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FROM THE EDITOR Who believes in you? That’s a question that should make you pause and think. Before you answer too steadily, I’ll start with myself. Roads are rarely traveled alone. Throughout my road I took some advice from a world-respected high Priest. He told me to know myself. He said to walk narrow roads, because the wide roads lead to destruction and unfortunately, many people walk destructive paths. I thought to myself, wow! Imagine, literally, walking a narrow line. That’s pretty challenging. Then I thought to myself, well…why not choose it, because I most definitely didn’t want to end up where destruction lied. So I took a narrow career path; Journalism. I call it narrow because many people enter it, but few become successful. I knew I had to possess certain qualities to compete in the industry. I knew I had to be talented, self-motivated, educated and resourceful. When I got my first internship, I noticed all the interns were talented, selfmotivated, educated and resourceful. Then I thought…how will I stand out now? Now, I pose my initial question to you, again. Who believes in you? There’s a simple answer to that question that is filled with hope; the hope that you answered, “Me”! YOU have to believe in yourself. What will make you stand-out in your internship, on your job, in your family, in your community, even in your education; BE YOU. Believe in your own talents, abilities and what you bring to the table. Remember: no one in the world can wake up and be you. You were specially made, with your own finger-print; an originalcustom designed being. To the Top Flight Staff- from the managers, to the contributors, designers and down to every eye that reads this publication, I appreciate you. You all accompany me in my narrow road, although you could have took the wide route. I thank you for that.

Chief Editor Cryss Walker

Managing Editor Britney Embry

Contributing Writers Stephanie Thomas Janae Marie Kirthmon Dozier Charma Robinson PhaShunta Hubert Alyssa Chester Darlene White Jasmine Boney

Regional Promotions Coordinator Airayna Hawkins

Stay encouraged, pray and focus. You are young. You are motivated. You are Top Flight.

Art Director Tyrone Owens Jr

Journalistically yours, Ms. Cryss Chief Editor

Digital Graphics Tiera Turner

National Promotions Manager Briana Gilchrist

Photographer AJ Grant

Sale Inquiries 4


2013 not only means a NEW YEAR, but NEW TV! Words by: Darlene A. White S

oon after all of the festivities of the holiday season begin to wind down and we begin to realize the amount of money that we spent on Christmas gifts, it will probably be time for us all to head back into our everyday lives such as; school, work, maybe even the gym (for those of us who ate too many sweets from the stocking). But as always we need that one good show to watch on television, to bring us back to “real life”, Right? Well have no fear! The Top 6 ‘Must See’ 2013 television show lineup is in and it is J-U-I-C-Y! 1. LA LA’S FULL COURT LIFE (VH1)- Reality Series COMING JANUARY 2013! The beautiful La La Anthony will be taking over our screens AGAIN and this time she is coming with her A- Game! The third season of La La’s Full Court Life will continue to star entrepreneur, actress, TV host, wife, and mom La La Anthony as she travels for both business and pleasure all the while attempting to balance motherhood, her career and marriage. In this upcoming season we will see La La as she visits VH1.comPuerto Rico to support Carmelo’s annual “Court 4 Kids” charity event while getting the chance to meet her extended family. It will also be time for her son Kiyan to start school! Plus we will see her in London cheering on husband and NBA star Carmelo Anthony as he plays on the 2012 U.S. Olympic Dream Team! La La is BACK and she is better than ever!!!

2. INFAMOUS (NBC)- Drama Series COMING SOON 2013! This thriller series is about Vivian Lawson, who may have been murdered by someone in her wealthy family! Everyone felt that Vivian’s death was no surprise, for the reason that she was a wealthy, socialite and notorious party girl who died from an overdose. But for FBI agent Will Moreno (Laz Alonso) believes things don’t add up with this suspicious family. He is convinced that the girl’s death was a homicide and he has a clever plan to get to the truth. Only way to get down to the real truth is through Detective Joanna Locasto (Megan Good) who has to go undercover to investigate the mysterious death of Vivian Lawson. Believe it or not this was Detective Lawson’s privileged childhood friend! This action-filled drama will definitely leave you wanting more! 6

3. REAL HUSBANDS OF HOLLYWOOD (BET)- Comedy Series COMING SOON 2013! The funny man Kevin Hart is giving us a TV series! Remember that crazy, funny sketch from the 2011 BET Awards starring host Kevin Hart, rap heart throb Nelly, comedian Anthony Anderson and film star Nick Cannon?! Well they are bringing the funnies to primetime! This new comedy will bring attention to how tough it can be to actually be a ‘Hollywood husband’ and the pressures that come HumorMillMag.comalong with it! These four men believe that the “housewives” don’t know how hard it really is to be a Real Husband of Hollywood! Get ready to laugh as they take on the journey of proving the “hard” role of a Hollywood Husband! 4. Life With La Toya (OWN)- Reality Series COMING SOON 2013!

