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newsletter Master of science in information engineering The Chinese University of Hong Kong Spring, 2016

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Master of Science in Information Engineering, CUHK Words from Professor

Prof. Huang Jian-Wei

Interview With Programme Director What changes have been implemented in the programme structure during your office as the Programme Director? We have carried out a systematic review of the programme. Looking back in the past three years, we have been working closely with University administration regarding aspects such as teaching and learning, academic quality assurance, as well as strategic and mission planning of our programme. In addition, we have increased both tangible and intangible resources for student learning and research. For example, we have provided dedicated grants for MScIE students presenting in international conferences and working as Research staff in the department after their graduation. We have provided additional research funding. Page. 2

Furthermore, we have expended our management team by hiring a new Academic Relationship Officer this year. I am sure our programme can build on the previous success and continue to strive for excellence. Other than academic aspects, we also care about how students are doing inside and outside CUHK. We have organized an increased number of career talks and alumni sharing sessions; so that our students can be well-equipped for challenges in the industry as well as the job market. Our alumni network which includes a large number of graduates working in leading firms and enterprises also provides strong support to our current and future students. We have started a Facebook page and target to open a WeChat public account soon, so as to more effectively connect the current students to the alumni for information exchange.

What are the three strengths of MScIE?

What is the future development of MScIE?

First, CUHK is a very strong university and our department is one of the best departments world-wide in the area of Information Technology. Our professors are world-leading researchers and committed educators. In our department, we have 10 IEEE fellows (including Emeritus professors) with distinguished academic achievements in areas such as Information Theory, Communications, Networking, and Multimedia Processing. We are also the leading department of two largest Hong Kong government research funding (Area of Excellence) in the area of Information Technology.

We are working hard to build a strong alumni network, with the emphasis of global career building. Meanwhile, we seek to increase the diversity of the course offering, through close collaborations and co-teaching agreements with the regular IE PhD program and other MSc programs.

Second, we have a diverse yet unified education framework. We aim to educate students to become engineering leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit. Besides offering carefully selected courses in engineering, we also offer courses related to business and management, such as IEM5712 Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and IEM5713 Cases in IT Management. Third, MScIE puts special emphasis on offering students a unique research experience, which enables students to work closely with professors on cutting-edge research projects. The research results of our MSc students have appeared in top international publications such as ACM Mobicom, IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), and ACM Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI).

Are there any mottos or encouragement you would like to share with the students? Be Open-Minded Be open-minded in taking a variety of courses to discover your own interests and strengths. Be open-minded in learning from your classmates with diverse academic backgrounds. Be Brave Be brave in working with the best researchers in the world on cutting-edge technologies. Be brave in the career choices. Do not just look for high-paying jobs. Look for those that accelerate your process to realize long-term career goals. Are there any other things you would like to share? We offer an elite programme for those young people with the biggest ambitions. We are an open-minded program that quickly grows and adapts based on students’ needs. Come to join us and share with us your dreams, and we will do our best to make your dream come true. .

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Master of Science in Information Engineering, CUHK Words from Professor

Prof. Chan Yuen-Yan, Rosanna

Sharing from Deputy Programme Director What courses do you teach? And what are the unique features of the courses?

What is the best way to study for the MScIE programme?

I teach “Social Networking” in this semester and I will teach “Social Media Analytics” in the next semester. These two courses are quite different from the courses you can find in other Engineering programmes. In my courses, students can always relate and connect themselves to the course contents. Given that most students are regular users of various online social platforms, they can use their own daily experience to understand the theories introduced in class. My students are always encouraged to think critically, to discuss among themselves, and to prove whether the theories are applicable to themselves as social network participants. In fact, I would say this is a kind of “experiential learning” which is an innovative pedagogy and it has been proven to be effective.

The MScIE curriculum is interdisciplinary in the sense that a number of our courses do not only belong to simply one academic domain but cover multiple areas. For example, “Technology Management from a Managerial Perspective” taught by Professor KEE Chi-Hing covers knowledge in both Information Engineering and Business Administration. Also, “Network Economic” taught by Professor HUANG Jianwei covers concepts in Information Engineering as well as Economic. And my own course “Social Networking” covers contemporary theories from both Humanities and Engineering. Here in MScIE, we emphasize the value of deep learning and being a deep learner. We encourage our students to integrate knowledge

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that they have gained across different courses to develop their own learning and understanding.

