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last 7 days.

Good morning, I’d like to welcome visitors and members to the I71 Buzz Chapter of BNI. I’d like to introduce to my left Leigh Anne Best, our Vice President, and to my right, Troy Zavagno our Secretary/ Treasurer. And I’m Tony Smerk, acting President of the I71 Buzz chapter.

Cell phones off

Would everyone please be sure your cell phones and pagers are on vibrate or completely off.

BNI is the most successful organization of it’s type in the world. There are currently 1000’s of chapters in operation with 10’s of 1000’s of members. Those members have passed 1,000,000’s of referrals and this translates into billions of dollars of business being done.

Karin Williams would you please stand and explain the philosophy behind BNI and the principle on which its success is built?

Exactly. And well said. If I give business to the members of my chapter, they, in turn, will want to give business to me. Continue to read to next page

Now, I’d like to introduce our Education Coordinator, Bob Arnold. Bob, do you have some educational information you’d like to share with us today? Thank you Bob Continue reading to next page

Our Business Card Coordinator, Cathy Kingsborough, is now going to pass around the business card boxes. Visitors, these boxes contain cards from all the members of this chapter. Members this is for you to replace all those cards you have given away during the last 7 days. Continue reading to next page

Visitors, you may take as many cards from the box as you need, but placing cards into the box is a privilege reserved for BNI members only. Feel free to pass your cards out to any of the members here today. Continue reading on next page

Also, we are going to pass around the box containing the blank Referral Slips, Thank you for Closed Business, and 1 to 1 forms. We have new referral forms! 2 changes

Visitors, this is the time in the meeting where members take 30 seconds to continue the process of educating their fellow members. They will tell us who they are, what they do, and how we can provide a good referral for them. Continue reading to next page

Visitors, we will 1st go around the room and the members will do their Sales Manager Moment. Also at this time, subs will stand and be the person they’re subbing for. We will then come back around and our visitors and Substitutes representing a different category than the one they are here for will have a chance to also take 30 seconds to tell us about themselves. Continue reading to next page

At this time, I’d like to introduce our Acting Sargent-at Arms, Mike Kilarsky from Kilarsky Arts. If anyone exceeds their allotted time of 30 seconds, you’ll hear this sound, which tells you that your time is finished and it is time to be seated again. I’ll Begin

Good Morning , My name is Christine Smith and I am with the Medina County Gazette – the only


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and once again the Gazette will be printing our Accent feature on pink paper in recognition of this cause. A great referral for me this week is business that supports this cause.

I’d like to welcome the following visitors who are with us today: Visitors do commercial Subs do commercial if representing different company

Visitors, we’re glad you joined us today. Later on we’re going to talk to you about making a decision about placing an application with us - and by doing so, lock out your competition from this chapter of successful professionals.

Leigh Anne, do you have a Vice Presidents Report for us today? Thank you

Troy, would you please give us your Secretary’s Report? Thank you

Leigh Anne, do you have a Membership Committee Report for us today? Thank you

Visitors, this is the time in the meeting where 1 or 2 members are provided 8 minutes each to educate the chapter on their services or products and what a good referral would be.

Troy, would you please fill us in on the upcoming speaker rotation and introduce our 1st speaker ?

( after 1st speaker )

Thank you very much _______ Now that we know more about what ____________ does and what a good referral would be, how many referrals would we like to try to get for him/her? OK, let’s have that be our goal for next week.

Troy, would you please introduce our next speaker?

After ( 2nd speaker )

Thank you very much _______ Now that we know more about what ____________ does and what a good referral would be, how many referrals would we like to try to get for him/her? OK, let’s have that be our goal for next week.

Now comes the most important part of the meeting. Visitors, this is where each member will stand and say: I have a referral; I have a testimonial, or I brought a visitor. We will also turn in our slips for Closed Business and 1 to 1’s we had. Continue reading next page

I’d like to ask our members to help out with something during referral passing. Please try to limit the conversation with members during this time so we can all hear the referrals and testimonials. Also please remember to stand when receiving a testimonial. I’ll begin

That is always an exciting part of the meeting. Visitors, you’ve had a chance to see how referrals are passed. Now, I’d like to take a moment to ask a few of our visitors to stand and tell us what impressed them most about being here and seeing our chapter at work.

Leigh Anne, let’s do a reality check on a few of our recent referrals

Troy, will you please give us the Treasurers Report?

Visitors, I’d like to thank you again for being with us today. After the meeting, there will be a brief Visitor Orientation for you. Here by the sign in table, our Visitor Hosts, Rob Gillespie, will speak to you about applying and locking out your competition today.

Leigh Anne, let’s do the drawing for the door prizes we have today.

This is now the time in the meeting where we allow members to share any upcoming networking opportunities. Members, I would remind you, please limit your announcements to Networking opportunities only.

With that, are there any Networking announcements anyone has to share with the group today?

Cathy Kingsborough, does anybody have to bring cards for the Business Card Boxes?

In that case, I’d like to thank everyone for sharing this morning with us. Here is your inspirational quote for the week:

“You are a product of your  environment. So choose the  environment that will best develop  you toward your objective. Analyze  your life in terms of its environment.  Are the things around you helping  you towards success? Or are they  holding you back?” – W. Clement  Stone

last 7 days.


Presidents Meeting