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INTRO In its fourth year, the MS Dockville Festival underwent not only an optical change - including a new logo - but also an enormous advancement and strengthening of Dockville’s main elements, art and music. The festival grew to include about 20.000 visitors during the festival weekend from August 13th-15th 2010, over 100 national and international bands and DJs, a 10-day art-exhibition (July 29th - August 8th 2010) and the non-profit youth summer camp Lüttville for 120 children from Wilhelmsburg. Thus, transforming the original Dockville weekend into a Dockville summer lasting several weeks! About 30 international visual artists began the process of building their installations at the festival venue on the so-called „Reiherstiegknie“ in Wilhelmsburg in the beginning of July. The artists lived and worked in the festival space long before the actual festival took place, creating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere during the so-called art-camp. This year‘s festival motto, RECREATION, was reflected in the combination of art and music as well as the design of the festival situation. It was also the central theme in all parts of the art exhibition concept – expressed through the places chosen for each exhibition, the exhibition space as a whole, the realised projects and the construction and exhibition process. Well-known artists, including Brad Downey, Olaf Nicolai, Hermann Josef Hack, Erki de Vries, Tim Vets, Olle Cornéer, Martin Lübcke and many more participated in the exhibition. A piece by Tino Sehgal, which was exclusively conceived for the festival weekend, completed the impressive selection of installations by both well-known and upcoming artists. The ten-day art exhibition was supplemented by an extensive supporting program. Up to 700 visitors daily enjoyed the concerts, readings, plays and the selected DJs each day. To help visitors appreciate and interpret the works of art, 24-page festival newspaper, as well as daily-guided tours in German and English, were developed and offered. Not only the visitors, but also the artists themselves offered high praise for the exhibition. Lüttville, the non-profit summer camp for children from Wilhelmsburg, took place simultaneously with the art exhibition. The camp, which celebrated its third anniversary in 2010, was organised by the newly founded association Lüttville e.V. Each afternoon, about 120 children from six to fourteen years old had a chance to create their own artworks, big and small, in various creative workshops. The workshops, which included painting, building, photography, graffiti, hip-hop dance and rap were arranged in cooperation with local educational institutions. These included Bauspielplatz Galgenbrack e. V., Haus der Jugend Kirchdorf Süd, Falkenflitzer and the Zirkus Willibald. Additionally, Lüttville cooperated with the HipHop Academy Hamburg of the Kulturpalast Hamburg. The children were able to present their projects for family, friends and visitors at the Lüttville ending ceremony as well as at the Dockville Festival itself. This year’s highlight was the performance of the Lüttville dance workshop during Jan Delay‘s headliner show in front of 15.000 festival visitors. The three-day Dockville Festival united all elements and presented 100 German and international bands and DJs in nine venues from August 13th - 15th 2010. The line-up included bands such as Klaxons, Jamie T., Portugal.The Man, Uffie, The Drums, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, Delphic, Jamie T., Friska Viljor, Bonaparte, Tiefschwarz and many more. Also, with Hallogallo 2010, the current project of Michael Rother, the founder of the legendary Krautrock band NEU!, Dockville made musical history. Along with Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) and Aaron Mullan (Tall Firs), he played songs from both NEU! and Harmonia. The musical program was spread out over nine different venues, inviting visitors to continue exploring the festival area. Along with the art installations and the stage program, the festival was expanded to include further projects – Beiboote (dinghies). These parts of the program were made possible through cooperation with a variety of cultural institutions, adding playful artistic elements to the mix. For example, the Beiboote included the Poetry Slam (“Kampf der Künste”), as well as two entire installation spaces – the first one by the default network from Copenhagen and the second one by the Hamburg art collective Pfund & Dollar. Additionally, the staging of the festival site by Aerosol and a newly structured festival venue contributed to an already-perfect atmosphere during the art exhibition and particularly during the festival weekend itself. Festival 2010


FESTIVAL Home sleeper and fun guerrilla united in a volume of 20,000 people in front of the stages of Dockville, because the boundaries between music tastes are after all floating. HAMBURGER ABENDBLATT

Just three steps from paradise

Art, music and kids, that’s also what I care about. Therefore: An ideal mixture. JAN DELAY Haldern and Dockville put massive, unrelenting smiles on our faces. Thank you to everyone whocame along. We‘ll be back with new songs as soon as possible. x POST WAR YEARS Dockville my dear, u was great great great!! A wonderful end to an endless summer. Goodbye hamburg. Beeep!“ BONAPARTE Thank you to Hamburg‘s Dockville festival. Abandoned shipping warehouses instead of the usual vast fields. Had a great show, thanks a lot. X“ EVERYTHING EVERYTHING Dockville is family. FRANK SPILKER, DIE STERNE Had such a good time. One of the highlights of our summer! FSx FENECH-SOLER Dear AIDA, you are dismissed: Welcome to the mother ship of the festivals, the MS Dockville. Set the sails; hoist the anchor, full speed ahead. Lean back and enjoy a three-day crossing in a class of its own. FESTIVALHOPPER.DE And by the way, it is also really relaxed on this year’s Dockville, because the organizers expanded the festival area. So, more than 20,000 visitors can disperse, there is room for more art, more halls in which DJs spin until the early morning and more space to relax. For example, on Saturday afternoon we were comfortable playing bingo with coffee and cake. The Dockville Festival is simply different: no commerce machine, but a real modern hippie festival. DIE WELT, 16.08.2010 The Dockville nationwide applies as one of the most innovative and most appealing open airs. BILD HAMBURG Hats off, my dear team Dockville! PRINZ HAMBURG As tired and wasted one may be after three days of Dockville Festival - in the end outweighs always the sadness that the fun is over already: almost 20,000 visitors celebrated, danced, and rocked this year in front of an again striking scenery of Wilhelmsburg’s Rethespeicher. Oh, it was great. And so one already starts counting the days until the fifth Dockville. HAMBURGER MORGENPOST Two girls were among those who didn‘t give a damn about the cascades of rain and dansed as if it meant their lives. That exact picture exemplifies an exemplary ending of a festival that salutes the spirit of an artistic playground with installations and freethinking and music and solidarity. The picture of the two has become a symbol of the festival but also a symbol of life. A symbol of festival people living their lives. CHRISTIAN ERIN-MADSEN, THE MUSIC MAGAzINE GAFFA, DENMARK In general terms Dockville can become one of those pearls hard to find in Europe, with its mixture of rightly blending new names that have not yet come to be media, some headliners and many German names, all within an enclosure that offers all the amenities you find in the big summer festivals. To be continued next year. WALTER PENILLA, ROCKzONE, SPAIN Set in a dockland area bounded on one side by woods and on the other by water and looming industrial buildings, Dockville Festival feels like the perfect venue in which to 10

