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Mustard Seed Evangelical Church For the people of Callington and the greater glory of God



Welcome! August is   an   interesting   month   in   the   church   calendar.   Much   of   what   we   do   – Seedlings,  house   groups   and  so  on–  take   a  rest  during  this  month  and  that   sense  of   it   being   THE   holiday   month   will   be   emphasised   by   my   absence   for   most   of   the   month.   However,   Sunday   morning   services   will   continue   and   I   am   pleased   that   we   have   three   people   leading   those   whom   we   can  consider  part  of  our  family   here  at  the  Mustard  Seed.

however only  half   of  those   asked   read  it   daily!

It is   a   good   time   for   leaders   and   for   all   those   involved   in   this   fellowship   to   re-­‐ assess  what  God   has  done,  is  doing  and  is   planning   to   do   in   this   coming   year.   Looking   back,   I   have   a   great   sense   of   God’s  leading  and  working  in   this  church.   There  is   much  to  encourage  us  as  we  look   towards  autumn.

I found   the   AGM   very   encouraging.   We   now   have  two  more   members  appointed   to  the  committee  and  it  was  wonderful  to   see   how   all   the   members   caught   the   vision   of   the   LED   (Let   Everyone   Decide)   band   and     were   unanimously   agreed   on   financially   supporting   their   proposed   week’s   involvement   in   Callington   Community   College,   especially   as   some   told  me  afterwards  that  they  had  thought   that   my  rather  obscure  reference  to   it   on   the  agenda   was   going  to  be   a  discussion   about  lighting! I  would  also  like  to   say  ‘Thank  you’  to  Tim   for  his  support  in  the  last  year.  I   recognise   that   the  work  with  young  people  has   not   progressed   in   the   way   that   many   of   us   would   have   hoped,   but   Tim   has   been   an   example   to   me   and   others   of   what   a   young   person   who   is   a   Christian   should   be-­‐reliable,   full   of   integrity   and   working   quietly   within   the   church   to   support   so   much  of  what  we  have  done!

This morning   I   was   reading  Paul’s   words   in   2   Corinthians   4   ‘We   have   renounced   secret  and  shameful  ways;  we  do  not  use   deception,  nor  do   we  distort   the  Word  of   God.  On  the  contrary,  by  setting  forth  the   truth   plainly   we   commend   ourselves   to   everyone’s   conscience   in   the   sight   of   God’.  This   should  always   be   our   goal,  we   must   resist   the   temptation   to   take   shortcuts   as   Jesus   did   when   He   was   tempted  by  the  devil.   I   discovered   a   survey   recently   by   Evangelical   Alliance   conducted   with  over   seventeen   thousand   people   on   their   beliefs.   96%   of   those   surveyed   attend   church   at   least   once   a   week   and   93%   strongly   agree   that   the   Bible   is   the   inspired   Word   of   God,   83%   stating   that   the   Bible   was   the   supreme   authority   in   guiding  their  behaviour,  belief   and  views,  

88% stated   that   their   faith   was   the   most   important  thing  in  their   lives  and  96%  pray   at  least   a  few  times  a   week,   yet   only  91%   strongly  agree  that  Jesus   is  the  only  way   to   God!   Some   interesting   results,   some   encouraging,   some   alarming   and   the   reminder  that  we  are  called  to   be  Christ’s   followers  in  all  we  do,  say  and  think.  

