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Mustard Seed Evangelical Church March

For the people of Callington and the greater glory of God



Welcome! I have   begun   to   read   a   book   of   short   stories   on  travel   experiences.  The  story   I   read   this   morning   was   about   the   challenges   of   safari   holidays   in   Botswana.   The   author   was   highly   a p p r e h e n s i v e   a b o u t   t h e   c l o s e   proximity   of   lions   to   the   tented   compound   where  she  was  staying  and   so,   to   allay  her  fears,  one   of  the  guides   gave  her   a   horn   to   blow   if   she  was   in   danger   of   attack   during   the   night.   However,   he   reminded   her   that   what   constituted   an   emergency   was   not   a   lion  rubbing  up  against  her  tent;  it   was   only  if  said   lion  tried  to  get  into  it!  This   illustrated   to   me   the   way   in   which   church  fellowships  often  treat  the  Holy   Spirit.   We   are   OK   when   He   works   in   such   a   way   to   encourage   the   existing   fellowship   and   to   bring   in   respectable   newcomers,   but   when   the   Holy   Spirit   charges   into   our   meetings   and   brings   unchurched  people  off   the  streets   and   revolution   then   we   reach   for   the   emergency  alarm!

February has   also   been   a   time   of   change  and  of  possible  new  challenges   facing  the  fellowship.  Frank  Gray  spoke   a b o u t   h i s   w o r k   w i t h   F a r   E a s t   B r o a d c a s t i n g ,   c h a l l e n g i n g   a n d   encouraging   those   who   were   there.   The   sensation   of   hearing   that   around   one   hundred   million   Chinese   are   Christians-­‐roughly  eight   percent   of  the   total   population-­‐and   that   possibly   half   of   those   had   come   to   know   Jesus   through   listening   to   the   radio   broadcasts!   When  we  look   at   our   own   spiritually   benighted   country   we   should   remember   that   God   works   throughout   the   world   to   bring  people   into   His   family   and,   for   this   time,   the   Holy   Spirit  is  sweeping  through  Asia   to   redeem  souls  who  have  suffered  under   Communism,   Buddhism   and   other   pagan  religions. Clare  Vincent   from   Hope   UK  spoke   to   us   in  a  morning  service  about  the  need   for   more   Christians   to   train   as   drug   advisors   to   speak   at   schools   and   voluntary   organisations.   We   hosted   a   Churches   Together   in   Callington   food   bank   presentation   and   those   at   the   meeting   were   inspired   by   the   vision,   enthusiasm   and   stories   of   the   Looe/   Liskeard   food   bank   team,   who   have   been   able  to   help   over   three   hundred   families   and   individuals   in  dire  need   in   the   last   year.   There  has   also   been   the   first   women’s   breakfast   group   where   ten   ladies   enjoyed   cooked   breakfast   and   Bible   study   together.   A   few  

This last  month  has  been  an   interesting   time   for   the   Mustard   Seed.   We   have   seen   people   at   our   morning   services   who   have   not   attended   our   church   in   recent   years.   We   have   had   times   of   great   blessing   in   those   Sunday   mornings   in   singing   and   praising   God   and   in   listening   to   what   God   is   saying   to   us.   There   was   the   challenge   and   reward   of   ‘Blessed   are   the   pure   in   heart   for   they   will   see   God’  which   still   rings  in  my  heart! 2

Saturdays ago   we   had   a   quiz   night   in   the  hall  which  attracted  over  sixty  keen   quizzers,   an   evening   which   saw   many   attend   who   have   no   involvement   with   the   church   and   which   gave   us   an   opportunity  to   show   our   neighbouring   community   that   we   are   a   friendly   and   welcoming  fellowship.

worship in   the   Lord’s   house   and   to   show   our  love  for  Him  partly  in  the  way   we  look  after  His  house. The   other   particular   matter   that   the   church   members   discussed   was   the   renewal   of   Tim’s   contract   as   student   Youth   worker.   The   vote   indicated   that   we   should   not   renew   Tim’s   contract.   This   means   that   Tim   will   leave   us   in   August.  Please  pray  for  Tim,  that  he  will   find  a   new   placement   and  that  his   first   married   year   is   blessed.   Please   pray   also   for   our   future   involvement   with   the   young   people   of   Callington.   Tim   is   beginning   to   build   relationships   with   teachers   and   pupils   at   the  Community   College  and  if  we  want   this  to  continue   then   as   a   fellowship   we   should   think   seriously   about  how  this  will  be   able   to   carry  it  on.  

