul Chefurka Eric & Marion Chell Chemtech Int’l Inc. Larry & Patricia Chen Vivian Chenard

Vivian Cheney J.S. Cheng & Partners Inc. Richard M. H. Cheng Pierre Le Bouder & Erika Cheng Laurence Cherney Howard Cherniack Donald Cherniawsky Nancy J. Cherniwchan Beverley Chernos Arthur Chesley Lance Chetwood Stephen K.Y. Cheung Vincent Cheung Rudy Chiarandini Katherine Childs Alison Chilton Curtis H. Chipman Kevin & Patricia Chipperfield Patricia M. Chipperfield Jane Chisholm Martin Chisvin Theresa Chiu Ruby Cho Natalie Chole Don Chomyn Yvon Choquette Abigail Chow Jerry Chow Yun Yee Chow Jeeshan Chowdhury Gerard Choy Christ Church of Today Sonia Christen David Christie Tara Christie Joni Christman Louisa Kam Fung Chu Victor Chu Jennifer Chua Teresa Chui Susie Chung Enid Church Mary Church Church of St. Francis In-The-Wood Jan Ciborowski Peter Ciceri Mary Cirelli Sharon Cirone Citrolad Canada (Juices) Inc. CJAD Holdings Ltd. Carole Clapperton David Clara Brenda Clark Marjorie H. Clark Marlies & Alan Clark Lydia Clark Roger Clark Rosalyn Clark Gerald Clarke Lowell B. Clarke Marianne Clarke Spencer & Amy Clarke William Clarke Erica Clarkson Gerry Clayden John & Pattie Cleghorn Cathy Clement Brian Clements Nilam Clerk Denise Clermont John W. Cleveland Pauline A. Cleveland Richard Cliche Barbara H. Clifford Gisèle Cline William W. Clipsham Norma F. Clouston Ruth Cluley D. Clusiau Dave & Andrea Clyne Michael & Jane Cobden Cobob Holdings Limited

Julia Cochrane Daryl Cockle Doug Cody Jean-Louis Coelho Philomena Coelho Eric E. Cogswell Alice Cohen Constance Rose Cohen Marion Cohen Thomas & Elizabeth Cohen J. Brian Colburn Daphne Cole Denis & Jeanie Cole Philip & Raya Cole John & Grette Coleman Gordon Collin Jane Colpitis Columbia House Canada Lynn Comerford Communication Nord Sud Inc. Marion E. Compagnon La Congrégation du Très-Saint-Sacrement Congregation of Notre Dame Congregation of The Presentation XVIIe Congrès Mondial de Philosophie Inc. Susan B. Connell Paul Connelly Marguerite Connolly Kathleen Connors Cheryl K. Conrod Elizabeth Constantinides Kanur Srinivasan & Gerald A. Conway B. Conzelmenn Brian Cook Dennis Cook John & Barbara Cook Lynda Cook Marilyn E. Cook Cook (Canada) Inc. Alan T. Cooke Benedict Cookey Zoe Coombes Mary T. Cooney Bruce Sharron & Teresa Cooney Peter Cooper Eleanor Copeland C. L. Copland Family Foundation Patricia A. Coppard Bernard Corazza Wilbur H. Corbett Stephen D. Coret Paul & Mary Corey Mary Ann Corker Lynda Corkum Gillian Corless Mark Cornfield Simonne Cornwall Linda Corrett André Corriveau John & Judith A. Cosco André J. Côté Andrée Côté Anita R. Côté Louise Cote Serge Côté Stephen Couchman Gerald Coueslan Roberta Coulson Anne Coulter Bruce A. Counts David Counts Charles E. Coupal Thérèse Courchesne Alice Piotte Courtemanche Douglas Courtemanche Peter H. E. Courtenay

Daniel Cout Joyce Coutts Scott Coutts M. Betty Cowan Stuart Cowen John E. Cowie Anne Coyle Paul Cragg James E. & Verna L. Craig Walter Craig Sheila Craigie B. P. Cramer Louise Crawford Nick Crawford Michelle CrawfordBewley Creative Force Network Ltd. Creative Matters Incorporated Gordon R. Creber Credit Management Corporation Elizabeth Creed Clara Creglia Denis W. H. & Joan B. Creighton Adrien & Monique Crevatin David Crevier Joan & Peter Crockatt Patrick D. Crofton Crofton Grower Services Ltd. Barry Cromarty Ramona Cronin Robert J. Cronin Martha Cronyn Ian Crook Susan Croskery Margaret F. H. Cross Jean Crowe James & Sheila Crummey Paul Crysler Lilla Csorgo Robert Cudney Dallas Cullen John Cullen Patricia Cullimore Elizabeth Culpeper Margaret I. Cumming Bryan Cummings Michael Cummings G. T. Cunningham Elementary School Hank Cunningham Robert F. Curran Brian M. & Catherine Curran George Currie Bruce Curry Jennifer Curry Isabel M. Curtin Carole Curtis Frank L. Cushing Cut Foundation David N. M. Cuthbert Dorothy Cutting Barbara Czerkawski Alecja Czernic


Anne I. Dagg Helen Dagg Robert Daisley Laurel Dalley-Chivers Al-Karim Damji Katrina S. Daniel Mark & Rita Daniel Bj Danylchuk Roman Danylo Flora Danziger Margo Darling Alf Darragh Lily Dashwood

Alexander Daugherty Alezandre & Louisa Dauphin Omar & Matilda Dauphinee Marie Daveluy-Gordon Gary David David B. Kennedy Inc. Jane Davidson Joe Davidson Margaret Davidson Rohan Davidson Alice K. Davies Douglas & Sheila M. Davies J. Davies James Davies Jessie Davies Michelle Davies Nans E. J. Davies Beverly Davis Claytus Davis Glenn M. Davis Henry Davis Judith Davis Michele H. Davis Stephen Davis Douglas Davison Till A. Davy Mike Dawes Robin W. Dawes Mahomed F. Dawood J. D. Day Peter & Carolyn Day Ken Daya Bessie M. Dayfoot Alceo De Anna Danielle M. De Banne De Boer Holdings Limited Allan de Caen Garry & Patricia De Geer Guy & Beryl de Margerie Merirose de Pooter Susan L. de Roode John de Sévigné Carol De Val Ann Dea Tom Deacon John R. Deakins Todd Dean Jean-Philippe & Claudine Dechelle Thomas Deely Donald Deeprose Avis Degruelle Balbir Dehal Jamie Deith Karen Dekker Laura Delahaye Deborah DeLancey Eric Deland Gail A. Delaney Jill Delaney Hubert Delaquis Pierre Delaquis Margaret Delemere Catherine DeLenardo Charles Deliyannides Alison Delosky Leonard C. Delozier Denman Island Chocolate Ltd. Yves Demers Doug Demetrick Cyril Roma Demeyere Fred M. Denath Peter Dennis Roderick Densmore Sandra Densmore Derm Surg Medical Services Inc. Guy Desgreniers Rolina Desilva Alice Desjardins Rachel Desjardins

Gilbert Deslauriers Hélène Deslippe Rene Desmarais John & Shirley Desmond Gaston Desormeaux Sergio Desouza Gilles Desroches Marie Deveron S. Dewan Luc & Simone Dewavrin Chris Dewhurst David Dick Janet Dickhout Lorne Dickie Nadine Dickie N. Dickins Archibald E. Dickson Sarah C. Dickson Norbert Diergardt A Different Drummer Books Kirk & Kathy Digitale Jessica Dill Loisanne Dillabough M. Dilli Geoffrey Dilworth George & Darlene Dimsdale Farouk Dindar Florine Dion Chris Dissanayake Karl Dittmann Muriel Dobbie Wendy Dobson Zohra Docrat Norma H. Doherty Anna Dolan Christopher Doll Robert Doll K. Dolman John Dolphin Antonia D. Dominato Adrian & Maryln Domingo Leela M. Domingo R. J. Donahue Ruth Donnelly Donner Canadian Foundation Emma Donoghue Bob & Barbara Donovan John & Evelyn Donovan Lee Doran Joan Dormer Nanette Doshen Phiroze Dotiwalla Lucille Doucette Carol Douglas Stan Douglas Neil Dowie Jack Dowling Bernard & Maureen Anne Downes Mathew T. Downey Alanna Downey-Baxter Kieron Downton Brian Dowse Cassie Doyle John Doyle Lucie Doyle Florence Drake Henry & Rose Dreger Gwendolyn R. Drew Albert Driedger T. Reginald Driscoll Ed A. Driver Zillah Driver Martin Drobis Henry Droder Madelaine Drohan Lara Drummond Foundation Robert Dryden Dagny E. Dryer Thérèse Dubois Ellen Dubreuil

Sydney Duder Deborah Dudgeon Donald R. Duerksen Eleanor S. Duff Adrienne Duff Robert Wolfe & Jacalyn Mary Duffin Andrew Duffy Alison Dugan Joanne Duggan L. Beth Dulmage Linda F. Duncan Charles Dundon G. Dunlop Alice Mary Dunn David P. Dunn Edith Dunn Gary Dunn Jane H. Dunn Kevin Dunn Tim H. Dunn Mike Cleland & Molly Dunsmuir Deborah Dunton Jean-Charles Dupin Emmanuel Dupont Patrice Dupont Henriette Dupuis Judith Durance Jean Durand Edna Durbach Janet Durbin Timothy J. Durrant Ian Durrell James Durst Michael & Kathy Duschenes D. M. Duschesneau Cori T. Dustin George Dwyer Melany Dyer Myrtle W. Dyer Corinne Dyke David & Sheilah Dyson



George Fair Glenna Fair Fairbairn Foundation Robin Fairfull-Smith Frederick Fairman Famous Players Media Inc. Cesar Farell Matthew Faris Peter & Shirley Faris John Faris Wiliam Farley Andrea Farmer Patricia L. Farn Alec Farquhar Gordon M. Farquharson Kenneth G. Farquharson Barbara Farrell Sandra Farrell Bruce Martin & Debbie Farrell Ruth Farren Maureen Farrow Alastair Farrugia Margaret V. Fast Roy Fast Thomas Fath Deborah Lee Faulkner Léo Favard Basil D. Favis Heather Fay William P. Fay

FCJ Sisters - Provincial Office John D. Fearon Blair & Margaret Fearon La Fédération des Infirmières et Infirmiers du Québec Eric Fefer Moïse Fefer Edward & Anna Feiertag Abe & Ruth Feigelson Foundation Rose Feikes Peter Feldstein Anne Fell Mary Feltmate Debra Fendrick Norman D. Fenn Evelyn Fenwick George Ferdinands Don Ferguson Graeme & Phyllis Ferguson Guy Ferland Anne Bergman & Vincent J. Fernandez Audrey Fernie Mary Ferracin Louise Ferri Quinto Ferri Lucy Ferrier Christine Ann Ferris Heiko Fettig Thomas Feuchtwanger Fickle Fingers Gift Fund Terence & Wendy Fidgeon Christopher Field Nancy Fietsch Manny Figueiredo Marguerite Brunet Filion Les Filles de Jésus de Trois-Rivières Les Filles de la Croix, Procure Provinciale Les Filles de Marie-deL’Assomption Robin A. Fillingham Elinor Jane Fillion Helen Fillion John Fillion Findlay’s Drug Store Karina Findler Adrian Fine Diane T. Finegood Jourdaine (Judy) Finlay Marguerite Finlay Norman Finlayson Barry Finnegan Donald & Joan Finnie Neysa Finnie First United Church Jim Firstbrook Christine Firth Danielle Fisch John Fischer Ann Marie Fish Wilson Fitt E. Jane Fitzgerald Sharon Fitzhenry Fitzhenry Family Foundation David Fitzpatrick Eleanor Fitzpatrick Arthur D. Fleming Harry M. Satanove & Elspeth Flood Brian Flood Tony & Marguerite Florsham Angela Flower Margo R. Fluker James Gordon Fogo Pierre Foisy Marie-Eve Foliot Gordon & Gertrude Folka

