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Geometry Symbols

Triangle Terminology for Geometry ð

SSS: Side-side-side congruency ø

SAS: Side-angle-side congruency `

ASA: Angle-side-angle congruency ¸

AAS: Angle-angle-side congruency h

HL(R): Hypotenuse-leg-(right angle) congruency Ø

AA: Angle-angle similarity P

SSS~: Side-side-side similarity À

SAS~: Side-angle-side similarity È

CPCTC: Corresponding parts of congruent triangles are congruent

Geometry Formulas for 3-D Objects

 Geometry Formulas and Rules for Triangles

Geometry Formulas and Theorems for Circles

Geometry Formulas for Polygons

Coordinate Geometry Formulas


geometry formulas for the EOC


geometry formulas for the EOC