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Little Women Tune in to the latest production from the Pontiac Community Players.

All the Toys Our favourite toys through the years.

Spreading Cheer Shawville Lionettes serve up a Christmas Dinner to remember.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The town is all a glow with colourful lights. Store windows are beautifully decorated and folks are out shopping, visiting craft sales and stocking up to start their baking and wrapping in preparation for the big day.


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We have found some lovely local proucts for everyone on your list


The Year that it Was From the New Year’s Baby to the Floods, the Fair and everything in between, we are bringing it all back for review.

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Do you remember the Rubik’s Cube? How about Tickle Me Elmo? Take a trip down memory lane with the most popular toys of the century.

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Hello Shawville | Winter 2019


Happy Holidays

11 Curling Rocks Have a look at our 98 year old club and find out what’s in store for 2012.



Think Outside the Box

Holiday Traditions We are very traditional in this town. Let’s take a look at all of the things we do each year to make the Holidays so special.

Consider a new twist on your gift wrapping routine. We’ve got some heart warming ideas to give your gifts a special touch.

Features 12

The Lion’s Turn 70 The Shawville Lion’s celebrate their 70th anniversary this year.

25 Little Women - the Radio Play Local writer Alyssa Graham has adapted Louisa May Alcott’s classic Little Women to a radio play performed by the Pontiac Community Players.


14 Christmas Cheer

21 Healthy Holidays

Over 100 people enjoyed a cheer-filled Chrismas dinner celebration with the Lionettes.

he Holidays are here. The signs are everywhere, on the valu-mart bulletin board, taped to the front door of the bakery and on the window at Stedmans. Colourful Christmas posters inviting us to the teas, craft fairs, Christmas dinners and parades. Christmas is a special time around town. From the visits with Santa at the Royal Bank to the church suppers, tree lighting ceremonies and parades, Shawville is a magical place to be this time of year. In this issue, we look back on


some of very traditional ways we celebrate the season and take a closer look of the some of the heart warming traditions that make the Holidays so wonderful in Shawville. So enjoy the sparkling lights, sing a merry song and have yourself a merry little Christmas.

Carolann Barton

GET IN TOUCH 613-355-9911


It’s the season of eating, but we have some tips to keep you on track and get your through to the new year.

31 Lives Lived WIlliam Smith has written a book about his phenomenal mother, Marjorie.

Hello Shawville | Winter 2019

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Hello Shawville | Winter 2019




YOU WILL NEED 18 Inch Pine Wood Round Wood Stain Paint Brushes Various Paints Wood Glue


1. Visit the Fablab du Jardin in Campbell’s Bay, where they have a laser cutter that you can use to create the letters and shapes. Ex. truck, tree, Merry Christmas and the round base. 2. Assemble your design and paint it in your chosen colours. You can hand paint or spray paint.

The Fab lab du Jardin is the first digital manufacturing laboratory in rural Quebec. All of the machines in the lab are availalbe for public use. They have a vinyl cutter, laser cutter, embroidery machine, 3D printers and all sorts of other fun resources. Stop by and have a look. 142 Front Street Campbell’s Bay (819) 208-4883

3. Stain the wood round to suit. 4. Give the pieces lot of time to dry. 5. Assemble and glue with wood glue.

6 | May 2028

Hello Shawville | Winter 2019



A Year in Review T’was the month of December, and all though ‘ville, People were jolly, and spreading goodwill. As the New Year approaches, Time for a pause, Take a moment to reflect on the year that it was. The New Year’s baby arrived on the first, Proud parents, Eric and Jade, were ready to burst. Weighing in at just over six tiny pounds, Hudson William Lanoix was a star around town. The new Abbatoir was opened at last, It’s benefits to our town were realized so fast. The famers and hunters will put it to use, To butcher their livestock, their deer, and their moose. The Community Bonspiel celebrated its 44th year, With teams having fun throwing stones, drinking beer, At the end of the run, there was one team to beat,