Robert Folkes Sjoeke Folkinga Donald Followes La Fondation Denise et Robert Gibelleau Fondation René Malo Fondation Thomas-Léon Tremblay Le Fonds de Secours du Bon Samaritain Che-Kao Fong Angus Fong Michael Fontaine Patricia & Leo Fontaine Pierre Fontaine Luis Carlos Fontalvo Fonthill United Church Norah Foord Frank R. Foran Jocelyn & Greg Foran Lynne Foran Susan Foran Nicholas Forbath Chris Forbath Robert Forbes Joan Ford Joan Ford Charitable Society C. F. & H. E. Forestell Otto Forgacs Marc Forget Ann Forman Diane Forrest Melva Forsberg Bertram Forse Ann Forster Bill Forsyth Mary & Allan Forsyth Mel Foster Martin Foucher Margaret L. Fougberg Foundation For Youth Fountain Of Hope Four Seasons Hotel Limited Leslie Fournier Maureen J. Fowler John G. Fowler Maria & John Fowler Joan Fowler Mary Margaret Fox Gordon & Mariane C. Foy Eric & Lizzy Fraikin Maria Franceschetti Desiree Francis Chris Frank Frank Butty Limited Aubrey Franklin Chris Franklin Audrey Fraser Caroline Fraser Christopher Fraser Simon Fraser William Fraser Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP Mark Frazer Rick Frecker Joanna Freedman Catherine Freeman Robert C. Freeman Susan Freeman Ruth Freese Graham French Al French Lucienne Frenette Manfred Frenkel C. & E. Frensch Ken Swenerton & Mary Frey Kevin Frey Lucile Freynet Pamela Frid John & Joyce Frid Sydney & Constance Friedman

Camille Hancock Friesen J. Friesen Lynn Friesen Nathan Friesen Judith Frise Robert Fritch Frogware Inc James Wade Frost Peter J. Froud The Frum Foundation Margaret Fry Thomas Fry Frank Fuernkranz John Fuerst Thomas & Sylvia Fukami Martha Fulford Emanuel Fumagali Andrew Fung Tara Fung Larry Funnell Richard Fuoco John Futhey Michael H. Futrell James Fydell


Eva Gaarder Michel Gabrini D. Boyce Gaddes Edith Gagne Elodie Gagné Eugénie Gagné Lynda Gagne Caroline Gagnon Jean Gagnon Louise Gagnon Odile B. Gagnon Paul M. & Maureen E. Gagnon Pauline Gagnon James Gaiger Carolyn Gailey Chris Gailey C. Jane Gainer Jean Gairdner Alex Galatis Galaxy Floor Sanding Machines Laurel A. Montrose & Reagan Gale Gloria Gallagher John Gallagher Maureen Gallagher Romayne Gallagher Stephen Gallagher Mark Gallant Louise Gallie Joe Gallo Nancy Gallos Genevieve M. Gamache Robert Gamble Thomas Gamble Bing Siang Gan Katherine Gandy Chris Gannage James Gannon Peter Gant Stanley I. Garber Susan E. Garber Julio Armando Garcia Rosemary Garcia David Gardiner Heather Gardiner John H. Gardiner Kenneth & Marie Gardner L. T. & C. R. M. Gardner Terry Gardner Sandra Garossino Boucher John Gartland David & Laurie Gaspar Julian & Louise Gaspar Margaret Gass Terry Gates

Margaret Gates Jason Gatzke Ehor Gauk Richard Gauntlett Jacques Gauthier Sharon P. Gauthier Stanley Gavlick Mieczyslawa Gawlak Penelope Gawn Françoise Gaynecoetche J. B. Gaynor David C. Gayton Beth Gazzola Annemarie Geahel Fred Geburt Valerie Anne Geddes Eva M. Gede Elise A. M. Gedig David H. Geen David & Eleanor D. Geen Stewart & Donna Geen Martin Geleynse Ron Gelinas Jane Haley Gent Michael Gentile Asmus Georgi Joan Geramita Martin Gerard The Marvin Gerber Foundation Russ Germain Claude Gervais Claude M. Gervais Paul & Evelyn Gervan Krikor Ghanaghounian Wayne Ghesquiere Peter Giannoccaro Barry Gians Tony & Anne Giardini Kathryn Giaschi Sandra Gibbons Diane Gibbs Elizabeth Gibbs Heidi M. Gibbs Tom & Carolyn Gibbs Richard Gibney Aimee O. Gibson Constance C. Gibson Gary Gibson Julia C. Gibson Barry Giffin William J. Gignac Gérard M. Gilbert Ian Gilbert Paul & Nancy Gilbert Gwyn Gill Herman Gill Juliet Gill Paramjit Gill Bruce Gillies Andrew Gillis Russell & Vera Gillman Endla & John Gilmour Foundation Paula M. Gilroy Jean Gilson Gimli NDP Association André Gingras Craig Gingras Michel Gingras Ron A. Gira Charanjit Girn Ken Girotti Dominique Giroux Patricia L. Girovard Gerald Gish Carol Givton Tyler Gjernes Ira Gladstone Jane L. Glassco Larry Gleason Global Mechanic Media Inc. Global Remission Brokers Lorraine Gloster

Beverley Glover George Glover Leslye Glover Shannon Glover Dr. & Mrs. J. Ernest Gnass Carol Goar Stephen Goddard Allan Godfrey Peter Godfrey Klaus Goetz Mark A. & Louise Golding Arthur & Jacqueline Goldman A. Aubrey Goldstein Maria Gomes Tom Gondreau Ellen L. Good Jerry & Bonnie Good Shirley J. Goode Russell Goodfellow David A. Goodings Howard Goodman Beverly Goodwin Peter J. Goodwin Kamala-Jean Gopie Kevin Goranson Carmina M. Gordon Kenneth M. Gordon Joan Gordon Greg A. Moran & Mindy Gordon Tom Gore Jennifer & Ron Gorman Patricia Gorman Peter Gorman Christine Gosselin François Goulet Shirley A. Goundrey Douglas Gourlay Wayne & Ingrid Gowan Angela Goyeau Susan Grabek Lennox Grafton Karin Gragtmans Beverly Graham Carolyn Graham Donald A. Graham Duncan C. Graham Helen Graham Isobel M. Graham John Graham Karen Graham Kerr Graham Mary Graham Nita H. Graham Ronald Graham Anne Grajpel Betty Grandfield Gabrielle Granger Peter Granger Rita Granger Gail Grant John & Judith Grant John Grant Judith Ann Grant William Grant Marlene Grass Gratton-Masuy Environmental Tech Inc. Edward L. Gray Kathe Gray Kathleen & Gordon Gray Beverley Green David & Cheryl Green Leslie & Marion Green Lindy Green Maurice Green Ken Greenberg L. Mitchell Greene Robin Greene John & Georgina Greenhough Beatrice Greenley Gary Greenman

Paul & Antje Greenstreet Roger Greenwald Kent Smith & Teresa Gregg Frances Gregory Robin & Terry Gregory Bryan Gremban William N. Grey Forrest D. Grierson Margaret Griffin Susan Griffin Thomas J. Griffith Sylvia & John Griffith Richard & Margaret Griffiths Colin Grimson Anne Grisenthwaite Marlyn Grodde Elizabeth Groen Nick Groocock D. Charles Groocock Gary Groot John Gross Thomas & Alannah Grossman Lucy Grossmann-Hensel Le Groupe LeFebvre MRP Inc. Marjorie Groves Patricia Gruben Peter & Doreen Gruber Mats Gruen Jennifer Gruner A. R. Grynoch Fred Gubbels Christine Guerra Sara Guerzoni François Guilbault Suzanne Gumpert Catherine Robin Gunn Joni Guptill Jim Gurd Stephen A. Gurman Peter Guselle Bernd Gutgesell Barbara Guthrie Beverly Guthrie Guyana-Caribbean Muslim Association


H. C. Emergency Services (Holdings) Ltd. Sonya Ha Anne Haalboom Martin R. Haase Flavio Habal Bernhard & Lore Haberl Douglas Hackbarth Hackbarth Environmental Consulting Ltd. Annette Hacking Camille Haddad Shahid O. Hadi Mary Lee & Don Hadley John & Penny Hadley Linda Hadley-Piscopo Priscilla F. Hafner Lucinda Hage Geraldine Hagel Sonja Hagemann Monika Hager Margrit G. Hagmann Ross Hague Miah Hahn Masoom Haider Jawwad Haider Huma Haider David Haines Mary Haines Tilman Hainle Kamran Hakimi Bruce Haldane Mary Halder Leonard Hale

Richard N. Halisky John D. Hall James S. & Donna Hall Lyle Hall G.C. Kathleen Hall Jack Charles Hallam M. Hallowell Michael Halls-Springob Graham Hallward Margaret Peggy Hallward Dexter Halsall Elizabeth Halstead Edward John Hambley David & Wendy Hamblin Donald Hambrick Danelle Hames Alexander J. Hamilton Cord Hamilton Elizabeth D. Hamilton Gavin Hamilton George & Marjorie Hamilton M. Elaine Hamilton Neil Hamilton Shelagh Hamilton John Hammett Preston Hammond C. S. Hampton David Hampton Marion P. Handcock Sarah Haney Muriel Hankey James Hanley Nenagh Hanly Louise Hanly D. Barbara Hanmer Paul Hanna Harvey Hannah Marie-Louise Hannan Jones Erik Hansen Ian Hansen Lorrie M. Hansen Douglass A. Hanson Maria Hanson Mark D. Hanson Charles H. Hantho Maya Harari Frank Harber Peter Harco Reg Harden C. Harding Dorothy M. Hardman Constance E. Hardy James J. Hardy Lorraine Hardy Louise Haridge Patrick Harkins Pat Harkins Harlan Fairbanks James M. Harper Bryce Harper Hinrich Harries William Norman Harries Adam Harrington Larry Harrington Lea & Mike Harrington/Tyers David Harris J. Donald Harris Norah L. Harris Richard Harris Robert Harris Robert D. Harris Stephen Harris Brenda Harrison Douglas Brian Harrison John Harrison Paul Harrison Catherine Harrop Carla Harstone Ronald Hart Mary Hart Trevor D. Harterre Robert Hartlen Mark Hartley

Patricia Hartnagel Stuart Harvey F. Gavin Harvey Margaret Harvey-O’Kelly Jacqueline Harvie Christopher Harwood Reg Hashizume Derek Hasler M. A. V. Hassard Robert Hassell Patricia Hassell-Scali The Joan & Clifford Hatch Foundation Christine Haude David Hauser Kenneth Havard Sheila Havard Richard Havas Barbara Hawkins Gordon David & Mary Sarah Hay Dianne E. Hayes Helen Hayes Henry F. Hayes John A. Hayes Margaret Hayes I. & Af Hayman The Haynes-Connell Foundation Ray Haythornthwaite Richard Hayward Kathryn-Jane Hazel Hazel Bradley Investment Corporation Limited Mark Hazell Cathy Headon Susan Heakes Hearing First Gérard R. Hébert Raymond M. Hébert Veronica Hecker Ken Hedge Donald G. Hedges Karen Hedlin Peter Heelis Pamela Heerema S. A. Heiberg Monika Heidt Katherine Heinrich Doug Heintz Grove Tom & Maryjane Heintzman Mark Heinzl Michael & Lad D. Helde Harald Helfgott Angela Helgesen Christopher W. & Mary Helleiner Peter & Linda Hellenius Judith Helliwell Keith & Ellen Helmuth Gary Helps Tanya J. Helton Stella Pasion & Richard Helyar William Hemens Anne Henderson Brian D. Henderson Harvey & Karen Henderson John & Margaret Henderson Stuart Henderson Donna A. Hendrick Martha Hendriks Vincent Hendriks Jocelyne Henri F. Joan Henriksen Stephen F. Henry Dorothy C. Herberg Lisa Herlehy C. Andrea P. Herman Nina K. Herman Susan Sweeney Hermon Jack & Margaret Hern