I have   been  greatly  encouraged  by   those   who   have   approached   me   and   reassured   me  that  they  pray  daily  for  this  fellowship   and  myself.   May  God  bless  you  this  holiday  season, David

Advance Notices 8th  October  –  Church  Day  Out  at  Hampton  Manor 10:00-­‐16:00,  Lunch  provided.  Cost  =  £15. 15th  October  –  Quiz.  19:00

Sundays in  August Aug.  7th:  Peter  Coombe  (communion) Aug.  14th  Hennie  Gray Aug.  21st  George  Bickle Aug.  28th  Peter  Coombe

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Monthly Prayer  Meeting Meet  in  Car  Park

Monday 5/9


Monthly Prayer  Meeting Meet  in  Car  Park

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Evening Communion

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Saturday 10/9


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CTiC Harvest  Festival

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Sunday 25/9


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Mustard Seed

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Café Church

Lower Hall

Thakurpukur church As  many  of  you  know,  I   went  out   to   Calcutta   three   years   ago   as   part   of   my   three-­‐year   college   work.   We   were   there   to   look   at   various  Christian  projects  that  are   at  work   in   this  enormous  city.  

relationship with   each   other.   Rev.   Dipankar   Halder   (a   former   BSI   secretary,   Calcutta   Auxiliary)  gave   a  beautiful  sermon  on  church   development.   Our   church   secretary   shared   about  church  history.

On the  Sunday  we   were  sent  out  two-­‐by-­‐two   to  local  churches  and   I  and  a  colleague   were   picked   up   by   auto   rickshaw   one   Sunday,   taken  for  what  was  almost  an  hour’s  journey   through   markets   and   slums   to   this   church   where  I  preached   with  a   translator  and  after   the   service  we  were   shown  around   the  new   extension   which   had   been   greatly   opposed   by  Hindus   and   at   times   the   work   had   been   sabotaged.   I   wrote   to   John   Bhattacharjee,   one  of   the  leaders  of  the   church,   asking  him   for   an   update.   I   thought   you   might   be   interested  to  read  his  reply!

Easter Rally:  Every  Easter  day  we   have  rally  in   the   afternoon.   Church   members   from   different  churches  walk  about  five  kilometres   and   then   get   together   in   a   program.   This   year   it   was   very  exciting   because   our   choir   group  lead  the  'Praise  and  Worship'  part.  

‘I guess  this  is  the  best   time  in  Britain.  I  heard   that   summer   is  the   best   time   in   Britain.  Our   weather   seems   getting   worse   day   by   day.   Hot   with   high   humidity.   But   I   am   not   complaining   since   I   know   there   are   people   around  us  who   cannot   even   afford   to  have  a   fan  in  this  weather.  So  I  feel  God  blessed  us   with  everything.  It   was  44th  Foundation  Day   on   29th   May:   Every   year   we   have   our   Foundation  day  celebration  on  last  Sunday  of   every   May.   This   year   we   had   an   excellent   p r o g r a m .   A l l   w i n g s   o f   o u r   C h u r c h   participated   very   actively.   Women’s'   committee,   Young   Sunday   School   children   and   Young  Adult   group  each  did  something   or   the   other   on   that   day.   I   must   say,   I   am   very  proud  of  my  church. We   have   a   small   church   but   all   members   participate  with   all   programs   very  actively.  I   guess  God  keeps  us  together   and  loves  us  so   much   that   we   feel   we   are   a   family.   Please   pray   that   we   continue   to   keep   this  

Non Formal   School:   As   you   may   know,   we   have   a   Non   Formal   School   for   primary   education   for   economically   disadvantage   children   from   our   area,   going   pretty   well.   There   are   about   140   students.   Almost   all   students  are   non-­‐Christian.  Bible   is  also  being   taught   in   this   school.   Please   pray   for   this   school,   because   these   economically   disadvantaged   students   gets   good   primary   education   from   our   school   but   we   feel   we   have   to   introduce   some   mid   day   meal   or   snacks   for   the  students   since  these  children,   many   a   times   come   to   school   without   a   proper   meal.   I   am   sure   God   will   do   something.   Church   is   providing   with   teacher’s  salary  but   unable  to  arrange  meals   for  the  students. Children's   Club:   Very   recently,   we   started   a   children's   club   for   the   neighbourhood's   children.  Every  Saturday  these  children  come   to   our   church   and   pray,   read   stories,   learn   new  action  songs.  This  is  going  on  quite  well.   Some   of   members   from   youth   groups   helping   us   on   this.   We   need   your   prayer   support  for   this  program   as   well.  That’s  all  I   have   for   now.   Please   share   about   your   church  to  us  as  well.  All  the  best!’   Thanks,  John