Team Palmer Plumbing won the famed toilet seat. A shuffle at the Fair Board came down to a vote. At the end of the meeting there were changes of note, They had a new president, an experience many, Many were pleased it was Tyler McCann. In April the flood waters came, For those on the river it was such a shame, Shelters and sandbags were put up in haste, House were lost, people displaced. The Quyon Ferry had its share of woes, November winds broke the cable and it had be towed, Then there was the crash on a July afternoon, When the ferry was hit by a wayward pontoon. There were the usual teas and fundraisers, fairs and parades, People were married, babies were made. Some said good byes to the people they knew,

While their friends and neighbours stood by to help them get through. Joanne opened a store that sells vintage clothes, A new barber came along cutting hair like the pros. Giuliana paints furniture the new store is her passion, Gwendolyn’s closed; We miss the Grande Dame of Fashion. Artists Tour, Jamboree, Oktoberfest, Fair, Annual events all took place with such flare. In the spring we were treated to the Musical Ride We all watched in awe full of national pride. Now Christmas is coming and 2019 ends. We give thanks for our blessings, our family and friends. We wish you good health, more wealth a heart happy and light.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night Hello Shawville | Winter 2019


Holidays LES GALERIES AYLMER 819 684-4400

CAMPBELL’S BAY 1 866 988-7070



SI NCE 1921

CURLING ROCKS At the Shawville Curling Club those old timey knitted sweaters. The current club on Lang Street has grown over the years from two sheets of ice to three over the years as membership increased consistently. The last two years have seen some major improvements. The lighting in the rink was upgraded from fluorescent to LED. The exterior walls and ceiling got new insulation and new siding was applied. In addition, new TVs were installed to allow better viewing from the spectator’s lounge. The Shawville Curling Club hosts what many believe to be the biggest community bonspiel in North America. The Community Bonspiel has seen, at times, as many as 72 teams compete for the coveted Toilet Seat Trophy.

Shawville Curling Club

“Ice Man”

Wade Ellison It’s a game that appeals to Canadians of all ages and abilities and is as much a social activity as a sport. Brought to Canada by Scottish immigrants before Confederation, it’s not surprising that curling is an activity that has been embraced by residents of Shawville and the surrounding community for almost a century to keep themselves entertained during long, cold winters. Founded in 1921, the club played on the ice at the old Richardson building. The actual building we know today was built in 1926. In those days, curlers where not nearly as sophisticated as they are today. They curled with corn brooms and sported


Hello Shawville | Winter 2019

Hello Shawville | Winter 2019

The now legendary trophy was conceived by Bob Findlay and was awarded to Brian and Debbie Kilgour, Janet McCord and Gordon Pehleman who won the first tournament in 1976. There is something for everyone at our local club. There is kids curling and a league for seniors. The competitive sorts play on Wednesday night. There is a also a Friday night fun league With its ample seating, bar and kitchen, the Club has become a popular spot for small parties. Individuals and groups alike rent the space for get togethers, meetings and dinners.

CURLING - THE BASICS A curling sheet is a rectangular area of ice approximately 150 feet by 16 ½ feet. A centre circle, known as the button, and three concentric circles (painted different colours to distinguish them) are known as the house. In order to count in the scoring, a stone must touch at least the outer ring. The playing surface is sprayed with water droplets, which form pebble as they freeze. As the stone moves over the pebble, it curls – curves as it moves – due to rotation of the stone. Players use their brooms to sweep the ice, which causes the iced to melt slightly under the broom allowing the stone to travel a straighter path and to travel farther. A lot of teamwork and strategy is goes in to choosing the ideal placement and path of a stone in each play. But for all the strategy, curling is as much social event as game play. Most rinks are comprised of several sheets laid side by side, which adds to the camaraderie that curling fosters. For more information about what the Shawville Curling Club offers for young and old, men and women, fit and not-so-fit, please contact them at: 819-647-3756.

What’s central to the club is the sense of belonging, and that’s what attracts members of the community. And that’s exactly what you will find at the Shawville Curling Club: community members will join in the fun while watching players on the sheets and catching up with their neighbours over a drink.