MS Dockville

experience Hallogallo‘s music Mojo Magazine, England Cordial thanks to Enno Arndt for the invitation and the courage to present my new live project Hallogallo 2010 at this year’s Dockville. Likewise, I thank the whole Dockville team who helped us, the musicians (Steve Shelley, Aaron Mullan and me), with every matter. We had a very nice time and will come back. The location is terrific - during our concert a huge barge past by, what a staging! And the festival concept together with Lütville and the arts is totally sympathetic and stimulating. I wish the Dockville Festival that the charm retains. All the best and a successful future! Michael Rother

DOCKVILLE FESTIVAL The Dockville festival weekend joined all key elements characterizing Dockville and provided the approx. 20,000 guests with three wonderful days on the Elbe Island Wilhelmsburg. The site, which was home to the art exhibition and the artists themselves, was transformed into an impressive yet intimate festival ground within just a few days. The nine venues consisted of two large open-air stages, four halls, one tent and two artistic stages the “Horn” and the “Village”, which were already known from the preceding years. Over 100 bands and DJs played at this year’s Dockville festival – visitors were able to discover many young bands alongside big, well-known acts such as Klaxons, Jamie T., Jan Delay and Wir Sind Helden. Just to give an example: The magical appearance of Agnes Obél, who opened the main stage on Saturday, resulted in a larger crowd than Dockville had ever seen before at such an early hour. Also worth mentioning was the captivating performance of the young band Fenech-Soler with a mix of electro-dance and indie. We predict a bright future for them! This year, we were able to re-engage two bands, who had already given very strong performances at Dockville 2009. Frittenbude and Bonaparte. While Frittenbude played in one of the smaller halls last year, they were successful headliners of the second stage this year. Bonaparte demonstrated how passionate and electrifying the staging of live appearances can be today with their top-notch performance – a Dockville act par excellence.

A completely new discovery of the Dockville program were Kakkmaddafakka from Norway, who received thunderous applause in the early afternoon und countered it with the following words: “Well guys. We’re just from Noooorwayyy?! That’s way too kind!!” THE hype of the year 2010 are surely The Drums, who have conquered many teenagers’ hearts with their surfpop and received a massive round of applause. Of course, we cannot possibly forget the big indie acts such as Jamie T., Good Shoes, Dúné, Portugal.the man and Delphic! But also the much calmer acts like Sophie Hunger, Fanfarlo, Villagers around Conor O’Brian or the Icelander Seabear captured their fans. The appearance of the siblings Kitty, Daisy & Lewis might be called one of the most charming parts of this year’s festival. Together with their parents they brought the sound of the 40s and 50s to the Dockville festival and moved visitor‘s hearts with a wonderful performance. This year, we stepped up the evening and night DJ program more than ever before. Apart from the two main stages, live bands and DJ sets came hand in hand at all of the other nine venues – round-the-clock! At a late hour, the Horn almost felt like a private party with friends thanks to its small size and slightly hidden location. Butterland, the hall designed by the artist Jens Gottschau, animated the festival guests to participate with its interactive giant shadow play. The DJ sets by Lawrence, Efdemin, Jackmate and Ada packed the hall – and the dance floors. In the neighboring Maschinenraum (“machine room”), guests Festival 2010


danced the nights away to the sounds Sascha Funke, DJ Phono, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Tiefschwarz and other well-known names of electronic dance music. Of course, we need to mention the exceeding performance of HGich.T: A crowd stormed into the hall in the early hours of thee afternoon in order to witness the quaint performance of the psychedelic-dadaistic goa band. Last but not least, we would like to highlight the performance of Michael Rother. To commemorate this year‘s box-set release of the discography of his Krautrock band NEU!, which he founded together with Klaus Dinger, the Dockville festival had the honour to be the first German festival, and one of the few festivals worldwide, to present Rother’s performance together with Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) and Aaron Mullan (Tall Firs). The three musicians played songs from Rother’s bands NEU! and Harmonia in a magnificent performance. On Dockville Friday, Rother, Tobec, and Steve Shelley played an hours-long DJ set at the Horn stage. Beiboote / dinghy

