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The School of Conflict M a n a g e m ent, Peacebuilding and Deve lopment

Why our school?

> We research and train in issues from

national security studies and strategic nonviolence to civil mediation.

> We embrace perspectives from social

sciences and humanities.

> We practice conflict management informed by

theory and research.

> We integrate our work into businesses and

civil society locally, nationally, and globally.

Center for Conflict Management > > > >

Locally and globally, the Center:

promotes peace and conflict resolution; conducts research into peace and conflict issues; provides training in conflict management skills; attracts and implements grant funded projects, contracts, and consultancies; and > disseminates findings and educates the public through conferences, symposia, training, and workshops.

Professional Training and Workshops • Workplace Conflict • Mediation & Negotiation • Conflict Training for Managers • Child and Family Services

• Family Business Dynamics • Humanitarian Intervention • Migration & Refugee Resettlement

Masters in Conflict Management The Master of Science in Conflict Management teaches students tools that can help prevent conflict and effectively manage it once it arises. Our program operates as a cohort, admitting a limited number of students as a group each fall semester. These students take classes together from start to finish to create a unique and enriching learning environment. In only 16 months, students learn negotiation, conflict theory, mediation skills, peacebuilding, cross-cultural, and international conflict resolution.

Foundations During the first semester, students become firmly grounded in theories and practices of the field.

Applications During the second and third semesters, students learn how to conduct research and apply theories to specific practice areas in interpersonal, community, organizational, intercultural, and international arenas.

Specializations During the final semester, students supplement their research and gain first-hand experience in conflict work in either a domestic or international setting through the field experience course.

Manage conflict like a pro

PhD in International Conflict Management The PhD program is comprised of a total of 75 credit hours. There are at least 60 course credits and up to 15 dissertation credits required. Eligible students can have up to 17 related credits transferred in from their Master’s degree, going towards course credits required.

Program Sections Core Seminars

International Experiences

The core seminars provide interdisciplinary grounding in the fundamental concepts, ethical and cultural foundations, and practical applications in international conflict management and resolution.

Students can practice their conflict management skills in applied international settings and gain an understanding of today’s complex challenges marked by globalization, the impact of technology, competition for scarce resources, and deepening interconnections between people and institutions.

Research Methods Preparation includes courses in epistemology and research design, how to use quantitative and qualitative methods, and program evaluation.

Contact Us:

The School of Conflict Management, Peacebuilding and Development Kennesaw State University Kennesaw Campus Math & Statistics Building 365 Cobb Avenue, Room 243, MD 1603 Kennesaw, GA 30144

(470) 578-6127 @KSU_Conflict /ksuconflict @ksuconflict

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