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August 2011


Being part of a community has many rewardsIt's a place to mingle, discuss and swap ideas,meeting and making new friends, helping one another and sharing information – it's knowing there's a sense of loyalty amongst members who are sincere and caring.

Michelle Toohey Shelly Ryan's Comedy Love

The Feel Teal Club community is made on trust and comradeship. They are considerate, open-minded, and special individuals who look out for each other like family. When a member needs a lending hand, they can be sure they will find it from within their community.

FSM'S Livestream Deliberately Debbie

A perfect example came just recently, when our lovely Titan/Comedian;Shelly Ryan, enlisted the help of our members...a call went out for someone to design the cover of her upcoming book “Floor It! Road Trips Down the Humor Highway”, and within hours fellow Club member/artist, Michelle Toohey was on the job! Michelle Toohey's life in far-north Queensland is brilliantly captured in her vivid oil paintings...splashes of nature brought to life with a boldness that leaps right off the canvas! Today, Michelle has stepped into another realm, airbrushing while using that same style she has created as her own trademark. So having her design the cover for Shelly's book is quite exciting, and we have been lucky enough to get a sneak-peak at the cover! The Feel Teal Club is very pleased (and proud) to announce details of Shelly Ryan's upcoming book and would like to give our personal “thanks” to Michelle Toohey for her wonderful handy-work. Cheers, Deb Stevens

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FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS… by Michele (Shelly) Ryan On the two year anniversary of road trips, the Humor Highway came full circle...and I'm STILL not lost! Since May 2009, my monthly columns at Flip Side to Music have served as a GPS to laughter! This exciting eZine is a proud supporter of the Feel Teal Club/Titans of Teal campaign, and it is through this connection that I likewise am honored to share the gift of humor with ALL my 'sisters' for such a vital cause! Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to "Floor It!" My book (by the same title), a portion of the proceeds of which will be donated to ovarian cancer organizations worldwide, is ready to back down the driveway and make a healing difference with the gift of humor. This collection of columns includes a fun bonus: journal entry pages so readers can capture their own personal journeys from life's road trips! I couldn’t have embarked on this adventure and watched it blossom to life without a lot of help from some very special people. In addition to Tracy Lewis, editor of Flip Side to Music and Feel Teal Club founder Deb Stevens, the multitudes of women whose lives have been touched by ovarian cancer…whether they’ve lost a loved one to this disease or are a Titan survivor…have been an incredible inspiration.

Cover designed by Michelle Toohey ©

I am also thrilled to have connected with Michelle Toohey who shared her artistic talents to disprove the theory “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. Rather, she captured the whimsical personality of the content AND the author absolutely perfectly! By the time this article is published, so too “Floor It! Road Trips Down the Humor Highway” will be in publication, with an anticipated release date to coincide with September’s Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month! For more details and updates, including how to order your copy, visit my website at

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MUSIC SCENE with Flip Side To Music

Johny Rogers Courtesy LaFaMos Marketing/Publicity

Jonny Rogers has been committed to music ever since he was five years old, singing songs by a diverse array of performers. Now at 17, Jonny is singing his own songs. Raised in Las Vegas, Jonny is a natural entertainer with limitless talent. Although he did not begin vocal lessons until he was 12, Jonny experienced tremendous success based on his raw vocal strength during his younger years. His background in music began in elementary school, when he was repeatedly selected to perform with his school’s Honor Choir as well as the exclusive University of Nevada- Las Vegas Children’s Chorale. He exuded the confidence of a seasoned performer, which earned him principle leads in chorale performances. Jonny later competed in the International Presentation of Performers (IPOP) showcase in 2007. Young performers throughout the nation vied to present their talent. Jonny competed with male vocalists, ages 13 to 18, and as the youngest in his division took home the “Runner-Up” title with his rendition of “Home” by Michael Buble. Jonny dedicated himself to the album, working with the producing and songwriting duo Darren Sher and Steve Carlson, as well as mixer Jeff Juliano. The collaboration reflects his life experiences and personal values. Sher and Carlson have experienced success individually and as partners in the music industry. The two created the Sound Parlor, where they have developed an elusive clientele list featuring hit makers such as R. Kelly, Celine Dion and Queen Latifah.

Feel Teal club©2011 4

Carlson is credited for both writing and singing songs featured on several hit TV shows including Men in Trees and Supernatural, while Sher is famed not only for his extensive work with new and emerging artists, but also as one of the musical directors for the Las Vegas strip show, “Fantasy.” Juliano is a worldrenowned mixer, recognized for his work with the Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer, among many other artists. Jonny also recruited the assistance of music video director Danny Drysdale, the mastermind behind The Killers’ video, “Human,” to create his upcoming debut video.

Anthony Snape

As a blossoming pop artist, Jonny has adopted musical similarities to iconic entertainers such as Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson. Jonny’s lyrics are both upbeat and refreshing. Matched with contemporary beats, his recently released debut album, Soldier, is relevant to an assortment of listeners.

Anthony joins Tommy Emmanuel and Pam Rose on the road in Sept/Oct.

Congrats to Aussie artist Rose Carleo who released a song that Anthony wrote with Claire Wyndham and Emily Shackelton-James. "Runaway Heart" is number 13 on the Aussie charts and climbing.

"Everlasting" signed to ABC Network USA. A song Anthony wrote with the very talented Fiona Kernaghan and JJ Farris is being used in various ABC programming and he had the pleasure of hearing it when they used it on the National News with Dianne Sawyer.

Anthony is featured on the Tommy Emmanuel Album "Little By Little"

Anthony's new Cole Clark Uke (more...)

New Merchandise Store with FREE SHIPPING! (inc glow-in-the-dark picks)

Snape shows in Australia Dec 2011 stay tuned.

Flip Side To Music

Anthony Snape's Official Site:

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take that condescending attitude far far away from me." Well, I wouldn't say that out loud, but I think it with a few choice words in between. My mum and dad had 3 gorgeous(tad bias), intelligent and most importantly, healthy girls and they had to listen to family all the time about this issue when I was growing up, so I know it's not a new thing.

TEAL from the heart of a housewife!

Meet our fellow-titan, Anne Marie-

Mum would get from some of her siblings, "You should be trying again and produce a boy for your husband"or my personal favourite, "A man is not a real man if he doesn't have a son!" Really, my dad's not a man? Who knew! He played footy, coached junior footy all without having a son,j umped in and helped anyone out that needed a hand, he taught me how to drive and how to pull apart the engine of my first car and rebuild it. This too he did with out the aid of a son. He worked hard and put food on the table. He loved my mum and treated her like a princess, showing us girls what to aim for in a man. If that's not being a man, no, let me rephrase that. ...a great man, I don't know what is? What is it about society that seems to think we cant be complete without having at least one of each sex when we have our families? More importantly, why is it that some women that do have that, think they are better than anyone else and feel it's their duty to "sympathize" with us lesser mums?