In addition to the stage program and the art, the festival also included extraordinary projects, which we united under the name Beiboote (“dinghies”). These projects were developed in cooperation with other cultural institutions or art collectives and added another level of creativity to the festival program. Two cooperative projects each equipped a hall with music and art. One was CPH/DV, the Copenhagen default networks. The architects Anders Bjerregaard-Andersen and Kasper Kristoffer Sørensen transformed the small hall into a “CPH/DV holiday home” for the Dockville visitors. According to the spirit of the festival, the architects, artists and musicians worked jointly to keep their site in a constant state of transformation. In addition, photo exhibitions were held and DJ sets by well-known Co12

MS Dockville

penhagen DJs, such as Nabo, Carl Emil, Aslope and Voldsomt Vellidt took place. The hall next door belonged to the Hamburg art collective Pfund & Dollar. With great passion for detail, they created a wonderful space out of recycled materials. In addition, this hall was home to a magnificent musical program. Acts like Spaceman Spiff, Nilsmusik or Kid Decker enchanted guests in a homey lounge atmosphere. Along with the concerts, Pfund & Dollar developed an entertainment program including raucous bingo sessions. Our cooperation with the Hamburg poetry slam organiser “Kampf der Künste” received very positive feedback from the visitors in 2009.. Once again, ten nationally acclaimed slammers were welcomed to Dockville this year. They competed against each other in the preliminaries on Saturday. On Sunday they competed in the by now traditional final just before the headliner. Furthermore, spontaneous performances by the poets were held between bands on the main stages – other festivals might use this as an advertising opportunity, but we‘d rather offer literary art! The festival as game board, a place where compulsive gambling can and should be acted out and encouraged – this was the motto of the two entertainers Marcel Maas und Lutz Woellert. With their participative gambling performance “42forall”, they entertained and animated the Dockville visitors with numerous playful episodes, making the festival become more than just the typical dash from showcase to showcase. This year, for the first time, small independent labels and young designers were invited to sell their favorite things. The “Freihandelszone” (“free-trade zone”) assembled people whose distribution channels are far from department-store chains and dazzling boulevards and whose revenue rarely reaches above three-digit numbers. A much-welcomed change from the otherwise brandflooded festival world elsewhere.

ART In this seemingly unique mix of “Art’n Kids‘ n Rock‘n‘Roll”, one can probably not help but add Dockville to the category of protected species. Die Azubis

The development of pop music would have been a lot slower without the impact of the visual arts. The eye is the hunter, the ear is the collector. The eye is always searching for something new; the ear tends to keep to what it knows already. The more interesting pop-artists seek for kinship with the visual arts, since the keeping is not a creative activity per se and the human being tends to strive forward. Vision comes from seeing. This would be a way of thinking which would help to understand what makes the Dockville Festival so special. (…) And: At Dockville the art exists only temporarily. Their intended volatility undermines the idea of the work’s eternity, the apparent duration of the matter – and thus comes closer to the music, the most immaterial of all arts, which is already doomed to disappear in the moment of its sounding. Tom R. Schulz / Hamburger Abendblatt “Massage, mud bath, refreshing showers – all of these rather obviously fit the bill for „recovery“ as included in the festival theme “recreation”. But the installations and performances impress with their differentiated, complex implementation. (...) Recovery and transformation in all areas - the motto of „recreation“ of this year’s Dockville seems to keep its promises. Nora Gohlke / art magazin I had a very nice time. I would come back. I think everything was organized very well. postive environment to make something. Brad Downey I came to the festival area two days before the opening ceremony, due to a material supply delay. As I was picked up from the train station in Wilhelmsburg and asked how I would get back to the city centre – the only reply I got was: „You are not getting out of here!“. And so it was! The material of my work probably had a similar appeal: „Only three steps to paradise.“ Once the visitors got involved, they didn’t want to leave. To analyse the reasons is not my duty, but three words come to mind: origin, material, and love! Thomas Judisch The artists are thinking, ‚a merry “Elbe-island summer‘ is ending. Until the end, they managed to pump natural Elbe water into thirty-seven luxury showerheads and onto the bodies of art lovers, the little ones, music lovers and vandals. Once again, the “Institut für wahre Kunst“ truly worked with heart and soul. Now, they look back on the Showersista-Image with a smile. Institut für wahre Kunst (...) Secondly, the even greater transformation is that the transformation from an industrial ruin to a festival space is not only due to mobile festival toilets and food stalls, but that an artistic obstacle course has been created for the fourth time. It enriches the musical spectacle with important aesthetic and conceptual components. And the concept of the art program has also undergone a development – it got even more professional. The Dockville curators, Dorothee Halbrock, Laura Raber 16

MS Dockville

and Maren Pahnke formed a cross-genre Advisory Board together with the choreographer Lucia Glass, the „art-magazine“ editor Alain Bieber and media artist Andreas Otto. They decided to realise 15 installations from about 30 artists who worked together to create their acoustic, sculptural, illuminated, floral, aqua dynamic (...) works starting on July, 8th. Detached from the dynamics of the major event. And yet, the festival situation true to the theme „Recreation“ is always in the back of the everyone’s mind. Birgit Reuther / Abendblatt Hamburg

ART / RECREATION Regeneration, rethinking, the great outdoors, shared space, reinterpretation, cross-media, remaking spaces, restructuring, oasis, mash-up. 3-week art camp – 10-day open air exhibit – 3-day music festival