The Shawville Lions Club Celebrates 70 Years of Service to Our Community

Make a Better Snow Angel

In 1949, Shawville was beginning to thrive following many years of misery through the depression and World War Two. People were driving new cars. The first televisions came to town. There were jobs and things were going well for most people. For those that a were not doing so well, there were no government assistance programs at the time. There was no welfare or employment insurance. People in need relied on the generosity of their community. That year,a group of 41 young men saw the need in the community and formed the Shaville Lions Club. On November 17, 1949, 400 people came together at Pine Lodge to celebrate the presentation of the Charter of the new Shawville Lions club. The Lions District Governor came from Ottawa, Shawville Mayor Clifton Schwartz brought greetings, there was community sing song and a roast beef dinner and dance. It was official, the Lions Club of Shawville. In the early years, 1950s, the work of the Club was of a personal nature. The Lions came to the aid of fire victims, the sick, the elderly and those that had fallen on hard times. They delivered Christmas hampers. The food booth on the Fairgrounds opened in 1954. It was an instant money maker and with the funds, they were able to take on larger projects. The club began 12

to provide financial assistance to the hospital and agricultural societies, they made improvements to Mill Dam Park, organized children’s parties, parades, Canada Day celebrations and sponsored scholarships. Through the years, the Lions have helped folks get the eye glasses they needed. They put a system of civic numbering in place, they built a beach and wharf at Green Lake and taught a generation to swim. They even built a cottage and sold it to raise money. The 1960s brought on a whole new challenge. The town needed a facility for the aging population. Members rose to the task. They applied for a funding from Lions Clubs International and worked together to raise over $80,000 to bring the home to reality. 18 years later, the hard work paid off and The Pontiac Reception Centre, also known as The Home on the Hill, was opened. In 1978, the Shawville Lionettes were Chartered and many of members’ wives took up the cause as well. As the Mine and then the Mill prospered, it became easier for the Lions to raise funds. They raffled vehicles, held pig roasts, sold tickets, Christmas trees and held many barbeque fundraisers. Through the years, they served their community with pride, but ask any Lion about the most satisfying aspects of their work

and they won’t tell you. The most rewarding things that they do are never talked about because they are discreet acts of kindness to help out neighbours in need. Over the years, the club has changed with the times to meet the needs of the community taking up the causes as they come along. They have supported CHEO, the dialysis unit at the hospital and Relay for Life. They do the Canada Day breakfast, run the bar at the Hall and rent it out for functions. They have pledged $50,000 toward the new Villa James Shaw and are always finding new ways to fund the need. The Shawville Country Jamboree was taken over by the Lions seven years ago and club members say that although it is a whole lot of work, it has been a game changer for the them allowing them to think bigger and give more. On November 17, this year, the Lions, their wives, family and friends celebrated their 70th Charter night. They told stories about the early days of the club and shared a few laughs over some of the antics. They celebrated with pride and honoured those 41 original members who had the vision to start the Club so many years ago. During the evening presentation, Terry Campbell said, “Most people spend their whole lives wondering if they made a difference, Lions don’t.” Hello Shawville | Winter 2019

There’s nothing like fresh fallen snow to bring out the kid in all of us. C’mon, we have all done it, fallen back into the snow with reckless abandon, flailing our arms to create a perfect crisp snow angel. So, when the urge hits you, don’t just wing it. Fall back as softly as you can. Do the jumping jack motion five or six times then swing your legs together fromleft to right to eliminate the middle pile up. Hug your legs toward your chest then slowly stand up. You will have the perfect snowangel. Don’t forget to take a pic for instagram. Hello Shawville | Winter 2019


Spreading Christmas



ne of the most heart-warming perks of living in a small town like Shawville is the community itself. What started out as an outreach dinner for about a dozen people who were alone at Christmas time over 45 years ago has turned into one of our town’s most popular annual traditions. The first Christmas Cheer dinner was organized by Gwen Hayes and Muriel Imison, who saw a need in the community and wanted to spread cheer to members of the community. Over the years, this event has grown in attendance and popularity. This year, approximately 125 people had the opportunity to enjoy the festive atmosphere in the hall at St. Paul’s Anglican Church and were treated to a traditional Christmas dinner, including a delicious Christmas pudding made by Claire and Bruce Tubman. As in previous years, the kitchen was staffed by Shawville Lionettes, with help from some Lions and also volunteers from the community.