I have been honoured to be asked to have a say in this edition of the Feel Teal Club. I must say, I felt both excited but a little overwhelmed when asked asI left school at 15 to work in a supermarket so my education is basic to put it mildly. My grammar and literary skills could definitely use some refinement. But on the up side, I have never been backwards in coming forwards with my opinion especially if something is bugging me. I tend to find disrespect and bigotry my biggest bugs and I can find them in the strangest places. This is one of those which, over the years have bugged me no end! Some may not agree with me, but these are my thoughts and my feelings and I am being honest with them. I don't mean to disrespect anyone who may relate to these people, I just mean to say how it feels from the other side.

Most of the people that ever say anything to me know absolutely nothing about me. They may know I have a child that has been sick a lot during Mum would get from some of her siblings, "You should be his life and needed hospital treatment, but trying again and produce a boy for your husband"or my they have no idea the extent of his illness and personal favourite, "A man is not a real man if he doesn't have the strains it put on our home life not to a son!" mention my body, so when they pretend to The other day I heard a friend say "if one more person care about my feelings of inadequacy, perhaps they asks me if I am disappointed I didn't have a girl, I should learn more about just how strong I really am. swear I will....." and it got me remembering all the They have no idea that I have lost children or how times I have had it said to me. Always by some mum many, so just by their remarks, they are dredging up that sat there smugly with their pigeon pair, or had a hurts buried deeply. They must also have no idea that few of one sex and the last child of the opposite sex. unlike them, I don't measure a parent by how many Every time they spoke with empathy, not unlike girls AND boys they have, but by their actions with someone consoling a person that had just lost a loved their children. Do they stop to realize that by saying one. To be honest after the first dozen times I always "Aww poor thing you don't have a daughter" (while standing in front of their son) is putting the seeds of just felt like saying "No, but thank you for pointing doubt into their own very impressionable son...?? That out I am not as perfect as you... why don't you males aren't as important? continue telling me how my life would be better if I was just like you on the other side of the room, and

Feel Teal clubŠ2011 6

Or like in my mums case, their daughters can grow up feeling inferior. These same people that invariably say this thankfully, never had to go through any major illness or threat with their own children either during pregnancy or once born. Because if they did, I am positive that they would stop being so vain and thinking to be complete in life (or the idea in having the perfect looking family), you need to have at least one of each sex... Perhaps they would realize that all you really need to be complete in life is to have all your kids you have, healthy. Boy or girl! Happiness you can work on yourself, but to have healthy kids is a blessing from the Gods, which ever ones you believe in and not to be taken for granted. I hope people that are like this never have to find out the hard way the truth of life because I wouldn't wish the fear of having a sick child upon anyone. All I ask is next time their mouths engage before their brains to stop and think for one minute....are they happy and have everything in their life just the way they want it? If so, kindly shut up about it and talk about the weather instead. Trust me its a much safer subject!

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Dr. Davison is now recruiting larger numbers of women aged 55-70 to participate in follow-up studies that will trial a testosterone gel and a testosterone patch.


Women in Australia who are interested in participating should contact Monash University’s Women’s Health Program on 03 9903 0827.

Testosterone Spray May Boost A Woman's Memory Asian Scientist (Jun. 16, 2011) – A Monash University study has found that a testosterone spray could help slow cognitive decline and reduce dementia in women. According to team leader Dr. Sonia Davison from Monash University’s Women’s Health program, a woman’s testosterone levels decrease as she ages, reaching a trough at age 65. The incidence of dementia in women also starts to starts to climb at this age.


“Compared to men, women have far less testosterone and double the rate of dementia, hence the thought that maybe testosterone protects memory.” “This study investigated whether restoring women to their youthful testosterone levels would improve memory, as finding a way to reduce the onset of dementia could impact the lives of countless women worldwide.”

Study Reveals Cancer Stem Cells Recruit Normal Stem Cells To Fuel Ovarian Cancer Researchers at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center have found that a type of normal stem cell fuels ovarian cancer by encouraging cancer stem cells to grow. Cancer stem cells are the small number of cells in a tumor that drive its growth and spread. Traditional cancer treatments do not kill these cells, which is why cancer treatments often fail.

39 women participated in the study. The control group consisted of 30 women who received no treatment, while nine women in early menopause (ages 47 to 60) who received the testosterone spray on their skin. The spray dose returned testosterone levels to those typical of young women of childbearing age.

In a study published online in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, researchers looked in ovarian tissue at the mesenchymal stem cells, which are normal cells found throughout the body. These cells can form different specialized cells such as fat, bone or cartilage. Mesenchymal stem cells are known to be helpful with wound healing, which has many scientists conjecturing that they may help combat cancer. In this study, the researchers observed that mesenchymal stem cells in ovarian tumors were different than mesenchymal stem cells from healthy ovaries. And in fact, the mesenchymal stem cells in the ovarian tumors were fueling the cancer.

After 26 weeks the testosterone-treated group had significantly improved their verbal learning and memory, while the control group showed no significant change. An abstract from Dr. Davison’s study was presented today as part of The Endocrine Society’s 93rd Annual Meeting in Boston, USA. “What is exciting is that the testosterone-treated women were all healthy, with no cognitive impairment, and there was still a definite treatment effect from the spray,” Dr. Davison said.

Feel Teal club©2011 8

"Cancer is very good at tricking the mesenchymal stem cells into doing what the cancer likes. The cancer takes the cells hostage and uses them to promote the cancer's growth," says study author Ronald Buckanovich, M.D., Ph.D., assistant professor of internal medicine and of obstetrics and gynecology at the U-M Medical School.

Ovarian Cancer Interventions Ignored by Physicians... Ovarian cancer interventions such as genetic testing and counseling that may be appropriate for women who are at high-risk for the disease are often disregarded by doctors, according to a new study published this week by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). In a study released on Monday, the CDC reported that

The researchers used mouse models and human tissue samples of both normal ovaries and ovarian cancer, to look at what happened to the mesenchymal stem cells. They also noticed the cancer-associated mesenchymal stem cells increased tumor size, primarily by increasing the number of cancer stem cells.

of the 19,000 physicians asked about hypothetical patients who exhibited a high risk for ovarian or breast cancer, 41% indicated they’d refer the patient for the proscribed intervention – genetic testing and counseling. The leader of the study, Dr. Katrina Trivers, who’s also an epidemiologist at the CDC, cautioned against raising the alarm about the findings. According to ABC News, she said, “Guidelines are complicated. It's difficult to know what makes a woman high risk. Guidelines differ on what is considered high risk."

At the same time, the researchers saw that a type of protein called BMP2 was prevalent in the cancerassociated mesenchymal stem cells. BMP2 is a socalled master regulatory protein, and is carefully regulated in normal cell function. The researchers found more than three times the amount of BMP in the cancer-associated mesenchymal stem cells than in the normal ones. When BMP was added to cancer cells, it led to an increase in cancer stem cells.

Trivers also said, according to ABC News, that patient awareness of family medical history is paramount: “Not only breast and ovarian cancer. Of all cancers and other major chronic diseases. Ask questions. Get information from your family about diseases including specific types, ages when they were diagnosed. And really share that with your doctor."

The researchers then used a known BMP inhibitor called Noggin, and found that Noggin blocked the mesenchymal stem cells from triggering this cancer stem cell growth.