Artists of the exhibition ZooZooZoo (D/S) – Tino Sehgal (GB/D) – Tim Vets und Erki De Vries (BE) – Thomas Judisch (D) – SigmundLachs-Institut (D) – Olle Cornéer und Martin Lübcke (S) – Olaf Nicolai (D) – Nick Meeter (GB) – Maschinenbaugesellschaft Dorf (D) – Murano und Tomoeda (J) – Michaela Melián (D) – Meine Damen und Herren (D) – Institut für wahre Kunst (D) – Hermann Josef Hack (D) – Elektropastete (D) – Die Azubis (D) Conrad Kürzdörfer (D/USA) – Brad Downey (USA) Artists of the exhibition program Sven Kacirek – triquetta – Cäthe Sieland – klingtsogut! : Phuong Dan – Dionne – Tilman Tausendfreund akaak – Oskar Offermann – Moomin – Pascal Fulbrügge – Jiggy Porsche und Coby County in Silber: Olivia Wenzel, Leif Randt, Andreas Stichmann – Warten auf Clanton: Sprechwerk Hamburg – Bruno & Michel are smiling with Skiperrr – Nicht hupen, Fahrer träumt von Omar S. : Christian Weber, Hendrik Warnke – Max Motor – The Sorry Entertainers – Jakob The Butcher – Andrea-Caleidoscopio – Lilith Primavera – Cascao – Trouble vs. Glue – kenconsumer A temporary community working together creatively, a summer holiday sleeping under the stars, an exhibition space with evening events and a children‘s summer camp (Lüttville) all came together to celebrate one final festival weekend: That‘s the dramaturgy of DOCKVILLE. Before the three-day festival, a truly unique space within the festival landscape was established under the theme RECREATION, creating a unique platform for art and for the over 30 artists from different countries who lived and worked together during the art-camp. The intimate relationship between art and music, as well as the reflection and redesign of the social and

spatial festival situation served as the two poles between which the motto RECREATION stretched – embracing the place of exhibition, the exhibition ground, the realised projects and the building and exhibition process. The supporting program consisted of concerts, readings, and discussions literally in and on art installations, performances operating on the shared border of music and art, and a selected DJ program, attracting up to 700 young and old guests discovering both the artworks and the unique festival area day by day. Guided tours by Jana Kimmel-Schlott and Julia Riedler and the very rich, in-depth festival newspaper strengthened the art education program. Festival 2010


A human that looks at a human

RECREATION — ConCept RECREATION – To contemplate and evaluate the past. To transform the available, the exhibited with artistic strategies.

The artists “Die Azubis” with their project “Die Resteverwerter” (“The recyclers”) probably embodied the motto RECREATION in the most literal way. They created an exhibition out of the garbage daily left behind by other artists and presented it in a performative diary. But the joint project “Harvest” of the Swedes Olle Cornéer and Martin Lübcke also worked with reinterpretation – their Terrafon read the festival ground like a gramophone record, creating a site-specific sound installation that underlines the theme. Another reinterpretation is accomplished in regards to change in the ranking system in the music world: The instrument is pulled by a classical ensemble – tradition pulls avant-garde. Moreover, Tim Vets and Erki de Vries made existing surfaces audible with their sound installation “Poltergeist”. Nick Meeter led a self-recreational performance and the Sigmund-Lachs-Institute worked with the reinterpretation and questioning of social positions with their helicopter operation. RECREATION AREA A space for relaxation

A bus stop was transformed into a RECREATION area: A bus stop planted by visitors – that was the idea of Conrad Kürzdörfer, who blurred the borders of two places where city dwellers linger – the park and the bus stop – enabling visitors to wait and interact in a better world. A very different kind of recovery was created by the installation of Thomas Judisch. He installed three mud baths on the Dockville ground, inviting the guests to splash around. To get rid of the mud, visitors could drop by at the installation of the „Institut für wahre Kunst“. It brought the Elbe water onto the festival ground; the harbour atmosphere was broken by an array of showerheads shaped sunflowers. The wild meadow was turned into an ordered field. All the guests could then undergo a real treatment for a maximum feeling of relaxation with live music accompaniment by the cast of “Meine Damen und Herren”. And those who wanted to relax in an open space laid down next to a perfumed satellite created by ZooZooZoo, closed their eyes and dreamed, while others picnicked nearby. RECREATION ROOM A shared space

A common thread ran through the artwork at the Dockville Festival: the dialogical link between various disciplines, especially

music and art, with an eye toward the integration of an active visitor. Not only the results themselves are designed communicatively and cooperatively; during the construction phase, each artwork was created collaboratively by teams including artists, craftsmen and helpers. Olaf Nicolai created his sculpture, which was made to be used and interacted with, called “Landscape”. It was realized by Jonathan Gröne and was presented in the open space for the first time. So, in addition to musicians performing on the installation, the visitors were also able to sit, lie, and dance on the installation, which was adopted with great enthusiasm. And as commonly known, those in a state of recreation find it easy to communicate; : In the mud bath and under the shower heads, during the massage-performance and the bus stop spaces of interaction were brought to life. RECREATING HISTORY The history and the current state of affairs of the Reiherstiegknie