Do you have any memorable things to s hare about the teaching life in CUHK?

In addition, when compared with other master degree programmes, MScIE offers a very flexible choice and combination of course selection. Students can select not only courses offered by our Department, but also those offered by other departments. For example, our students can select courses offered by other MSc programmes within the Faculty of Engineering of CUHK. In addition, they can also enroll the courses offered by our Faculty of Business Administration. In other words, our students can have more than 30 choices of courses that they can select every year. Such a flexible curriculum structure allows our students to expose to a wider knowledge domain; and we hope this arrangement can enable them to develop their own academic interests and therefore career paths.

I enjoy working with students on research projects. You know, to do a piece of research, we may need to start from zero in the very beginning. At first, I announced my research areas and projects to potential project students. After a competitive recruitment and matching process, the enrolled project students and I would identify a research topic which we both found interesting and prominent. Then we carried out our rigorous research process throughout the year. It is a very rewarding and fruitful experience indeed, especially when we can publish our results at top conferences such as ACM SIGCHI and IEEE Globecom; amongst presenters and attendees all over the world from famous universities such as Stanford University and MIT. The MScIE programme also partially supports our students to present their work at overseas conferences. Furthermore, I have given an invited seminar at University of Cambridge in this summer to share my research group’s work in MOOC Big Data. I am so proud of our students who can make their research results known in these internationally renowned venues.

What do you like the most in teaching at CUHK? As an alumni myself, I found it very heartwarming to teach at CUHK. All the MScIE students have very strong academic backgrounds and a majority of them come from very top universities. In recent years, our students include those who have obtained their first degree from UC Berkeley, University of Melbourne, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Fudan University, etc. There are also international students from countries such as Switzerland and Canada. Our students, who have diverse but elite academic backgrounds, develop into a very rewarding learning community for exchange of ideas inside as well as outside the classrooms.

Are there any mottos or encouragement you want to share with the students? Given our proud tradition as well as the favorable learning environment, I believe every single one of you can be as successful as our alumni; or even surpass our existing achievements. To our potential students, if you are looking for a promising academic programme which can develop your full potential, you are always welcome to apply for the MScIE programme!

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Master of Science in Information Engineering, CUHK Programme Characteristics

Programme Characteri RESEARCH PROJECT



No required courses and can select from more than 30 courses each year!

A Promising Career Path!

A significant number of graduates are employed by big international firms including IBM, Oracle, Cisco, and B.A.T. (Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent)

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Master of Science in Information Engineering, CUHK Student Sharing

R: Rachel, J: Journalist

Sharing From Rachel chu Rachel Chu, a current MScIE student, finished her bachelor degree in computer science in China and started her new journey in the Asian top city. J: Is this your first visit to Hong Kong? R: Not really. I have been here to travel for a few times but this is the first time I come for study. I enjoy the life here, especially the life at CUHK. The campus is gorgeous! “It’s the communication which makes the difference” J: What do you think of the MScIE programme so far? R: Everything here is wonderful! I see the students’ communication with the professors here much different when compared to the usual practice we had in China. Every student here speaks with their open thoughts and the professors always encourage us to have discussions

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with them. For example, the MScIE programme would organise pizza parties where every student could make good use of this platform to voice out their comments. The professors would sincerely listen to our opinions and take our concerns seriously. From time to time, we feel beloved and respected. J: So can I ask which professor is your favourite one? R: (laughed) This is a tough question! There are many outstanding professors here… Well… if I can only pick one, I believe Professor ZHANG Yingjun Angela would be my favourite. J: Why would you say so? R: She is beautiful (laughed), plus she came from Shanghai too! It makes me feel warm as she reminds me of my hometown.

