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Letter from the Director Greetings,

The arrival of autumn means Kennesaw State and MSCM program at our busiest! We have officially become the “New U”, MSCM has moved to a new office space (MS 209), there are two cohorts (XVI & XVII), a new KSU football team (Go Owls!), tremendous field work projects, two study trips (ACR Reno & Germany/France), and many opportunities in the year ahead.

In this Issue:

Featured Articles........................2 Announcements...........................4 Upcoming Events.........................7 Faculty Accomplishments..........8

In this edition, you will read about some of the interesting and innovative work that our Graduate Students do in collaboration with faculty. I know there are many more stories out there about work students and alumni are doing, if reading this inspires you, please make sure you share with us! You will also see a welcome to our new colleague Dr. Joe Bock, the new Director of the PhD Program in International Conflict Management. We have believe that Dr. Bock will help us strengthen the already close working relationship with the PhD program. Make sure to read more about our First Annual “Conflict Management Career Fair” held on August 21, 2015. I want again thank Dr. Susan Raines and Nicole Connelly for helping plan this event and each of you for making it a success.

Master of Science in Conflict Management Department of Political Science and International Affairs Kennesaw State University Rm. MS 209, MD 1603, 365 Cobb Avenue Kennesaw, GA 30144

Just in case you have not seen it, MSCM is currently the featured program in Kennesaw State’s “World Class” Campaign http:// We even have a billboard featuring one of our alums (Quoquise Jackson) on I-75 South between Kennesaw and Marietta. Take a look at it before its is gone! We do believe that this shows how committed the university has been and remains to our programs. As always, if you have news items (new jobs, exciting opportunities, or you by chance end up on a billboard!) please keep in touch as we’d love to hear from you. You can also stay in touch with us via our facebook page, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Look for updates from Germany on social media in November and from Graduation in December!

Sherrill Hayes, Ph.D., MSCM Director

Featured Articles Alternatives to Violence Project Comes to Atlanta Submitted by Dr. Heather Pincock, MSCM Associate Professor


SCM students and faculty are involved in an exciting effort to bring Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) to Atlanta, Kennesaw State University and beyond. AVP is a multicultural volunteer organization that is dedicated to reducing violence in our society. AVP was established 40 years ago through a partnership between inmates at Greenhaven prison in upstate NY and a group of local Quakers. The AVP program offers experiential workshops in prisons, schools, and communities throughout the US and around the world that empower individuals to liberate themselves from the burden of violence (see and A little over a year ago, MSCM faculty member Heather Pincock, who had completed her AVP training at Auburn prison in upstate NY before coming to teach at Kennesaw State, connected with a group of AVP facilitators


working to build an AVP chapter in Georgia.

Susan Solomon who is just beginning the MSCM program was a student in Heather’s undergraduate Alternative Dispute Resolution course last winter and attended her first AVP workshop. She gives us her perspective of AVP: “I wasn’t sure what to expect. There was a small group of people drawn from all walks of life, homeless and others living in subsidized housing, suburban senior citizen mom (me), professor, young, engaged professionals and others working with ex offender and disenfranchised populations. As the weekend progressed the conversations became more and more real. We learned from each other and validated each person’s perspective on violence. Our daily lives and personal experiences with violence are very different but we found common concerns – about race, physical violence, our own violence, and violence in the police community. We learned that we all have transforming power to change the course of violence. These are real conversations-often outside your comfort zone but

important for change to take place. AVP workshops are conducted by volunteers who have attended specialized training to become facilitators. There is curriculum support from the national and international AVP organization and workshop agendas are set up to keep you moving and building community. I found myself enjoying activities similar to duck-duck goose and a tamer AVP version of tag with full abandon. We had fun and knew each other well at the end of the weekend. I was energized after that first workshop. My husband and I went to dinner and I never stopped talking about the people and the discussions. I wanted to share my insights about our lives and the lives of others and how we can change the violence in our world. But, if you asked me then, and now, exactly what is AVP and why I am committed to the process, I can’t explain it well. I just know that I feel honored to participate in these real conversations about violence with people from all walks of life and to consider how I can participate in the struggle, rather than sit on the sidelines. Now, as an apprentice facilitator, I am learning to lead AVP