The district of Wilhelmsburg – and with it the festival site – recently moved into the focus of a citywide debate concerning urban policy. The Dockville is situated on an island which was chosen by the city policy to be recreated, revamped, revived, and enhanced – with all the positive and negative consequences such an overhaul entails: The International Building Exhibition (IBA, Internationale Bauausstellung) and the International Garden Festival (IGS, Internationale Gartenschau) will present their results here in 2013, and they are active in pressing ahead with the processes of change since their emergence in 2007. The Dockville Festival presents a communicative, collaborative position of cultural design next to these major projects. In the style of his usual works, Brad Downey also represented a position that deals humorously with public control and standardization at Dockville. Michaela Melián’s inflatable ”Fleetinsel” was already established in 1997 and even then emphasised the threat to the public space. It didn’t lose in its relevance and value in the context of current urban development policy with the focus on Wilhelmsburg, but also in the overall context of urban development. Hermann Josef Hack dealt with the issue of sustainability, which is also a strong leitmotif for IBA and IGS, from another point of view. He sat down and dealt with the exhibition’s theme in a scenic way to address the social impacts of climate change, which were visible as banners in the urban space of Wilhelmsburg. Murano and Tomoeda from Japan looked at the site at Reiherstieg from a completely different angle, namely in terms of its proximity to the water, and invited visitors to help them build a historic ship made out of sugar, which was launched out to sea on the last day of the festival. Festival 2010


LÜTTVILLE From a summer camp right on to the stage show of a Hip-Hop star. This is probably only working at ‚Lüttville’. Harburger Rundschau / Hamburger AbendblatT

Lüttville, yes that‘s us, we children, who try to experiment with everything, just everything Lyrics from the Lüttville rap-workshop Lüttville?: The best would be it would happen 365 days a year - because in the urban landscape we want this enthusiasm for learning and for creativity not only from the small ones (‘Lütten’), but also from the big ones (‘Groten‘). Like here in the evening at the bus stop a child almost roars to his Mother, „I want to go there again” - „Yes, Yes You will go again tomorrow“ – also for the schools and for a lifelong learning for the inhabitants of the Elbe islands. Therefore we support and make the educational campaign and Lüttville. Jürgen Dege-Rüger, Koordinierungsstelle Bildungsoffensive Elbinseln, IBA Hamburg

LÜTTVILLE From August 2nd to 7th 2010, the Lüttville summer camp took place for the third time. Lüttville is the large community workshop on the dreamy Dockville site at Reiherstieg in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg. Allowing 125 child-age and adolescent residents of the Elbe River Island to explore and enjoying the area during one week. In different workshops, children focused on choreographing dances, exploring the wildlife, painting, building and experimenting along with the participants in the Dockville art camp, looking over the shoulder of the carpenters of Dockville Village, and escaping the stresses of daily life in getaway vehicles or simply just play games. This variety of activities and points of contact have not only opened new opportunities for the children and young people in terms of holiday activities and career options, but also freed up synergies with all other people involved in Dockville. This year, everyone involved could once again enjoy Lüttville’s characteristic exciting but relaxed atmosphere of exchange and interaction. The fact that the entire workshop program, the red double-decker transfer bus, the healthy snacks and the support of a total of 60 adults for our young participants could be used completely free of charge, was only possible because after three years of hard work, Lüttville now is a diverse, wellsupported community project. Institutionally, financially, cooperatively and in regards to its personnel, Lüttville has friends

and helpers in many places. First, the institutional support of the summer camp is accomplished by the non-profit organization „Lüttville - Association for Promoting cultural Networking and Education”. As the name suggests, the non-profit was established specifically for the organization and implementation of the summer camp in the beginning of 2010. Here, a team of volunteers concentrates on the coordination and organisation of Lüttville. On the other hand, the summer camp has financial support based upon several pillars. The main part is secured by a grant from the International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg, because the Lüttville implements the objectives of the education offensive Elbe Island. Additionally, Lüttville enjoys the support of major sponsors such as the Company Capital Intermodal, the Foundation Maritim, Hamburger Sparkasse, the company drift – Norddeutsch für Energie and Dockville Festival, through which the Lüttville finds and has found support and appreciation for several years. Furthermore, the Lüttville is a growing cooperative network of institutions local to both the Elbe Island and Hamburg and our many workshop providers, the caretakers or just material resources. Our highlight was the Dockville Festival of New Style Workshop from the HipHop academy Hamburg. A choreography to the song „Disco“ by our Dockville headliner Jan Delay was rehearsed and performed at his concert in front of 15,000 enthusiastic spectators and rainy. Festival 2010


Communication After three years, the Dockville festival got a new look this year: According to the festival content, the creative performance is reduced to a more artistic one, and highlights the designs of Jakobus Siebels even more. His designs have been used to decorate Dockville Festival materials since the festival premiere in 2007. Included in the new design are a new typography and a new logo, which are now integrated in all online and print actions. Along with the new design approach, we have implemented innovative communicative actions outdoors, as well as in the print and online sector – from large-scale logo placements in the cityscape to a festival program published in newspaper format and an informative documentary video blog. Furthermore, we were able to expand our public relations work in comparison to previous years. In addition to a very good presence in regional and national print media (World, Hamburger Abendblatt, Mopo), radio (njoy, Radio HH, Energy, Delta Radio, Radio FFN, MotorFM, ByteFM) and on TV (Arte, 3sat, NDR, Hamburg 1, TIDE), we attracted enormously increased attention from abroad regarding Dockville – the British Daily Telegraph listed the Dockville among the top 10 festivals in Europe.