Judith Herz G. Hesse Wade B. Hesson Brian Hester Maxine Hetherington Kit Purdy & Jane Hewlett Susan May McLean Heyes Claude G. Heywood Mary Hickman Richard & Patricia Hicks Richard Higgins Ralph A. Higgs Marianne Hildes Carmel F. Hili Amanda Hill Harry D L & R. Alverna Hill John B. Hill Neil Hill Robert D. Hill Roderic Hill Stephen J. Hill W. Harris Hill Hillcroft Pharmacy Tim R. Hillson Theresa Hilson Donald R. Hilton Donald Hilton Vivian Hilton Steve Himel Max & Jaynie Himsl Michael Hinchey Doris, Peter, Nina & Heidi Hindrichs Susan Hinton Michael Hiridjee Mohamed K. Hirji Sandra Hirowatari Adam P. Hitchcock Barry G. Hitchens Dr. & Mrs. Brian Ho Cheeying Ho Nicholas Ho Mary Hoag Claire Louise Hobbs David Hochman Doris Hocking Dale Hodges Corinne Hodgson Julie Hodgson Walter Hoe Alexander Hoechsmann John Hofer Peter Hoffmann T. Hofmann J. Hogan Beverley Hogg Kathleen Anne Hogle Karen & Brian Hohner Jill Holditch Shirly F. Holl Dave Holland Gordon Holland Stephen Holland Laurence Hollands Maria Hollen Joan Omson & M. D. Hollenberg John Hollifield Myrtha Hollinger Barry Holmes Carol Holmes D. S. Holmes David Holmes Donald & Frances Holmes Donald W. Holmes Marion Holmes Stephen Holmes Veronica Holmes William R. Holmes Donna Holton Carol A. & Igal Holtzer Cheryl C. Homan Beland H. Honderich


Donald Eagles Rachel Eappen Roy Eappen Spencer & Jan Early Christine Earnshaw Earthfund International Clive Eastwood Elizabeth C. Eaton Charles A. Eaves Bruce Ebbett Eric Eberhardt Shehla Ebrahim Donald H. Eby Ann Ecclestone ECCO Dillon Consulting Maria Edelman Eden High School Trust Fund M. Adelaide R. Edge Peter Edisbury Roger Edmonds Edmonds Landscape & Construction Services Ltd. Edmonton Catholic Schools Raymond Edwards Patrick & Joanne Edwards Frances W. Edye Linda Eerme Jane Egan Claudia Egger Frances Ehman Harry Eisenhauer Mary Angela ElBardeesy Aryeh Elbaz Christopher Elgin Valerie Elia Joan Eliesen

Greenline Equipment Sales Ltd. Eliuk Bruce Elkin D. Greggs & Maureen Elliot David Elliott G. Jeanne Elliot Jim Elliott Joyce Elliott Lyyli Elliott Murray & Monica Elliott & Family Pauline Ellis Gwendoline Ellison Miginan Ellsins Dr. & Mrs. P. Elphick Emaral Investments Inc. Allan Empey Empire International Investment Corp. Barry Russell & Joanne Endacott Daryl Engelman Frank Englehart Mary E. M. Englesby Katharine Wilson English The Robert E. Enos Foundation Ronald E. Ensom Brian Erickson L. M. Erickson Radiology Ltd. LeRoy Erickson Bernd A. Esche Roslyn Eskind George Espin Joe Essaye Frank P. Estey Deanna Eu William & Joyce Eull Donald & C. Lehmann Eustace Andrew Evans David G. Evans Derek Evans Jane Evans Marion Evans Martha Evans Robert Evans Sybil I. Evelyn Gerald Ewing Davilyn Eyolfson




Florence Honderich C. Peter Honey Hong Kei Fitness & Dance Club Douglas C. & Betty Hood Michael Hooker Frances Macklin & Gordon Hoops Tom Hopkins J. Desmond Horan William & Mary Horan David Horemans Joe Horler Christopher & Bonnie Horley Klara Horn David Horner Gertrude Hornick John Hortop Sargent Horwood Andrea Hosfield Sandra Hostetter Ruth Houle Ann House C. Stuart & Mary Houston Glenn Houston Daniel How Mildred Howard Robert J. Howard Roger Howard Howard Family Foundation Inc. Lynne Howarth Don McMurtry & Gloria Howe Norman Howell Daniel Howes Frances Howey Fred Howlett Judy Howsam Wayne K. Hoy Winifred G. Hoyer Joseph Hrncirik Hai-Ping Hsu K. P. Huber Doris I. & Norma Huber Elizabeth Lois Hubert Merle Hudson Nicholas Hudson Stephen Huen Dave Hughes Ian & Margaret Hughes Margaret Hughes Merlyn A. Hughes Philip G. Hughes Alfred K. C. Hui Charles Hui Mannie Wai Yee Hui Leung J. David Hulchanski Jeffrey Hull Gillian Humphreys Andrew Humphries Judith H. Humphries W. B. G. Humphries D. Rex & Edna G. Hundleby H. K. & B. M. Hung Alice Hunt David G. Hunt Paul Hunt Ryan D. Hunt Brian & Dora Hunter Jane Hunter Mary E. Hunter Paul L. Hunter Vivian E. Hunter William T. & Dorothy H. Hunter William J. & Kay E. Hunter David Huntsman Huntsville Animal Hospital Jacques Huot Jeremiah Hurley

David Hurst Vicky H. Husbaud Jesse Husk Gary Hussey Robert Hutcheon Peter Hutchins Aleck Hutchinson Bill Hutchison Bruce & Mary Hutchinson Gordon Hutchinson N. T. Hutchinson Marlene Hutlet Robert Hutton Ken Hutton Hien Thi Huynh Angela Hwang Joseph C. Hwang Don L. & Kathleen E. Hyde Gordon & Evelyn Hyde Hydrecs Fund Hydro One Richard Hyndman


Michelangelo Iaffaldano IBM Employees’ Charitable Fund ICZ International Co. Limited Jarome Iginla Boleslaw & Teresa Ignasiak Gadacz Ihor Imaginus Canada Limited Inasmuch Judith Ince Robert Indrigo Patricia E. Inett Infogest Direct Marketing Kay J. Inglis Doug Inkster Barbara Inniss Insurance Solutions Plus Brokers Ltd. Interlynx Relocation Management Limited International Development & Relief Foundation Invatron Systems Corp. Wendy Ip Ardeshir Irani Jorge Irazuzta Lynne Irons Neil Ironside Michael Irvine Alice Irwin Jane Irwin Jill Irwin Anna Isaac Dianne Isaac Barclay Isherwood Islamic Society of Niagara Peninsula Willem Van Iterson Jeff Ivey Neil Ivory Sumi Iwamoto Boris Iwashkiw Natasha Iyer Margaret Izatt


Maruja Jackman Agnes & Ian Jackson Chris Jackson The Etta I. Jackson Charitable Foundation Gordon Jackson Janice Jackson Jean Jackson Karen Jackson Mildred I. Jackson

R. Jackson Susan Jackson Leon Jacobs Donald & Diane Jacquest Jacson Power & Electric Brandon Jaffe Heather A. James Robert James Douglas Jamieson John E. & Sheilah Jamieson Margaret Jamieson Miroslav Jancewicz Janco Steel Limited Maria Jankovic Hart Jansson Elisa Sereno Janz Alex Jarlette Jarmain Family Dan & Wendy Jarvis Dorothy Irene Jarvis Elizabeth Jarvis John S. Jarvis Lynn Jasechko Jitske Jaspers Amala Jayatilleke Michael M. Jeavons JED’s Construction Ltd. Peter Jeffrey Peter & Judith Jekill Marilyn T. Jenkins Helmut Jennerick Peggy Jessome Shaffin Jetha Norman & Margaret Jewison Charitable Foundation Harry Jim Michèle Joanisse Klaus Jochem Brian & Gilorma Maulucci Joel Juliette John Jill M. Johns Mona M. Johns Travor C. Johns Johnson Family Fund at the Toronto Community Foundation Brian D. Johnson Dorothea H. Johnson Fred Johnson Graham E & Elizabeth Johnson Harold Johnson Ian Johnson M. Johnson Suzanne Johnson Virginia Johnson Karen Johnsson B. Lynn Johnston Craig Johnston D. R. Lukin Johnston Georgina Michael Johnston Lynn Johnston Michael Johnston Robert H. Johnston C. & Kenneth Johnstone Dan Jokic Victoria Jonas Adrian Jones Charmaine Jones Christopher M. Jones David Jones David & Shilpa Jones David G. Jones Ellen Jones Harold Jones Herb Jones John & Mary Jones Lanice K. Jones Marlene Jones Mary-Ellen Jones Paul Jones

Rosalind L. Jones Annelise Jorgensen V. Elaine Joughin Paula Jourdain Victor O. Juba Peter Juk James Julien Joadie Jurgova Jon Just Mahesh Juthani Claudine Jutras


Randa Kachkar Paul Kadziora Kalcyon Inc. M. A. Rafey Kaleem Brigitte Kalow Mary Yee Hang Kam Ronald Kan Ellie Kanary Marion Kane Deepu Kang Michal Kantoch Martha Kantorczyk Firdaus F. Kapadia Blake Karasiuk Shelly Karperien Cam & Monica Karpiak Jolanta Karpinski Aly Karsan Anne Milne & Peter Karuna Saleem Kassam Aubrey G. Kassirer Sophie Katarynych A. Katsarkas Ben & Hilda Katz Charitable Foundation Mortimer Katz Jeanne Kaufman Judith Kaufman T. M. & Catherine Kavanagh Anthony & Carol F. Kay Jonathan Kay Robert Kay Sandra Kay Hartmut Kayser Beth Kazakoff Howard Kearley Lionel J. Kearns Lionel Gerry Sinclair Kearns John F. Keating John Keating Derek & Mary Keaveney Audrey Kee Herbert & Vivian Kee David Keeling Audrey J. Keely Cleaver Keenan Douglas Keenan Anne Kehoe Michael & Barbara Keilhauer Alan Keith Susan Keith Diana Kelland Mary Jane Kelleher Maria Kelleher Daphne Kellett Martin Kellman Margaret Kellow Daniel Kelly David Kelly Loretta M. Kelly Maureen Kelly Philip Kelly Raymond & Colleen Kelly William Kelly William J. Kelly Barry Kelsey David W. E. Kemp Frank Kempster Jeremy Kendall

Brent Kennedy Brian Kennedy Charles Kennedy Donna & Marsh Kennedy Iona Kennedy Kathleen Kennedy Larry & Wanda Kennedy Michael Kennedy Audrey Kenny Blaine Kent Phyllida Kent Thomas W. Kent Robert Kepes Marilyn Kerfoot Janet Kerman Gillian P. Kerr Jennifer Kerr J. Isabel Kerr Michael Bryan Kerr Philip Kerrigan Lucy Kerrigan Brian Kerswill Hassen C. Keshavjee Anke S. Kessler Edward Keystone Zainab A. Khan Mihammad Khan Camran Khan Roya Khaze Anne Kidner Brendan Killackey J. Malcolm Killam Judith Killoran Changseok Kim Frank Kim Jin-Sook Kim Meredith Kimball David Kimura Christoph Kind Sheila Kindberg Chris King Judy King Marilynn King Mary & Gordon King Michael King Peter King David Kingsland Susan Kingsley John R. Kinley David Kinloch Claire Huang Kinsley Susan Vorner Kirby Margaret Kircher Gary Kirk Robert W. Kirk Barbara Kirkaldy Julian Kirstiuk Susan Kitchener Harold Kittle Kiwanis Club of Forest City London Gerhard Klaassen Robert Klaassen Albert Klassen Marina Klein Martin Klein Rona Klein Helga Klein-Parker Jennifer Klenz Scott Knaut Marilyn Kneller Jack Knetsch & Patricia McNeill Alan Knight Caroline Knight John Knight Royce W. Knight Kerry Knoll Susan Knowler Tony & Susan Knowler J. Knowles Henry & Marilyn Knowles Mary Knox Marilyn Knox Knox United Church