Since the  last  newsletter   went   to  press,   we   have   also   had   a   church   meeting.   During   this   meeting,   the   members   spent  some  time   in  the  church   as   Peter   and  Roger   spoke  of  their  vision  for  the   church   building.  Questions   were  asked   and   answers   given   and   since   that   evening,   there   have   been   fresh   visionary   ideas   given   to   Roger.   In   my   Christian  experience,  revival  in   terms  of   the  hunger  in  the  fellowship   to  grow  in   the  Lord  and   in  numbers  attending  the   services   is   often   initially   demonstrated   by   work   on  the  church   building!   There   are  Christians  who  say   that   the  building   is   unimportant;  it   is  what  is  done  in   that   place  which   is  the  important  thing:  but   the   Bible  calls   us   to   come   together   to  

God bless   you   and   may   March   bring   new   signs   of   God’s   blessing   upon   this   fellowship! –  David

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Sunday 6/3


Prayer Meeting

The Mustard  Seed

Tuesday 8/3


Pancake Race

Pannier Market

Friday 13/3



St. Mary’s

Sunday 27/3


Sunday School  Anniversary

The Mustard  Seed

Sunday 27/3


Café Church

The Mustard  Seed


Missionary News –  Gianni  &  Angela  Gaeta Dear  Friends! Our  hearts  are  filled  with   gratitude   to   our   father   in   heaven   for   his   faithfulness   to  us   during   this   past   year   and  as  we  celebrate  the  birth   of   our   Saviour   Jesus,   now   at   Christmas   we   acknowledge   and   are   thrilled   at   the   fact   that   the   “Prince   of   Peace”   is   with   us!   Peace   with   God,   at   peace   with   who/where   we   are   and   in   it   all,   called  to  be  a  channel  of  His  peace   in  our  world.

T h e n e t w o r k   o f   c h u r c h e s   throughout   the   nation   called   “Vision   for   Austria”   continues   to   facilitate   church   planting   (3   pioneer   works  at  various  stages  of   development)   and   enables   close   fellowship   amongst   pastors   and   churches   as   well   as   organizing   larger   events.   Early   summer   we   enjoyed   “XL   retreat”,   as   all   the   churches   united   for   4   days   of   f e l l o w s h i p ,   i n p u t   a n d   f u n !   “Extreme”   youth   camp   has   taken   on   dimensions   that   are   unknown   here   in   Austria   for   Christian   events   ,   a   wonderful   opportunity   for   us   to   influence   the   lives   of   precious   young   people   and   teenagers.

QUICK REVIEW:   The   Vienna   City   church   which   we   lead   continues   to   grow,   numerous   decisions   made  to   follow   Jesus,   foundation   courses  attended,   water  baptisms   and   an   enlarged   leadership   team   to   carry   the   responsibilities!   Over   200   committed   to   the  Church  and   many   more   attending.   Creative   m e t h o d s   o f   o u t r e a c h   u s e d   s u c c e s s f u l l y   i n c l u d i n g   a n   attractive   stand   at   Europe's   largest   “New   Age”   Fair   in   Vienna   offering   prayer   which   was   gladly   received   by   dozens   of   searching   individuals.   (A   number   now   a t t e n d i n g   t h e   C i t y   C h u r c h   regularly)

I n t e r n a t i o n a l l y G i a n n i   h a s   accepted   more   invitations   than   ever   before  to  minister  back  in  his   home   country,   Italy,   and   is   expecting   God   to   give   him   clear   direction   for   his   future   input   in   building   something   lasting   and   significant.   An   annual   USA   trip   in   summer   seems   to   be   established   (which   Thomas   also   enjoys)   and   u s u a l l y   i n v o l v e s   l e a d e r s h i p   training,   both   receiving   and   4

giving! Visits   to   England   tend   be   short   and  specific  but  always  a  joy   to   be   amongst   church   leaders,   friends  and  family.