The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance reported that

21,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the United States and 15,000 women die of the disease every year. The organization also reported that the tenyear survival rate for women with ovarian cancer is 39%. However, the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition reported that if caught early, when the disease has not spread past the ovary, the survival rate is more than 90% five years after diagnosis. At this time, there is no early detection test for ovarian cancer. Symptoms of ovarian cancer include pain in the pelvis or abdomen, bloating, feeling full quickly when eating or difficulty eating and experiencing an urge to urinate often. The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance reported that 21,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the United States and 15,000 women die of the disease every year. The organization also reported that the tenyear survival rate for women with ovarian cancer is 39%. However, the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition reported that if caught early, when the disease has not spread past the ovary, the survival rate is more than 90% five years after diagnosis.

"High doses of Noggin might not be tolerated in humans," Buckanovich says. "Our next step is to figure out how to target Noggin directly to the vascular niche where the mesenchymal stem cells and cancer stem cells live. This would allow us to make it safer to use Noggin as a potential treatment for ovarian cancer." This research must continue in the laboratory before it can be advanced to clinical trials in patients. In the meantime, the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center expects to open two new clinical trials within the next year testing other therapies aimed at attacking ovarian cancer stem cells. For information, contact the Cancer AnswerLine at 800-865-1125. Notes: Ovarian cancer statistics: 21,880 Americans will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year and 13,850 will die from the disease, according to the American Cancer Society

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At this time, there is no early detection test for ovarian cancer. Symptoms of ovarian cancer include pain in the pelvis or abdomen, bloating, feeling full quickly when eating or difficulty eating and experiencing an urge to urinate often.

Symptoms can include:

Complicated Ovarian Mass – Does a complicated Ovarian Mass Mean I Have Cancer?

Bloating, abundance or pressure in the abdomen Urgent urination Pain and hurt in the pelvic region Gas, nausea or indigestion Changes in bowel and bladder habits Pain during intercourse Lack of energy and depression Pain in the lower back Menstrual changes

If you have been told that you have a involved ovarian mass, does that mean that you also have cancer? Not necessarily, but it doesn’t rule it out either.

**If any of these symptoms are persistent or get worse, you should seek the guidance and care of a doctor immediately.

What Is A involved Ovarian Mass?

Any woman who is worried that she could organize cancer because of a involved ovarian mass should know that the percentages are still relatively low and that the situation should be monitored very closely.

A involved ovarian mass is a cyst that is filled with both fluid and solid mass. This is separate than a easy cyst which is filled with fluid and rarely cancerous. A cyst which has solidified has a greater opening of being malignant, or cancerous.

Eating well and staying active throughout your lifetime can stave off diseases and keep you feeling and seeing your best. Many of us go through life thinking that the worst will never happen and we all pray that it never does, but sometimes life can throw us a few curves and we need to be ready for anything that may be.

How Do I Know If It Is Malignant (cancerous) or Benign (non-cancerous)? The only way any doctor can tell if a cyst on your ovaries is cancerous or not is to do a biopsy – go in and take out a small sample of tissue and scrutinize it – or use a Ca-125 test which takes a sample of blood and tests it for any elevated levels of the cancer antigen125 protein. The question with the Ca-125 test is that it is not 100% dependable when used on it’s own. Other conditions can cause a false determined along with pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, other ovarian cysts and pregnancy. If the levels are not high enough, a false negative would be presumed and the cancer would go undetected. What Are The Causes and Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer? Women who are postmenopausal have a greater risk of developing cancer to begin with. Regular screenings and exams should be given. Ovarian cancer is normally not found until it is in it’s later stages because the symptoms can mimic other diseases. The exact cases of ovarian cancer are still basically unknown.

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FASHION 2011-12

ACCESSORIES- Autumn/Winter trends

Beachwear-2012-For-Women Latest Women’s Swimwear and Beachwear Trends 2012 – Women’s Shorts Swimwear and Beachwear For Summer 20112012:

Next to shoes, a girl's wardrobe is not complete unless it contains at least one multipurpose handbag! A bag for everyday of the week and one you can dress-up, or down. It should easily & effortlessly suit whatever the day throws at you, from work to play.

Every girl knows how important it is to choose the right swimwear to look great on the beach. But we don’t only wear swimsuits on the beach. We need pretty dresses, nice shorts and tops, too. Here are some clues for you on what to rock to turn heads.



The summer season is fast approaching and you are trying to figure out what to keep, what to toss, and what to buy. Well, this summer keeping cool whether you are at the pool or the beach isn’t as hard as one may think. Loose clothing and light colors are essential during the summer months. Having the appropriate wear is important to having an awesome summer, but so is having the latest fashions in swimwear and beachwear.


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FLORAL SCARVES – Available at Barefoot Beautiful

simoneterra 1

trilbylatte 3

trilbylatte simoneterra

Feel Teal club©2011 12


To join the Artisan Make-Up family and be updated with the latest makeup tips, product reviews, professional photo shoots and bridal encounters simply... ‘Like’ Artisan MakeUp on Facebook or follow Artisan_MakeUp on Twitter.

Artisan Makeup by Alexia Damianakis Artisan Make Up has developed the reputation as ‘the people to see for all special occasion makeup needs’. Owned by the young and talented professional makeup artist Alexia Damianakis. At age 17 Alexia chose to follow her passion and entered the art of makeup. Enrolling at ACMUSE College, Annandale in Sydney’s Inner West, Alexia studied make up and special effects in Fashion, Film and Bridal. Two years later, Artisan MakeUp was created and allowed Alexia to showcase her talent, skills and determination whilst building her reputation amongst women Sydney wide.

MakeUp by Artisan MakeUp Jewellery by Cecile's Jewellery

Do you have that one feature on your face (maybe your eyes, lips, cheek bones?) that you absolutely love and that makes you feel great about yourself? Hold onto that great feeling!! Because that is what Artisan MakeUp is all about... looking and feeling great about you! Alexia sees the impact makeup can have on how you feel daily “It is amazing how makeup impacts the lives of men and women, how a touch of concealer can boost your confidence , a splash of mascara makes you feel awake or a coat of a juicy lip gloss can make you feel sexy! I strive to create an individual image for my clients, I want them to feel and look amazing... the best version of themselves they can be!” Artisan MakeUp has a range of great packages and offers on hand for loyal supporters, friends and family.

Feel Teal club©2011 13

Feel Teal Make-up tips.....

Natural makeup does not mean using less makeup, but pay attention to the products and their texture and get a glowing skin, flawless. Be sure to choose an appropriate basis. You stay away from dark colors and use makeup to emphasize your features. You choose products that blend perfectly with your skin. If you have oily skin, you better choose or powder foundation that does not contain any oil. You can

Nude look has traditionally become one of the hottest summer 2011 makeup trends. No wonder, minimum usage of makeup products and hot natural look is undoubtedly the trendiest one regardless even of the season. Learn how to look trendy with the help of the hottest summer 2011 makeup: nude look.

use concealer to cover imperfections. The next step is to use blush non-artificial color. The best option is to go for a dust translucent or a light colour. As for eyes, go for light shades like brown or beige or pale pink. Apply a thin layer mask to give definition to your eyes. In lips you should use a gloss or a lipstick in a nude tone or apply anything. You can use concealer to cover imperfections. The next step is to use blush nonartificial color. The best option is to go for a dust translucent or a light color. As for eyes, go for light shades like brown or beige or pale pink. Apply a thin layer mask to give definition to your eyes. In lips you should use a gloss or a lipstick in a nude tone or apply anything.