Several of the original charter-member Lionettes continue to help serve the dinner to this day. These dedicated women include Marguerite Carmichael, Joan Gray, Sandra Murray and Jane Little. As Marguerite put it, “the best part of doing this over all of these years is to see the smiles it puts on their faces.” According to Lionette Monique Robillard Atkinson, “It’s the social event of the season!” Santa must agree because he came later in the evening to distribute gifts to each of the guests. This year’s guests were one again treated to Christmas carols performed by Laird and Friends. Their lovely voices were accompanied by guitar and piano. When a guest tells Monique that it was one of the best meals they have ever had, she quips “We have never served a bad one!” And she’s surely right, because even after all these years, this event continues to be a gem of the festive season in Shawville.

Hello Shawville | Winter 2019

Hello Shawville | Winter 2019


Serenity Salon and medi-spa

The Junction Restaurant Give the gift of a night out and a good meal. Grab a gift certificate from La Junction in Campbell’s Bay. FIND THEM ON FACEBOOK

Perfectly Polished These Christmas-themed bath bombs will be a hit with anyone on your list

Serenity Salon and Medi-Spa Pampering and self-care are always a great gift idea. Gift certificates are available. FIND THEM ON FACEBOOK


Abattoir Les Viandes Du Pontiac Fresh meat from our new Abattoir will be a welcome addition to any holiday meal. FIND THEM ON FACEBOOK

Coronation Hall Cider Mill Fresh-baked pies and apple treats, delicious apple ciders, jams and jellies. Wrap up something sweet.

Pine Lodge Spread some cheer with pies, cookies and crumbles. Order yours today. FIND THEM ON FACEBOOK


Dubeautique There’s something for everyone at Dubeautique. Give a gift certificate, a perfect gift for men, women or children. FIND THEM ON FACEBOOK


Hello Shawville | Winter 2019

Silverwear Stamping Looking for something unique? Find one-of-a-kind creations made from recycled silverware. FIND THEM ON FACEBOOK

Little Red Wagon Winery Good wine is always in fashion and good local wine is even better. Bottles are the perfect size for a stocking stuffer. FIND THEM ON FACEBOOK

Bristol Bee Honey

White Buffalo Vintage

Flavour-infused honeys, lip balms and bees wax wraps are sure to please even the most hard to buy for.

White Buffalo Vintage is a delightful decor shop and furniture restoration boutique on Main Street in Shawville. This quaint little store is chock full of decor items, holiday decorations and so many other fun finds.


Canadian Tire Shawville From decorations to housewares and toys to tools. Canadian Tire is your one stop shop this Christmas for everyone on your list. FIND THEM ON FACEBOOK


Gelam Riding Stable Treat someone to a riding lesson or camp at this family run riding stable. FIND THEM ON FACEBOOK


Joanne’s valu-mart Familiprix

The Lighthouse Bookstore

Drop in to see Marc and his team. They have everything that you need to complete your Holiday shopping. Check out the gift sets and new perfumes.

Books are the perfect gift and this quaint little shop in Campbell’s Bay has a wide selection. Check them out, you are sure to find something wonderful.