Michael & Christine Knuckey Marion D. Koch Thomas Kocsis Tess Koehle Juergen Koessler Martin Kohn Eliot & Carolyn Kolers Uriel Kolet Norbert Kondracki Margaret Kong-Ting Jacques Konig Enrico Konig Gregory Konigshaus Marilyn Koop Sylvia Korchinsky Marianna Korman Jack & Mary Judith Kornblatt Vera Kornelsen Robert Korth Piotr A. Korzeniewski Maria Kovacs Patricia Koval Marina Kovrig Franciska Kowenhoven Bobby Kozoriz Don & Jacci Kozy Gerhard & Gertrude Krapf Janice A. Kreider Syd Kreitzman Peter Kremenik Martin Krippl Bent Kristensen Anton Kritzinger K. & J. W. Krnjevic Scott Kroeker Eugenia Krolak John Kromkamp John & Doriana Krukowski Jaan Krusberg Richard Bennett & Moyna Krusell Karen Krushelnick Jacek Kryt KTS Logistics Inc. Juergen Kuehnen Anton Kuerti Ernst Kuhlmann Margaret Kuhr Ingrid Kulaots L. T. Kulchyski Naresh Kumar Carl Kung C. F. Kunkel Eva Kushner Irving Kussin Jan S. Kutcher Walter Kutcher Patricia Kvill Jennie Kwan Alfred Chun Hui Kwong Philip Kwong William Kyle Will Kymlicka


Nicole Labbé Paul Laberge Laurette Lachance Elisabeth Laett Alexandre Cabral & Martine Lafortune Sylvie Lafortune Lucille Lafrance Maurice Lagasse Noella Lahaie Pascale Lahaie Anita Lahey Margaret A. Lahn Toni Laidlaw Michael Laine M. P. Laing D. R. Laird Marni Laird

Larry Lake Hrvoje Lakota Geneviève Lala Phillip LaLande Amina Lalji Rosemarie Lall C. Lalonde Michel Lalonde Carolina Lam Diana Lam Fiona T. Lam Huong Lam Vincent Lam Yves Lamarre Roderick Lamb Stuart K. Landon Chris Landreth Claude Landry Katherine Landry Jean Lane M. Travis Lane Margo Lane Patricia Lane Patricia S. Lane Willa Lane Gesine Lang Justin and Elizabeth Lang Foundation Le Chi Lang Chi Lang Le Jane Langdon Donald B. Lanoville Jennifer Lanthier Peter Lanyon Guy Laperrière Michel Lapointe Michèle Laporte Marie-Claire LaporteTouzin William E. & Ruth Lardner Peter & Ronda Larmour Andrée LarocheCholette Gisèle Larocque Paul LaRose Katherine Storm Larsen Ruby I. Larson Janessa Laskin Petru Laslau Alex Tsz Man Lau Amy Lau C. Lau Godwin K. Lau Katherine Lau Kwok Lau John Laughrea Mary W. Laurence Margaret C. Laurence Suzanne Lausman Emile J. & M. Bernice Lautard Stephen Laver Janet Lavigueur Lise Lavoie Kathrine Lawrence S. Lawrence Christine I. Lawrie Selena Lawrie Irene M. Lawson Monique Layton David Layzell Gerald Lazarenko Barbara Leah Patrick G. Leahy Richard Lebeau Aurore Leblanc Jacques Lebleu Andrea P. Lebowitz E. Louis Leclair Claire Leclerc Ernest Leclerc Liguori & Thérèse Leclerc Lucie Leclerc Louis Lecours

Desmond Leddin Anne Lee Bradd Hart & Corinna Lee Brent & Jennifer Lee Christopher Lee Cinda Lee David S. C. Lee Helen Lee Hyun-Taek Lee Julia Lee June Lee Kevin Lee Lawrence K. M. Lee Leta Lee Lillian L. Lee Lindy Lee Michael Lee R. J. Lee Mary Leeney David LeFeaver Rosalind & Louis Lefeber Ghislain Lefebvre Ellen Lefsrud Hugh P. Legg Murray Legge Alice Leigh Rowena V. Leivo Christine Lejtenyi Paul Leliveld Bernard Lemieux Paul Lemieux Peter Lemmer Nicola Lemmer Joe Lencucha Sue Lendrum Tina Leniuk Ken Lenz Robert Leon Cairnie Leona Michael Leong Leah Lepage Nicholas Lepan Pierre & Elizabeth Leroux Les Laboratoire Suisse Inc. Marthe Lesage Gauthier Margaret Leshchyshyn Alexandra J. Leslie G. M. & J. A. Leslie Lucille Leslie Elsa Lessard Jean Lessard Natalee Letawsky Ed Leung Peter Leung Shirley Leung Bonnie E. Leuser Joseph Leuwer Abe Leventhal Gaylene Levesque S. Brian Levett Sharon Levi Leslie Levin Michael Levine Daniel Levinson Terry & Beatrice Levis Gary Levy Lejla Levy A. H. Lewis Beryl Taylor Lewis Clare & Susan Lewis Daniela Pellis & Wilder Lewis Gertrund Jaron Lewis Joanne Lewis John R. Lewis Steven Lewis Scott Lewis A. Jane Lewkonia Sandra Leznoss Connie Li Dana Liang J. Liao

Liberia Association of Ottawa-Carleton Bryan F. S. Liddy Wayne Liebau Charles & Jackie Liebe T. Lightburn Susan Lighthall Phyllis Lill Angela Li-Muller Bruce Lin Wendy Lin Douglas R. Lincoln Eleanor Lind Monika Lindegger Robert Lindegger Rita Lindenfield George Linder Brian Lindsay Jane Lindsay Janet Lindsay Sydney Lineker Philip Ling Louise Linney Blair Lipkind Ivor Liss Ruth Liston William & Anne Litchfield Miriam Litster Janet Little Judith Little Paul F. Little Little Current Medical Associates Joanne Liu W. John Livesley Robert Livet Real Lizotte Evelyn Lloyd Walter C. Lloyd-Smith Winifred Lloyd-Smith Jennifer Lloyd-Smith Foster M. Lo Gillian Y. C. Lo Jenny & Kai Lai Lo Daphne J. Lobb Francesca Lobo Elwan Lobo-Pires Locher Evers International Harry Locke Peter W. Lockett Robert Lockhart Charlene Lockner Hugh Lockwood Thomas Lockwood Robert Lodge Todd Loewen Myrna & Jim Loewen Vicki Loftus Donald Logan Jane Logan Martin Logan Peter R. Logan Patricia Loggie Kausalya Lokanathan John Loken Jonathan Lomas Nora Long Longford Equipment International Ltd. Clive Lonsdale Dietrich Look J. Michael Look Bernie Lopko David Lord Pat Cunningham & Andrea Lorenz Thomas Lorenzo Gail Lorimer Madeleine Lorrain Gilles Lortie John Lostracco David Lotan Patrick Loubert Brent Loubert

John Lounds Susan Lounsbury Frank Louwagie Love Cats Café Management Bob Loveless Robert & Helen Lovell Thomas Lowen The Lowidt Foundation R. Anne Lowther Betty Lubin Edward Luca Philip Luca Steve Luck Dorota Luczak Fiona Rattray & Linda Ludwig Garry Ludwig Helen Ludwig Walter Ludwig Joel Luet Jonas Luhur C. Luhur Annabelle Luke Gordon P. Luke Clarice Lulai Roberta Lum Pat Lumsden Harry G. Lumsden Kay Luna Michael Lundholm Kathleen Luscher George J. Luste Patricia M. Lutley James Lutz Robert Lyall John Lydall David & Gail Lynch Laura Lynch Tim Lynham John Lee & Lynne Girvan-Lee Patrick Lyons Lori Lyons Marjorie J. LyonsColling Stephanie Lysyk Jean R. Lytwyn


M A T Service Des Patrons Inc. Paul Maas Robert J. B. MacAulay Eldon Elizabeth Maccara Tom Maccarone Patrick MacCulloch Sheila MacDermott Bette N. MacDiarmid Bruce Macdonald Carl MacDonald Catherine Macdonald David Lorne Macdonald Gordon Macdonald Gregg Macdonald I. H. & J. M. MacDonald Lorna R. MacDonald R. Ian MacDonald Robert MacDonald William MacDonald William S. Macdonald Elizabeth A. MacDougall Garry MacDougall John F. MacDougall Jean MacFadgen Lennis R. Macfadyen Donald MacGregor Duncan & Susan MacGregor Mark Mache Malcolm MacInnes William MacInnis Robert MacIntyre Katherine Mack Allan Mackay Anne MacKay Faye D. MacKay

Grace Mackay Janet Mackay Judith Mackay Marguerite Mackay Murray D. Mackay Patricia M. MacKay Mary MacKenzie Paul MacKenzie Christopher Mackie Iain Mackie Marion E. MacKinnon Alan Mackworth Enid MacLachlan E.S. Maclagan David Maclaren Don MacLean Jill MacLean Karon MacLean Paul MacLean H. Philip MacLennan Roderick J. MacLennan Eva & Bob Macleod Fred & Jo MacLeod Gerard MacLeod Margaret Macleod Roderick MacLeod Sheila A. MacMahon Leslie MacMillan Mae Macmillan Margaret MacMillan Grace L. MacNab MacNab Street Presbyterian Church John & Gail MacNaughton John MacNeill I. Bruce MacOdrum Mary Celeste MacPhee Deb MacPherson Isabel MacRae Victoria Macrae Jane Mactaggart Allan Mader David Madge Ann Madore Darlene Madott Alexander Madryga Rosalind I. Madsen Jeanette Maeba Warren Magnusson Douglas Magoon Bryan Magwood John Magyarody Douglas Mahaffy Elinor Maher Sharon D. Maher John Mahi Patrick M. Mahoney Gail Maier Christine Mains Maureen Mair La Maison Générale du Précieux Sang de St-Hyacinthe La Maison Mère SNJM Mary Majka Paul Major Diana Majury Hay Boon & Martha Rosalind Mak Sarah Makhdoom Lore Maksymiuk Stephen Makuch R. A. Malatest John Malcolm Karen Malcolm Patricia Malcolmson Ashok Malla Colin Mallet Claire Malliaris Adele Malo Shelley Malo William J. & Lynda Malouin Marcello Mancuso Paul & Elsje Mandl Irshad Manji

Rolande & Louis Matte Catherine Matthen W. L. Matthews David & Nancy Matthews Mary Matthews Lisa Matthewson Ann Caroline Matyas Keith Maxwell Douglas May Anne-Narie Maywood Anatol Mazurenko Edward & Rena McAdam Shirley McAlary Mary B. McAlpine Thomas McAvinue Kate McCabe Maureen McCall Wendy McCallum Bob & Cathy McCallum Mary F. McCallum John McCann Michael H. McCarthy Peter McCarthy R.P.M. McCarty & Audrey A. McCarty Cathy McCashin Timothy McCauley Joyce P. McClelland Sean McClenahan William G. McCloskey Rob McCollum Terry McComas Regina McConnell Aileen McCorkell James McCormack Mary & Barry McCormack Graydon Mccrea Karen McCullough E. Kathleen McCully Elizabeth McCurley Don Mccutchan R. Sheldon McCutcheon Ann McCutcheon Richard McDerby Barrett & Joan McDonald Bruce Stratton & Valerie McDonald Denise McDonald Gordon McDonald Michael McDonald Winalda McDonald Garry McDonnell Don McDonough Anne M. McDougall D. I. McDougall Marion McDougall Rob McDougall Robert McDowall Lilian McEwen Sandra McFarlane Barbara McGeough Gerald & Gladys McGeough Robert McGhee McGill Students Janet McGillen Sarah Jane McGillivray B. McGilvray Harold McGladdery Margaret McGlynn Joan E. & M. Dan McGowan Liam McGowan Paul & Jean McGrath Ronan McGrath Barbara McGregor Margaret McGregor Ian & Christine McGuiness William McGuinty Bruce McHugh Mary McInerney

R. McInnes Robert S. & Betty McInnes Frederick & Marianne McIntosh George T. McIntosh Mary McIntosh Brenda McIntyre Caroline McIntyre E. Anne McIntyre Jane C. McIntyre A. McKay James McKee Diane McKelvey A. H. Mckenzie Mark McKenzie Johanna McKenzie M. Catherine McKeown Adele McKernan Graeme McKillop D. McKinley Katherine D. McKinnon Martin McKneally John McLachlan Meaghan McLaren Mara McLaren Lynn McLauchlin Catherine McLean R. S. McLean John McLennan Jim & Anne McLeod Rodney McLeod William M. Tex McLeod Barbara McLorg Selma McMahon C. McMann Milton L. McManus McMaster University Postgraduate Medical Education Roger McMehan Jim McMillan McMillan Family Foundation Fred & Eleanor McMullin Alison McMullin Peter J. McMurray Anne E. McNamara Mary E. McNeil Murray McNeil Ross W. McNeil Foundation Sally McNeil Lucie McNeill Jack Knetsch & Patricia McNeill Ross McNichol John McNie Donna McPhail Margaret C. McPhedran Lawrence A. McPherrin Joan McQuillan Patricia McRae Dorothy McSherry Sylvia McTavish Diana M. McVitty Mary Marsh McWhinney Joanne E. McWilliam MDS Inc. Betty E. Mead Meadowlark Resources Corporation Chantal Meagher Diane Medcalf Medical Graduate Society David & Bonnie Megginson Al Meghji James Megson Shirin Mehrain Joan Meitin Gaby S. Mekinda Donald L. Melady