Each year they are changing the makeup trends. For 2011 season, one of the strongest trends in lip makeup is to use the lips of a bright and deep color. Here we show the trend in Lip hot makeup 2011 to find out if it suits your style. This style of makeup is based on focusing attention on the lips and not so much in the eye to create a more natural appearance. To accompany the lips can opt for a shade nude-colored eyes or use white eyeliner to create the illusion of larger eyes. Finally a layer of mascara and you're ready with a perfect makeup professional brush.

You may also visit for more fashion trend tips.

NAILS -home manicure tips This is a fun, easy, and safe way to achieve polished fingernails without paying the higher beauty store prices when going through these ten steps. This is for adults only, or to do with adult supervision for younger girls, always keeping safety in mind, and always putting the products up safely after use. Before beginning, wash your nails thoroughly, even with the polish on your fingernails. Try mostly to get your nails clean underneath your nail cartilage where it is not attached to the skin before beginning. If you notice growths, tiny knobs under there, or any redness or dirt substance that does not come out from under your fingernail bed, stop this process, and go to see a medical doctor.

The focus is on the lips. If you thin lips, Proof eyeliner with her lips to give a fuller look after finally pencil sores and Lip gloss.You can choose red, red-orange, plum, etc. Finally, it is important to apply lip gloss, and that is what is behind this trend. Nude and natural makeup One of the makeup trends most popular is nude makeup. All collections from top designers is always present natural makeup for several seasons. Seems to be the trend in makeup is never out of fashion.Makeup is a convenient and versatile, it can benefit all women. The simple makeup enhances the natural beauty and stressed skin. However, the nude and natural makeup has some simple rules. I need to present careful skin and healthy, without defects. It is important to keep a daily facial care routine and you'll have perfect skin. Of course there are several alternatives to camouflage and conceal skin

You will need: • • • • • • •

blemishes, such as corrector.

1 pack of cotton balls 1 fingernail polish remover 1 emery board 1 nail trimmer 1 cuticle remover 1 bottle of fingernail polish A couple of paper towels

Feel Teal club©2011 14

do massive cutting damage, but still use safety. Nail polish removing Firstly, take out as many cotton balls as needed one at a time, and safely douse each fingernail with nail polish remover, until your whole fingernail is your natural true color. It is available now at the stores in bottle or sponge form in a bottle. For the sponge type, you have to dip your finger into the container, usually a plastic one, and swish your finger around frequently checking it to make sure your fingernail polish is coming off. For the fingernail polish in the bottle without a sponge embedded in it, you have to carefully tip it about a fourth of the way over using the cotton ball at the top to stop up the top from spilling out all over, and If you need to, you can have some paper towel handy to wipe off any excess fingernail polish remover that spills over as a result. Whichever fingernail polish remover you choose, swab your fingernails one by one until they are your natural color.

You should trim your nails at least once a month if they are healthy. Never trim unhealthy, discolored or brittle fingernails. Never trim your nails to the quick, which is the place where your fingernail cartilage meets your skin.

If you frequently use fingernail polish, your natural nail can become tinted a little of a yellowing color, not to be confused with bold yellow, and not red or green, or swollen. If your fingernails or fingers start to become red, green, or swollen, seek medical attention immediately. If you are doing ok, and your nails are now their natural color, go to step 2.

Next, you need to use your cuticle remover to remove your cuticle, or actually push it down. Your cuticle is that soft skin that forms at the bottom of your fingernail at the place where your fingernail cartilage and your skin meet. It is just like a foreskin. Its job is to cover the place where your nail cartilage meets your skin, and make a smooth transition for that to happen. As your fingernails grow, your cuticle skin stretches, and this process of removing your cuticle pushes back that excess to promote your nail growth and health.

Be mindful of safety, even at this stage of the process. If you have hypoglycemia, or any other disease such as Parkinson’s or nerves, do not clip your own fingernails if you might have an issue of safety. Some fingernails are hard, and take some sharper fingernail cutters to cut through them. If this is the case with yours, you may want to consider going to a salon or a simple medical visit and have a professional trim them. However, if not, trim away. This is mostly a basic and fun procedure for most people. Then start with step #4. Cuticle removing.

Filing your nails with an emery board. Next, you should have what is called an emery board. An emery board is usually a very inexpensive fingernail board used for filing down rough nail surfaces that is rough on the surface at least on one side. An emery board should not be used to scrape your natural nail surface at all. It will make your smooth fingernails rough.

Again, you would want to check your cuticle area for rashes, redness, swelling, discoloration of any kind, and if any of those issues are present in your cuticle, seek the advice of a medical professional before pushing it back. If you find that it looks pretty much like your fingernail and finger color, but with a different smoother and softer texture, go ahead and push the cuticle back with the cuticle remover, which is a little stick like device with a softer but firm tip made especially for the cuticle. It is not a cutting type tool. It looks a little shorter than a chopstick, but has a necessary soft tipped end to make sure that your cuticle does not get damaged.

You can use the emery board quite effectively on the end of your nail, in order to give it a consistent shape and make the tip of your nail smooth, not rough. Emery board comes in all shapes and sizes, and you can even look for one to fit your personality or wardrobe color-wise. As soon as you are done smoothing the tips of your nails in a uniform manner, proceed to the next step 3. Trimming your fingernails.

Push back your cuticles one at a time using the cuticle removing tool. These are available from nearly any beauty supply store, or store that carries fingernail accessories of any kind. These are also relatively inexpensive. It is important to note that if at any time in your process for any reason, if your nails start to bleed mildly or a lot, stop this procedure at once. This is not likely to happen in a normal fingernail manicure, but it

A fingernail trimmer is used in your home nail process when you want to reshape or shorten your nails more efficiently than with an emery board. You can make your fingernails shorter using fingernail clippers, which are clippers that are small in size designed to fit your nail shape and be able to cut your fingernail tip surface, without having enough force in them to really

Feel Teal clubŠ2011 15

may be a nice way of warning you of a problem with your own nails that you may need to get medical attention for. Quick drying nails.

Pick a color.

You can buy the quick drying kind of nail polish at the stores, or a quick drying sealer that is clear over the color of your nail polish to quicken drying if you are in a hurry. As a reminder, do not attempt to polish your fingernails in an area that does not have proper ventilation. And do not polish your nails around the face of infants.

Now you are ready to pick out a nail polish color from your own home nail polish collection. Pick out a color that matches your skin coloring, outfit styles that you wear, or shade of lipstick. If you polish your nails frequently, make sure that you give them one or two days to air out and breathe naturally to promote healthy nails in between polishes.

Save and print this article to have your own home fingernail painting party repeatedly.

