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CROWD CHASERS No Shell Games for Schell Hammel

Dedication to Excellence and Complete Transparency are Hallmarks of Hammel’s Success By Maria Verven Photos by Wendii Roberts Schell Hammel believes her success isn’t just due to the fact that she was one of the first to open a vape shop. She’s certain her success is due to her unwavering dedication to being the best. Hammel and her husband opened The Vapor Bar in McKinney, Texas, in January 2011. Only the second shop to open in the entire Dallas-Ft. Worth area, it was so successful they’ve since opened six more stores in and around DallasFt. Worth, Houston and Huntington, West Virginia. This summer, they’re opening their eighth store in central Texas. Hammel was also one of the first to develop her own line of e-liquids for her shops. Sold under the Forever and Forbidden brands, she has maintained a steadfast and rigorous adherence to the quality of their e-liquids, spending tens of thousands on equipment and testing. A smoker for 22 years, Hammel watched three grandparents die of lung cancer. “From the day my grandfather got sick and was in the hospital, he begged me to stop smoking,” Hammel said. “I was still riding that elevator all the way down to the bottom to smoke until the day he died. When I tried my first e-cigarette in 2010, I immediately knew I had found the answer.”

“When you walk into one of our shops, we’re going to treat you like a family member, because that’s what you need to get you through this,” Hammel said. “Everyone behind that bar knows exactly what you’re going through, because every one of them has switched themselves.” Both Hammel and her and husband Jeff had a background in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and were experienced in complying with rigorous safety standards. They believe this helped them focus on health and safety. From the outset, they implemented several precautions to ensure they were providing customers with the very best products and quality e-liquids. “It’s very important to me what goes into your liquids. There’s no halfway. We are extremely transparent in everything we do. As a woman and a mom, I’m more focused on nurturing and protecting others,” she said. “I don’t ever take my job lightly. I can sleep fine at night knowing I’m doing the right thing by my customers.” Dedicated to Being Diacetyl Free Unlike most vape shops that either buy other e-liquid brands or make their own, all of the e-liquids sold by The Vapor Bar are created in their certified clean lab and are certified by the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA) for quality. They sterilize all lab equipment, use stainless steel mixing equipment and all workers wear masks and gloves.

“I Can Sleep Fine at Night” “I didn’t open up The Vapor Bar just because it was a hobby; I opened up The Vapor Bar because I’m a vaper, too,” Hammel said. “With each person who walks through our doors, I hope we can change their lives forever. It will be one step closer to heaven for him,” she said.

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Vape Magazine August 2015  

Vape Magazine August 2015  

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