J: For your own sake, maybe the MScIE programme should have more professors from Shanghai! (laughed) R: (laughed) Besides her beauty which attracts me, her teaching style is also interesting and lively. Professor Angela is teaching the course “Wireless Communication Systems” in this semester, and I would say her teaching style is very beneficial. In class, she will patiently guide us and teach us how to finish some sample questions step-by-step. Although the course materials are quite difficult and challenging sometimes, I still find the concepts and theories easy to understand, and most importantly, I find myself more confident in tackling future assignments. “Not only do we learn from the professors but our wonderful classmates.” R: Can I pick one more professor as my favourite? J: Indeed. I suppose it is a professor from Shanghai as well? (laughed)

projects and do a presentation in English. Back in my old days in China, we usually just sat in class and listened to the professors. Here, we are encouraged to discuss with our classmates, to share our ideas, to practice our English speaking skills, to give public presentations. After completing all these assignments, I can really feel that my analysing skills, presentation skills and English speaking skills have been greatly improved. The courses do not only offer me knowledge but also confer solid confidence on me. “Work hard, play hard!” J:Besides taking class on weekdays, what do you usually do in the weekends? R: I like shopping! The cosmetics here are much inexpensive! (laughed) And if I have time, I will go to some local tourist spots, like the Ocean Park, Cheung Chau island, Causeway Bay and Mongkok. Yesterday, I went to have chicken pot in Shatin with my classmates and it tasted so good! I am looking forward to the activities in the second semester! .

R: (laughed) Nope! She is a local professor. Professor Rosanna Chan is teaching the course Social Networking and her class was very i nspiring. Other than simply writing papers and doing research, we are all required to write 4 blogs and share something related to social media on the online platforms. By writing my own blog and reading my classmates’ blogs, I can learn a lot of surprising and fruitful information in a relatively relaxing way. I do like it! “The courses do not only offer me knowledge but also confer solid confidence on me” J: That’s quite an experience! Back to the old days when I was in university, my professors only asked me to write papers with dull topics. I wish my professors could have assigned me to write blogs instead. That would be much more entertaining and memorable. R: You can still enrol in the MScIE programme to experience it! (laughed) I am sure you will not be disappointed. To start with, I think I have become more confident than ever. Before coming to Hong Kong, I have never been asked to finish group Page. 9

Master of Science in Information Engineering, CUHK Student Sharing

L: LI HaoRan, J: Journalist

Sharing From LI Haoran LI Haoran, a young gentleman who had been working and living in Bejing for years, came to CUHK aiming to get a master degree from one of the best universities in Asia and to enhance his competitiveness in the job market. After being here for more than three months, he realised he has gained a lot more than just an education certificate…… “Then I realise this is the place, a place with the beauty I like” J: Why would you come to study a master degree in CUHK? L: First of all, I am interested in Hong Kong and its culture. Hong Kong is one of the safest cities in the world and it is well-developed. Even thought I came here alone, I always feel protected and secured..

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Most importantly, I like the CUHK campus a lot! There are many resources to assist your studies, like free Wifi in the campus and a lot of advanced computers and printers. And when you look out the window, you can see there are many greening spaces. Chinese Banyan, Royal Palm, Queen Crape Myrtle…… There are many beautiful plants in the campus! It is such a nice environment to study! At first, I found the living pace here quite fast, but later, I realised this is the place, a place with the beauty that I like. J: I know you like taking photos a lot! So you must have gone to a lot of places in Hong Kong right? L: Yes, I have. I like hiking. There are many superb hiking paths in Hong Kong, like the Lantau Peak (鳳凰山), Sunset Peak

(大東山), and Victoria Peak (太平山).

J: Which course(s) do you like the most?

The scenes of those paths never fails to amaze me and I just cannot control myself from taking a lot of photos. And, if you want to take a short break, I would suggest you to go to Lamma Island (南丫島) and Shek O (石澳). These two places are far away from the busy urban areas and you can just relax and enjoy the scenes. Given the well-developed transportation system here, I found it very easy to get to those places by railway and bus. I am sure I will explore some more places in the next semester.

L: It is not only the courses, but also the services provided by the MScIE programme that surprised me. The services offered by this programme are very caring and very heart-warming. For example, the co-coordinators of the programme will always invite us for lunch and listen to our opinions. Sometimes, we may need help and send them Wechat messages after office hours; to our surprise, they will reply us promptly and provide solid help.

J: It’s nice that you enjoy the time here! How about the MScIE progrmame? Do you enjoy it? L: Everything is better than what I have expected. I particularly like the course “Social Networking”. In the course, we were guided to analyse the current phenomenon on social media platforms. What I have learnt from this course is very updated and the knowledge concerns closely with our daily lives. There is a project that we are asked to analyse the cultural differences in various social media platforms like Weibo, Facebook and Twitter. Our group picked ISIS as the topic and we found out that Twitter users tended to re-post the news while the Weibo users tended to have more discussion and personal sharing based on the news. And you know the social media is one of the largest focuses in the IT industry, so it is much better if we grasp more relevant knowledge and skills before entering into the job market again.