Application of finger nail polish color. Each bottle of nail polish comes with it's own applicator inside the bottle, attached to the handle of the fingernail polish bottle. Just unscrew the fingernail polish bottle, and scrape off the excess fingernail polish on the fingernail polish brush applicator on the side of the bottle itself. You can use a paper towel for this process, but you may end up with paper towel residue mixed into your color, so I would not recommend it. Also, you need to make sure that you have a steady hand for this in order to get your finger nail polish on your fingernail area only, not on your skin. Skin always needs to breathe, and cannot with polish on it.

This is a fun and easy way to polish your own nails at home without paying the higher priced salon prices. Save this article, and print it out for your own fingernail painting party. Use this time as a de-stressing technique for you while beautifying your fingernails, or use this time as a special and fun group nail polishing time, inviting your closest family and friends to have a home nail polish party with you.

When you are ready, take the applicator holding nondripping color to your nails, brushing from the base of your fingernails upward towards the top tip of your nail. Make sure you coat your whole nail evenly. Starting at the base of the nail and applying polish in an upward motion helps you evenly coat your nail. Correcting polish mistakes. If you make a mistake, take a paper towel and douse it with nail polish remover as you did with the cotton ball in step one, and try to get the excess polish off your skin using the flat edge of the paper towel. Then, if you need to re-coat that fingernail, go ahead. If not, great. Just move on to the next fingernail until you are done. Second coats of nail polish. Wait at least ten minutes before applying a second coat. You should not paint over your nails another time unless your nail polish is dry the first time. Without air, or low to medium speed fans blowing on them, it will take about five minutes for your fingernails to dry. Using high-speed fans near your wet nail polish can move your fingernail polish around your fingernail and mess its even coat up.

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A little blush and some mascara can give any woman a lift. For a cancer patient, makeup can really brighten her day.

The American Cancer Society-sponsored a "Look Good Feel Better" makeover workshop inviting local female cancer patients who are actively undergoing cancer treatment for a two-hour session on how to apply makeup and accessories to minimize appearancerelated side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Skincare & Chemo..... Further ideas/tips:


• •

Cancer treatment can increase your vulnerability to infection – do your best to make hygiene a high priority and take a look at the following skincare considerations.

Chemotherapy Skin Care Tips •

• •

other cosmetic to the treated area. Do not use heating pads or ice packs on the treated area. Avoid shaving the treated area until your skin has healed. If you must shave, use an electric razor. Consult your doctor about ways to address lingering redness, dryness, itchiness, or sensitivity after your treatment ends.

Do not stay in the sun for more than a few minutes. Always wear sunscreen that has an SPF of 15 or higher, unless your doctor tells you otherwise. Do not use any type of hormone creams, such as products with hydro-cortisone. Talk with a beauty professional or Look Good…Feel Better cosmetologist about other ways to take care of your skin during treatment.

Radiation Skin Care Tips • Leave all skin markings made by you doctor or radiation therapist. Many of these will fade over time. • Wash the treated area with warm water, not soap or cream, and gently pat to dry. • Tell your doctor if you notice any signs of infection, such as redness, irritation, or puffiness. • If your treatment area becomes itchy, sprinkle a little cornstarch on the area, avoid scratching, and consult your doctor or radiation therapist. • Consult your doctor before using concealer to cover pigment changes such as redness or tanning during treatment. Your skin should return to its usual color once the treatment ends. • Ask your doctor before applying sunscreen, cream, lotion, perfume, deodorant, or any

Avoid long, hot showers or baths. Use gentle, fragrance-free soaps and laundry detergent. Use moisturizers, preferably creams or ointments rather than lotions because the thicker consistency is better at preventing skin dehydration. Apply the cream or ointment within 15 minutes of showering. Reapply moisturizer at night, and moisturize your hands every time after you wash them.

If your skin is very dry and flaky, ammonium lactate cream can increase moisture. These creams are available by prescription and overthe-counter. Some chemotherapy drugs make skin more susceptible to sunburn. Use a sunblock with at least an SPF 30, and make sure that it protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Protection against UVA requires ingredients such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, or avobenzone.

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Chemotherapy patients don’t need to avoid the sun. Just be smart about sun exposure. Use a broadbrimmed hat, sun-protective clothing, and an SPF of 30 re-applied every two hours if you’re outside, for example. Itching is also common and can stem from multiple causes: the chemotherapy drug, a patient’s naturally dry skin (particularly in people over 50), or as a symptom of the cancer itself. While many patients aim for itch relief with over-thecounter hydrocortisone creams, they’re often too weak to be effective. Instead, doctors can treat itching with steroids or anesthetic medications applied to the skin. If itching interferes with sleep, oral medications might work.

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Recipes and handy Hints Parmesan & rosemary potato wedges 4 large (about 250gram each) potatoes olive oil spray 2 tablespoons finely grated parmesan 1 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemary ½ teaspoon sweet paprika

Grilled Chicken Schnitzel with Fennel Slaw – by Donna Hay 3 slices (100g) white bread 50 g 2 teaspoons thyme leaves sea salt and cracked black pepper 2 x 200g chicken breast fillets, trimmed and sliced lengthways lemon wedges, to serve fennel slaw 1 bulb fennel, very finely sliced 2 tablespoons finely chopped chives ¼ cup flat-leaf parsley leaves 2 tablespoons store-bought whole-egg mayonnaise 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 tablespoon water

• • •

• •

• •

Preheat oven to 190°C or 170°fanforced Lightly oil oven tray Scrub potatoes & cut lengthways into 8 wedges. Lay potatoes on tray & spray with oil. Bake potatoes for 1 hour. Remove from oven & sprinkle with (combined) parmesan, rosemary & paprika. Bake wedges a further 5-10mins, until crispy & golden brown. Season with salt & pepper to serve

Method •

Place the bread, butter, thyme, salt and pepper in the bowl of a food processor and process in short bursts until mixture makes fine crumbs.

Place the chicken on a baking tray and top generously with the crumb mixture. Place under a preheated hot grill and grill for

MICROWAVED ASIAN BROCCOLI 500grams – 1kilo Fresh Broccoli 1 teaspoon Sesame oil 1 teaspoon Minced garlic 1 tablespoon Soy Sauce 1tablespoon Rice wine vinegar S&P to taste

7–8 minutes or until chicken is cooked through and crumbs are golden.

• •

To make the fennel slaw, combine the fennel, chives and parsley.

• •

Whisk together the mayonnaise, lemon juice and water and toss through the fennel mixture

• •

Serve the salad with the schnitzel and lemon wedges. .

• •

Using a microwave safe dish, add 1/2” water Add the broccoli, cover & cook for 3 ½ minutes – 5mins until nearly cooked. While cooking, assemble remaining ingredients. Pour over broccoli, cover & let rest for 5 minutes before serving

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QUICK SNACKS (continued) •

French Toast

• •

(Three variations) Here you can try your hand at a few different ways of making an all time favourite with the kids!