Hello Shawville | Winter 2019

Hello Shawville | Winter 2019

At this time of year, the store is full of everything that you need this Christmas. There are many seasonal items, holiday foods, candies and gifts. FIND THEM ON FACEBOOK


Healthy Tips for the Holidays

Christmas can be a stressful time of year with work, family and social commitments. Stress related eating is also linked to weight gain. It is important to look after yourself by taking the time to eat healthy meals and de-stressing with some meditation or getting a massage. This Christmas give yourself the gift of self-care and making your health a priority. Try to eat healthily most of the time but then give yourself permission to enjoy special Christmas events without feeling guilty afterwards. Choose only the foods you truly love and enjoy, rather than mindlessly eating the festive indulgences at work parties or family gatherings. It’s also a good idea to limit alcohol consumption by drinking in moderation; alcohol not only provides empty calories, but we tend to eat more when drinking. At the grocery store, don’t be tricked into making impulse purchases. Write a shopping list and go straight for those items

Hello Shawville | Winter 2019

rather than walking up and down the aisles trying to figure out what you “need”. Another good idea is to buy your Christmas food just in time for Christmas. Grocery stores stock festive foods for months leading up to Christmas. If you are tempted to buy items in advance, ask yourself if the items will actually still be in your cupboards come Christmas, or will you likely open them up after a tough day at work? For any foods that you find tempting, limit yourself to buying them as close to Christmas Day as possible. Maintaining a fitness routine can be tough during the holidays, but perform your routine whenever possible. A good time to do this is early in the morning when everyone else is sleeping – and then you don’t have to think about it again all day. When it’s just too hectic to do that, slip in a little more walking – try parking your car at the far end of the parking lot. Or, plan fun outdoor activities where everyone can participate: a skate on the local rink, a walk around the neigh-

bourhood to see the lights, or building a snowman in the backyard are just some ways to keep everyone active. Sometimes, even the best laid plans don’t work out the way we intended. Christmas can be a marathon session of indulgent foods and drinks at work buffets, friends’ parties and family gatherings. There will be times when you eat less healthily than you intended. That’s okay! Be conscious of the cycle of overeating, feeling awful and then over-eating more. When you’re kind to yourself and accept that everyone makes mistakes, you’re less likely to feel overwhelmed by the situation and more likely to take responsibility and bounce back. So there you go! Simple suggestions to help you avoid gaining weight during the holidays, but will also allow you to enjoy yourself and have a great time with your loved ones.


The Dreaded Christmas Fruitcake Oh fruitcake, oh fruitcake,
 Why are you heavy like a rock?
 And why do people keep sending you to me?
 I really wish they would stop. Your texture is like rubber,
 And your fruit is chewy like gum.
 I think no one would give you as a gift,
 If they’d ever eaten some.


Thinking Outside the Box You have shopped until you dropped, or invested your time and energy into hand making some extra-special gifts and now it’s time to wrap. Show your recipients how special they really are to you by making the presentation of your gifts a little more interesting than just adding a bow to the package.


Hello Shawville | Winter 2019

The Holly and the Ivy Your packages can not only look great, but they can smell great, too! A sprig of rosemary smells amazing while it looks charming and fresh. Use white wool or some natural string to wrap around the entire package to hold the sprig in place. A sprig of holly in place of the rosemary would also be a festive touch.

Personalizing the wrapping of your gifts is super easy to do. Start with a roll of white or naturally coloured kraft paper and then add a few easy to find embellishments.

I’ve tried re-gifting you,
 But you just keep coming back.
 If I have to look at you one more time,
 I think my mind will crack. I really hate to be wasteful,
 And I don’t like to act rash,
 But I can’t take it anymore,
 You’re going into the trash!

or patterned paper. You could also use your printer to download or photocopy some sheets of Christmas music to cut your snowflakes out of.

Candy Cane Lane Delight children – young and old – when you add some Christmas candy to your presents. Slipping red and white candy canes or lollipops into the ribbon adds a festive touch to the packaging and gives the recipient a little something extra to enjoy once they are done unwrapping their gift. Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow Relive moments of Christmas past by making paper snowflakes like you did when you were a child. Or get your children or grandchildren involved! Fold up sheets of white paper and cut away, then attach your creations to the packages using some pretty riboon. For fancier snowflakes, you could use some sheets of coloured

Hello Shawville | Winter 2019

Once Upon a Christmas For a trip down memory lane, an unexpected way to jazz up your wrapping is to tuck a Christmas photo into the ribbon on your package. Make copies of your favourite black and white photos or use the Kodak printer at Stedmans to turn colour photos into black and whites. The recipient is sure to love this sentimental touch.



