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MSEC Arizona Training | May/June 2014

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Recordkeeping for Human Resources HRCI Participants learn why records are kept, what is kept, and for how long. The practical management of records is covered, along with regulatory and administrative concerns. Also included are whether to go paperless, and what should be kept or discarded. Outcomes: Simplify the recordkeeping process at your workplace. Who Should Attend: HR Professionals who work with records on a daily basis 8:30-12:00 $125

Ethics for Business: People, Performance, and Principles ** This session discusses the importance of developing ethics awareness programs to create and reinforce a culture that encourages and rewards responsible and ethical decision making and behavior at all levels in the organization. Participants assess their organization in terms of ethical strengths and potential vulnerabilities to ethical breaches. A decision-making model will be introduced and applied to case studies by class participants. Outcomes: Reinforce a culture that encourages and rewards, ethical decision-making. Who Should Attend: HR Professionals, Managers, and Supervisors responsible for ethics 8:30-12:00 $125

Conflict: Self-Management * This session begins by defining the nature of conflict and then addressing how to build skills for constructive resolution by creating an effective environment and developing compromises for mutual benefit. Participants learn about their personal response to conflict through the assessment of conflict styles, identifying alternative strategies, and conveying understanding. Outcomes: Understand conflict patterns and acquire skills for responding constructively to conflict. (Includes conflict style assessment) Who Should Attend: Managers, Supervisors, and Employees 1:00-4:30 $125

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May 22

Generations: Working Together *HRCI Participants will learn to recognize the unique needs of different generations in the workforce. The course will examine the impact of historical and cultural factors on generational outlook. Participants will be taught how to identify each generation’s preferences for communication, development, and work culture and practice adapting communication styles to interact more effectively with members of different generations. Outcomes: Build stronger teams by working more effectively with all generations. Who Should Attend: Managers, Supervisors, Support Staff, and HR Professionals 8:30-12:00 $125

Membership Overview Webinar Join us for this free webinar to learn more about the powerful resources included as part of membership and get a preview of the and in depth online information we make available, including: • CCH Answers Now • MSEC Surveys • • Employee Handbook • Benefits Answers Now Planning Guide • BLR Safety Tool • FYIs Who Should Attend: Anyone interested in the valuable benefits of membership 11:30-12:30 FREE

Problem Solving Skills * Participants experience a four-part problemsolving model. Each phase of the model is explored and integrated with opportunities for specific skill development and exposure to problem solving tools. The process begins with selecting the correct problem to work on, moves into defining causes and effects, then generating alternatives, and, finally, how to implement the solutions. Throughout the session identifying barriers and roadblocks and assessing participants’ current problem-solving style and approach are explored. Outcomes: Generate alternatives and implement the best solution. Who Should Attend: Managers and Supervisors 8:30-4:30 $175

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*Part of Leadership Certificate Program | *Part of Supervision Certificate Program | *Strategic Business Credit HRCI certified credits | Unless otherwise noted, all classes are held at MSEC Scottsdale office located at 7975 N. Hayden Road, Suite D-280, Scottsdale, Arizona 85258

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Employment Law Update Conference The ELU is the one conference that covers the most significant employment law developments of the year, simplifying the legalese and providing participants with practical, timely, and critical advice that can minimize employment law liability. Outcomes: Have a firm grasp on employment law important to you Who Should Attend: HR Professionals interested inEmployment Law 8:30-4:30 $149 $109 for groups of 3 or more from the same organization

Change Management: Building Resiliency *HRCI Change in the workplace is inevitable and employees must be helped with changes. In this course, participants learn to differentiate between change and transition, use a three-phase transition model, and learn the action steps accompanying each phase of the model. Also discussed are the primary emotions and behaviors of people experiencing change, along with the information and support needed as people move through the change process. Outcomes: Build resiliency to manage yourself and others through workplace changes. Who Should Attend: Managers, Supervisors, Leaders, or anyone managing change 8:30-12:30 $125

Wage and Hour Workshop HRCI Learn what the laws cover and which industries are exempt, along with recordkeeping requirements, exemptions from overtime, and how to change status for those improperly classified as exempt. Also discussed are compensable hours of work-travel time, on-call, and training, alternative work weeks, compensation included in straight time and overtime calculation, and other topics covered by these laws. Outcomes: Understand wage laws and their numerous, counter-intuitive regulations. Who Should Attend: HR Professionals, Legal Staff, Managers, and Supervisors 8:30-3:30 $209

June 25 I-9 Compliance HRCI New forms have new requirements! Fines are increasing and so is enforcement. This seminar covers the I-9 process including initial verification of work authorization, re-verification, correcting errors on I-9s, and conducting internal audits. Participants will also receive up-to-date information regarding worksite enforcement activities by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), E-Verify, and best practices for employment eligibility verification. Anticipated Outcomes: Know everything you need to about I-9 compliance and filling out the new forms. Who Should Attend: HR and Recordkeeping Professionals 8:30-12:30 $125

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SHARING 75 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AT OUR ANNUAL EMPLOYMENT LAW UPDATE! MSEC’s Employment Law Update is the one conference that covers the most significant employment law developments of the year, simplifying the legalese and providing participants with practical, timely, and critical advice that can minimize employment law liability.

2014 DATE ANNOUNCED June 3 • 8:30am - 4:30pm Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center 7700 East McCormick Parkway • Scottsdale, AZ 85258

THIS YEAR’S TOPICS INCLUDE Case, Legislative, and Regulatory Update Negligent Hiring or Employment Discrimination: Threading the Needle After the EEOC Guidance Miranda Warning to Employers: Supervisors Words and Actions Can Be Held Against You! Litigation Loves a Vacuum: Directing Your Workplace Investigations With Purpose #ValuesInAction: Leadership Competencies for Navigating Changing Corporate Cultures PDA + ADAAA + SEP = The Expanding Zone of Workplace Accommodations Workforce Misclassifications: Prepare Now For Agency Audits Panel Discussion


$109 per person early bird registration by May 1 • $149 per person (lunch and comprehensive manual included) $109 per person for groups of 3 or more from the same organization To register, call 800.437.9262, email or go to

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