VAPE Magazine December 2014

Page 50

A Newbie’s

Instructional Guide for His or Her

Words and Photo by Susan Oser

First Big Vape Meet Going to your first big vape meet can be exciting, but also a bit overwhelming. You’re excited to meet those people you always chat with online, excited to do a bit of shopping, and look forward to the partying. Yet, you get this overwhelming suspicion that you might feel a bit lost in the crowd or that you won’t know what to do when you get there. Speaking from my first experience at a national event, this list should help other newbies to relax and have a good time. Hugs are going to be your greeting, especially if you’ve talked to a few people online for a long time and you get to see them in person. In fact, it almost feels as if you’ve known them forever. This time you’re actually getting face time with them.



Make sure to add your screen name on your name tag (if you are chatting on vape shows). That’s how they first met you online and that’s how they will first know you. That way you won’t get the proverbial question of “And who are you?” Expect to encounter a lot of vape in the air. In fact, it can get pretty thick the more people there are. It is vitally important to step outside or walk away from the convention area for a while to breathe (and possibly get some stability back). Always have a drink handy and get something to eat. This includes water and then later on the alcohol when it comes to party time. The food to eat would be something greasy so your body can absorb some of the nicotine that you might absorb in your system (as well in the air). This also gives you a chance to sit down and socialize with other attendees.