5. American Idol (FOX)- Reality Series COMING JANUARY 2013

Where there is a Jackson, there is entertainment! The new series starring La Toya Jackson is giving her fans the inside scoop on her demanding lifestyle! This series shows the many demands of her famous family, finding time for lifelong friends and dealing with a growing entertainment business empire. No word, just yet on whether the current Jackson family drama involving Michael Jackson’s will, his children or matriarch Katherine Jackson will be part of the series. Just hearing this is MUST SEE TV!

American Idol is back and ready to make someone else a SUPERSTAR in season #12! The show takes off with the infamous, entertaining auditions, taking place in different cities. The concept of the show is to find new solo recording artists where the winner is determined by the viewers. Whatever music genre you are into you will hear on American Idol this season! Did I forget to mention the judges?! Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson will be in the building! So you already know ENTERTAINMENT and DRAMA will be in full swing!

6. SECOND GENERATION WAYANS (BET)- Comedy Series COMING SOON 2013! When you have the WAYANS, you know you’re going to leave the room laughing with tears! Now there is a NEW GENERATION taking over the stage! The fresh comedy is based on the lives of the members of the next generation of the Wayans family. (The first generation is just HUGE! Remember In Living Color?) But these boys (Craig Wayans and Damien Dante Wayans) show their audience how being a “Wayans” isn’t all fun and games! After all they are following after their famous Uncles and Aunt “Comedy” footsteps! My advices: Do your homework on the Wayans family background for this show!!




The 5 hottest tech products for the winter Ahhh, the most magical time of the year is fast approaching and with that in mind here are 5 of this season’s hottest gadgets you may want to purchase for yourself or a loved one. Researched By Stephanie F. Thomas

iPhone 5 – the latest and greatest in mobile phone technology from Apple Pros – Significantly faster, lighter in weight, has a taller screen and improved battery life over its predecessor iPhone 4. Cons – Apple’s maps has a few bugs, the new lightening port requires new cords or purchasing an adapter and the aluminum cover has a risk to easily scratch or scuff. Samsung Galaxy SIII – Samsung’s answer to the ever dominating iPhone Pros – Go from texting someone to talking to them by holding phone to ear while in text message screen; take a screen shot of your monitor by swiping your hand across the screen and possesses a quad core processor which enables higher quality phone graphics. Cons – S voice (voice command) hesitates if demands are too detailed or lengthy; heavy usage drains battery (back of phone becomes warm) and currently operates on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich awaiting Android 4.1 Jellybean update. Priced from $199 - $279 (depending on GB and carrier)


Priced from $199 - $399 (depending on GB and carrier)



Amazon Kindle Paperwhite – True bliss for the e-reader connoisseur Pros – Double the battery life, built-in light, quicker software responses upon touching screen, and more font choices for readers who have trouble with smaller font sizes. Cons – Text to speech no longer exists; no speakers/earphone jack means no audio support; no home screen hardware button (accessed now by touching top of screen), wifi continuously on (unless you place is in airplane mode) which drains the battery.

Striv Smart Pedometer – Not your grandmother’s pedometer Pros – Motivates you to exercise and walk, touch screen interface; comes with apps that allow you to get fitness and nutrition information. Cons – Other types of movements may throw steps off; could easily get lost because of its small size and no GPS integration. Priced at $99

Apple iPad 3 – Apple lovers heaven! Pros – Retina Display gives better visual experience than many TV’s, improved front camera and rear camera is now a 5 mega-pixel and the convenience of Dragon Naturally Speaking; which lets you talk, rather than type. Cons – Dragon Naturally Speaking but is no Siri (the iPhone’s signature virtual assistant), still no video output (HDMI) or SD card slot and slightly heavier in weight than the iPad Starting price of $499 9


