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Spring is in the air in Georgia, finally, and the new blooms bring with them memories of the winter and anticipation of the summer. The winter brought the graduation of Cohort XIV and a wonderful celebration of their achievements. The spring and summer bring the advancement of Cohort XV and the admission of Cohort XVI! As you will see in this issue, the campus has been busy with visitors and opportunities for students, faculty, and alumni to be engaged with the Conflict Management program and the rest of the Kennesaw State University community. In 2013-2014, the MSCM program is engaged in some exciting changes. For the first time, the MSCM will offer embedded certificates as part of the degree program. One certificate focuses on Justice & Organizations and the other on International Conflict

Master of Science in Conflict Management Department of Political Science and International Affairs Kennesaw State University 1000 Chastain Rd. MD 2205 SO Bldg. 22 Rm. 5030A Kennesaw, GA 30144

Management. These certificates are possible because of several “choice-points� that we now offer in the curriculum during the clinic courses. There are other exciting changes in courses and classes in the works and we would love to have some additional feedback from alumni on information and material they wish they had in their programs. As always, we would love to hear from you through social media, email, or just old-fashioned stopping by for a chat. We will have more alumni and student socials in the coming months so keep an eye out for your invitations. We hope the stories in this issue will inspire you in your work and encourage you to share your own stories with us.

Sherrill Hayes, Ph.D., MSCM Director

Featured Articles BlazeSports and MSCM continue their support for development work in Haiti Contributed by Felipe Rodrigues

On Friday, March 21st a group of 18 coaches, community leaders, sport professionals gathered at the Centre for Research and Training for Economic and Social Development (CRESFED) for a Sport for Development workshop, facilitated by BlazeSports and Kennesaw State University. The participants had the opportunity to learn about ways in which sport can be use to achieve inclusion in schools and address social issues in Haiti. Dr. Sherrill Hayes, Director of the Masters of Science in Conflict

Management at Kennesaw State University, facilitated a roundtable where participants had a chance to not only learn from each other but left with concrete action steps to implement in their communities . As part of BlazeSports initiative in Haiti, the first International Day of Sport for Development and Peace will be celebrated on April 6th. In partnership with the Ministry of Youth Sport and Civic Engagement (MJSAC, acronym in French) BlazeSports and the Foundation Gérard Pierre-Charles will organize an inclusive sports festival, with children with physical, sensory, intellectual and children

without disabilities. In this festival the youth will discover various Paralympic sports such as boccia, sitting volleyball, and games that allow them to improve the perception, coordination and conditioning of the participants with and without disabilities. It will also be an opportunity to raise awareness of disability rights and promote the values ​​associated with sport for all, such as solidarity, environment, fair-play, cooperation and respect. See more at:

Pathways to Peace John Hunter visits KSU

On March 5, 2014, Dr. John Hunter visited KSU to discuss his book World Peace and 4th Grade Achievements. He visited as part of the annual Pathways to Peace lecture series. 2

Cambodia-America Association Panel Contributed by Dr. Susan Raines

Cohort XV is preparing for their November 2014 study abroad experience in which they will travel to Phnom Pen and Siem Reap, Cambodia. This region provides a deep wealth of experience related to conflict and conflict resolution. Students learn about Cambodia’s history of genocide (aka “The Killing Fields”), efforts to change international policies regarding landmines, human trafficking intervention projects, as well as pairing with non-governmental organizations seeking to improve economic development and health services. To help prepare us for this experience, the cohort met with members of the Cambodia-America Association on February 21st. Bora Lam and colleagues from the Cambodia-

America Association spoke about the country’s history, economy, politics and culture. We look forward to getting to know them better and learning much more about Cambodia before we depart. To learn more about the CambodiaAmerica Association please visit their website: Cambodia is indescribably beautiful and its people have exhibited resilience in the face of tragedy. We have much to learn from this study abroad experience and look forward to both the preparation process and the in-country experience.

Certificate Track Development MSCM students now have the opportunity to embed certificates within their graduate studies.

The Justice and Organizations Certificate provides students additional specialist training in skills related to organization conflict management and dispute resolution to prepare students to work in court systems as well as public, private, and non-profit sectors. The International Conflict Management Certificate provides additional knowledge and skills development to prepare students to work effectively in no-governmental organizations (NGOs) and international corporate settings.



Congratulations to MSCM Students and Alumni!


Jeff Kaufman, Cohort VII, whom we noted for finishing his PhD Spring 2013, has an academic job at Marian University in Indianapolis

Avery Flower, Cohort VI, is the new Assistant Director of GA’s Department of Human Services.

John Lash, Cohort XII, just conducted a training on Peacemaking Circles for participants from across the country; it’s part of his work as Exec Dir of Athens’s Georgia Conflict Center.

Gregory Johnstone, Cohort XIII, is the new Senior Clinical Research Coordinator/Supervisor at Emory University.

Jennifer Cardenas, Cohort XIV, is loving her new job (Forsyth County guardian/CASA work)... And she’ll be recognized at KSU’s University Scholars ceremony in early May. Barry Beers, Cohort XV, conducted some valuable benchmarking research on how state offices of dispute resolution are funded. Georgia’s Commission on Dispute Resolution was very appreciative. Brooke Teshome, Cohort XV, is working as an intern at the Carter Center in the Conflict Resolution Program. He is working on two major conflict hot spot areas—the conflict in Liberia and the conflict between Sudan and South Sudan. Antonio Nerio, Cohort XII, and his wife welcomed baby Franco. He also started a new job providing conflict resolution to Salvation Army employees. He says he loves his job and is doing what he wanted to do when entering the MSCM program. Katrina Coker, Cohort XII, Began new job as a Global Assignment Administrative Assistant in Dallas, Texas. Erika Jefferson, Cohort X, accepted a job at Kent State University in Cleveland, OH as an adjunct professor of Conflict Theory through the Center of Applied Conflict Management.