The human body is very complex and requires more than 40 types of nutrients so as to enable your day to day activities and lead a healthy living. However there is no single food item, either natural or man made, that can provide all these nutrients in the right amount. Hence, it becomes imperative for for you to follow healthy eating habits and depend on different types of food items to meet your nutritional requirements. One of the most widely given advice both by modern health care specialists and people of older generations is to have a variety of food items all in moderation. This would help to balance the nutritional requirements. Since the nutrients have to be harnessed from a wide variety of food items, it becomes necessary to include a wide variety of food products as part of the daily menu and this is very important if you want to follow healthy eating habits. Cultivating healthy eating habits also means that you do not become dependent on one type of food item as this could lead to accumulating excessive calories or nutrients of one particular type. So whether you are trying to lose weight or just trying to lead a healthy life healthy eating in 2011 is what you should plan for.

Mix together eggs, milk & flour Dip slices bread into mixture & fry until golden brown Serve with icing sugar dusted over

12 slices of bread 3 eggs 2 cups of milk ½ teaspoon salt Icing sugar • • •

Beat eggs, add milk & salt Dip slices into mixture & saute in butter until browned. Serve with icing sugar dust

4 eggs 2 teaspoons sugar, divided 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup milk 8 slices white bread 2 tablespoons butter • • •

Remove from heat to serving dish Mix remaining teaspoon sugar with teaspoon cinnamon, sprinkle over French toast slices and serve. HE


8 slices bread 2 eggs 1 cup milk ¼ cup plain flour (sifted) Butter Icing sugar • •

bowl or plate, letting slices soak up egg mixture for a few seconds, then carefully turn to coat the other side. Over medium-low heat, heat griddle or skillet coated with a thin layer of butter. Cook the soaked slices, one at a time, about 2 minutes per side, until golden brown.

Harmful bacteria multiply faster during warmer weather, making food-borne illness even more of a threat during the summer grilling season.

Break eggs into a wide, shallow bowl and beat lightly with a fork. Stir in 1 teaspoon sugar, salt, and milk. Soak the bread slices, one at a time, into the

Techniques to reduce the risk of food-related illness:

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• Always wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap before cooking. • Allow meat to marinate in the refrigerator, not on the counter. • Don't baste food with marinade that was used on raw meat; reserve some just for basting. • Use a food thermometer to make sure food is cooked thoroughly. • Store any raw meat, seafood and fish separate from other food and utensils. • Store chilled foods in the refrigerator and keep hot foods heated until serving time.

The major food groups are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Fruit Vegetables, legumes Lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs, nuts, legumes Bread, cereals, rice, pasta, noodles Milk, yoghurt, cheese.

These food groups are laid out in the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. Ways to include the five food groups in your diet It’s not hard to include foods from the major food groups into snacks and meals. Here are some suggestions: Fruit – this is easy to carry as a snack or it can be included as a part of most meals. For example, try a banana with your breakfast cereal, an apple for morning tea and an orange for an afternoon snack. Fresh whole fruit is recommended over fruit juices and drinks because fruit juices and drinks generally contain less fibre and are more concentrated sources of sugar and energy. Vegetables and legumes – raw or cooked vegetables can be used as a snack food or as a part of lunch and dinner. Salad vegetables can be used as a sandwich filling. Vegetable soup can make a healthy lunch. Stir-fries, vegetable patties and vegetable curries make nutritious evening meals. Try raw vegetables like carrot and celery sticks for a snack ‘on the run’. Lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs, nuts, legumes and tofu – these can all provide protein. It’s easy to include a mixture of protein into snacks and meals. Bread, cereals, rice, pasta and noodles – grains and cereals come from a wide variety of sources including breakfast cereals (oats, muesli and wholegrain flakes), wholemeal breads and biscuits, rice, barley, corn and varieties of pasta. Milk, yoghurt and cheese – eat a diverse range of dairy foods including milk, cottage cheese, yogurt and other types of cheese

Five major food groups It is important that you eat a balanced diet with foods from each of the five major food groups. Choosing a variety of foods within and across food groups is also important. Each food group contains at least one nutrient (called the ‘characterising’ nutrient) for which it makes a particularly rich contribution to the total diet. For example, the milk group is known as a rich source of protein, calcium and riboflavin. In each food group, different foods provide more of some nutrients than others. If you eat a variety of foods from each group, you will probably get all the nutrients provided by the foods in that group. For example, some vegetables contain vitamin C (capsicums), while others (asparagus and spinach) are high in folate. Most of the variety in your foods should come from plant foods (fruits, vegetables and grains). Choosing a variety of foods within each group will also help to make your meals interesting, so you don’t get bored with your diet.

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Teal Tips......

Verses from Vicki You started as a tiny seed, you were nurtured by the warmth of the sun the gentleness of the rain your branches grew stronger pine cones & leaves added to your beauty the clouds above when it became twilight time the stars shone on you as the years went by your age began to show but you became even more unique you were strong, yet weak it so long for you to finally touch the touch the sky but you are now a memory forever imprinted into the shadows of time.

Here are just a few of our handy tips for everyday use in your lives....sometimes the good old remedies are best! Food tips: •

Cooking with beetroot...those nasty beetroot stains can easily be removed, simply by chopping a potato in half, and rubbing on your hands!

Don't waste that potato, toss into your cooking!

Cleaning tips: © Vicki Thornton

Remove crayon from walls with WD-40.

The tannic acid in tea makes it ideal for cleaning wooden floors.

Lemon juice works wonders on rust and fruit-based stains on clothes.

Creepy-crawlies & creatures: • • •

Repel mice with peppermint, baking soda, talc or mothballs. Repel moths with bay leaves, cloves or black pepper. Repel silverfish with lemon juice or cinnamon.

If you have a handy tip to share, please drop it into an email to

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exercise, dance, and even meditation, for adults. Why not get hooping together with your children and get fit as they play?

Keeping the kids amused... A Work οf Art:

For 3-5 year olds, why not try…

Whіlе strolling tο thе shops, mаkе sure уου аѕk уουr kids tο collect ѕοmе simple treasures...lіkе leaves аnd feathers, whісh уου саn υѕе later οn tο dο ѕοmе simple collage Give thеm a piece οf paper tο bе thе base οf thеіr collage. Thеn using glue lеt thеm stick аll thеіr collections onto thе paper аѕ artistically аѕ thеу саn. I’m sure уουr lіttlе ones wіll crave fοr more οf thеѕе activities fοr kids.

Setting up an obstacle course with things from around your home to crawl under, jump over, climb into and back out of, balance along and run around.

Skittles – make a simple set of skittles from empty juice or water bottles Egg and spoon races – with golf balls as eggs if you prefer!