MSCM faculty member, Dr. Heather Pincock, facilitates discussion with workshop participants during an AVP exercise called “Labels” at an AVP workshop in Decatur on August 22-23

workshops. We need others to join the conversation. You can become involved in AVP by attending any of our community workshops. Then, you would be eligible to attend an advanced workshop and workshop to train facilitators. AVP is growing in Atlanta and we need people to get involved. We have plans to conduct our first prison workshop in January 2016 at Lee Arrendale Women’s Prison and are working to offer youth workshops in Clarkston and Dekalb County in the near future.” ~Susan Solomon CXVII Come join us! The next AVP Workshop is scheduled for September 19-20 in Atlanta. We will also be hosting a potluck and mini-workshop on Monday September 21st from 6-9pm at the Atlanta Friends Meeting 701 W. Howard Ave in Decatur, GA to celebrate International Peace Day. Email heather.pincock@gmail. com if you would like to attend or to receive announcements about upcoming AVP Atlanta workshops and activities. You can also join the conversation on facebook at AVP Atlanta at groups/761555637239408/

Life as a Graduate Research Assistant— A letter to Cohort XVII Submitted by Laura Preiser Pollio, Cohort XVI

Working with Heather Pincock as her GRA has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of my participation in the MSCM program. In this position I have honed my research skills and learned about conflict management topics related to citizenship rights from the lens of Dr. Pincock’s political science training. It has been a great boost to my educational experience. Dr. Pincock has been a patient and helpful guide throughout the process of my learning curve. This work has also augmented my own research projects by expanding my familiarity with the process of academic writing. I feel that each professor within the MSCM department has specific areas of excellence that could provide guidance and mentorship across a variety of students’ interest areas. New students applying to the program should look for these opportunities on a formal or informal basis. The faculty is an outstanding group of individuals that are deeply committed to

the learning process. The GRA opportunity has been a powerful catalyst in my development. Additionally, there are other many ways to connect beyond the classroom. While I encourage those in the incoming cohort to pursue such opportunities as GRA work, I also recommend involvement in areas such as observing real mediations, attending extra conferences/ trainings for professional development, and exploring campus based projects such the mock mediation team to broaden the MSCM experience. Best of luck to Cohort XVII, Laura Preiser Pollio Cohort 16


MSCMNews Welcome Cohort 17!

We are excited to welcome Cohort 17 as the newest addition to the MSCM family. With nine educational backgrounds presented including information technology, human resources, law, sociology, psychology, and criminal justice, among others, this cohort is quite diverse! In addition, the cohort includes three students with advanced degrees in law and business. The cohort is comprised of an average age of 36 and is 95% female. Orientation for the new group was held Saturday, August 15 and was packed full of information, panel discussions, and games. We held our annual panel discussion consisting of five MSCM alumni from Cohorts 6 through 14—Josh Floyd (12), Deborah Cox (12), Avery Flower (6), Chris Griffin (14), and Celeste Ingram (14). Although the staff and faculty could not join in the panel 4

discussion, we heard the discussion was very helpful! In addition to the panel discussion, we facilitated a marshmallow challenge in which groups had to build the tallest freestanding structure strong enough to hold a marshmallow on the top using only spaghetti noodles and tape. The winning team built a 27.5 inch structure! That has to be some kind of record for the incoming cohorts. Since orientation, the group has been quite busy! They have completed their first weekend of class in Conflict Theory and participated in our first ever MSCM Career Fair. We have high hopes for this cohort and are looking forward to the wealth of information they will add to the MSCM family.

MSCM Hosts First Career and Networking Fair

For the first time in MSCM history, we hosted a Conflict Management career and networking fair. The event provided a opportunity for students and alumni to network in the field of conflict management and to meet conflict professionals. The event took place in the Social Science lobby on Friday, August 21 and hosted several big name companies including: • Lutheran Services of GA • Georgia Conflict Center • DeKalb MultiDoor Courthouse • Habitat for Humanity • Fulton County ADR • GA Office of Dispute Resolution (GODR) • Center for Disease Control • GA State University Ombuds Office

MSCM received high praise from students and alumni alike for the great networking opportunity the event provided. With an attendance of over 50 students and alumni, MSCM anticipates an annual career fair moving forward with a wide array of exhibitors. In addition, MSCM would like to collaborate with the Master of Public Administration and the Master of Science in International Policy Management to create a wellrounded networking fair for all of the students and alumni in the Department of Political Science and International Affairs. The future looks bright!


