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Have you ever wondered who made the World Wide Web? It was Tim Berners-Lee who made the lovely web! Tim was born in southwest of London, England on June 8th 1995. When Tim was young, his hobby was electronics. Tim entered Queen’s College at Oxford University hoping to utilize his native talents in scientific theory and practical application. In the 1980’s he lived in Geneva, Switzerland, for a job. He lives in London, England, today. One interesting fact about Tim Berners-Lee is that he made the hypertext which lets you instantly jump from one electronic document to another. He had used that for when he wrote his book called the Enquire. In 1957, the USSR launched the first artificial satellite named Sputnik into space. As a counter act, the US government created the Advanced Research Projects Agency. They did so in an attempt to become the world leader in science and technology, in relation with the military. In 1965, nine years after its formation, the ARPA hosts a study on “cooperative network of time–sharing computers.” Shortly thereafter, two computers, one from the MIT Lincoln Lab and one from the System Development Corporation (SDC), are successfully connected with a dedicated 1200bps phone line. A third computer, at ARPA, is added to form “The Experimental Network.” The invention is a big hit! How the invention benefits people is, that you are able to search important information. Most people go to YouTube because you can find some interesting things on there. Lots of people like to play games on the Web and look at pictures from Google. When Tim Berners-Lee made the World Wide Web he did not know how big it would get. In the olden days people had to go and drive or walk to a library to get information but, now when you’re at home you can look up whatever you need whenever you want! You can go shopping online, play games, chat, and look at funny pictures. There are also many other things you can do for business or just for fun. Our world is way better with the World Wide Web, so thank Tim!

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