Wooden cutouts of the Dockville logo positioned in the cityscape of Hamburg. Size: approximately 1 meter Print run: 150 Distribution: highly frequented spots in the city of Hamburg FLYER Total circulation: 350.000 Stk. Format: A6 / DINLang Sonderformat: Logoflyer Time period of distribution: April bis August 2010 Areas of distribution:

Großbereich Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Flensburg, Friedrichshafen, Groningen (NL), Hannover, Kiel, Köln, Kopenhagen (DK), Lübeck, Lüneburg, Magdeburg, München, Münster, Oldenburg, Osnabrück, Paderborn, Rostock, Schwerin, Stade, Buxtehude, Stralsund, Wismar. POSTER Total circulation: 20.000 Stk. Sizes: A3 / A2 / A1 / A0 / 4/1tel Time period of distribution (public spaces)

April to August 2010

Page Visits: Jan 128.444 Feb 153.699 Mrz 197.435 Apr 237.699 Mai 248.888 Jun 374.950 Jul 597.798 Aug 1.050.593 Total: 2.989.506 page visits (Jan-Aug)


Seven artistic trailers were created by the artists Marlene Denningmann, Katrin Heydekamp, Jens Gottschau, Tim Kaiser, Robert Loebel. Uploaded on Integrated on, and

Open space billposting:

Großbereich Hamburg, Berlin, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Flensburg, Friedrichshafen, Groningen (NL), Hannover, Kiel, Köln, Kopenhagen (DK), Lübeck, Lüneburg, Magdeburg, München, Münster, Oldenburg, Osnabrück, Paderborn, Rostock, Schwerin, Stade, Buxtehude, Stralsund, Wismar. Mosquito-billposting: 600 A1-Spots vom 01.-13.08.2010 in Hamburg. General billposting in the city:

2.000 posters A0 und 4/1tel from 1.-24.6.2010 in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony.


In order to produce a video documentation of the festival, we cooperated with the Media Academy of Hamburg. A group of 20 students recorded the process by which Dockville was prepared, enjoyed and torn down. In total, they created 29 video blogs, which were integrated in our Vimeo channel. These were selected 626,145 times and played 48,595 times in the period from 29.03.2010 to 21.09.2010. This type of documentation has proven to be a very entertaining and effective way to show all the different facets of Dockville before the festival.

Billposting and flyer distribution at festivals:

ABI Festival, Wilwarin Festival, Lunatic Festival, Ahrensburg Stadtfest, Hurricane, Melt, Deichbrand Extrablatt - Festivalzeitung

In diesem Jahr erschien das Dockville Programmheft zum ersten Mal im Zeitungsformat mit umfangreichen Informationen zum musikalischen wie auch künstlerischen Programm des Festivals. Adverts FESTIVALGUIDE 1/3 endwise, (Coverage 825.000 contacts) INTRO Jul/AUG 1/3 endwise (Coverage 420.000 contacts) MUSIKEXPRESS JUN 1/3 endwise, (Coverage 290.000 contacts) PISTE HH - 1/1 (Print run 25.000) UNCLESALLYS APR 1/4 BLOCK (Coverage 350.000 contacts) KULTURNEWS JUL 1/3 endwise (Coverage 500.000 contacts) ARTROCKER (UK) JUN 1/4 BLOCK (Coverage 106.080 contacts) MELT PROGRAMMHEFT 1/2 DIAGONALLY (Print run 30.000) SCHANZENLOTSE FRÜHJAHR 2010 1/2 DIAGONALLY (Print run 30.000)


5000 friends on the Dockville profile (maximum allowed number) Over 6980 fans on the Dockville-fan profile (Number from 25.08.10) (in 2009 there were 320 friends) StudiVZ