Callington Carnival Hours  of   preparation   went   into  the   construction   of  the   Mustard  Seed  float  this  year.  Fiona   and  Kath  decided   that,  as   we   had   not   been   able   to   use   the   newly   made   costumes   at   the   Nativity  in  the  Barn   last  December  due   to  the   weather,   that   they   should   be   used   on   the   float  in  July! John   came   up   with   the   slogan:   ‘Jesus   is   for   life,   not   just   for   Christmas’   and   the   float   was   filled   on   the   day   with   children   and   adults   all   wearing   costumes   (and   some   with   beards   also).   Some   of   the   Seedlings   mums   came   onboard   with   their   children   and   candy   canes   were   given  out  to   spectators  lining  the  streets   that   had   a   Christian   message   attached.   The   whole  box  of  some  two   hundred  and  fifty  had   been  given  out  before  the  float  reached  Fore   Street.   A  big  ‘thank  you’  to  all  who  helped  build   the   float,  especially  to  Kath  and  Fiona   and   to  Peter,  who  drove  and  supplied  the  float  and  tractor.

Youth Work  Update As   this   is   my   final   youth   work  update   at   the   Mustard   Seed,   I’d   like   to   start   with   saying   a   huge   thank-­‐you   to   everyone  who  has  helped  out   over  the   past   two   years;   everything   that   has   been   accomplished   could   not   have   been  achieved  without  the   support  of   those  who  have  helped  out!   A  celebration  is  in  order  for  the  groups   which   I   have   been   involved   with:   for   Soul   Space,   Café   Church,   the   Guy’s   Nights,   Fun   on   Friday   and     Sunday   Mornings. We  have  had   our   ups   and  downs  over   the   past   two   years,   but   overall,   I   feel   that   it   has   been   an   encouraging   journey,  and  I  have  been  really  pleased  

to see   the  young  people  I   have   got  to   know   grow  and  develop  over  my   time   here.   The  future   of  the  youth  work  will  take   a   different   shape   in   the   coming   months,  with  Café  Church  being  taken   over  by  some  of   the  leaders  and  young   people   who   have   been   helping,   and   with   the   other   groups   also   going   through  change.   I  wish  to   encourage   everyone   who  has   been   praying   for   our   young   people:   you   have   made   a   difference!   The   future   is   now   over   to   you,   and   I   wish   the   Mustard   Seed   every   blessing   for   the  future.   Tim

Bible Verses  for  Faith  in   Times  of  Stress August  1st:    My  presence  will  go  with  you,   and  I  will  give  you  rest.  (Exodus  33:14) August  2nd:  It  is  the  Lord  who  goes  before   you.  He  will  be  with  you;  he  will  not  fail  you   or  forsake  you.  Do  not  fear  or  be  dismayed.   (Deuteronomy  31:8) August  3rd:  The  eternal  God  is  your  refuge,   and  underneath  are  the  everlasting  arms.   (Deuteronomy  33:27) August  4th:  The  Lord  is  a  refuge  for  the   oppressed,  a  stronghold  in  times  of  trouble.   (Psalm  9:9-­‐10) August  5th:  The  Lord  is  my  light  and  my   salvation;  whom  shall  I  fear?  The  Lord  is  the   stronghold  of  my  life;  of  whom  shall  I  be   afraid?  Though  an  army  encamp  against  me,   my  heart  shall  not  fear;  though  war  rise  up   against  me,  yet  I  will  be  confident.  (Psalm   27:  1,  3) August  6th:  You  are  my  hiding  place;  you  will   protect  me  from  trouble  and  surround  me   with  songs  of  deliverance.  (Psalm  32:7-­‐8) August  7th:  I  sought  the  Lord,  and  he   answered  me,  and  delivered  me  from  all  my   fears.  (Psalm  34:4) August  8th:  When  the  righteous  cry  for  help,   the  Lord  hears,  and  rescues  them  from  all   their  troubles.  (Psalm  34:17)