“There is something beyond the papers, projects, assignments… Studying here, I feel respected and valued” L: My classmates told the MScIE coordinator that they tend to work in large firms, then, within a short period of time, the coordinator would invite some big companies like TCL and Oracle to come to our campus and hold some career sharing. And when my classmates told the department that they wanted to have a graduation dinner so we could have a chance to say good bye to our classmates at the last day of the semester, the department agreed and they are going to organize one for us. All these arrangements are really impressive! I can feel that there is something beyond the papers, projects, assignments. Studying here, I feel respected and valued.

Photo taken by Li HaoRan

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Master of Science in Information Engineering, CUHK Activities Sharing

Welcome Dinner Date: 4th September, 2015 At the begining of the semester, it is MScIE’s tradition to arrange a Weclome Dinner for the new students and to introduce our courses to the students. At this event, students could know more about our courses and could make their own choices in the add/drop period.

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Master of Science in Information Engineering, CUHK Activities Sharing

TCL Recruitment talk Date: 26th November, 2015 TCL, one of the giants in the technology industry, co-operated with our programme to hold a recruitment talk in our campus. TCL is one of the biggest companies in the world in which they rank 4th in global market for LCD TVs and rank 6th in global market for mobile phones. Besides, TCL is operating their businesses in more than 80 countries and they are now expanding their business in Hong Kong.

Won the “2013-2014 Global Consumer Electronics 50�, for six consecutive years

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Master of Science in Information Engineering, CUHK Activities Sharing

Oracle Career Sharing Date: 23rd November, 2015 Changjie Lin, one of our outstanding MSc alumni, came back to CUHK and shared his successful working experience with our current MSc students. Changjie Lin is currently working in Oracle, which is one of the giant multinational corporations in the IT industry. His unique experience, including his interview and job hunting experience, is surely one that we can learn from.

In 2011 Oracle was the second-largest software maker by revenue, after Microsoft

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Master of Science in Information Engineering, CUHK Activities Sharing

P2 Mobile Technologies Limited Recruitment Talk Date: 9th October 2015 P2 Mobile Technology Limited, a leading company in the industry, came to our campus and held a recruitment talk. Dr. Patrick Lam, the CEO of P2 Mobile Technology Limited, was our MScIE graduate. At present, several of our current students and graduates are employed and working in this innovative company. Major partners:

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Master of Science in Information Engineering, CUHK Activities Sharing

Bowling and Dinner at Sai Kung Date: 28th December 2015 Sai Kung is one of the most relaxing places in Hong Kong where it is especially famous for its scenery and seafood. And for this time, we were not going there for fish and chips. Rather, we went there to try the famous Hainanese Chicken and to go bowling in a fashionable bowling bar! Tikitiki Bowling Bar is newly-established and the interior design is influenced by Polynesian culture. Other than bowling, you can also watch live band shows there.

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Master of Science in Information Engineering, CUHK Activities Sharing

78th Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees Date: 20th November 2015 Congratulations! The 78th Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees has been successsfully hold in November. 60 MScIE students are graduated this year. This year, our programme has designed a tailor-made card case, which each graduate’s name on it, and presented the cases to the students as souvenirs. We hope you like the gifts and we, deep from our heart, wish every single of you a bright future!

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Master of Science in Information Engineering, CUHK Upcoming activities

Board game Gathering & Winning Competition Student helpers: YU, Qihui, SONG Xiang Date: 16th January, 2016 (Saturday) Time: 3:00pm to 10:00pm Venue: MSc Common Room * Free refreshments will be provided * First-register-first-served.

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Master of Science in Information Engineering, CUHK Upcoming activities

scholarship ceremony and graduation Dinner Date: 30th April, 2016 (Saturday) Time: 5:30pm - 9:00pm Venue: TBC * Free of charge * Details will be announced in March

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Master of Science in Information Engineering, CUHK Gratuates Survey

The following data are collected from the 41 MScIE 2015 graduates who have filled in the survey.


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Where do they work? Tencent





China Mobile

SAP China Merchants Bank

Bank of China Head Quarter

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