• • •

For many parents, modern technology has made the task of encouraging children to play outdoors more of a challenge. Some social commentators report that children are forgetting what and how to play. By revisiting some good-old-fashioned fun and games, you might just motivate your children to get outdoors for some fresh air and (sun safe) sunshine – with the added benefit of tiring them out a bit too. Outdoor activities are a must! For 6-8 year olds, why not try… • Elastics – if you can’t remember the rhymes and routines, try Googling ‘playing elastics games’ or similar • Hopscotch – chalk up a hopscotch grid on the pavement • Marbles – there’s nothing like a marbles tournament to build some friendly competitiveness • Yo-Yo's – remember the yo-yo tricks craze of the 80s? Check out YouTube for lessons on simple yo-yo tricks • Hooping – the good old hula hoop has had a •

Wheelbarrow or sack races Hanging a ball from a tree or the patio and letting them bat it with a small plastic bat

All poems listed on following pages reserve complete rights to Debbie Stevens unless otherwise mentioned Debbie Stevens ©

makeover and is back as a popular form of

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Looking at the view, from the hole in his shoe,

15% of sales goes back to ovarian cancer research

Sees the walls now closing in All that has changed seems more than a shame Throwing his briefcase in the bin! Swats the flies, while sweat stings his eyes Will his cheap "soda" cool him down? black and genuine turquoise bracelet ...35.00

Annoyed by the cry from each passer-by His frustration drowns out the sound "I'm going home", words set-in stone Will he ever find his way? Upset by threats, all common sense he forgets He won't see another day.

custom made anklets by Lee's Hope Jewelry...order yours today.. special single strand $20.00 double strand $30.00

FLOATING Bubbles of love float in her glass She knows he loves her, no need to say She feels it's how he sees her Love can make or break a heart The might of nature forces its own touch This night made for them No heroes, just dreamers Bubbles of love floated in her glass He made sure it remained topped up!

beautiful Mermaid necklace...hand sculpted pendant, exquisite! $125

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WHAT IT MEANS TO “FEEL TEAL” by Sarah Weighknecht I separate my life now in two parts, before ovarian cancer and after. I never knew before my sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, how small my problems in life would seem to me after. In my life before, I never used words like cat-scan, chemotherapy…after-wards they became everyday words. In my life before, I had never even heard of the words, Carboplatin, Doxil, and Avestan, but now I hear those words and my eyes fill with tears and I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. There is a scripture in the bible, (don’t ask me where as I’m not very religious but I am very spiritual) where it states, “Better to be in the house of mourning, than in the house of rejoicing.” This sounds kind of strange, but when my sister was so sick, I got it, there was no other place I could have or would have been. She always knew I was by her side and we both needed that. There was nothing more rewarding than when she would reach up just to hold my hand, and the laughter, oh, the laughter we had, even in those last days. Never again, will someone make me laugh the way she did! I still cannot comprehend the fact that she is not here, because she will always be here in my heart and my head, I carry her with me wherever I go, whatever I do, and I know that she is there. I make jewelry now, who would have thought, Lee was always the creative one, I had the business mind! She works through me. We wanted to raise awareness for early detection of ovarian cancer. What could we do to stop this horrible pain from happening to other beautiful, courageous women and their families? We don’t have much, how could we contribute? We have our love and our creativity and that is how I choose to help. I choose to let wonderful people everywhere know about the gentle beautiful soul that lived, I choose to give what I can emotionally, financially and of my time to other beautiful women that may be affected by this terrible disease. I choose Hope, from the bottom of my heart and from my sister’s selfless and beautiful heart. This is what it means to me to feel teal…………………..

This necklace is made up of bamboo and hand-painted wooden beads and silver plated beads. It features an awesome pendant of an elephant! Very fun necklace! $40

RED POPPY Beautiful hand carved wooden beads with natural bead chips and silver plated beads with awesome silver round pendant. Sold as set with bracelet.


In memory of Lee ♥

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DREAMS Why we dream Understanding dreams


Why we dream... Last night, while you slept, you went into the REM state and dreamed. You probably don't remember because, for a very good reason, we evolved not to. However all normal humans go into the REM state and dream every night and most mammals show evidence of this brain pattern too. Dream interpretation Dreaming seems such a strange thing yet it is one of our regular everyday (night!) biological functions. Since time immemorial people have puzzled over the meaning of dreams, these often bizarre night-time visitations that can seem so intensely real and full of meaning whilst we experience them, but so unfathomable to our conscious mind when we wake up. In all historical periods, right up to the present, dream interpretation industries have flourished to satisfy our natural longing to understand the mysterious 'messages' that dreams seem to carry. Even today the influence of the idiosyncratic confabulations and fantasies of Freud and Jung permeate our culture and illustrate the continuing virulence of the fanciful dream interpretation industry.

and explain many previously mysterious phenomena, including the symptoms of depression and psychosis, and hypnotic states. His research first showed that all dreams are expressed in the form of sensory metaphors. The reason for this is found in the biology of dreaming and the REM state itself, which all mammals go into. Research indicates that instinctive behaviours are programmed during the REM state in the foetus and the neonate. This is necessarily in the form of incomplete templates for which the animal later identifies analogous sensory components in the real world. These analogical templates give animals the ability to respond to the environment in a flexible way and generate the ability to learn, rather than just react. We can see this process beautifully when a baby seeks out and sucks on anything similar — analogous to — a nipple, like a finger or rubber teat. Once an instinct-driven pattern is activated and becomes an expectation, it can normally only be deactivated by the actual carrying out of the programmed behaviour by the central nervous system, and this clearly does not give us the flexibility we need to survive. So, dreaming is the deepest trance state we go into.

The three essential points to understand about dreaming are: • Dreams are metaphorical translations of One of the founders of human givens psychology, waking expectations. psychologist and scientist Joe Griffin, was the first • Expectations which cause emotional arousal person to review all the available scientific evidence that is not acted upon during the day to dand conduct research that resulted in the discovery of arouses the arousal, become dreams during why we evolved to dream. The new insights he had are sleep. at the heart of the human givens school of psychology. • Dreaming deactivates that emotional arousal They have a richness that helps transform our by completing the expectation pattern understanding of consciousness. metaphorically, freeing the brain to respond We can easily see this in our own lives. If we feel afresh to each new day. angry and let off steam it usually dissipates the anger. But if we were to act out our emotions every time we Why did we evolve to dream?

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Using dreams in therapy Dream metaphors that clients bring to therapy can have therapeutic value. They may help clients to see objectively what is troubling them emotionally. They may also help the therapist realise how the client is feeling about the therapeutic relationship. Undisguised feelings can come out in the dreams and metaphors — or the songs into which people may spontaneously burst, as clients sometimes report doing. Calmly studying one's dreams also helps us step back and look dispassionately at the emotional templates — expectations — they were d-arousing. Hypnosis can most usefully be seen as a direct route to The expectation fulfillment theory of dreams activating the REM state — all hypnotic phenomenon With psychologist Joe Griffin's 'expectation fulfillment are explained with this insight — and, since hypnosis and suggestion play such an important role in theory of dreams', we have the first viable, psychotherapy, this fact is of great significance to scientifically based theory of why we evolved to psychotherapists and counsellors. dream, and what dreams are actually doing for us. Understanding dreams were emotionally aroused, that would be disastrous. So animals needed to evolve the ability to inhibit arousals when necessary and deactivate them later when they could do no harm. That is why we evolved to dream. During REM sleep unfulfilled emotional expectations left over from the day are run out in the form of metaphors, thus deactivating them and freeing up the brain to deal with the new emotionally arousing events of the following day. Without dreams fulfilling our expectations by acting them out metaphorically we would need a vastly bigger brain.