and the  mountains  fall  into  the  heart  of  the   sea,  though  its  waters  roar  and  foam  and   the  mountains  quake  with  their  surging.   (Psalm  46:1-­‐3) August  11th:  Hear  my  cry,  O  God;  listen  to  my   prayer.  From  the  ends  of  the  earth  I  call  to   you,  I  call  as  my  heart  grows  faint;  lead  me   to  the  rock  that  is  higher  than  I.  For  you   have  been  my  refuge,  a  strong  tower   against  the  foe.  I  long  to  dwell  in  your  tent   forever  and  take  refuge  in  the  shelter  of   your  wings.  (Psalm  61:1-­‐4) August  12th:  My  soul  finds  rest  in  God  alone;   my  salvation  comes  from  him.  He  alone  is   my  rock  and  my  salvation;  he  is  my  fortress,   I  will  never  be  shaken.  (Psalm  62:1-­‐2) August  13th:  You  who  live  in  the  shelter  of   the  Most  High,  who  abide  in  the  shadow  of   the  Almighty,  will  say  to  the  Lord,  "My   refuge  and  my  fortress;  my  God  in  whom  I   trust."  (Psalm  91:1-­‐2) August  14th:  Those  who  love  me,  I  will   deliver;  I  will  protect  those  who  know  my   name.  When  they  call  to  me,  I  will  answer   them;  I  will  be  with  them  in  trouble,  I  will   rescue  them  and  honour  them.  With  long   life  I  will  satisfy  them,  and  show  them  my   salvation.  (Psalm  91:14-­‐16)

August 9th:  Trust  in  the  Lord  and  do  good;   so  you  will  live  in  the  land,  and  enjoy   security.  Take  delight  in  the  Lord  and  he  will   give  you  the  desires  of  your  heart.  Commit   your  way  to  the  Lord;  trust  in  him,  and  he   will  act.  Be  still  before  the  Lord,  and  wait   patiently  for  him.  (Psalm  37:3-­‐5,  7a)

August 15th:  Bless  the  Lord,  O  my  soul,  and   do  not  forget  all  his  benefits—who  forgives   all  your  sins  and  heals  all  your  diseases,  who   redeems  your  life  from  the  pit  and  crowns   you  with  love  and  compassion,  who  satisfies   your  desires  with  good  things  so  that  your   youth  is  renewed  like  the  eagle's.  (Psalm   103:2-­‐5)

August 10th:  God  is  our  refuge  and  strength,   an  ever-­‐present  help  in  trouble.  Therefore   we  will  not  fear,  though  the  earth  give  way  

August 16th:  When  I  called,  you  answered   me;  you  made  me  bold  and  stout-­‐hearted.   (Psalm  138:3)

August 17th:  Where  can  I  go  from  your  Spirit?   Where  can  I  flee  from  your  presence?  If  I  rise   on  the  wings  of  the  dawn,  if  I  settle  on  the   far  side  of  the  sea,  even  there  your  hand  will   guide  me;  your  right  hand  will  hold  me  fast.   Search  me,  O  God,  and  know  my  heart;  test   me  and  know  my  anxious  thoughts.  See  if   there  is  any  offensive  way  in  me,  and  lead   me  in  the  way  everlasting.  (Psalm  139:  7,   9-­‐10,  23-­‐24) August  18th:  Fear  of  others  will  prove  to  be  a   snare,  but  whoever  trusts  in  the  Lord  is  kept   safe.  (Proverbs  29:25) August  19th:  Surely  God  is  my  salvation;  I  will   trust  and  not  be  afraid.  The  Lord,  the  Lord,   is  my  strength  and  my  song;  he  has  become   my  salvation.  With  joy  you  will  draw  water   from  the  wells  of  salvation.  (Isaiah  12:2) August  20th:  Those  of  steadfast  mind  you   keep  in  peace—because  they  trust  in  you.   Trust  in  the  Lord  forever,  for  in  the  Lord  God   you  have  an  everlasting  rock.  (Isaiah  26:  3-­‐4) August  21st:  In  repentance  and  rest  is  your   salvation,  in  quietness  and  trust  is  your   strength.  (Isaiah  30:15)