6411 friends on the Dockville profile Myspace

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Festival 2010


Facts & data Festival ARTcamp Exhibit


13.–15.08.2010 08.–28.07.2010 29.07.–08.08.2010


Reiherstieg Hauptdeich, 21107 Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg Bands KLAXONS (UK) | JAN DELAY & DISKO No1 | WIR SIND HELDEN | JAMIE T. (UK) | SLIME | HALLOGALLO2010 | PORTUGAL. THE MAN (USA) | K.I.Z. | TIEFSCHWARZ | THE DRUMS (USA) | KITTY, DAISY & LEWIS (UK) | UFFIE (F) | BONAPARTE | FRITZ KALKBRENNER | BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB (UK) | SHANTEL & BUCOVINA ORKESTAR | FRISKA VILJOR (S) | SOPHIE HUNGER (CH) | THERAPY? (UK) | | THE WHIP (UK) | KLEE | FRITTENBUDE | DIE STERNE | FANFARLO (UK) | DÚNÉ (DK) | DELPHIC (UK) | SASCHA FUNKE | EFDEMIN | LAWRENCE | JACKMATE | NEUTRONICS DJ-TEAM [MICHAEL ROTHER, STEVE SHELLY, TOBEC] | GOOD SHOES (UK) | I BLAME COCO (UK) | SEABEAR (ISL) | WE WERE PROMISED JETPACKS (UK) | BRATZE | VILLAGERS (IRL) | ESBEN AND THE WITCH (UK) | DIE VÖGEL | DJ PHONO | ADA | JUPITER JONES | MUTTER | MARC SCHNEIDER | CATS ON FIRE (FIN) | JA,PANIK (AT) | HARLEM (USA) | GUSTAV (AT) | SCHWEFELGELB | POST WAR YEARS (UK) | AGNES OBEL (DK) | ONDA VAGA (ARG) | OU EST LE SWIM- MING POOL (UK) | KABEEDIES (UK) | EVERYTHING EVERYTHING (UK) | TUNE-YARDS (USA) | DETROIT SOCIAL CLUB (UK) | FENECH-SOLER (UK) | SAME TEENS (UK) | CHRISTIAN NAUJOKS | SMALLPEOPLE | GANGLIANS (USA) | HELGI JONSSON (ISL) | KAKKMADDAFAKKA (N) | MAY68 (UK) | SUTSCHE & FELLO | JIM PANSEN | DIE RAKEDE | KING KONG KICKS | TANZEN HILFT | LE FLY | SECRETS. | SHELTERCLUB HAMBURG DJ TEAM | HIP HOP AKADEMI HAMBURG | REVOLVER CLUB | CONSTANTIN GROLL | AKAAK | TILMAN TAUSENDFREUND | CHRISTOPHER RAU UND BJÖRNSKI | CHRISTIAN WEBER | PHUONG DAN | RSS | DIE BOYS | MAX MOTOR | MATT MORODER | JAKOB THE BUTCHER | FALKLAND | TRIQUETTA | JENDRIK ROTHSTEIN | COU-COU-DJ TEAM SOPHIA FT ROMA & WONDER | TRIQUETTA | E_MOL | JESSICA TOMORROW UND JONATHAN JOHNSON | MAX POWER | FEEL BESSER | HEIN BOOGIE | TERRIBLE EAGLE DJ SET | ELIN & CLAP | SIZARR | NEAT NEAT NEAT | JULIAN SCHAUB | BALINSKI | GRINNING TREE | DON HARDO & MATRICKS | HR. SVOLANSKI Artists being part of the exhibition ZooZooZoo (D/S) | Tino Sehgal (GB/D) | Tim Vets und Erki De Vries (BE) | Thomas Judisch (D) | Sigmund-Lachs-Institut (D) | Olle Cornéer und Martin Lübcke (S) | Olaf Nicolai (D) | Nick Meeter (GB) | Maschinenbaugesellschaft Dorf (D) | Murano und Tomoeda (J) | Michaela Melián (D) | Meine Damen und Herren (D) | Institut für wahre Kunst (D) | Hermann Josef Hack (D) | Elektropastete (D) | Die Azubis (D) | Conrad Kürzdörfer (D/USA) | Brad Downey (USA) Artists being part of the exhibition’s programme Sven Kacirek | triquetta | Cäthe Sieland | klingtsogut! | Phuong Dan | Dionne | Tilman Tausendfreund | akaak | Oskar Offermann | Moomin | Pascal Fulbrügge | Jiggy Porsche und Coby County in Silber: Olivia Wenzel, Leif Randt, Andreas Stichmann | Warten auf Clanton: Sprechwerk Hamburg | Bruno & Michel are smiling with Skiperrr | Nicht hupen, Fahrer träumt von Omar S. : Christian Weber, Hendrik Warnke | Max Motor | The Sorry Entertainers | Jakob The Butcher | Andrea-Caleidoscopio | Lilith Primavera | Cascao | Trouble vs. Glue | kenconsumer Attendance

Exhibition: Up to 700 guests per day Festival

Saturday: approx. 15.000 Sunday: approx. 12.000 Approximately 20.000 visitors over three days Thereof approximately 6000 camping guests and 100 caravans Ticket prices:

Early bird tickets, 1. level (from 15.10.2009): Early bird tickets, 2. level (from 28.03.2010): Early bird tickets, 3. level (from 16.05.2010): Early bird tickets, 4. level (till 11.07.2010): Ticket prices from 11.07.: Entrance prices during the festival: day-pass 2 days 60 Euros, 3 days

29 Euros, limited on 1000 39 Euros 49 Euros 59 Euros 69 Euros 45 Euros, 80 Euros

With the free trade zone, we have created an area for small creative labels to present themselves and were able to bring some hand-made products to the visitors. In this way, Dockville was able to offer a platform for creative people, who have a sense for creative, individual products far away from department store chains and massproduced products.

We really enjoyed the weekend. The weather was great, so many relaxed people, music all day long, and earning money along the way. What more can you ask for?! I think you did a great job, the organisation was super, and everything worked out. I am really looking forward to coming back next year! Birge George Although Berlin is quite a ways away from Hamburg I got a lot of positive and nice feedback from Dockville visitors. All of them have been very satisfied! Tumult-Berlin It was great to be part of this amazing festival Recolution It was a great weekend! Tina Köppert, Made in Wilhelmsburg Products offered

Clothing (Printed Shir ts, skir ts, dresses, scar ves, handmade knitwear), accessories, bags, jeweller y, postcards, wallets, key chains, etc. Shops

Oo skurril oO & averagepony(Leipzig), Recolution (Hamburg), Tumult-Berlin (Berlin), Freaks of Fashion (Hamburg), La fafonchette (Hamburg), Birge George (Hamburg), Vicious Gallery Shop (Hamburg), Platz an der Sonne Records (Hamburg), Waldbrand Clothing (Essen), Kay Berlin (Berlin), Cat Minoki (Hamburg), Earlybird (Hamburg), Kleidkollektiv (Hamburg) Available stand size

2x2m – 6x3m


In the process of revising the logo and the new design of the Dockville festival, we also developed our selection of Dockville merchandise and turned it into a new pillar of the festival. In addition to posters, buttons, pins, bags, hoodies, line-up shirts and some with a simple classic logo there were the very popular Russian sailor shirts. The designs were printed on high-quality T-shirts and sweaters from American Apparel. All Dockville motifs could also be printed individually on the visitors’ own shirts, jackets and any garment a visitor could think of. PROMOTERS, SPONSORS AND PARTNERS