Denise MelansonCandela Mary Melchior Anna Melino Michel & Sybille Melotte Hillel Meltz Sally Melville K. & Manisha Melwani Peter & Yasmine Menikefs Govind Menon Thaddeus P & Helen Olive Mentek Ulrich Menzefricke Robert James Menzies Joseph A & Elizabeth K Mercier J. Mercier Barbara Mercier Jillian Mercier David Burdge & Rua Mercier Normand Mercille Maureen Merkosky Daryl Merrett Robert Merritt Sari Merson Oliver & Dorothee Merton Moira Messenger Monique Messier Don & Diane Metcalfe Patrick J. & Anne Metcalfe Christine Meurisse Jean H. Meyer The MI Group Ltd. Mohamed Naiem Mia Irfan A. Mian Michael E. Brett Ltd. Joan Michel Terese M. Michon Syed Kamal & Doreen Micks-Kamal Tom Mickus W. R. Middagh Nikki Middlemiss Stephen R. Middleton Paul & Victoria Midgley Mehran Midia Midland Foods (Winnipeg) Inc. Midland Seafoods Inc. Ronald D. & Sandi Mielitz Joseph Mifsud Ron-Marianne Mighton Melita A. Mildon Michael Miletin Martin Milewski Cathy Millar Jean Millar Robert & Judith Millar David A. Miller Dianne Miller Frances H. Miller Joanne & C. A. Miller John Miller Mary Hugh Miller Randy Miller William L. Miller Michael Millgate Irvine E. Millie Donald Milligan Jocelyn Milligan Anne Elizabeth Mills Donald Mills Donald H. Mills Keith Mills Margaret Millson Peter Millward William & Susan K. Milne J. C. D. Milton Don Milton Grant & Marilyn Minard Anne Minas

Cynthia Minden Kathleen Miniely Johannes Christo Minnaar Imran Mirza J. Miske F. & R. Mistry Alex S. Mitchell James G. Mitchell Paul Mitchell Elizabeth Mitchell Rosalee Mitchell Spohn Mitton Hill Enterprises Ltd. Mayumi Miyamatsu Arlene M. Mizzi Yusuf Mnyusiwalla Niara Modi Dianne Moebis Gordon F. Moffat Johanne Moffat William W. Moffat Anne Moffatt Barbara Moffatt Catherine Moffatt Doreen E. Moggey Ishmael Mohamed Adrianus Mol Johannes Molgaard Nasrin Moloo Jane Monaghan Peter L. & Frances M. Money Susann Mongrain William S. M. Monk Paavo Montandon Ian Donald Montgomery Leslie Montgomery Lois Montgomery Suzanne G. Montpetit Laurel Montrose Arne Mooers Stephen Mooney Alexis Mooney April Moore Bill Moore Elizabeth Moore J. Moore Jennifer Moore Karen Moore Lori A. Moore Mark Moore Margaret Moore Oliver Moore Patricia Moore Paul M. & Laura Moore Richard Moore Shirley A. Moore Geertruida Aalida Mooring Madeleine MorandBournival Susan More Pierre A. Moreau Hugh Moreland Nicole Morency Ross & Mary Kay Morgan Frank Morgret M. Lynne Morin Pierre-André Morin David Morley J. Anne Morley Anne Morris Barbara Morris Brad J. Morris Brian Morris Craig Morris John Morris Raymond & Anne Morris Simon Morris Teresa Morris Tony Morris W. James Morris Beverly A. Morrison Bob & Denise Morrison

Dick Risk & Gail Morrison George Morrison George & Mary Morrison Georgette Morrison Kathleen M. Morrison Rob Morrison William & Bernadette Morrison Michael Morrissey Joan & John Kehoe Morrissey Danny Morrow Joan Morton Judy Moscovitz Tim Moseley Roger Moses Glenn Mosher Bill & Cecilie Moss Motion Clothing Co. Ltd. Kevin Mottershead The Motz Family Foundation Richard Moulton Mount Saint Vincent University Faculty Assoc. June J. Mountney Ross Moxley Richard Moxon Gregory G. Mudry Sharon Mugford Brahm Muhlstock Richard Muir Gerogia Muirhead Ian Muirhead Deanna Muise Shankar & Christel Mukhopadhyay Tomasz Muldner Mulgrave School Christa Mullaly David J. Mullan Susan Mullan Frances Mullen Janine Muller Paul & Michelle Mullie Mashkoor Munim Peter M. & Eve M. T. Munns Elizabeth Munroe Elizabeth Peter Munt Eric Munzer Madoka Murata James Murdoch Daniel Murdock Michael R. Murphy Derek Murphy H. S. Murphy Patricia Murphy Edward Murphy Alan Murray Laura Murray Laurence C. Murray Mildred Murray Ryan Murray Shirley Murray William Murray Mafalda Musacchio Charles Mustard Ken & Marion Muth The Muttart Foundation Violet Myers Donald Myers Vaughn Myers Suresh Mysore


Paul Nahirney Mary Naidu Viren Naik Emily Nakai Christine Nakatsu Susan Nameth Nanometrics Inc Lee Napier

Peter & Hazel Nares Naroner Wood Products Martin Naroznik Antonio & Angela Natalizio National Wood Products Christian Naus Yvette Navioz W. A. Naylor David Naysmith Patricia Neelands Michael Neelin Verna Neil Melbourne A. Neily J. B. & C. M. Neiman Barbara Nelson Jean Nelson Jill Nelson Karen Nelson Robert Nelson Shannon Nelson Nesbitt McMaster Foundation Network For International Care Stewart Neufeld Wally & Ingrid Neumann Hilde Neustaedter Neven And Sons Decorating Ltd. Jean Neveu James Neville Maureen Neville Aline Newbery Warren Newcombe Paul Newton Christine Ng Bo-Yee Ngan Lam Nguyen Minh Nguyen Ingrid & Grant NiamathHunt Philip Nicholas Alan Nicholl Graham & Nadine Nicholls Dorothy E. Nicholson Louise Nicholson Paul Nickle Nickle Family Foundation Brenda D. Nicklin Brent A. Nicolle Deborah Nicoll-Griffith Dave Nightingale Anu Nijhawan Svetlana Ninkovic Margaret A. Nisbet Joyce K. Nishi Lloyd Nishimura M. Faith Nixdorff J. A. Nixon Al Nizzero No Borders Ultimate Tournament Claude Nobauer Donald A. Noble Louis Noël Kevin Nolan Nick Nolfi Kathryn Nonesuch James Noonan Norco Products Ltd. Conolly Norman Margaret G. Norman Fiona Norris Thomas Norry Patricia North Rory Edward North David Norton Ezekiel Norton Kevin Norton Enterprises Limited Theodore Norvell Nancy Norwood J. E. Noseworthy Anne Nosov

C. John Nott D. Merilyn Nourse Gail Nowacki Zabeen-Hirji Nowaczynski Jack A. Noward Edward Nowina Scott Nowlan Thomas Nunan Ronald Nunn Gertrude Nurnberg Rick Nyman


Ann B. Oaks Lillian I. Oatway Karl E. Oberdieck Helen O’Brian Audrey O’Brien Edna O’Brien Margaret O’Brien Margaret E. O’Brien Martha O’Brien Mary O’Brien Vassos Hadzilacos & Patricia O’Brien Obsidian Media Inc. Dermot J. A. O’Carroll Joseph T. O’Connell Anne O’Conner Jerome O’Connor Maureen O’Connor Michael O’Connor Paul O’Connor Guy Octeau Charlotte OdeleWeisberg Martin O’Donnell Paul Reinhardt & Mary O’Donoghue Eleanor M. O’Donovan Robert Odwyer Brian O’Dwyer Robert Ogilvie Ann Ogilvy Charles Ogle Llona O’Gorman Mark & Terri O’Grady Philip O’Hara Ravinderpal Ohson Stephen O’Keefe Mary Oko Henry Olders Helen M. Oldham Derald Oldring Donal & Ann Oleary Nancy Olewiler Rogerio Oliveira Barend G. Olivier Hans Olivier Geraldine O’Meara Pierrette O’Neill Edwin Ongley Kenneth Ono Ontario Association of Dental Specialists Ontario Association of General Surgeons Genevieve Onysko OPG Employees’ & Pensioners’ Charity Trust Kenneth Oppel M. B. Opper Order of the OMI in BC Susan O’Reilly Ezel Orfi OrionHealth-New Westminster Ann Ormrod Alex Orr N. Orr Wilfried, Wiebke, Stephanie Ortlepp Toki Orui O’Shanter Development Co. Ltd.

Rosemary O’Shaughnessy Jane O’Shea Susan Alexander Osler William Lynn Ostergaard John & Katherine Osterhagen Patricia Ostrander Krystyna Ostrowska Christian Otto Stephen Otto Pierre Ouimet William H. Overend Michael Overs Dennis Owen Christine Ozimek Edwin Ozua


Ralph English & Ansuya Pachai Pacific Network Services Ltd. Samuel Packer Tamar Packer M. Joan Packota Alfred L. J. Page Robert Page Gérard Paiement Jason Paiement Jan Paige Valinda Painter Hector R. Palermo Sandra Palinka Dean Palmer Richard M. Palmer Maureen Palmer Elisa Paloschi Pals Surveys & Associates Ltd. Leanne Palylyk Children’s Foundation C. A. Panaoiti Risa L. Pancer A.S. Pannu Mona Paolini Ed & Elaine Papazian Martin Papineau Lisa Pappo Germain Paquette Michel Paquette François Paradis Le Paradis Brasserie Bistro Limited Gabrielle Paré Jean-Pierre Paré Mary Margaret Parent Christopher Parfitt Parish of Saint George Agnes Parisloff Ravi Parkash Neil & Sharon Parkinson Tony Parmar Mary Parr Victoria Parr Barbara Parry Jo-Ellen Parry Vince Partap Timothy J. Partridge Hans Pasterkamp Janos Pataki Dhiraj Patel Navindra Patel Nilesh Patel J. Susan Pater Andrew Paterson Doug Paterson Ian & Anne Paterson Margot Paterson William S. & Joan Paterson Edith Marie Paton Rakesh Patry Jocelyn Patten Marilyn Patten Susan H. Patten

John Cole & Darlene Patterson Anthony & Mary Pattinson Cynthia Kay Patton Melody Pau Eunice Paul Victor Paul Pascale Payne Tim Peacock Heather Pearl Mel Pearl Anne Pearson Ron Pearson David Peat Arthur & Eileen Peck Bruce Peer Yousouf A. Peerbaye Sumithra A. Peeris Robert Pegrum Angela Peircey Jacquelyn Peitchinis J. Pelletier L. Conrad Pelletier Daniela Pellis Jacob Pendergrast William & Eileen Penhorwood Ian Mark Penn Irmgard Penner John & Myrtle Pennock K. Lynne Peppler Peter & Christal Percival Paulo Pereira Performance Coaching Inc. Nicholas Pergat Merrill Perret Louise Perrier Monique Perro Sophia Perros Chantal Perrot Claire Perry Isabelle J. Perry Katherine F. Perry Thomas Perry Mitra M. P. Persaud Ted Perz Diether & Heidi Peschken Wiebke Peschken Rosa Maria Pestrak Terry Petch Edward C. Peter H. Douglas Peter Leonard Peter Peter Fox Shoes Ltd. The Peterborough K. M. Hunter Charitable Foundation Graham Peters James & Greta Peters Jane Peters Rob & Ruth Peters Family Fund Thomas H. Peters Shannon Piedt & Michael Peterson Janis Pethybridge Louise Petletier Helen Petrowski Susan Petryk John Petryszyn Ernesto Petta Mary Pettingill Wilhelm Pfenning Cuong Duc Pham Dieu Huu Pham Tuong Vi Pham Martin Pham-Dinh Claire Pham-Roger Khai T. Phan Thomas Phelan Jean-Marc Philibert Charles Philion Lois Philipp Philla Investments Inc.