August 22nd:  Do  you  not  know?  Have  you   not  heard?  The  Lord  is  the  everlasting  God,   the  Creator  of  the  ends  of  the  earth.  He  will   not  grow  tired  or  weary,  and  his   understanding  no  one  can  fathom.  He  gives   strength  to  the  weary  and  increases  the   power  of  the  weak.  Even  youths  grow  tired   and  weary,  and  young  men  stumble  and  fall;   but  those  who  hope  in  the  Lord  will  renew   their  strength.  They  will  soar  on  wings  like   eagles;  they  will  run  and  not  grow  weary,   they  will  walk  and  not  be  faint.  (Isaiah   40:28-­‐31) August  23rd:  So  do  not  fear,  for  I  am  with   you;  do  not  be  dismayed,  for  I  am  your  God.   I  will  strengthen  you  and  help  you;  I  will   uphold  you  with  my  righteous  right  hand.   (Isaiah  41:10)

August 24th:  Do  not  fear,  for  I  have   redeemed  you;  I  have  called  you  by  name,   you  are  mine.  When  you  pass  through  the   waters,  I  will  be  with  you;  and  through  the   rivers,  they  shall  not  overwhelm  you;  when   you  walk  through  fire  you  shall  not  be   burned,  and  the  flame  shall  not  consume   you.  For  I  am  the  Lord  you  God,  the  Holy   One  of  Israel,  your  Saviour.  (Isaiah  43:1b-­‐3a) August  25th:  O  Lord,  my  strength  and  my   fortress,  my  refuge  in  time  of  distress.   (Jeremiah  16:19) August  26th:  You  will  seek  me  and  find  me   when  you  seek  me  with  all  your  heart.   (Jeremiah  29:13) August  27th:  I  have  loved  you  with  an   everlasting  love;  I  have  drawn  you  with   loving-­‐kindness.  (Jeremiah  31:3) August  28th:  See,  I  am  the  Lord,  the  God  of   all  flesh;  is  anything  too  hard  for  me?   (Jeremiah  32:27) August  29th:  Peace  I  leave  with  you;  my   peace  I  give  you.  I  do  not  give  to  you  as  the   world  gives.  Do  not  let  your  hearts  be   troubled  and  do  not  be  afraid.  (John  14:27) August  30th:  And  we  know  that  in  all  things   God  works  for  the  good  of  those  who  love   him,  who  have  been  called  according  to  his   purpose.  (Romans  8:28) August  31st:  If  God  is  for  us,  who  can  be   against  us?  Who  shall  separate  us  from  the   love  of  Christ?  Shall  trouble  or  hardship  or   persecution  or  famine  or  nakedness  or   danger  or  sword?  No,  in  all  these  things  we   are  more  than  conquerors  through  him  who   loved  us.  For  I  am  convinced  that  neither   death  nor  life,  neither  angels  nor  demons,   neither  the  present  nor  the  future,  nor  any   powers,  neither  height  nor  depth,  nor   anything  else  in  all  creation,  will  be  able  to   separate  us  from  the  love  of  God  that  is  in   Christ  Jesus  our  Lord.  (Romans  8:  31b,  35,   37-­‐39).