The Dockville festival differs in many respects from ordinary festivals. In particular, the implementation of an art exhibition lasting several days, free of charge and with wellknown artists makes the Dockville exceptional. Dockville presents artistic positions that deal with the exhibition situation and the festival, but also with local history and contemporary conditions and developments. Using the popular appeal and orientation of the festival, we are able to call attention to these artistic positions. Without support from a variety of dedicated sponsors, it would be impossible to mount an exhibition in such an unusual environment and for such a long time period. We thank our sponsors for their support of the idea and for their confidence in our work:

The non-profit summer camp Lüttville has been an essential element of the Dockville festival since 2008. 125 children are offered a free holiday program in which they have the opportunity to come into contact with artists and artistic perspectives, and in which they spend most of their time trying out various artistic pursuits of their own. Lüttville supports creative design as well as [cultural???] integration. Also, the participating institutions provide continuity for the children, offering them possibilities to continue their creative work in other frameworks. Without financial support, the holiday camp would not be feasible - Lüttville e.V. thanks its great sponsors:


Kopf und Steine GmbH, Max-Brauer-Allee 277, 22769 Hamburg, Booking

Enno Arndt, Annika Hintz | Head of Art

Dorothee Halbrock, Laura Raber, Maren Pahnke | Head of Art construction

Jonathan Gröne |

Dockville is a different kind of festival – the visitors have recognized this as well. The high level of artistic standards in both the design and content of the festival are not contrary to the usual elements of an open-air festival, but provide an exciting environment with a sophisticated audience – young, trendy and interested in culture. Together with our sponsors, we develop individual possibilities for the presentation of the respective brand:

Head of Lüttville

Max von Redecker, Felix Striegler, Laura Raber | Sponsoring

Sandra Liebig |

We thank our partners for their support and exceptional cooperation:

Public Relation

Jean Rehders | GrapHiC DESIGN

Jessica Broscheit & Tim Kaiser | PHOTOS

Jessica Broscheit, Brad Downey, Kai Fischer, Hermann Josef Hack, Dorothee Halbrock, Tim Kaiser, Conrad Kürzdörfer, Stefan Malzkorn, Ingo Polster, Dennis Poser, Jacqueline Schädel, Marco Schwensfeger.


MS Dockville

We thank our media partners for their exceptional cooperation and support.



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NJOY Editorial announcements integrated into the program, furthermore the broadcast of a Dockville trailer for two weeks in June 29.07. Studio guest during the evening programAugust: daily trailer broadcast + on-air ticket drawing NDR 90,3 28.07.10 Das Abendjournal: Studio guest

FFN 12./13./14.08.10 On-air event note FSK 13.06.10 Kulturschock: Special Dockville broadcast 09.08.10 Sunday Service: Dockville Special BYTE FM 26.07.10 Byte FM Magazin: Interview FLUX FM 26.01.10 Dockville 2010 22.07.10 Preliminary report Dockville 1 28.07.10 Preliminary report Dockville 2 30.07.10 Report Lüttville 02.08.10 Preliminary report Dockville 3 06.08.10 Interview Hallogallo 2010 at Dockville 09.08.10 Preliminary report Dockville 4 Finissage Art 15.08.10 Review Dockville FREIES RADIO HUSUM 02.07. /14.07. 10 Special broadcast Dockville Kiel FM 09.07. 10 Special broadcast Dockville TIDE 01.-12.08. Band presentation and event note Dockville 13.-15.08. Daily live reporting from Dockville, including interviews with the bands and visitors CAMPUS RADIO JENA 10.07. Preliminary report Dockville

TV 3-Sat 16.08. 3sat – Kulturzeit – Dockville Report ARTE 30.09 ARTE Tracks Segment about Uffie and Dockville NDR 24.07: Hamburg Journal Premiere of the “Western Comedy” 29.08: Announcement of the art exhibition 13.08: Lust auf Norden Dockville Report 15.08: Hamburg Journal Dockville Festival has begun 16.08: Hamburg Journal They build for the stars TIDE 30.06. TIDE - Hamburg immer anders Booking acts for Dockville 11.08. TIDE - Hamburg immer anders Art at Dockville 13.-15.08. Four live recordings: Bonaparte, Le Fly, Bratze, Shantel, Schwefelgelb


RADIO HAMBURG 27.07.10 Telephoneinterview 03.08.10 Telephoneinterview Beginning of August: On-air and online promotion for a ticket drawing.

RTL-online Festival review

RADIO ENERGY HAMBURG 10.08.10 On-air ticket drawing

Mixery Raw Deluxe TV Review and several interviews (NEU! , Jan Delay, Uffie, K.I.Z.) on http://www.

ALSTER RADIO 07.08.10 Announcement and ticket drawing

JMC-Magazin Review with interviews on

Festival 2010


As tired and wasted one may be after three days of Dockville Festival - in the end outweighs always the sadness that the fun is already over already: almost 20,000 visitors celebrated, danced, and rocked this year before an again striking scenery of Wilhelmsburg’s Rethespeicher. Oh, it was great. And so one already starts counting the days until the fifth Dockville. HAMBURGER MORGENPOST Dockville comes across as something of an oasis, more of a movement than merely another European festival. It is unlike anything else. It is regenerative, musically varied and friendly, what more can you ask for from a festival? Let’s hope it will continue to embrace a diverse and exciting lineup, not to mention the incredible art installations. GUY PURSSELL, THIS IS FAKE DIY, ENGLAND Dockville is definitely going to be a festival talked about in the international media. The scenery by all means is unbeatable. LINA KALMTEG, SVENSKA DAGBLADET (SVD), SWEDEN



MS DOCKVILLE 2010 - Documentation (engl.)  
MS DOCKVILLE 2010 - Documentation (engl.)