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Coming to the Saint Charles Area Three Locations: Elm Street (near Jimmy Johns) Off Zumbehl (by 24 Hour Fitness) Mid-Rivers Mall

Jamba Juice: Overview

Passionate about the Jamba brand Local market knowledge Minimum $350K in liquid assets/$1M in net worth Commitment of 3 stores

LYS Market Research Main Issues


Establish Competitors Demand for Product

Find competitive advantage Location Pricing

Competitors Direct

Smoothie King Maui Wowi Orange Julius Starbucks Planet Smoothie

Indirect Lonewolf (LU coffee shop)


Crooked Tree Dairy Queen Fitness center (i.e. Gold’s Gym, Club Fitness)

Secondary Research Jamba Juice Credentials: •Site Guidelines •Demographics •Venues •Preferred CoTenency

Secondary Research Continued‌ Case Study of Schaumburg branch (similar demographics) Smoothie King Brand (top competitor) Price/Location/Menu/Comparability Similar mission statement

Exploratory Research Surveys (4) • “St. Charles Events” • High Schools (FHN, FHC, SCHS, SCW, DHS) • Lindenwood/SCC (Back to School Survey) Focus Groups (3) • College (2 – LU/SCCA) • Fitness Enthusiast (1)

Conducting Surveys

Probability Sampling Area Population: 360,000 SAMPLE FRAME: •4,350/350,270 = 1.2%


•1.2% of possible applicants

SAMPLING ERROR: •16.7% - Fest. Of Hills •4,470 total surveys completed

March: (John/Tamara) – Secondary Research ($2,000) April: HS Surveys (Bill/Becky/Bob) – Primary Research ($3,000)

Schedule & Cost

May: LU Focus Group - $25 per person/free beverage ($500)

• March 2012 – Sept. 2012

May 5 – Benefit Run at Frontier Park ($600)

• High School and University Surveys/ Focus Groups

May-Sept. - Hot Summer Nights [Fourth weekend of the month] ($3,000)

• St. Charles Events and Festivals over seven months • Total = $16,500 (includes $1,100 of data analyses for September) • Monthly PMT = $2,357.14

June 13 – Fitness Focus Group (Same per person $500 total) July 4 – Riverfest Survey ($600) July 18 – SCCA Focus Group (Same - $500) August 17-19 – Fest. Of Little Hills Survey ($3,500 – includes $500 per day Booth Fee) August 20 – Lindenwood Survey ($600) August 25 – SCC Survey ($600) September – Analyze and Submit Data

Timeline Begin Secondary Research.


April High School Surveys

May LU Focus Group

Benefit Run & Hot Summer Nights

Fitness Focus Group

J u n e

J u l y

Riverfest Survey/ SCC Focus Group

Fest of Little Hills & LU/SCC Survey


Analyze and Submit



… n o i s u l c n o C Any

? s n o i t s e u Q

Market Research on Jamba Juice Franchising  

Myself and two teammates did a Market Research Project during the MBA program at Lindenwood University for MRKT55020 - Marketing Information...

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