And the Triple Crown Goes to... By Charma Robinson


he Detroit Tigers had an unbelievable season. They’ve gone from almost not making the playoffs to creating a powerful surge that has landed them a spot in the World Series for the 11th time in franchise history. The Tigers battled the Oakland A’s in a series of 5 games, then they did what others seemed to be impossible; sweeping the New York Yankees. Throughout the ups and downs of this year’s season, nothing was more thrilling than Miguel Cabrera winning the Triple Crown. Cabrera is the first to receive the Triple Crown since 1967. Cabrera led the league with a .330 batting average, 44 homers, and 139 RBI’s according to ESPN. His quest to make history came out of no-where. He entered the month of September with 33 home runs, three behind Texas’ Josh Hamilton. For Cabrera, no one


was talking Triple Crown at the time. Cabrera hit 10 home runs and drove in 27 runs in the month of September that helped boost him to the top of the board in home runs and RBI’s. After receiving the news of him winning the Triple Crown, Cabrera described it as an “unbelievable feeling” says a reporter at the New York Times. Cabrera was acquired by the Tigers from the Marlins in 2007 when he was 24-years-old and hasn’t looked back since. His presence at the plate has been noticed throughout all of baseball. The 29-year-old third baseman still has a lot of baseball left to play. Cabrera and the Tigers are representing Detroit well and are giving the citizens of the city something to look forward to. Let’s hope that Cabrera and the Tigers can continue their winning luck for the World Series.

Phoenix is Flying Away By Jasmine Boney


ue to low enrollment, the University of Phoenix will close eight of 10 schools throughout Michigan; leaving two of the more populated campuses around Southfield and Detroit.

Although it may have come to a shock to the students, there are many people who felt that is was long overdue. The lack of degree programs and accreditation of the school is what left an uneasy feeling with many adults. Unlike traditional universities and colleges in Michigan, majority of the programs that are offered at University of Phoenix came with selective campuses. “I just wasn’t able to get all that I needed in one building which is why I took online classes,” Travis Greene said. One of the many and more popular options for students seeking a higher education is online classes. Online classes are flexible and require less travel. University of Phoenix has both options available to


students. For most of their students, on-line classes enabled attendees to work and take care of other business, while attending school. “I work a lot of hours and I really don’t want to lower my hours or change my work schedule for a few classes. Taking them at home works for me,” Greene said. Similar to other students at Phoenix, having the online option fits their busy schedule. With the enrollment declining, the university is attempting to bring the schools and students closer to the mass majority. According to university officials, the campuses that are set to close will remain open until currently enrolled students have finished their degree. However, those seeking to enroll at the university will have to do so at the Detroit or Southfield campus. The University of Phoenix will no longer enroll students at the campuses that are scheduled to close.



Brandon Smith (Star Factory Artist Development) BY: STEPHANIE F. THOMAS


o you think you can dance, sing, act or produce? Well Star Factory Artist Development may be just the place for you. Native Detroiter Brandon Smith had an idea to do something different. Fresh out of high school he had a burning passion to sing, write and be in the studio, but had no clue on what to do or where to go. By chance he started to meet the right people, but felt as though it took him too long to meet those

people and learn the things he needed to learn to reach his goals. This desire led him to want to provide a place where artists could instantly plug into their dream and get the knowledge, training, connections and mentoring needed to succeed in the entertainment industry. The producer & songwriter felt as though there was nothing like this in Michigan; hence 45 days after being fired from his regular nine to five job, the brainchild Star Factory Artist Development was born.


Star Factory Artist Development (SFAD) is a blend of music school, production/dance-company and recording studio. The main flagship service is focused on artist development which means the company takes aspiring artists (singers, rappers, dancers) and gives them all the training they need to enhance their vocal, dance, performance and media training skills (as well as overall industry etiquette and what to expect in the business). Additionally, a lot of emotional development and life training is provided as well. Modeled after the Motown era which was big on artist development tools (such as grooming singers, putting them through music theory and choreography) is the very reason SFAD takes anyone with the desire to succeed because they understand and value the concept of artist development. Smith believes that artist development “transforms singers and rappers into artists because there is a huge difference between being a singer and artist; singers sing songs and artists sell songs.” The goal of SFAD is to create as many success stories as possible and bring as many opportunities as possible to Michigan for Michigan art-

ists. Smith did not have a solid

plan when he first started; no

business background… just a

producer and writer with an

idea and curriculum for SFAD,

but never planned the business

side of the company. While he

has no regrets of not obtain-

ing a business degree, he does

however encourage others who

want to start their own business

to definitely attend college and

study business management.