Thank you   to   all   who  contributed   to  make  it  possible. A   relaxing   holiday   was   just   what   we  needed  after   what   has  been   a   very   “interesting”   year.   Gianni   unexpectedly  ended  up   carrying   a   double   work   load   for   many   months   after   I   experienced   a   rather   sudden   breakdown   in   my   health  at  the  beginning   of  the  year   and   have   had   some   very   quiet   months,   slowly   recovering   from   extreme   exhaustion.   Much   could   be   said,   much   has   been   learned,   definitely   not   the  easiest   of   years   but   as   always   a   time   when   we   h a v e   e x p e r i e n c e   a g a i n   t h e   faithfulness   of   God   and   so   thankful   for   renewed   energy,   restored   health   and   the   joy   of   looking  forward  to  a  great  future. The   opportunities   for   us   to   promote   Jesus   and   see   the   Kingdom   of   God   established   here   in  Austria  have  never  been  greater   and   so  we  continue   to  value   your   prayers   and   support   for   us   and   take  this   opportunity   to   wish   you   all   a  peaceful,   enjoyable  Christmas   Season   and   richest   Blessing   throughout  2011.

FAMILY Matthias   (19)   completed   his   A   levels   in   summer,   spent   6   weeks  travelling  in  Australia  and  is   now  working  while  deciding  what/ where   he   wants   to   study   or   just   what   to   do!   Many   options   open   and   not   easy   to   decide.   Thomas   (15)   has  just   cut   back   on   time  and   effort   being   put   into   basketball   (voluntary)   to   concentrate   on   schooling   (compulsory)!!   They   both  love  to  be   involved   in  the  life   of   the   church,   particularly   with   their  musical  talents.  Esther  (21)    is   working   here   in   Vienna   and   planning   to   attend   a   course   on   Hotel  management. An   absolute   highlight  of  2010   was   our   Silver   Wedding   Party   at   the   end   of   November,   when   180   family   and   friends   gathered   here   in   Vienna   to  celebrate  25   years   of   marriage   and   ministry!   WAW,   what   a   wonderful   evening!   And   the   honeymoon   that   we   didn’t   really   have   back   then,   we   have   just   thoroughly   enjoyed   as   we   spent   12   days   in   the   Caribbean!  


An example  of  the  saving  power  of  the  Gospel   broadcasts  on  FEBC Takanori  Nagakura  was  a  high  school  student  when  he  first  tuned  into  FEBC.  Later  he   began  a  correspondence  with  FEBC-­‐Japan  that  changed  the  course  of  his  life. October  11  1996 Hello  FEBC,  This  is  my  first  letter  to  you.  I  am  a  high  school  student  and  I  listen  to  you   every  night.  I  am  not  a  baptised  Christian,  but  I  feel  strongly  about  God.  I  read  the   Bible  every  night,  but  I  don’t  go  to  church  because  I’m  super  busy  at  school. When  I  was  16,  I  developed  an  intestinal  infection  and  an  early  stage  of  mental   depression.  They  were  all  stress-­‐related.  Since  I  was  so  miserable,  I  prayed  to  God,   who  I  had  never  believed  in.  I  said,  ‘Please,  God,  help  me  if  you’re  really  out  there’.   The  moment  I  prayed,  I  felt  good.  It  was  awesome.  That  was  my  first  encounter  with   God.  Thank  you.  I’ll  write  again  soon.