Debbie J. Phillips Corley Phillips Michele Philp Frederick Philpot Lawrence Philps Tran Thuy Phuong Johanne Pichette Carol Pickup Peter Piddington Robert Pierce Dorothy I. Piercy Don Piercy Vincent & Josephine Pignataro James Pike Ralph & Edna Pilgrim Carmelle M. Pilon Doris Pimm Don Pinchin D. Jane Pine Pine Grove Public School Ruth K. Pinkerton Ed Pinto E. T. Pinto Serge Piotte Andrew Pipe John L. Pirie Joseph Pivato Peter Plachta Doug Plant Hélène Platt Judith A. Platzar Margery Plewes Teresa Plowright Thomas Plum Christina Poddubiuk Meish M. & Renata Podlog Dorothy Podmore Ernest & Lucy Poggemoeller Point Grey Research Inc. Charles Albert Poissant Joel Poissant Aristotelis Pokas Anu Poldes R. Elaine Polglase Alexander Polkovsky Richard Pollard William & Nancy Pollard Deborah Pollitt Susan Pollock W .A . Chris & Ruth Pollock Robert Pommer Stanley S. Pommer J. Rick Ponting Christian Popa Joseph Pope Maria C. Pope Harold Popma Paul Popper Lawrence R. Port Port Elgin United Church Anne Porter Bernard Portier Michael Portigal Erwin Portmann Stephen Poschner Karen Potje Heather Potter Annemarie & Bob Powell Joan Powell Max Powell Brian Power Nora Power Peter Prakke Birendra Prasada Richard Prazmowski Russell Precious Wesley Prescod Elaine & Douglas Preston Beatrice G. Prevey Suzanne Prévost


Ishrat Manji Ruth Manke Mike Manley-Casimir Alan Manney Alan Manning Mary Manocchio Rachel Mansfield Michael Manson Carol Manson Ellen Manzo Maple Grove Colony Ltd. Majella Maranda Jim & Nina Maraschello Marbek Resource Consultants Ltd. Marthe Marchal Louise Marchand Roland & Helene Marchand Helen & George Marchant Steven Marche Martin & Connie Marger Elizabeth Margeson Vernon Margetts Marianopolis Students Union Mary Marino Markaz-Ul-Islam Barbara Markman Henry Marks James & Marian Marlowe Karen Marriner Anne E. Marriott David A Wunker & Anne Marriott Mike Marriott Steve L. Marsh Carole Marshall Caroline Marshall Cheryl P. Marshall Elizabeth A. Marshall Elaine Marshall Estelle I. Marshall Kenneth Marshall Percy Marshall Stewart Marshall Sunny Marshall Marshamite Limited Yann Martel Henry & Dorothy Martens Barbara Martin Barry Martin D. L. Martin Danielle Martin David & Anna Martin Eileen A. Martin Evelyn Martin John Sanderson & Maryjane Martin Marc Martin Ray Dennis Martin Robert Martinek Heidi Martins Eileen Marvin Antoine Masbanji Ross Mascoe Anna Mason Elizabeth Mason Joe Mason M. B. Mason Mavis Mason Robert Mason Linda Ann Massie Paul Masson Luke Mastin M. Adelaide K. Mathen Mary Jo Mather D. S. & V. M. Matheson June Matheson Heini & Vreny Mathis Bertha M. Mathisen Peter Matley Lucy Matsuba


Michael Stingl & Jacqueline Preyde Morgan Price Gordon Pringle The Printing House Limited (TPH) Jerilynn Prior George A. Procter M. Louise Proctor Professional Employees Association Juliet Promnitz Ron Proulx Marie-Andrée V. Provencher Provincial Employees Community Services Fund Jo-Ann E. Prowse Jacqueline K. Prowse Frances Prychidny Barbara Prystawa Ptarmigan Fund Public Service Alliance of Canada Stewart O. Pugsley Pulp, Paper & Wood Workers Assoc. of Canada Richard Pulsifer Dennis Punter PuppetMongers Janet Purchase Jane Purdie H. M. Purkis Roger A. Purnell Martin Puterman Lakshmi Puttagunta


Saba Qayyum James L. Quan Adele Quarrington Cecelia E. Quarrington Johanne Quévillon Ralph V. Quick George Quincey Elizabeth Quinn J.F. Quinney Family Foundation




Gordon Rabjohn Rebecca Raby Jurgen H. Racherbaumer André Racine Jan M. Raczycki Paul Radelet-Beaudry Janet Radley Christopher Rae Patricia Rae Stephan Ragaz Cyrille Ragoucy Pourang Rahimi Lee Rainey Rashid Rajah Muriel Ralston Fareida Ram Sylvia Ramacieri Lindsey & Diane Ramautarsingh Melissa Ramessar Anne C. Ramey Peter & Georgia Ramos Dorothy Ramsey André Rancourt Stephen Randall Wayne Randall Shaik A. Randeree Jane Randhawa Peter Rankin Pramila Rao Aviva Rappaport Willemina Rappard Eva Rappoport Norman Raschkowan

Max Ratner Rolf Ratte Martin Rauchwerger Arvi Rauk Robert Rawlinson Alice M. Raymond Anne Raymond J. K. Raymond David Read Linda Read Yves Rebetez Steven Garmaise & Susan Rebick The Red Pages M. Reddecliff Michael & Deborah Reddington Rudy & Louise Redekop Elizabeth Ruth Redelmeier Gwynell Redfern Marshall Redhill Angela Redish Donald & Ruth Redmond Tony Redpath George Reecer Michael Reed Warren & Lynne Reed Keith & Deanna Reese Welberne Reesor Marion Regan Jonathan Reggler Regulvar Inc. Nadene Rehnby Barbara Rehus Susan Reibling Donalda Reid George Reid Li Reid Patricia Reid W. R. Reike Catherine Reilkoff Jeannine L. Reilly Reinhold Rehabilitation Services Ltd. Debra Reisner Religieux du Très St-Sacrement de Québec Rematech Division Bremo Inc. Kim Rempel I. J. Renault Aleen Rennie Mieko Rennie George Renninger Alexander J. Renton Ralph W. Reppert Athanasios Retsinas Christian Reuter W.H. Revill Michael Reynolds Rodger & Paola Reynolds Ali Rezaki Celia Rhea Ricardo Spinace Ltd. Nino Ricci Janet Rice Lizette Rice Keith Richan Bruno Richard Christiane Richard Lenore P. Richards Joseph Donald Richardson Rosalind C. Richardson Richardson Family Holdings Limited Eric Richer-Lafleche Florence Richler Lorne Richmond Teresa Richmond M. Adelaide Richter Barry Riddell Beatrice Riddell

Joseph Scott Riddell Katherine Ridout Elizabeth Riehm Evelyn M. Riley Ingrid Rinaldi Siegfried Rinas Timothy J. Rindlisbacher Margaret Riordan Maryse Rioux Bill & Joan Ripley Kathleen N. Risk Frank Ritacca Josephine Ritcey C. Scott Ritchie Dorothy Ritchie Jim Ritchie Richard Ritchie Carol Ritmiller Sharon E. Ritmiller David Rittenberg Bryan Robb Nicola Robbie Kenneth B. Robbins James Robbins Jean-Guy Roberge Norma Roberge Lyne Roberge Helen Roberts Jack Roberts Leonard Roberts Michael Roberts Ronald Roberts Al Robertson Margaret Robertson Margaret J. Robertson Susan Robertson Geanine Robey Zaak Robichaud Audrey Robins Eli Robinsky Chris Robinson Margaret Robinson Stuart C. Robinson Jim & Beatrice Robson Vanessa Rocchio Brian Holgate & Carles Roch-Cunill Paula Rochman Denise T. Rochon Richard Rockstro R. Stephen & Phyllis Jane Rodd Judith Rodenbush Wilson & Judith Rodger C. Lawrence & Janet M. Rodgers Rodney’s Oyster House Jude F. Rodrigues Irene G. Rodriguez Vince & Cheryl Rodych Harry Roe Dominique Roelants Lucas E. A. Roffey Dorothy Rogers Oscar Rogers E. Roleplay David F. Rollins Maurice Rollins Barbara A. Rolls Anne Roman Betty Roman The Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation A. Romano Peter Romme Larkin Ronan Laurier Rondeau Lise Rondeau Kevin Ronning J. Louise Rooke John & Barbara Rose Ron Rose Velene Rose John Rosebush Rosedale United Church Women

Franz J. Rosenbaum Anna M. Rosenberg Donald J. Rosenbloom Raja Rosenbluth Aileen Ross Alan & Barbara Ross Cathy Ross Christopher Ross David Henry Ross Grace Ross Heather Ross Judith Ross Paul Rossiter Rotary Club of Palgrave Rotary Club of Richmond Hill Mary Ann Rotcliffe E. Charles Roth Frank Rothe Wendy Rothwell Jean Lucien Rouleau Agnes M. Roulston Ian Rounthwaite Chris Rowley Louis Roy Monique Roy Tara Roy Roy Legumex Inc. Christine Royer William W. Rozeboom Norman Rubin Rochelle Rubinstein Catherine H. Rublee Patricia Rucker John Rucklidge Christopher Michael Rude Christopher Ruland Vivian C. Runnalls Allan & Jeanne Rupprecht Louise Mandell & Stuart Rush Catherine Ruskin Randy Russe Clive Russell James Russell Mary Russell Peter H. Russell William Russell David Rutherford Doreen Rutherford Isabel Ruttle Grace Ryan Joe Ryan Roger Ryan Dominique Godbout & Jerome Ryckborst Ryerson United Church


S. M. Products (BC) Ltd. James Sabourin Norman Sabowitz Herbert W. Sacks Barbara Sage Jean Saia Saint David’s Outreach Fund Agnes Saito J. Sakura Tica Saldanha Sonia Salisbury Jinder Sall Jim Salmon Mlllet Salter Mark Salton Lisa Salyzyn David Sambrook Sabir Sami Monica Sampson Barbara Samson Michele Samuel Barbara Samuels Lily Samuels Sanci’s Tropical Foods Wholesale Inc.