Smith feels as though the path

he took was random yet, right

for him, he admits that a busi-

ness degree could have made

the process easier.


less, he insists that you have to

believe in your company and

have passion, putting your all

into making it successful. He

cautions that owning your own

business is way more work than

a regular nine to five.

Clients are the biggest mar-

keting tool for SFAD, which

does as much as possible to

provide for clients such as per-

formance opportunities and as-

sisting artists in obtaining radio

play. All the shine that clients receive reflects on the success of Star Factory and is the biggest advertisement for what the company does. “Client success is like that batman signal in the sky, when you see that artist rising and just let it be known that this artist is a product of Star Factory”, Smith said. 13-year-old client Diamond White is proof of that because she is currently in the top 12 on Fox’s X-Factor. “You have to really know that this is what you want to do and be passionate about it. Do the research required and the key is to make progress every day; and if you want to ensure that that happens come to Star Factory.” The ultimate goal for SFAD is to get bigger and better. “We know how to cater to a dream knowing that it is a very delicate thing and that you can’t play with, taking dreams and making them grow- turning them into goals rather than just a dream,” Smith says is the essence of his company. For more information on Star Factory Artist Development visit 15

Flirting With Temptation [A Written Soap Opera by Janae Marie]

Chapter 3: It’s Morning...! 16

Early the next morning; Monica turned over in the queen size bed as the sunshine peaked through the Venetian blinds and greeted her face. She looked around the room but there was no sign of Keith anywhere. But then she smelled the faint smell of breakfast being cooked. Rising out of the bed with a smile upon her face she went downstairs to see Keith cooking breakfast for the both of them. “Well, rise and shine sleepy head! How are you today lovely?!” “I’m just great, Keith. Is all this for you?” “NO, for us, I have chocolate chip pancakes, Belgian waffles, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast and two glasses of orange juice. Eat up, I was thinking after we work on the account I’d take you shopping; how about Neiman Marcus?” A child like grin came across Monica’s face as no man has ever offered to take her shopping to spend money on her. “Oh, and don’t worry. Money is no object. Get whatever you like.” “Excuse me, are you serious?” “Yes, I am. Eat up; there is plenty of food for the both of us.” Later that day Monica was like a kid in a candy store. She took Keith up on his word about money being no object. She tried on almost every dress in the store. Keith paid for everything from two pairs of Manolos, some Jimmy Choos, and a lovely pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. She walked out that store with outfits from Dolce & Gabana, Fendi, and Prada along with the matching bag. Monica was going to have it all plus some. Keith was showing her a lifestyle that she had never been exposed to before. This was a life that she could get use to. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to make Keith hers and hers alone. But she definitely knew that she wanted to take part in the luxurious lifestyle that was being provided to her. She felt like a celebrity walking on red carpet. Nothing or no one was going to take this euphoric feeling away from her. Keith was giving her everything she wanted. She never had a man spoil her rotten before. After the shopping trip was over, Keith finished the night off with dinner at Andiamo’s. Monica knew sponging off some other woman’s man was no good but he didn’t mind offering. “Oh my goodness, it’s beautiful in here!” “You’ve never been here before? Who wouldn’t take a stunning woman like you out to such a lovely restaurant like this?” “So, I take it you’ve been here before?” Monica asked puzzled. “Yes, several times with my wife. But I’ve never quite enjoyed it like I’ve done right now.” “Don’t you miss your wife?” “Why are you concerning yourself with matters that don’t apply to you? Now what do you want to order? Get anything you want, sweets! I’m good for it.” “Keith you don’t have to do all of this-“ “Sweetie, please don’t act like you aren’t enjoying this. You’re a beautiful sexy woman who deserves nothing but the best and I want to be the one to give it to you. After dinner we can work on our assignment. You know we only have two days left. Did you decide on what you wanted?” “Um, the Fettuccine Alfredo with salmon looks pretty good.” “Then order it, you know…I really like how things are progressing between us.” He says as he grabs her hand to join his. He stares into her eyes and says the one thing that Monica never wanted to happen. “I may be willing to leave my wife for you?” Monica sipping her drink chokes on her ice water at Keith’s outlandish comment. “Are you serious?” Before Keith could answer her question, the waiter appears asking if they were ready to order. 17