December 10,  1996 Hello,  my  friends  at  FEBC:  I’d  like  to  ask  you  about  God.  Right  now,  I  am  reading  the   book  of  John.  I  used  to  think  the  notion  of  God  was  nonsense.  But  the  Lord  found  me   and  changed  me.  In  John  5:6,  Jesus  asked  the  invalid,  ‘Do  you  want  to  get  well?’  I  ask   myself  the  same  question.  I  think  it  is  the  answer  to  everything.    I’m  not  a  churchgoer...yet.  I  know  it’s  not  a  good  excuse  to  say  I’m  too  busy,  but  I   really  don’t  have  time.  ‘My  Lord,  will  you  still  not  forget  a  person  like  me?  Please’.

December 20,  1996 Hello,  my  friends  at  FEBC:  Let  me  tell  you,  I  went  to  church  for  the  first  time!  The   pastor  is  very  kind  and  his  sermon  was  titled,  ‘Trust  your  God’.  It  was    good  and  I  think   I  understood  it.  It  was  such  a  fruitful  day  I  want  to  go  back.  Thank  you  all.  God  bless   you.

December 20,  1997 You  haven’t  heard  from  me  for  quite  some  time.  I’ve  been  studying  very  hard  for  the   college  entrance  exam.  My  parents  say  they  will  make  my  wish  come  true  if  and  when   I  pass  the  entrance  exam.  Guess  what  my  wish  is?  I  want  to  be  officially  baptized  so  I   can  be  a  bona  fide  Christian.  Hurray!  I  can  hardly  wait. 6

April 15,  1998. Hello  my  friends  at  FEBC:  I  have  a  surprise  for  you.  I  was  baptised  on  April  12,  1998.  It   will  always  be  a  special  day  for  me.  However,  I  bombed  the  entrance  exam.  I  was   shocked.  My  friends  consider  me  a  loser.  Had  I  not  known  what  Jesus  taught  I   would  have  called  myself  a  loser,  too.  But  I  remembered  this  verse,  ‘I  am  the  way,   the  truth  and  the  life’.  My  life  is  not  over  yet.  ‘Lord  Jesus,  my  Saviour,  I’m  going  to   follow  you  no  matter  how  my  future  shapes  up’.  That  is  my  commitment  as  I  start   this  new  phase  of  my  life.

July 8  2002. My  dear  friends  at  FEBC,  Remember  me?  Three  years  ago,  I  was  baptised.  I  moved   to  Tokyo  and  now  I  am  in  my  final  year  at  college.  And  I  am  not  going  to  church.  I   have  no  interest  in  it  for  the  time  being.  I  could  sense  I  was  losing  touch  with  my   religious  commitment.  As  my  situation  changed,  my  priorities  changed.  There’s  so   much  more  out  there.  Why  not  enjoy  life?  This  must  be  a  part  of  God’s  plan.   Eternal  death..everlasting  life.  To  me,  what’s  important  is  now  and  whether  or  not  I   am  happy.  But  one  thought  keeps  nagging  me.  What  does  Jesus  mean  to  me?  I  used   to  call  him  Lord.  Why  is  he  still  on  my  mind?  I’m  sorry  to  say  my  Christian  days  are   over  and  I  don’t  think  I’ll  ever  come  back.  But  my  question  about  Jesus  is  still   unanswered.  I  know  how  you  must  feel  about  this  letter  and  I’m  sorry.  But  at  least   you  know  I’m  not  lying.

August 26,  2003 In  my  last  letter  I  said,  What  does  Jesus  mean  to  me?  That  question  still  bothers  me.   Why  doesn’t  it  leave  me  alone?  I’m  the  one  who  betrayed  Jesus  like  Judas.  I  haven’t   touched  the  Bible.  Prayers?  I’ve  forgotten  how  to  pray.  