Patrick Shaver, Cohort X, is currently in production for a documentary entitled Officer Involved— A thoughtful look at officers who have used deadly force. He is interviewing police officers, psychologists, and other experts in order to show what influences a critical incident and how the aftermath stays with an officer long after the smoke clears. The film, which is made up of first-person interviews, illustrates the human side and personal toll of police work. You may follow the film’s progress at:

Upcoming Events MSCM Application Deadline May 1, 2014

To be considered for admission to the MSCM program, applicants must complete the electronic Application for Graduate Admission and submit the supporting documents by May 1, 2014. For more information:

International Conference on International Conference on Negotiation: Dispute Resolution Conflict Resolution Education and Conflict Management in a June 11-16, 2014 Changing World International conference on develApril 10-12, 2014 The Center for Conflict Management at Kennesaw State University is hosting a 3 day conference on negotiation.

oping and implementing culturally inclusive conflict resolution education policies and practices in K-12 and Higher Education. Conference will be held at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

For more information:

For more information:

14th Annual ACR Conference October 8-11, 2014 Alumni and friends are welcome to join us at the 14th annual ACR Conference in Cincinnati, OH. Carpooling is encouraged! For more information, visit the URL on the flyer to the left.


Faculty Accomplishments 6

Dr. Sherrill Hayes,

Director, MSCM Program

• Co-submitted a grant with Dr. Linda Johnston to the US Department of State Sports United Program for a sports-based cultural exchange with Haiti.

Dr. Susan Raines,

Professor of Conflict Management

• Taught 2 skills clinics related to Organizational Conflict Management, Coaching/Teambuilding so far this semester in the MSCM program.

Dr. Heather Pincock,

Assistant Professor of Conflict Management

• Taught CM 7310 Interpersonal and Intergroup Conflict to Cohort XV. • Advised Cohort XV students as they design their field work projects for the Fall. • Coached KSU undergraduate and graduate Mock Mediation teams as they prepare for the upcoming KSU “Coopetition”.

• Teaching 2 courses this semester— Sports, Conflict, and Peace and an MSCM PhD Humanitarian course. • Traveled to Indian River State College for the Atlantic Hope Graduate program—4-day fully immersive humanitarian crisis training—for the Humanitarian PhD course. • Visited Haiti as a consultant to BlazeSports America to provide training on sports and peace through a grant from the UN office of Sport Development and Peace. • She is teaching CM 7100 “Conflict Management for Managers” to MBA and MPA students across campus. • She has recently been added to Georgia’s 9th Judicial District mediation roster, has served as a guest teacher for Sullivan University. • Took her kids to Disneyworld in February!

• Organizing KSU’s first Mock Mediation “Coopetition” to be held on April 11-12. Undergraduate and graduate teams from schools in Georgia, Texas, and Massachusetts will be in attendance for a day and a half of mediation simulations. • Attended first Advisory Board meeting for the newly established Center for International Business and Negotiation at Clayton State University. • Received a CETL Summer Incentive Grant to continue work with Dr. Tim Hedeen on “Innovations in Justice: Summary Jury Trials in Georgia’s Courts”.

Dr. Timothy Hedeen,

Professor of Conflict Management

• Running a task force studying evaluative mediation for consideration in Georgia’s court ADR rules. • Soon to be elected to another twoyear term as president of KSU’s chapter of AAUP.

• Will present twice at KSU’s April conference on Negotiation, once with each MSCM alumnae Charity Scott and JoAnne Donner.

• Will be the keynote for Pennsylvania’s Office of Dispute Resolution annual training of mediators and facilitators in June.

• Will present twice at the ABA Section of Disp Res conference in Miami in April.

• Dr. Pincock and Dr. Hedeen will soon complete a short article on ethics exams for mediators that will appear in ACResolution, ACR’s glossy magazine.

• In mid-March, conducted two trainings for the federal mediators of the Western District of Michigan’s Federal court ADR program.

• JoAnne Donner and Dr. Hedeen have been conducting research on mediation parties’ preparedness, and will present and publish on it in the coming months.

Mark your Calendars 7

To provide submissions to the MSCM newsletter, email Nicole Connelly at or call 770) 423-6299.

The Master of Science in Conflict Management (MSCM) program at Kennesaw State University provides students with the knowledge and skills to manage conflict in today’s challenging environments. MSCM education addresses the issues that divide our world by encouraging communication, fostering positive relationships and developing comprehensive, long-term solutions. Further, it provides a set of tools and a way of thinking that enhances the saftey and vitality of our families, communities and workplaces.

Master of Science in Conflict Management Department of Political Science and International Affairs Kennesaw State University 1000 Chastain Rd. MD 2205 SO Bldg. 22 Rm. 5030A Kennesaw, GA 30144

MSCM Spring 2014 newsletter  

The latest news from the Master of Science in Conflict Management program.

MSCM Spring 2014 newsletter  

The latest news from the Master of Science in Conflict Management program.