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Virtual Educational Fairs and Workshops

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Virtual Education Fairs and Workshops What are the benefits of attending a Virtual Fair or Workshop? What will I see at a Virtual Fair or Workshop? Can the organisations I meet be trusted? Technical requirements Contact Virtual Solutions

Virtual Solutions ‘Our vision is to be the preferred global provider of virtual meetings between educational institutions, providers and prospective students’

Virtually The most exciting and advanced virtual environment, designed to specifically meet the needs of international educators, providers and students. Virtual Education Workshops are exhibitions where institutions meet new agents or renew and update relationships with acquaintances. Virtual Education Fairs are exhibitions where institutions promote themselves to visiting students who are interested in studying with them. All events are FREE of any cost to students and agents.

We also custom build and manage platforms for organisations requiring ‘ one-to-many’ or ‘many-to-many’ participants.

What are the benefits of attending a Virtual Fair or Workshop? However much you travel it is difficult to find the time, budget or opportunity to visit all the people you could meet on-line. You do not have to be a ‘technical wizard’ to participate. Virtual Solutions events are managed through specially developed software programmes enabling people to meet face-to-face over the internet from the comfort of their own office, home or wherever you have access to a computer.

To help you decide who you want to meet, participants are segmented and cross referenced according to their specialisms. You can contact as few or as many people as you want and all appointments are automatically synchronised across time zones. Events run for 48 hours.

What will I see at a Virtual Fair or Workshop? You will be guided into the Reception area. From there you can visit the Exhibition Hall where each participant has a stand. Apart from the Exhibition Hall there will be seminars to attend in the Lecture Theatre, a Lounge to relax and chat in, and a Library to visit. All stands at the exhibition have the following communication facilities to enable conversation and the exchange of information.

• Live Videochat and Textchat • Watch and download videos, presentations and podcasts • Pick-up brochures and prospectuses • Link to web pages • Exchange documents • Integrate with Facebook, Google and email

Can the organisations I meet be trusted? Virtual Solutions have safeguards in place starting at the application stage and continuing until after the event.

Education Agents are required to complete an extensive Questionnaire, Registration Form and provide references.

At Education Workshops only recognised institutions will be allowed to participate. For example in the United Kingdom institutions must be licensed to sponsor students under the UK Border Agency, Tier 4 Points Based System.

There are Rules and Regulations. A reporting system is in place and any violation will not be tolerated. A post event questionnaire will be sent to participants and an evaluation will be produced.

Events 2012 Virtual events are the future of student recruitment. Young people from 16 - 19 y.o. spend in average 30% of their time online. Which means that we will meet them in their natural �habitat�. Our system utilizes the most common forms of online communication; TextChat and VideoChat

Our Norwegian events are organized with the Norwegian Army and several County Councils. The events are also advertised online in social medias and other forums.

Events 2012 February 23rd and 25th Virtual Agent Workshop - The Workshop is only for prebooked meetings

September 19th and 20th Virtual Institution/Agent Workshop - 2 day workshop

March 28th and 29th Virtual Education Fair Norway - Meet graduating students and people in the Norwegian Army

November Virtual Education Fair Norway - Meet prospective students from Norway

Technical Requirments

Technical Requirements

Virtual Solutions offer training and guidelines to staff that will be operational on the stand. During an event, operator support is available either on-line or by telephone. If your system does not match the requirements listed, please look on our website and download upgrades from: If you need any help – contact us by email. Bandwith : 1Mbps CPU : 2GHz, mono core Webcam and Microphone Flash player 10.2 Other things to think about include lighting in the room and providing a clean, clear background.

OFFICE NORWAY The team behind Virtual Solutions have many years experience working in Higher Education Institutions in both academic roles and international student recruitment. Other staff are employed for their technical expertise.

Moaveien 13, 2619 Lillehammer Norway +47 61 42 42 40 UK CONTACT Stephen Roberts 01689856910

Virtual Solutions' Workshop  

Virtual Workshop for UK Institutions and Agents Worldwide. Sept. 19th % 20th, 2012

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