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LARGEST OFFSHORE WIND FARM experiment was simulated using MSC Nastran. The record stood for 20 years and was only recently broken using the same methodology from the first experiment.


With a 1000-horsepower engine, Bugatti’s

By its completion date in 2013, the Anholt Offshore Wind

Veyron is the fastest car

Farm will have capacity of 400 MW providing electricity

in the world. Adams/

sufficient to meet approximately 4% of Denmark’s total

Car was instrumental

electricity consumption. Adams was used to study the

in its design and

marine and offshore structures interfaces and reduce risks


and costs of the installation and ensure safety of marine

according to Bugatti’s

operations. At completion, the Anholt Offshore Wind

technical director,

Farm will be the biggest offshore wind farm in Denmark.

Dr. Peter Tutzer.


See page 20 to learn more about the Denmark offshore windf.



The SQUID is a remote spike strip that helps cops end car chases by stopping fugitives in their tracks. Commissioned by the Department of Homeland Security, the life-saving device was modeled and tested by ESACORP with MSC’s Dytran. See how the SQUID ends car chases

PDA designed, manufactured and tested the Passive Thermal Protection System (PTPS) for the B-1 bomber. Using MSC Nastran, PDA provided the

Fender®’s Jazz Bass® and Precision bass

B-1 bomber with

necks were completely redesigned to

a windshield that

balance stability and adjustability with MSC

could instantly react

Nastran. The new design allows for optimum

to a nuclear flash

playability under widely diverse and ever-

to protect the pilot

changing environmental conditions…all while

and the cockpit and

maintaining the signature Fender tone. This

withstand high-

innovation by Fender resulted in two patents!

speed bird strikes.

A precise musculature and motion model of the human tongue was created using Marc and Patran. Diagnostic Simulations, Inc. created the model to design an implant for the treatment of sleep apnea. Learn more

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Simulating Reality  

Spring 2013

Simulating Reality  

Spring 2013