Comedian CP Interview By: PhaShunta Hubert Written By: Cryss Walker

Chris Powell reflects about his upbringing; being reared by those energetic and youthful parents of his. Did that attention plant a seed to entertain? Laughter in a household that encouraged free-speech like the first amendment and being showered with all that lonechild attention‌did the Powell parents cultivate the funny man known as Comedian C.P.?


I had a great childhood. I had two young parents [and] I was brought up with a lot of comedy in the house hold… they [my parents] thought everything was funny and really encouraged me to be outspoken. By me being the only child, I had a lot of attention …


uring his years at Mumford High, he hosted events and was a natural on stage. That stage presence led him to emceeing functions at Michigan State University, where he earned his degree in Media Arts. Although that degree taught him video production skills, (as he still enjoys editing from time to time), his passion for comedy prevailed. That passion led him to a turning point- it led him to June 30, 2009. That is a date that he will always remember; as it was the first time he ever did stand-up; anxiety bubbled on the inside. He was nervous of how the audience may react to his farce-performance. Those nerves subsided with a sense of accomplishment when he was well received by the crowd. Powell was placed on the fore-front when he created the video spoof, “Things Detroit People Say”, which catapulted his status to local celebrity. “I went into planning to make sure I included everything that I felt was important”, he says after revealing the process of creating the comedic piece. It was a You-tube sensation for the three-one-three. A must see video for Detroiters, which really made the natives laugh-out-loud! Powell says he doesn’t have a particular L.O.L. factor. For him, humor is simple: “If I thinks it’s funny, I will laugh, nothing specific.” Powell does admit that comedians like Eddie Murphy, Tommy Davidson and Richard Pryor really tickle his fancy, as they serve as role models for the industry he’s grown to blossom in. Just as the comedians he admires, Powell says his material, comes from his head. “It’s no excuse to not be writing your own material…it’s like extreme reading between the lines.” C.P. believes that comicality is a derivative of agony… agony that is eased. “Life is pain and life is joy.” His joys and pains are shared with his wife of almost two-years and his little one-year-old princess, who he spends his spare time with. He also finds comfort from the support of his light-spirited parents. All that support sustains him for his future. Five years from today Chris Powell says he sees himself, “fat, rich and in somebody’s movie(s)!”




Body & Spirit

Male Yeast Infections: Myth or Fact? By Alyssa Chester


ave you ever thought you couldn’t contract a yeast infection from your significant other? Think again. Yeast infections are more common in women than they are in men, but men can still get the infection. Yeast infections are also known as candidiasis, which is the name for a common infection caused by a type of fungus (candida albicans).Yeast Infections usually occur in warm, moist parts of the body and can overgrow for many reasons. “It is possible for a man to get a genital yeast infection if he has unprotected sexual intercourse with a partner who has a genital yeast infection. However, if your girlfriend has a yeast infection, it doesn’t mean you’ll get one too. Sexual transmission of yeast infections is uncommon”, says James M. Steckelberg, M.D from Men, who are uncircumcised, have diabetes, a weak immune system and prolonged antibiotic use can increase the risk of a yeast infection in men. Yeast infections can be seen on the man’s penis, skin, mouth or even digestive tract and is usually a red rash with itching or burning in the area. “Yeast infections can be treated with over the counter drugs, which makes many people think they can start treatment whenever they experience symptoms. However self-diagnosing a yeast infection can be dangerous because yeast infection symptoms are similar to other infections”, says Chris lliades, MD from Preventative steps in protecting yourself from the infection: • Steer clear of red meats, foods free from impurities, foods with a lot of yeast and try to stay away from alcohol • Try to use a coconut oil to prevent the skin from cracking and ease the symptoms and problems associated with yeast infections • Try detoxing every once in a while to remove all of the toxins from the body and preventing the growth of yeast


J im my Stoner Story By Kirthmon F. Dozier, Jr.