In order to understand the language, the symbolism, the imagery of our dreams, we need to first look more deeply until we find the hidden nature; and to understand the hidden nature of our dreams, we need to learn something about the nature of the dreaming self. The whole self is rather like an onion, it includes more than the outer skin of appearance, the body, thoughts, emotions and sensations; the self is more than the ego, more than personality, more even than individuality. It is much more than all these parts. The self includes the unconscious as well as the conscious mind. Think of the whole self as a circle or sphere. Forget for a moment the human form as flesh and blood and bones; just consider the self as an independent entity without a material body to contain it. Our dreams are not limited to the confines of our body and brain. When we are dreaming, our own personal sphere is much more complex, for it is on its way to wholeness. “Wholeness’ is something that we as fallible creatures, don’t really understand. But we know instinctively, at a very deep level that the wholeness is the goal – the direction in which we should be heading. Most of us would admit that we are flawed, in one way or another, at least to the extent that we are not aware of, or open to everything. Very few people are really whole, either spiritually or psychologically. The first step toward progress is to understand our limitations. Perhaps this is why we need to dream, to help us along and carry us in the right direction.

Feel Teal club©2011 27

Many people forget their dreams or say they never dream; but this is not the same as actually having no dreams. If you are like many others, and genuinely find it difficult to remember your dreams, you have been missing out on a chance to experience an amazingly direct method of learning and understanding things that are normally unknown to our conscious minds. When you can remember and understand your dreams, those resulting from the reassembled, re-created and represented impressions of normal awareness, you will then move on to impersonal dreaming., even dream messages from the human world of spirit. These are instructive, meaningful experiences; spiritual truths coming into our awareness.

Nightmare/naitmea/n[C] a very frightening dream -Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Why do we have nightmares? The identities of nightmares vary in different ways. No matter if you are chased by a 6-eyed neon pink monster or being thrown down from the top of a 60' storey -tower, nightmares still mean something. Nightmares are surprisingly and fortunately, a compensation for the little amount of time we have,, especially nowadays to really sit down and contemplate on our lives. Therefore, they are often thought as a red light alert or a forewarning signal, to be cautious about something that might happen in real life that we should prevent or think of a solution to overcome. They also serve, magically, as exercises for our soul and mind for further disaster, or should I say, challenges we might face in order to lessen the actual pain we might face. This pain can be very intimate: separation of chums, deaths, loss of your beloved etc. Most crucially, it shows that the way you are handling a certain problem should be alternated. Once the problems are solved, nightmares will vanish. Courtesy %20dream.htm

The nature of our dreams tends to vary according to the hour of dreaming, or, equally, to our mental state when we experience the dream. Assuming we all work during the daylight hours; after waking in the morning, by noon we are normally at our most wide awake. The evening sees us as wearied of the day’s coming and going – whether we Everything that the conscious mind has assimilated, enjoyed, or dwelled upon, or pretended not to notice, ignored, or rejected and disowned, all these impressions are submitted by the now weary mind into the realms of the unconscious. There, they become the food for the personal unconscious, and this part of the mind functioning beneath the horizon of awareness continues to work through the night, through our sleeping hours, where we summarise, compare, identify similarities and categorising them, integrating all of our thoughts, feelings and sensations into a fresh viewpoint, a new understanding from the day. lead a hectically busy life or not, it doesn’t matter. So if you want to remember your dreams don’t forget to take your glass of ‘dream water’ to bed, tonight because thinking around your dream images, only you can analyse your dreams effectively, because only you are aware of your own past experiences. Remember your dream is a story, so remember your story. Think around it carefully; go through the whole sequence in your mind and write it down or draw it with every detail you can. Try to recall the theme and the emotions which carried the details along in your dream and how you felt on waking. Happy Dreaming!

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In this issue:

Google's New Google+ Social Network: Hands On


Before you can do anything else, Google wants to know a little about you. If you're a Google user, chances are Google's new Google+ social network, currently in a you've already filled out a profile: who you are, where "field trial," can't quite avoid the stereotype that the you work, your education, where you've lived, et cetera. company's products sacrifice usability for new features. While it's not thrust in your face, each field has a Put simply, Google+ is a social network for geeks. privacy dropdown box attached to it: do you want to share it with anyone on the Web? With your private Unfortunately, Google can't help exposing numerous Circles? options to share, hide, protect, and discover photos, friends, videos, posts, and all of the other minutiae that You can even specify a custom privacy setting, of a make up today's online social interactions. sort. (Hint: when the "Custom" dropdown triggers the field, click the "x" next to the green "Public" box, if it's Underneath, however, there are some rather elegant there. This allows you to customize the "Bragging features, including a lovely "Circles" interface to add friends, and a "Hangout" group video chat feature that rights" field, for example, so that your prowess in mud wrestling is only viewable to either a specific circle, or holds promise. just to a few people you specify by email address.),2817,2387779,00.asp

But users used to Facebook's minimalist interface may find Google+ jarring. And, sad to say, Google's "field


Feel Teal clubŠ2011 29

trial" suffered from overcapacity, an issue which may Google supplied me, and, with fifteen or may not have rippled into our evaluation on Tuesday afternoon. I and other staffers experienced numerous annoyances, which resulted from either poor design decisions, alpha glitches, or the overcapacity issue - I don't know which. Initial Profile Page Formal Profile Circles Stream

But two features - Hangouts, and the automatic, unlimited photo and video uploading from Google+ Mobile - should make Google+ moderately successful. For those reasons, I'd recommend you check it out, when more invites become available.

invitations to Google+, enough for a robust social network. Google's unexpected announcement of Google+ threw me for a loop, however, and instead of having time to solicit Gmail addresses for our staff, I entered their email addresses and sent out the invitations. And there was another wrinkle: almost immediately, trying to use the invitations returned an error message reporting that Google+ was over capacity. So much for cloud computing, hmm? Fortunately, the capacity problems cleared, and I and other staffers logged on. But then another problem manifested, spoiling one of the more elegant aspects of Google+: Circles. To add a contact to Google+, you need to enter your Circles, which are separated, by default, into acquaintances, friends, family, and "following," which apparently is for people who you don't want to interact with, but merely admire from afar. You can also create your own Circle, and define it as you wish. Obviously, this addresses one of the overt weaknesses of Facebook: without configuration, all of your friends are lumped together in one group.

Google's Google+ is part of the Google network of sites, and on my screen, a "+Mark" appeared first on a black bar, followed by Gmail, Calendar, and the other sites. Within Google+, four icons always appear at the top of the screen: Home, Photos, Profile, and Circles.

TEAL JOKES My niece, pregnant with her second child, was certain she wanted an epidural for pain management during childbirth. Her doctor asked her at which stage of labor she wanted the epidural administered. Her response: "Just meet me in the parking lot!"

NEXT ISSUE........ We share the news of another Feel Teal project....what began as a joint effort with one of our fellow supporters, unfortunately hit a snag and this has meant a complete re-shuffle of plans. We had hoped to make the announcement in this issue, but have decided to postpone to allow us time to re-gather! Stay tuned!!

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