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MSC Software: Trusted Services Partner By Derek Barkey, Program Manager, MSC Software


ince the founding of MSC Software Corporation in 1963 as the MacNealSchwendler Corporation, MSC has been an engineering services company. The company was founded to provide expertise in using analog computers to simulate structures. Since that time, MSC’s services offerings have expanded to keep pace with the state of the art in engineering and engineering simulation. Today, MSC engineers are engaged with customers around the world in a variety of disciplines to deliver training, engineering analysis, and engineering process improvement.

Reducing Risk in Product Development The mission of MSC’s services division is to help customers improve their products and their product development process. MSC’s engineers reduce development risk, reduce time to market, reduce cost, improve performance, improve durability, enable long term product support, and maximize return on CAE technology investment. They do this by combining engineering expertise with the

Fig. 1: Consumer Packaging Simulations

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advanced capabilities of MSC’s simulation software. A typical MSC engineer has twenty or more years of engineering experience in aerospace, automotive, naval architecture, oil and gas drilling, biomedical, and other industries. Their expertise typically includes strength, dynamics, fatigue, impact, thermal, power trains, suspension and braking systems, internal and exterior acoustics, fluid-structure interaction and aeroelasticity, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, blast, crash, and ballistic impact simulation, composite and metallic material performance, and air bags.

Improving Engineering Efficiency In addition to expertise in technical disciplines, the experience of MSC engineers gives companies critical expertise in engineering processes that can be hard to find. For example, MSC engineers can be engaged to study and improve a customer’s product development process. This can entail reviewing the process, identifying critical paths that increase risk and schedule time, and developing means for improving

Fig. 2: Fluid Structure Interaction

Since the founding of MSC Software Corporation in 1963 as the MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation, MSC has been an engineering services company. those critical paths. For example, MSC engineers may assist customers in training engineering staff in advanced techniques through standard or customized training curricula. MSC helps customers improve engineering efficiency by implementing design optimization methods, stochastic methods, high performance computing, or automating processes. These methods reduce engineering time and labor while improving the quality and repeatability of the engineering process.

Managing Vast Amounts of Engineering Data Frequently, the greatest challenge that MSC’s customers experience is simply managing the vast amount of engineering data. Simulation models and simulation results for a single product are generated or used by multiple groups within an enterprise as well as suppliers and customers. In a rapid product development process it can be challenging to manage change in the data, mine and manipulate it to get maximum value with minimum effort, and control access to ensure that those who need the data get it while securing the data from

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Simulating Reality  

Spring 2013

Simulating Reality  

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