In the music business nothing comes easy, so the grind never stops for a hungry artist. The grind is no different for local Detroit rapper, Jimmy Stoner, who sat down to do his first interview with Top Flight to discuss his pursuit of success.


Over here, for me anyway, it is depressing man. Everything from the people, to the environment, is just personal. Sometimes I just want to get away


he 21-year-old rapper has been creating music since the age of nine. Raised by his grandmother while growing up on the east side of Detroit off of 7 Mile, life was no walk in the park for the rapper.

While discussing the authenticity of rappers with Jimmy, he made it clear that everything he is doing will be one of a kind. Jimmy wants to bring the art of story telling back to the rap game, so he uses influences from his life to help create his new projects.

“Over here, for me anyway, it is depressing man. Everything from the people, to the environment, is just personal. Sometimes I just want to get away,” said Jimmy.

Like Jay-Z said, “Right now I’m just a lazy boy, day dreaming in my lay-z boy,” Jimmy has had his low points this year but is overall happy with the progress he has made.

Jimmy uses his music as an escape from all of the negativity surrounding him.

“It was a point where all I was doing was smoking. I had to get up out of that because I’m grown now so I had to do something,” he said.

The creativity never stops with Jimmy. Every day he is in the studio making music or a beat. With his latest track ‘I dream of Jeannie’ getting great feedback from its listeners, Jimmy feels that he can’t let that one track get to his head. He instead uses that as motivation to make better music. “When people show you love it just makes you want to keep going every day. Plus it’s all in my house and I’m doing it on my laptop,” said Jimmy. Although he thinks that ‘I dream of Jeannie’ is the best work he has put out, Jimmy feels that he has better music to release in the future. With a name like Jimmy Stoner, it is kind of evident what he does in his recreational time but the name has more meaning than being a stoner. “Jimmy” comes from legendary guitarist Jimmy Hendrix who has had a positive influence on the rapper. “The Stoner is self explanatory,” says Jimmy as he laughs it off. Jimmy has a great work ethic when it comes to his music. “First thing I do is make a beat. I may do a wake-and-bake depending on what I got then I go straight to the beats,” he said. “I can probably make about five beats in a day, not even in the whole day but just in a few minutes and then I get quiet and start recording.”


Jimmy knows that in today’s world it can benefit him to have his hand in more than one venture. He decided that Specs Howard was the right place for him to continue his education and passion for film. Jimmy is expected to graduate later on this year. After being in a slump, Jimmy has made “I dream of Jeannie” and hasn’t looked back. He is constantly thinking about his future. He has been offered his first deal from an independent label called TWB Records. With the New Year around the corner, Jimmy plans on doing more shows and releasing a few more projects.




o matter how you involve yourself in the narcotics games, the game will ALWAYS win! James (Thomas L. Harris) and Dino (Henrí Franklin) learn this lesson the hard way in this urban drama. Dynamic Duo, James and Dino both childhood friends from Detroit, Michigan have found stability in hustling when they run across a hardship in both of their lives. However being in this game is not a joke for the two guys, especially when friendship ends up on the line. For James this way of life is amazing! James takes pleasure in driving fast cars, making fast money, and of course the women. Life for him is just too picture perfect! Dino, on the other hand, is a determined youngin’ who is torn between the game of hustling and being a legitimate business man. Dino just wants to handle business temporarily furthermore GET OUT of the hustling game ASAP!

straighten up and fly right!

The lane that the guys are on seem to be going well, at least for now until they are met with a disagreement from narcs (Don Snipes, Anton Bassy), local drug-lords and a growing separation in vision. The two find themselves at a fragile face-off! Now it’s really time to

Project Theatre Company and TandB Films, presents CONCRETE (The Movie). Starring Henri D. Franklin, Thomas L. Harris, Don Snipes, Anton Bassey, Big Gov, Lady J STL Roy Boy, Doughboyz Cashout, Street R Us, and Big Greg (107.5). As strong as it is, even CONCRETE cracks after so much pressure. Coming 2013!

Pictured: DoughBoyz Cashout Source:

25 twitter @iamtopflight Facebook: I Am Top Flight


Top Flight Magazine November 2012 Issue  

Comedian CP takes the cover with features from Rapper/ Producer Jimmy Stoner and Brandon Smith of Star Factory Artist Development

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