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Midterm exam

Social Influence Marketing


1- Influence marketing & word-of-mouth Word-of-mouth is an oral recommendation of any product or service. It might be either in a positive or a negative one. The influence marketing is a kind of word-of-mouth via internet. Influencers 窶的nternet opinion leaders-which tried any product, convey what they do think about it. The main aim of influence marketing is to generate a word of mouth using opinion leaders within a specific area to convey their message, and influence them to try the product or the service.

2- Think Social Influence Marketing The article talks about the emergence of Social Influence Marketing, as many companies are just starting to know about it. The article offer more details about social influence marketing, as the new rules to be followed, new experimental tactics and strategies. This new dimension of marketing goes beyond a campaign lifetime. The article supports the presentation about the engagement with the consumers; and the way to deal with them. The Social Influence Marketing is a very sensitive, complex and is transforming the marketing funnel. Nowadays social networks are much more important than official websites, thus when creating any websites companies think about integrating the key social networks. More over measuring the influence is a big issue, as calculating the number of fans and followers is not enough. The article adds that nowadays Internet is becoming more social as billion of people are giving their opinion and sharing their experiences there. As within the presentation, the document integrates a little comparison of marketing before and after the social media. It mention the different forms the Social Influence Marketing may take depending on the goal of the company, and more over the influence of this system on the company itself, the way it innovates, recruit, develop products and services for instance.

3- Communities & Social Brand

Communities are changing the brand image using the social media; they give marks to one brand. Now communities are the faces and represent the brand and it image.

4- Klout & Influence Marketing Klout measures peoples’ influence in different communities and categories, whereas influence marketing is oriented marketing around influencers to reach a maximum of consumers and attract potential ones. Klout use 35 variables to determine a score, such as the size of the followers, retweets and likes, clicks, or even comments. It is true that klout scoring is not optimal, as the result of the whole scoring method is an approximation- the data used for the calculation is not totally transparent.

5- Hotel MISSONI

 SIM Action Plan  Creating Social media pages, and be present on them  Create a full time job within the marketing department  Locate social influencers within the hospitality industry, using a partnership with a scoring platform  Set up strategies to attract them and make them talking about the hotel  Implement innovative digital services for influencers

 Objectives       

Optimizing the use of trend marketing tools to attract consumers Rise up the brand awareness Create a presence on social media Build an online social brand Communicate to the consumers our offers and hotel news Keep good relationship with the influencers Controlling our online reputation

 Social media  Twitter  Foursquare  A blog

 Social media synergies  The previous social media have synergies, as each of them has its specific way to reach individuals, and transfer information to them, with one same final objective.  Twitter in a perfect tool to interact with people on different topics concerning or not the services provided by the hotel  Foursquare is another tool to communicate and one can give his/her opinion, and moreover it is possible to use geolocalisation as this social network is software for mobile devices.  Creating a blog allows the hotel to post interesting articles for net surfers about the hotel, new offers, and anything which may interest and attract them

 I chose those three social media because in a way they are complementary. The first one (twitter), is a social network used by a large number of people every day, and moreover it is one of the most popular and used. The second one (foursquare, is complementary of twitter as is goes beyond the services offered by the former platform, enabling net surfers to earn points when giving their opinion, in addition to the geolocation. The blog is a good opportunity for the hotel to talk about his structure, the services it offers, and to promote them.

 How to measure the results of influence marketing?

There are many ways to measure influence marketing, however the current evaluation tools may not be totally performing.  Klout is one of the most popular measure tools, as already specified earlier it uses many variables to establish an influence score.  The hotel results by the end periods are also a meaningful way to evaluate the influence marketing.  There are further tools that may be used for assessing the performance of the influence marketing such as google analytics, PageBoss for instance

Influence marketing-Mid term exam  

Midterm exam

Influence marketing-Mid term exam  

Midterm exam