Marjorie L. Sandercock The Sanderling Foundation Jennifer L. Sanders Albert Sandink Fred Sanford J. Sanghera Joan Sangster Sharon Sankar Siddhartha Sankaran Swaminathan Sankaran W. T. Sargent Nora E. Sarich Niranjala Satkunam Abheha Satkunaratnam Sara Sattar Michael Bull & Marcia Sauder Lise Alma Saulnier Ambrose & Elizabeth Saunders Elizabeth Saunders Louis Saunders Patrick Saunderson Patricia Sautner Bernard Savage Jean-Paul Savalli Gabrielle Savard Irene Savoldelli Douglas Sawyer Patrice Sawyer Ralph Sayle Margot Scandrett Louise Schaap Hans W. Schaedel Ulrich Schaffer Roger M. Schaffrin Gary S. Schajer Mark Schaller Peter Schamerhorn Marie V. Scheffel Leonard Schein & Barbara Small Duncan Schellenberg Erik Schick Phyllis J. Schieck Wesley Schierman Else Schillings Liz Schillings R.S. Schillo Norman Schipper Schlesak & Associates Inc. Bernadette Schmaltz Cecil Schmidt Renee D. Schmitz Thomas Schneider Evelyn Schnuerer Roy & Joan Schofer The School Sisters Of Notre Dame Marilyn Schooley LP Schooling Farms Ltd. Wolfgang Schricker Phyllis Schrieber Kurt & Krystin Schroeder Rosemary Schubert Virginia Schuler Michael Schull Herbert & Nathalie Schulman Denise Boucher Schumacher Tim Schumacher Margrit Schuster Judith Schwarz Gerd Schwarzkopf Carl Schwenger Kristen Scollie Alison M. Scott Geoffrey Scott Memorial Fund at the Toronto Community Foundation Helen E. Scott Martin Scott

Micheal Scott Pauline G. Scott Geoffrey Seaborn Norman Seagram Joel S. Sears Douglas Seaton Joan A. Secord George E. Sedgwick Yusuf Seedat Jane Dywan Segalowitz John M. Sehmer Michael Sehmer Stefan Seifert Stuart N. Seigel Lois Seigel Andrew Selbie Stanley Selinger John Selles Jim Semchism Peter James Semchism Eric A. & Melanie Semlacher Senang Investments Ltd. Barbara Senchuk John S. Senn Aroon & Krista Sequeira Serad Holdings Limited Pieter Seshadri Ben Seto Ben Sevack Ruediger & Barbara Seyen Philip Sganos Stan Shabason Ian Shafer S. Ismat Shah Hanna Shaheen Raffat B. Abdel Shahid Raheel Shahid Sheila Shakespeare John Shandro Charles & Shirley Shanks Leslie Shanks Tracy Shannon Elizabeth Shapiro Tahra Shardlow Mona Sharkawy Janet Sharkey Sadhana R. Sharma Satyendra Sharma John & Sheila Shaw Rose Shaw ShawCor Ltd. Philip Shea James & Christopher Shea F. Elizabeth Sheehan Finbarr Sheehan Canon Susan M. Sheen Doug Sheepwash Brian Shell Felix Shen Ellen Shepherd Jean Shepherd Margaret Shepherd Robert Sheppard W. Graydon Sheppard Janet Sheridan Alexandra Sherman Michael Sherrard R. Sherrin Elizabeth A. Sherwin Barbara Shettler Sarah Shillington Gord Shimano Shimmerman Penn LLP Chartered Accountants Wade Shing Margaret A. Shirley Poneh Shoamanesh Robin Shonfield Shot For Tots Keki B. Shroff Naju Shroff

Isaac Shulman Mark Shuren Janet Shute Brian J. Shuter Naeem Siddiqi Dave-Avtar Siddoo Harinder Sidhu Andrea Sieben Catherine Siemens Jean Sigouin Gilles Kaars Sijpesteijn Anne Sikstrom Anne Silberman Joseph Silvester Dwight Sim Ray Simkus Robert Simmions Carolyn Simmons Charles Simmons E. Faye Simon T. A. Simons Andre Simonson Linda Simpkins Kathy Simpson Lana Simpson Lois Simpson Neville Simpson Robert Alan Simpson Shirley Simpson Tessa Simpson Trevor A. Simpson Louise E. Sims Richard H. Sims Bill Sinclair Bruce Sinclair Donald B. Sinclair Doug Sinclair G. Sinclair Helen Sinclair Louise Sinclair Olive M. Sinclair William J. Sinclair Paul Sinclaire Gerald A. Sinel Peter Singer Malvinder Singh Santokh Singh Rashmi Singhai Michael Sirchis The Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul The Sisters of Saint Ann The Sisters of Service of Canada The Sisters of St Joseph of Hamilton The Sisters of St. Benedict Kirsti E. Skaret Frank Skiller David B. Skinner M. Amanda L. Skoll Anna Skyba Skyland Travel Inc. John Sladek Veronica Slaman Elisabeth Slater Daniel Slattery Alan & Linda Slavin Ronald & Nancy Slavin Joey Slinger Jeffrey Sloan Gladys C. Slomke SMA Saskatchewan Medical Assoc. M. Jane Smale F. H. George Smallshaw Suzanne M. Smart Smart ClinResearch Inc. Joyce Smee Grace Smeltzer Alex Smith Ariane France Smith Arn & Val Smith Carole Smith Christine Smith

David Smith Donald Smith Donald Smith & Family Donald S. Smith Frazer & Helen Smith Haldis T. Smith Helen Smith Helen Elizabeth Smith Janet Smith John J. Smith Luanne Smith M. Judith Smith Susan C. Smith Rankin Smith Reta Smith Robert D. Smith Ron Smith Ron & Jan Griffith Smith Rosemary Smith Sheila Smith Thirza Michael Cavanaugh Smith John Smits Vernon C. Smitz Elizabeth H. Smolec Meredith Smye Jeffrey Smyth Leslie Smyth Tom Smyth Susan Snowdon Mary Snyder Ulrica So Société de Gestion Jacques Martin Larry Soden Ardiel Soeker Les Soeurs de la Charité de Ste-Marie Les Soeurs de la SteFamille de Bordeaux Les Soeurs de SainteAnne du Québec Les Soeurs de StJoseph de St-Vallier Les Soeurs des Saints Noms de Jésus et de Marie du Québec Les Soeurs Missionnaires de l’Immaculée-Conc. Les Soeurs Notre-Dame du Saint-Rosaire Marcia A. Sokolowski Miriam Sokvitne J. Solomcoe Jeff A. Soltysek Paul Soltzman Zahid Somani John Alan Somerset James Sommerville Anne Song Kevin Song Norman Bih Hwei Soo Mary-Lou Soper Carol-Ann Sorensen Jeannette S. Soriano Sébastien Soubeyrand B. R. Souch Mervyn E. & Marjorie Souder Timothy Southam David A. & Joanna Southwell Margaret Spalding David Spall Mary Sparling Martha Spears Mary G. Spears Karen Spector Joanna Speller J. Denise Spence Lori Spence Mary Spence-Thomas Donald Spencer George Spencer John & Joan P. Spencer Kathy Spencer

Peter Spencer Robert Spokowski Willi Sprenger Lori Spring V. Arlene Sproule Glen Squires Manish K. Srivastava Alan St. Antoine Ruth St. Claire Sophie St-Hilaire Jacques St-Onge Mike St. Thomas St. Clement’s Anglican Church St. Francis of The Immaculate Heart of Mary St John’s Rehabilitation Hospital St Mary’s Church (Kerrisdale) St. Mary Of The Incarnation St. Paul’s United Church St. Peter’s United Church St. Stephen’s United Church Colin Stairs Robert Stalker R. L. Stanfield Yvonne Stanford Brian Stanton Carlan Stants Tony Stapells David O. Stapleton Edith Moore & Audrey Starkes Shirley Stashko Christopher Statham Margaret Steckley Harold T. H. Steed Alex A. Steele Brian Steele Charles Steele Donna-Lynne Steeves Carl Stef Dan & Margaret Stefels Paul Steffler Charles & Lisa Steinberg David Steingart Helen Steinkopf Stephen P. Saxe Ltd. Deborah J. Stephens Susan Stephenson Alexandra L. Stepura Eric Steven Jim Stevens Jim W. S. Stevens Lil Stevens Lynn Stevens Mary Stevens Peter Stevens-Guille Ken Stevenson Lisa Stevenson Anne I. Stewart Carole Stewart Charles & Jacqueline Stewart Christopher J. Stewart Don Stewart Gordon K. C. Stewart Jessica Stewart M. F. Stewart Peter Stewart Ward & Lee Stewart William Stewart Robert Stiles Elaine Stilwell Fern Stimson Gregory Stimson Patrick Stinson William Stirling Arleen Stiver Erna Stobbe Garry A. Stock

Clive Stockdale D. Stone Elizabeth Storey Martin Storm Steve Storm A. T. Storrs John Stoten Gladys Stott Keith Stotyn Danny Straathof Bill & Lorraine Strain Larry Straith Strang Electric Ltd. Neil Strayer Susan Strecker James Strickland David Stringer Michael McLean & Judith Strommer The Strow Foundation John & Patricia Strung Norman W. Struthers James Stuart James M. K. Stuart Rolf Studer Therese Stukel James Sturdy Sally M. Sturdy Lisa Sturgess Irwin Stutt James Stutt Jack Styan Doris Stymest Lucy Suchman Terry Suggitt Anargyros Marangos & Momoye Sugiman Arzu Suleman Sumas Environmental Services Inc. Sun Life Financial Leslie Sung Super B Drug Mart Ltd. Florence Hazel Surine Michael Surkan Bruce Sussex Caroline Jane Sutherland David Sutherland Joan Sutherland Sara Sutherland Mansoor Sutier Adam, Daniel & Dara Sutin Gordon & Graciela Sutter Jason Suwala Jonathan Suzuki Sheron Ann Svitorka Aaltje Swain Catherine Swatek Elizabeth SwayzeHarber Swedecan Designs Inc. Jane Oakley Sweet E. W. Sweezey Eva V. Swenson Sabine Swierenga James & Judith Swift Jim Swift Tom Swift Constance Sword Sandra & Mark Sykes Lise Sylvain Betty Ann Sylvia Keith Symon G. Symonds David Szalay


Dr. & Mrs. Chao Tai John M. Tainsh Susan Tainsh Glenn Tait Allison Talarico Agnes Tam Paul Tam

Mark Tamminga Michelle Tan Clementine Tang Michael Tanglao Ian & Rosemary Tannock Cynthia Tape Roger & Nicole Taplin Caroline Taran J. Tardif-Hébert Jordan Tarzwell Laura Tate Janice Tate Anna Taube Crystal M. Taugher L. Tauveron Annabel Taylor Bill Taylor Bryce W. Taylor Catherine Taylor Elizabeth Taylor Eva-Maria Taylor Ian & Gill Taylor Katherine Taylor Kent Taylor Lillian Taylor Michael J. S. Taylor Patrick Taylor Roberta Taylor Scott Taylor Wendy Taylor Hans te Stroete David Robin Teeger Sobhagya Tefft Shamim & Lateef Tejpar Alan & Margaret Telfer Raymond Tellier Telus Valerie Temple Lucia ten Kortenaar Tarmo Teng Anne Tennier Michael Tepper Terra Tepper Rochelle Tepperman Paul ter Weeme Yoka Terbrugge Deborah Terespolsky Cynthia Termorshuizen Daniel Terry Patrick Teti Jacqueline Tetroe James & Penelope Thacker Gulu Thadani Barbara Thain Larry Theall Theatre Wakefield Jean-Maurice Thérien Gaston Therrien Herman & Dominique Thibaudeau Craig A. Thiessen Mariette Thisdel Yasmin Thobani Ian Thom Dale & Karen Thomas Kolkind Thomas Patricia A. Thomas Peter & Helen Thomas Tom Thomas Deborah Thompson Edward G. Thompson Gail Thompson Hunter Thompson Karen Thompson Sandra Thompson Tom Hegan & Suzanne Thompson Anthony Thomson Krysty Thomson J. B. Thomson Thomas Thomson Paul Dorian & Sally Thorne Anthony & Rita Thorpe

Three Guineas Charitable Foundation Frank E. Thurston The Laura L. Tiberti Charitable Fdn. Jo E. Tickle Daniela Tiger Margaret Tilbury E. J. Tilt Brian Timmins Diana Timmins Roger & Kathleen Timms Robert Ting Yit Fun Ting Otto Tirschler Jacques Tisseur Joan Tivy TKC-CNC Foundation TNS Canadian Facts Aileen Tobin Gleen Todoroff Bonnie P. Toews Keng-Choo Toh Mary McNeal Tomlinson Marcia Toms Shirley C. Toner Toner Express Roger Tonkin Colleen Too Craig Toomey Anthony Toonders Jo-Ann D. Toop Alexander Topps Wayne Torrens John Tossell Wilhelmina M. Totino Emile Toupin John & Pamela Towers John Towndrow Barry Towson TRAFx Research Ltd. Samir Trak Phat Tran TransCanada PipeLines Limited Transport Diane Piche Inc. Rhea Tregebov Diana Tremain Francine C. Tremblay Maurice Tremblay Miville Tremblay René T. Tremblay A. M. Tremonti Isabelle Trempe Les Trésors de MarieClaire Inc. Tretheway Medical Clinic Trevor Lavender Summit Maritime Corporation Trianon Design Ltd. Nancy E. Trimble Pat Tripp Albert E. Trites Sally Trofanenko Ronald Trojcak Margaret M. Tromp Helen Trotter Paul Trotter Terry Trotter The Trottier Family Foundation Louise Rousselle Trottier Margaret Trow David Trueman Geoffrey Trueman Katherine Trumper Dennis Trumpy Lin Tsai George Tso Mitsuru & Kanae Tsuboi Albert Tucker Heather Tucker Mike Tucker Tucknuck Holdings Inc. Dean Tudor Lynne Tuer

Tula Foundation John Tulloch Charles Tune Valerie Tung Eve Tannis Tupper Peter Turk Daniel Turko Elaine Turnbull Erinn Turnbull Kenneth E. Turnbull Steve Turnbull Arlene Turner J. Richard Turner Richard Turner Robert Turner Terrence P. Turner Michèle Turpin Andrew Turzansky Neo Tuytel Genevieve Twomey Jennifer Twyman Tyco Electronics Canada Ltd. Mike Tyers Howard Tyner


Fred C. Ullman Paul Underhill United Food & Commercial Workers United Way Centraide Ottawa-Carleton United Way of Calgary & Area United Way of Greater Toronto United Way of Halifax Region United Way Of Peel Region United Way of Saskatoon United Way of the Alberta Capital Region United Way Of The Lower Mainland United Way of York Region Universal Buddhist Temple Universal Dyers Mary-Joan Uren Ursuline Sisters of Bruno Uxbridge Nurseries Ltd.