Congratulations to MSCM Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni!

Announcements 6

We graduate world-class leaders. Stamp your passport for success.

KSU’s World Class Campaign

If you’ve driven on Interstate 75S lately near Marietta, you may have noticed a few friendly faces on KSU’s newest billboard. Dr. Sherrill Hayes, Director of MSCM, and Quoquise Jackson, Cohort 15, are the faces of MSCM and Kennesaw State University (pictured above). Join us in congratulating the program for such great university recognition! For more information: http://www.

New MSCM Offices in the Math and Statistics Building

As of August 1, MSCM, along with the INCM and the Center for Conflict Management, has a new suite to call home. Next time you are near campus, come see our new suite! Our new address is: Math and Statistics Building 365 Cobb Avenue Kennesaw, GA 30144

Dr. Volker Franke Receives High Honor at KSU’s Summer 2015 Award Ceremony Dr. Volker Franke received the Outstanding Research and Creativity Award at the 2015 KSU Award Ceremony. The award is designed to encourage, reward, and publicly acknowledge sustained excellence in research and creative activity by members of the University’s faculty. The award recognizes excellence in the visual and performing arts, in the publication of scholarly work, in the completion of research and sponsored projects, and in the development of new and innovative ideas in research and creative activities. Since 2009, Dr. Franke has published three edited books, nine peer reviewed journal articles (two co-authored with INCM students), three book chapters, one case study, one non-peer-reviewed article, one externally funded research report (co-authored with an INCM student), and edited three special issues of the journal Security + Peace. In addition to publishing academic articles and case studies, he has submitted a total of 14 grant proposals and white papers. Dr. Franke can now add a shiny new award to his vast collection. Join us in congratulating Dr. Franke on his incredible achievement!

Akil Buggs Cohort 14, shares his AmeriCorps VISTA UAB Community Outreach and Engagement Fellowship experience. In this video, he describes his year-long experience and how this position has helped him define his future career goals. Direct link: com/watch?v=OQS71vcLYDo

Josh Floyd, Cohort 12, joined the MSCM orientation panel a week before starting his new job in Leesburg, FL. His new position is Director of Risk Management at Lake Medical Imaging. Lake Medical Imaging (http:// www.lakemedicalimaging. com/) currently has 5 stand alone radiology centers and 2 more set to be built in the next 5 years.

Katrina Coker, Cohort 12, is now the Global Assignmnet Coordinator (GAC) at Cultural Awareness International in Dallas, TX

Eldrige Holloway, Cohort 4, was honored August 16 in Philadelphia, PA at the Korean Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame. He was named an Ambassador to the HoF by his peers and the Icons of the Korean Martial Arts.

Julie Newell, Cohort 16, lead the last graduation at SPSU as Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences on August 1, 2015. Dr. Newell announced the names of the graduates of the college, one of which included MSCM’s Program Communication Specialist, Nicole Connelly.

Eldrige currently teaches the Health and Physical Education Martial Arts and Self Defense course at Kennesaw State University. Stan Conyer, Cohort 8, is now the Director of Care for the Bayside Community Church in Bradenton, FL. The Care ministry is dedicated to assist individuals and families through the difficult times in life, give counsel, and offer help, hope, and comfort. The Care ministry also provides marriage and premarital counseling.

Upcoming Events October 28-30, 2015

Remembering: International Struggle for Civil and Human Rights hosted by African and African Diaspora Studies. The event will provide a reflection of milestone events in the American civil rights movement. Will occur on campus, Kennesaw State University ischr/

Several Dates, Fall 2015

Peace Studies Lecture Series hosted by the Interdisciplinary Studies Department. Many dates for lectures from September to November at Kennesaw State University. For more information: http://peacestudies.hss.kennesaw. edu/program/#psls

October 7-10, 2015

Association of Conflict Resolution Conference in Reno, Nevada. With over 75 exciting sessions, 120 expert speakers, numerous special events, and hundreds of colleagues, this is ADR’s “Must Attend” event this Fall! More details at:

