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Laser surgery Makes eye surgery Better

Patricia Bath By: Miranda Do you know anyone with cataracts? You should see about how to get their eyes fixed by Patricia Bath who was born November 4, 1942, Harlem New York. She is an only child. When she was little she did not have very many friends, she read a lot. Her books were mostly her friends. From all that reading she got very smart and when she got to high school she graduated early. Patricia was interested in science so she went to Yeshiva University. When they were learning about the body and eye it fascinated her, and she got very educated about it. So when she got a job, she worked at a place that works with eyes. In school she was the first African American to finish a science academy. Some other important events that took place in1981, is the years that it took her to invent a device to improve on the use of lasers to remove cataract were, a nerve gas leak in Utah killed 6,000 sheep, three U.S. astronauts were killed during a simulated launch, and civil war in Lebanon. She had invented laser eye surgery that made it possible to remove cataracts using lasers. When people get older they sometimes get a growth in their eye that makes it so they cannot see very well. To remove the growth they give them anesthesia to sleep and then they hold your eye open to do the surgery. A laser is used to open the eye and then it dissolves the growth. They then put in a new lens. But this procedure can be very expensive. Patricia Bath is still alive today. She continues to improve the device and successfully restored vision to the people who have not been able to see for decades.

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