September 12,  2003. Dear  friends  at  FEBC,  Thank  you  for  your  reply.  It  really  saved  me.  I  went  back  to   church.  My  pastor  wholeheartedly  welcomed  me  and  said,  ‘Bless  you,  my  child.  God   is  always  kind.  Why  would  he  not  forgive  you?  He’s  living  within  your  heart’.  Yes,  it   was  a  long  journey  but  I’m  back  now.  All  because  of  the  love  and  mercy  of  God.  I   may  stray  again,  but  God  is  leading  the  way,  so  I  will  trust  him. 7

Youth Work  Update We   had   another   meeting   with   the   group   who   will   help   with   the   planning   and   running   of   Café   Church   each   month.   They   came   up   with   the  idea   of   having   discussions   on   some  of  the  questions  that  they   face   in   their   lives.   We   decided   to   have   a   discussion   about   why   God   allows   suffering.   We   had   a   really   good   time   at   Café   Church,   and   it   was   great   to  see   the  young  people   engage   with   each   other   and   share   their  opinions.

our smaller   Café  Nights.  It  has  been   a   good   opportunity   to   build   relationships  with  the  young   people   who   come,   and   to   see   friends   bringing  their  other  friends.    Please   pray  that   I  would  be  able  to  witness   through  my  actions   and  presence  at   these   events,   and   that   they   would   serve  the  town  we  live  in. I  was   also  at   the   Reunite   Weekend   with   the  Faith  Mission  at  the  end  of   February.   We  had  a   good  time,  with   14   young   people   up   near   Manaton;   and   it   was   encouraging   to   see   the   young   people   grow   in   Christ   throughout  the  weekend.

We’re opening  up   the  floor  to   their   ideas,   and   it’s   encouraging   to   see   them   being   empowered   to   decide   the   future   of   our   group.   We   have   started  a   Questions  Box  each  week,   where   people   can   put   in   their   questions   and   things   they   want   to   look  at  in  the  future.  We  had   a  good   number   of   questions   this   first   month,   and   it   will   be  interesting   to   see   how   it   continues   to   grow   and   develop  over  the  coming  months.  

I’ve also   been   invited   back   to   help   w i t h   t h e   C o m m u n i t y   A c t i o n   P e r s o n a l   E n c o u r a g e m e n t   Programme.   I   am   working   with   a   group   who   are   planning   some   events   for   Comic  Relief  in   a   couple   of   weeks   time.   We   are   still   waiting   to   hear   back   from   the   Religious   Studies  department,  so  please  pray   that  the  door  would   be  open  there   also,  thank  you!

We’ve had  some  more  events  at  the   Town   Hall   with   the   Friday   Night   Project.   In   February,   we   had   over   160   young   people   for   a   Valentine’s   Disco,   and   we’ve  had   a  few   more  of  

– Tim  Cadoux


Weekly Activities Mondays 19:30

Home Group  at  Iris  Wilson’s  Led  by  John  Cole


Youth Group  in  the  Hall.  A  chance  for  all  the  young  people  aged   13-­‐18  to  get  together  and  have  fun  playing  games,  pool  and  table-­‐ tennis.  

Tuesdays 14:30

Home Group  at  Jenny  Jane’s  led  by  David  Jewell

Wednesdays 09:15

Seedlings in  the  Hall.  For  pre-­‐schoolers  and  parents/carers.  


Home Group  at  David  Jewell’s  led  by  David  Jewell

Thursdays 10:00

Ladies Bible  Study  in  the  Parlour.  

Sundays 10:45

Morning Worship  at  the  Mustard  Seed.  Join  us  for  a  time  of   prayer,  worship  and  teaching.  There  are  groups  for  children  and   young  people,  through  which  they  will  learn  more  about  God  and   enjoy  finding  out  more  about  Him.