Q&A  Maurice  Wright WITH

Are you  young,  middle  aged  or  re0red? Middle  Aged. Describe  yourself  in  four  words. Husband,  father,  social  worker. What  is  your  favourite  pas0me,  sport  or   interest? Singing  for  God! What  is  your  favourite  meal? Ackee   and   salt   fish   with   plantain   and   fried  dumplings. What  is  your  favourite  day  out? Anywhere  with  my  lovely  wife,  Ingrid. What  would  be  your  chosen  holiday   des0na0on? Anywhere  with  my  lovely  wife,  Ingrid,  but   I  would  like  to  visit  New  Zealand. How  do  you  relax? Gardening  or  walking. Have  you  a  favourite  Chris0an  song  or  hymn   and  a  Bible  passage  or  verse? It   is   too   difficult   to   choose   one   song!!     My   favourite   songs  sung  in   church   might   be   My   Jesus,   My   Saviour,  or   How   Great   Thou   Art.     A   Chris0an   song   that   moves   me   every   0me   I   hear   it   or   sing   it   is   Suddenly   by   Alvin   Slaughter,   but   I  could   go  on  and  on…  

At what  age  were  you  when  you  recognised   that  you  could  not  manage  life  on  your  own? 36. Name  someone  who  has  been  a  par0cular   influence  for  good  in  your  life. My   uncle   Alf,   who   was   instrumental   in   poin0ng   me   towards   accep0ng   Jesus   as   my  Lord  and  Saviour. Tell  us  something  about  yourself  that  not   many  others  know. I   have   met   the   Queen   and   been   to   the   37th   birthday   party   of   the   Sultan   of   Brunei. Have  you  experienced  God’s  hand  in  your   life? Yes,  in  both  good  0mes  and  bad. Do  you  think  that  the  Chris0an  lifestyle  is   relevant  in  today’s  world? Yes,   it   transformed   my   life   for   the   best   and   made  me   a  beWer  person   so   should   transform   the   lives   of   others   and   make   the  world  a  beWer  place. What,  aXer  the  Bible,  is  your  favourite  book? The  Lord  of  the  Rings. When  you  get  to  Heaven  who,  aXer  your   nearest  and  dearest  and  Jesus,  would  you   most  like  to  meet? The  choir  master  so  I  can  carry  on  singing   my  praise  to  God!  (This  is  likely  to  be  King   David!

Weekly Activities Mondays 19:30

Home Group  at  Iris  Wilson’s  Led  by  John  Cole


Youth Group  in  the  Hall.  A  chance  for  all  the  young  people  aged   13-­‐18  to  get  together  and  have  fun  playing  games,  pool  and  table-­‐ tennis.  

Tuesdays 14:30

Home Group  at  Jenny  Jane’s  led  by  David  Jewell

Wednesdays 09:15

Seedlings in  the  Hall.  For  pre-­‐schoolers  and  parents/carers.  


Home Group  at  David  Jewell’s  led  by  David  Jewell

Thursdays 10:00

Ladies Bible  Study  in  the  Parlour.  

Sundays 10:45

Morning Worship  at  the  Mustard  Seed.  Join  us  for  a  time  of  prayer,   worship  and  teaching.  There  are  groups  for  children  and  young   people,  through  which  they  will  learn  more  about  God  and  enjoy   finding  out  more  about  Him.


Evening Service

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Mustard Seed Evangelical Church For the people of Callington and the greater glory of God

Who We  Are: The  Mustard  Seed  is  a  fellowship  of  Christians  committed  to   discovering  God’s  love  and  truth  for  today.  During  our  worship  and   study  times,  in  our  family  and  social  events,  and  through  our  caring   and  Outreach  Ministries  we  explore  and  share  God’s  grace  and   guidance  as  He  helps  us  become  and  grow  as  His  followers.  

What We  Believe: •God  is  real. •Jesus  is  Lord. •The  Holy  Spirit  gives  life. •God  speaks  through  the  Bible. •God  forgives  us. •Jesus  cares  for  us. •Jesus  is  coming  back.

We warmly  welcome  you,  or  anyone  else   to  meet  with  us!

August / September Newsletter  

Our August/September 2011 Newsletter

August / September Newsletter  

Our August/September 2011 Newsletter