November 7-15, 2015

Cohort XVI heads to Germany! 7

Faculty Accomplishments 8

Dr. Sherrill Hayes,

Director, MSCM Program

• Two academic presentations at the International Conference on Conflict Resolution Education at George Mason University June 19th • From “Warrior Science” to “Peacebuilder Science”: Learning the physiology and neuroscience of conflict to improve conflict resolution education and practice” • “You should try this school, you’re a smart kid”: Education and Resilience for Refugee and Asylum Seeker Children in the U.S. • Presented workshop “Seeing Conflict Differently” to the “Taking it to NextGen” conference hosted by UniPro Foodservice, Inc., Orlando, FL. July 27-31 • Presented workshop “Seeing Conflict Differently” to

Dr. Susan Raines,

Professor of Conflict Management

• Dr. Raines is preparing to head to Reno, NV to attend the conference of the Association for Conflict Resolution with students from Cohort 16 from October 6-11th

• • •

Construction Suppliers Association (CSA) conference, Callaway Gardens, GA, Sept. 11th Supervised thesis for Lisa van Tienhoven, MA in Peace and Security Studies from University of Hamburg, MaySept. 2015 Trained KSU Resident Assistants (RAs) in basics of mediation, Aug. 10th Completed Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training, April 2015 Completed Arbitrator Training and Certification with Better Business Bureau (BBB) AutoLine program August 11th-26th Attended “Best Practices in Teaching Conflict Management and Peacebuilding Online” at United States Institute of Peace (USIP) June 17th

• With Chloe Choi (Cohort 16) and Katrina Coker (Cohort 12), Dr. Raines is finishing up a 3-year research study on the impact of domestic violence on mediation settlement rates and satisfaction

Dr. Timothy Hedeen,

Professor of Conflict Management

• Has been appointed to lead the Research, Analysis, and Evaluation efforts arising from the Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution strategic plan, and will work with

Dr. Heather Pincock,

Assistant Professor of Conflict Management • Taught POLS 4470 Alternative Dispute Resolution to KSU undergrads in May • Coached participants at the Center for Conflict Management Summer Institute Mediation Training at Chateau Elan in June • Taught a mini-course at Phillips State Prison on Theories of Non-Violence with Prof. Maia Hallward in June

Dr. Paul Story,

Assistant Professor of Psychology

MSCM Cohort 17 student Tamara Starks on stakeholder input to craft a responsive research agenda • Conducted mediation training as part of the Summer Institute on Conflict Management in Higher Education (in June).” • Delivered a guest lecture at Georgia State’s Law School (in August)” • Will participate in a symposium at University of St. Thomas on dispute system design in November • Participated as a Peer Collaborator in the Young African Leaders Initiative coordinated by the Andrew Young School of Public Policy at Georgia State University in June and July • Advised MSCM CXVI students as they prepared their field work proposals and literature reviews and presentations in June and July • Traveled to Ontario to visit family and friends in August • Facilitated an Alternatives to Violence Project workshop with other AVP volunteers in Decatur in August

• Continued work on research grant recieved during Spring semester. Worked with GRAs, Conflict Management students, and Psychology majors to study the effects of stress on mediation • Taught Dispute Systems Design to Cohort XVI • Taught Research Methods in Psychology 9

To provide submissions to the MSCM newsletter, email Nicole Connelly at or call 470) 578-6299.

The Master of Science in Conflict Management (MSCM) program at Kennesaw State University provides students with the knowledge and skills to manage conflict in today’s challenging environments. MSCM education addresses the issues that divide our world by encouraging communication, fostering positive relationships and developing comprehensive, long-term solutions. Further, it provides a set of tools and a way of thinking that enhances the safety and vitality of our families, communities and workplaces.

Master of Science in Conflict Management Department of Political Science and International Affairs Kennesaw State University Rm. MS 209, MD 1603, 365 Cobb Avenue Kennesaw, GA 30144

Master of Science in Conflict Management Fall 2015 Newsletter  

Big news from MSCM! KSU Consolidation, new MSCM suite, MSCM career and networking fair, welcoming of the new cohort, and exciting announceme...

Master of Science in Conflict Management Fall 2015 Newsletter  

Big news from MSCM! KSU Consolidation, new MSCM suite, MSCM career and networking fair, welcoming of the new cohort, and exciting announceme...