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New User Interfaces Accelerated Performance We listened to our customers, and we delivered results.

Over the past couple months, users around the world experienced a series of new 2012 product releases. New user interfaces brought renewed interest in the technology and the long awaited MSC and MD brand consolidation took place, leading to one MSC Nastran product, one Adams product, and one MSC token system, making it easier for companies of any size to do business with MSC.


Smarter Nonlinear Simulations The latest release of Marc 2011 offers an all-new user interface with extended features for nonlinear contact, fracture mechanics, composites, and electromagnetic simulations. Marc’s new user interface combined with improved CAD interoperability and meshing features makes it easier for engineers to create Finite Element Analysis (FEA) models and quickly learn the software program. Marc 2011 also enables smarter setup of nonlinear contact problems including expanded segment-tosegment contact for large deformation analysis, along with other contact enhancements. Watch New Videos at:

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Benefits: • Easier model navigation • Easy to use menu organization • Native CAD import and faster, improved meshing • Easily Customizable

Improves User Experience The latest Adams 2012 release benefits engineers with the consolidation of MD Adams and MSC Adams into one single Adams brand. Customers no longer need to decide which product brand they should be using, installing, and managing on their systems. The all-new user interface and new model browser in Adams 2012 simplifies model setup; new automatic flexible body generation supports efficient, high-fidelity system modeling; and an innovative tire model complements the improved selection of standard events and road profile formats available for vehicle simulations. Watch New Videos at:

Benefits: • New user interface • New ribbon-style format and intuitive layout • Easier, more userfriendly model construction • Create flexible bodies without leaving the Adams environment and without the dependence on external finite element analysis (FEA) software • Access new tire and road enhancements in Adams/Car where higher-fidelity road simulations can be performed

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Winter 2012

Simulating Reality  

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