Evening Service

Contributions for  December  newsletter:  

Deadline: 21st  March  2011 Speak  to:  Tim  Cadoux Email: 9

Contacts Leadership David Jewell 07900472379 (Pastor) Peter  Coombe (01579)  382197 (Elder) John  Cole 01752  366109  (Elder)

Youth and  Children’s  Work Tim  Cadoux 07954388377  (Youth  Worker)

Outreach Kathy Cole   01752  366109 (Seedlings) Geraldine  Parkyn (01579)  384197 (Residential  Homes)

Other Activities John  Cole 01752  366109 (Monday  Home  Group) David  Jewell 07900472379 (Tue/Wed  Home  Groups) Maureen  Lloyd   (01579)  351853 (Women’s  Ministry)

If you  have  anything  which  you  think  might  be  appropriate  to  go  in   the  newsletter,  such  as  a  joke,  an  event  which  is  happening  in  the   future,  or  a  report  about  something  which  has  already  taken  place;   please  pass  it  on  to  Tim. 10

The Back  Pew Q:  Who  was  the  greatest  financier  in  the   Bible? A:  Noah;  he  was  floating  his  stock  while   everyone  was  in  liquidation.  

Q: Why  shouldn't  Christians  watch  TV? A:  At  the  transfiguration,  Jesus  said,  "Tell   the  vision  to  no  one." Q:  Who  was  the  most  flagrant  lawbreaker   in  the  Bible? A:  Moses,  because  he  broke  all  10   commandments  at  once.

Q: Who  was  the  greatest  female  financier   in  the  Bible? A:  Pharaoh's  daughter;  she  went  down  to   the  bank  of  the  Nile  and  drew  out  a  little   prophet.  

Q: Who  was  known  as  a  Mathematician  in   the  Bible? A:  Moses,  he  wrote  the  book  of   Numbers.

Q: What  kind  of  man  was  Boaz  before  he   got  married? A:  Ruth-­‐less.

Q: Which  area  of  Palestine  was  especially   wealthy? A:  The  area  around  the  Jordan,  the  banks   were  always  overflowing.

Q: Who  was  the  greatest  comedian  in  the   Bible? A:  Samson;  he  brought  the  house  down. Q:  The  ark  was  built  in  3  stories  and  the   top  story  had  a  window  to  let  light  in,  but   how  did  they  get  light  to  the  bottom  2   stories? A:  They  used  floodlights.

Q: How  do  we  know  that  Job  went  to  a   chiropractor? A:  Because  Job  16:12,  14,  16  says,  "I  had   come  to  be  at  ease,  but  he  proceeded  to   shake  me  up:  and  he  grabbed  me  by  the   back  of  the  neck  and  proceeded  to  smash   me."

Q: After  the  flood,  how  many  people  left   the  ark  ahead  of  Noah? A:  3  because  the  Bible  says  that  Noah   went  forth  out  of  the  ark.

Q: Will  there  be  dogs  in  the  new  system? A:  No,  2  Peter  3:14  tells  us  that  we  will  be   without  spot.

Q: Where  is  the  first  mention  of  insurance   in  the  Bible? A:  When  Adam  and  Eve  needed  more   coverage.

Q: Who  was  the  straightest  man  in  the   bible? A:  Joseph,  because  the  Pharaoh  made   him  a  ruler.

Q: What  is  the  best  way  to  get  to   Paradise? A:  Turn  right  and  go  straight. 11


Mustard Seed Evangelical Church For the people of Callington and the greater glory of God

Who We  Are: The  Mustard  Seed  is  a  fellowship  of  Christians  committed  to   discovering  God’s  love  and  truth  for  today.  During  our  worship  and   study  times,  in  our  family  and  social  events,  and  through  our  caring   and  Outreach  Ministries  we  explore  and  share  God’s  grace  and   guidance  as  He  helps  us  become  and  grow  as  His  followers.  

What We  Believe: •God  is  real. •Jesus  is  Lord. •The  Holy  Spirit  gives  life. •God  speaks  through  the  Bible. •God  forgives  us. •Jesus  cares  for  us. •Jesus  is  coming  back.

We warmly  welcome  you,  or  anyone  else   to  meet  with  us! 12

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Our March Newsletter