Manfred Vaegler Claire Vaillancourt Pierre & Mireille Vaillancourt Mark Vale Sean Valentini Shirley Valenti Bhavna Valia Eric M. Webber & Farah Valimohamed D. Valk James Vallance Theodorus & Dorothea Van Asten W. & M. Van Buuren Ann Van Dassen Susan Van De Velde Todd Sorakan & Carrie van der Linden Kim van der Woerd Robert Van Dijken Stephan van Heerden Crawford J. Van Horne Erik van Lier Hubert Van Melle Theo van Rijn G. Van Rosendaal Prof. Corp. Carolyn Van Schagen Occo V. Van Tijn Gerrit Van Wyk

Harwant Van Zuiden Geraldine J. M. Vance Vancouver City Savings Credit Union Vancouver Foundation Evert Vandenberg John & Alie Vander Meulen Peter & Barbara Vander Voort Melvin Vanderhdek Petra VanderLey K. H. Vandonselaar Margaretha Vanheuven Vanier College Teachers Association Janette Vardy Ilona Varjassy Slavica Vasileuska Kenton Vaughan Ivor Vavasour Tom Veldhuisen Cedric Vendyback Janet Venn Marilyn Venney P. Richard Verbeek Johanna P. Verhulst Mark Verlinden Jacqueline Verly Corey Vermey Jan Verschuren Ilan & Patricia Vertinsky Les Vêtements Howick Ltée. Jacqueline Vézina Rollande Vézina Gérard Vibien Jack & Sylvia Vicq The Victoria Foundation Victorian Epicure Inc. Austin H. & Nilda Viegas Cécile Viel-Varga Richard Vignola Sheila Viinikka Mohan Vijay Bruno Vill Villa Electric (1980 Ltd.) Maurice Villeneuve Marion Vincett Jagdeep Virk Adrian H. Vis Henry & Elisabeth Vis William Vis Hildy Visser Henry Vlaar Cybele Vlamis Carol Vlassoff Kimberley Seaman Volk Peter & Florence Vollmer Carl von Baeyer Margareta Von Rudloff Nancy Vonk Harry Voortman Avaleen A. Vopirka Elizabeth Vorobej Roger Voyer Elizabeth F. Vreede Zoran Vukasinovic


W.M.Thompson Ltd. Frauz Wachs Colin Waddell Brooke N. Wade Charitable Foundation Margaret Wadley Daphne A. Wadlin Jamie Waese Ranjit Waghray Kathleen Wagner Ron A. Wagner Elisabeth Wagschal Ian Waid Larry Waite M. Wakil Mary Wakil Walter Walchuk

Kenneth Waldon Carol Walker David J. Walker Jean Walker Joseph Walker Joyce Walker Kate Walker & Company Ltd. Lillian Walker Mike Walker O. James Walker Valerie Walker William Walker Claus Wall Warren Wall Barbara Wallace Donald Wallace Jane Wallace-Brown Allison Walsh Derry Walsh Maurice Walsh William Walsh Narcia Walter John & Valerie Walters Donald K. Walton Eileen Walton Marilyn Walton Jan Wang Lee Hoe Wang Karen Wanger Varsha Wani Grant Ward Majorie D. Ward Michael Ward Robyn Wark Justine Warkentin Suzanne Warner Hugh Warnock David Warr Jane Warren Loraine Inez Warren Rosemary Warren Gordon Warrenchuk Patricia A. Warshawski Safia Wasi Alan Waterhouse Joan Waterous Mavis Waters The Beatrice WatsonAcheson Foundation Gloria K. Watson Keith Watson Marguerite Watson Sheila Watson William Watson Jill Watt Lucienne Watt James Watters Lynn Watters Donald Watts John Watts O. B. Watts Wendy C. Weaver Justin Webb Douglas L. Webber Heather Webber Peter Weber David Webster Edythe Webster Jill R. Webster Michael Webster Viola Webster Len Wechsler Simon Wedel Weiers Holdings Ltd. Bill Weiler Barbara Weilwood Jon G. Weinheimer G. L. Weinrib Elfa Weinstein Steven Weinstein Mervyn C. L. Weir Annelies Weiser Sharon Welby J. Welch Nick Welke Beverley Jane Wells

Don Wells Lynn Wells Stephen Wells Audrey Wells-Delaney Michelle Welsford Thomas & Andrée Welt Doris Welz Janice Wenarchuk Winston G. Wertlen Ernest Wesolowski Elaine West Nancy West West Can Treks West Coast Software Ltd. Emily Westelaken Western Management Consultants Julie Westgate Beverly Westman Yolande Westra Michael Whatling Brian Wheatley David Wheatley Michelle Wheatley Mary M. Wheeler Ted Wheeler Chris G. Whelan Linda Whelpdale Graham Whidden Florence Whitby Arthur White Gordon & Judith White Laurie White Mary White Robert Garry White Brian Cook & Cynthia Whitehead Cora Whitehead Alan & Suzanne Whitehorn Hugh R. Whiteley Walter Whiteley Patrick Whitley Joseph Whitney H. R. Whittall Alec & Elizabeth Whittam Eva Whitwell John Whitworth Chris Whynot Elinor B. Whyte Robert A. Whyte Stanley Whyte Fred Wickens Peter Widden Anne Wideman Kevin M. Wiebe Edward Wiebe Eric Wieczorek Sandra Wieland Darlene Wierzba Joel Wiesenfeld Samuel Wigdor Chuck Wightman Randall Wigle Keith Wilcox Audrey L. Wild John & Helen Wildman Mary E. Wiley Don E. Wilkins Kathryn R. Wilkins Andrew Wilkinson Frances Wilkinson Lee & Beverly Wilks George & Helen Will Elizabeth C. Willekes David Dennis Willems Alice Williams Claude Williams Eunice Mary Williams G Ron & Joyce Williams Geraldine Williams Glenn & Theresia Williams James Williams Lorraine Williams Margaret Williams Nora M. Williams

Peggy Williams Penelope Williams Robin Williams Simon & Susan Williams Spencer Williams Susan & Simon Williams Ted Williams Rod & Nan Williamson Scott Willing Tricia Willink Christopher Willis V. Willis Wendy Willmot Richard & Lois Wills Nancy Willson Allan Wilmot Alane Wilson Alex Wilson Brenda A. Wilson C. Andrea Wilson Christine Wilson Debra Wilson Debra & Bruce Wilson Eugene Wilson Gordon & Mary Wilson Janet Wilson John Wilson Leslie Wilson Marcia Wilson Margaret Wilson Mark Wilson Michael Wilson Muriel Wilson Murray S. Wilson Patricia F. Wilson Phillip & Norma Wilson Sheila Wilson Thomas Wilson Andrew C. Wilton Ralph Wiltshire David Wimble James Windsor Judy Windsor Janet Winhall Doris Winkler Theresia Winkler Lois E. Winlaw Theodore Winston Christopher Winter Carol Winter Elizabeth Winter Mark Winther Audrey Wipper Alfred Wirth Sheldon Wiseman Alan J. Witherspoon Walter B. Witowski Kristina Wittfooth Ingo Wolfert Adele Wolk Carol Wolkove Benjamin Wong Carmen Wong Eric Y. L. Wong Grace Wong Lai Ha Wong Liew Wong Rick Wong Simon Wong Stanley Wong William Wong Yew Keong Wong Angela Wood Fay Wood Julie Wood Lauren Wood Lucille Wood Stephen Wood Tanya Wood Douglas Woodall James Woodger Linda Wooding Christine Woods Desmond G. Woods Georgina Woods Gurli A. Woods Jane Woods

Si-Ann Woods Sheila Woodwark Elizabeth Woodworth Sabra Woodworth Cyril Woolf Erlene Woollard Geoffrey & Micheline Wormell James R. Worthington Silke Woud R. M. Would Paul Wragget Eric Austin Wrate Colin Wright David Wright Edgar Wright Helene Wright Jane Wright Laura Wright Laura Lounder Wright Robert & Portia Wright Rob Wu Michael Wuitchik Beverly Wysocki


Bernard Zelechow Walter & Yolande Zemp Deborah Zeni Ali Zentner Merrillee Zetaruk Siegbert Zetzl Helen Ziegler and Associates Inc. Frank Zielinski Amy Zierler Karl & Agnes Zimmerman Valerie Zinger Ronald Zisman Alex Zivojinovich Victor Zubacs Zukerman Family Foundation Kirk M. Zynger 1155599 Ontario Limited 2Keys Corporation 359061 Ontario Limited 396419 BC Ltd. 546291 Alberta Ltd. 9106-5938 Québec Inc.

Hongjian Xiao


John Yalkin Edmond Yam Ann Marie Yamamoto Tom Yates Chi Hi Yau David T. Yaxley Barbara Yeats Paul Yee Diana Yenson Mei Lin Yeoell Alexandra Yep H. Yesovitch Catherine Yestadt David Yeung Mansing Yeung Augustine Yip & Monica Skrukwa Professional Corp. Calvin Yip Dawn A. Yip Gemma Yip Acti-Menu Yleng Chris Yli-Luoma Morden Yolles Janet York Terry O. York Yorkdale Central SchoolGeneral Andrew Yoshioka Chris & Pauline Young Jennifer P. Young Katherine Young M. Joyce Young Norma Young Raymond Young Tsai H. Yu Tony Yue Amy Yuen Cecilia Yung Stan Yurkowski Brian Yuskow Wahida Yusuf


John Zachariah S. Brian Zachariah Elisse Zack Rehan Zaidi Pierre Zakarauskas John Zakos Mathew Zaleski Witold Zaleski Sara E. Zalik Nathalie ZaquineCastello Michael Zastre Dan Zazelenchuk Michael Zeitlin

and to all our other donors who wish to remain anonymous


MSF is honoured to receive legacy gifts from the following estates in 2004: Margaret Belcher Giles Brunel Dara Mason Cochrane Margaret K. Farmer Harold Edgar Frid Jean Mary Giles Elizabeth Halliday Gillespie Viktoria Ursula Hitzler George Wilfred Machell Christine Saliaris Zelma Swanson Dorothy Tewksbury M. Elizabeth Turcotte

Board of directors Joanne Liu MD, President Christopher Doll, Treasurer Eleanor Fitzpatrick, RN Douglas Kittle, MD Bruce Lampard, MD Éric-Viet Laperrière-Nguyen, MD Lisette Luykx, MD Roy Male, MD Thierry Oulhen, RN David Morley, Executive Director MSF Canada 720 Spadina Avenue, Suite 402 Toronto, Ontario M5S 2T9 Tel: (416) 964-0619 Fax: (416) 963-8707 Toll free: 1-800-982-7903 E-mail: Western Canada office 45 Dunlevy Avenue, Suite 230 Vancouver, B.C. V6A 3A3 Tel: (604) 732-0673 Fax: (604) 732-0671 Email: Québec office 342 Sherbrooke Est, Suite 2 Montréal, Québec H2X 1E6 Tel: (514) 845-5621 Fax: (514) 845-3707 E-mail: Website:

MSF Canada Annual Report 2004  

MSF Canada Annual Report 2004

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