TRADITIONS FOR YOUR FAMILY Enjoy the Lights The most wonderful time of the year is also the most colourful time of the year with beautiful Christmas light displays in our neighbourhoods. Did you know that The Municipality of Shawville held a Christmas decorating contest in the 1990s? Richard & Carolyn Meisner and Lloyd & Marjorie Hodgins were often recognized for their outstanding light displays.

Adopt an Elf on the Shelf Not all traditions have to span generations. The Elf on the Shelf is a fairly recent Christmas tradition. The little elf is said to report back to Santa and is a great tool for keeping kids on their best behavior. The cheeky elf ends up in a new room, in a new pose every day.

Build a Gingerbread House Here’s one that has been around for centuries. Gingerbread houses are so much fun to decorate. It’s an activity that everyone can enjoy. You can buy a kit – Valu -mart has them in the bakery section – or you can start from scratch. Either way, your family will enjoy decorating the house and love picking away at the sweets.

Listen to Classic Christmas Music Everyone has their favourite 24

songs that conjure up memories of Christmas past. These days you can find the old standards on many playlists on Spotify or Apple Music. The best part of this tradition is that everyone will know the words, even the kids. Bonus if you have a family member who can play them on piano.

Bake Some Cookies from Scratch Pull out the old recipe books or cards that have been handed down through your family. It’s a great way to honour your family’s best bakers from Christmases past and to inspire a new generation of holiday chefs. Children love decorating gingerbread men and sugar cookies, make it a fun afternoon of family time baking and decorating together.

Spend Time Together The gifts that you give may come and go, but the time you spend together and the memories you make will last forever. Prepare a special meal together, plan a family game night, make ornaments, take a walk. Be present and interact with your family and friends, not with your phone.

Give to Others The Holidays are a time for sharing. Remember that this is not always an easy time for some. There are folks who are alone and others that may just be having a tough time of it. Your gifts don’t necessarily have to be money. You can help a child in need by participating in the Angel Tree project. You can volunteer at the singles dinner or just get out and visit those who could use some cheer.

Little Women Radio Play adapted by Alyssa Graham Little Women, written by Louisa May Alcott 150 years ago, follows the lives of the March sisters as they transition from childhood to womanhood. The characters of Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy are loosely based on the author and her three sisters. Over the years, the beloved novel has been adapted for screen and the stage and this Christmas, you can enjoy a new adaptation of Little Women - this time as a radio play, written by Alyssa Graham. Alyssa, a graduate of Pontiac High School, has been involved with the Pontiac Community Players since she appeared on-stage in The Dagg Haunting ten years ago. Since then, she has participated in the group’s productions both on-stage and behind the scenes. How did this bubbly 18 year old come to write this adaptation? The Pontiac Community Players had received many requests to do a production of Little Women. Greg Graham, Alyssa’s uncle — and the director of this production — asked her if she would be interested in writing Little Women as a radio play.

Mail Holiday Cards A social media post or Instagram post does not cut it. Real life cards are the way to connect with those who are important to you at Christmastime. Family and friends near and far will appreciate a special message from you whether it is a photo card, postcard or letter. The deadlines to mail cards so they arrive before Christmas Day are:

Alyssa, an aspiring writer who had read the novel twice already, was up for the challenge. She says this format is easier to write than traditional plays because there is no need to think

•Within a city: December 20 •Within the province: December 19 •Within Canada: December 18 Hello Shawville | Winter 2019

Hello Shawville | Winter 2019

of and include stage directions. “However,” she remarks, “ it’s important to make sure the dialogue is telling the story.”

It’s not hard to see why Alyssa’s favourite character is Jo — also a writer, who composes plays for her sisters to perform. “I could relate to her because she is feisty, tomboyish and wants to be independent,” she explains. Alyssa’s own dream is to be a writer and to have one of her works published.

With a radio play, there is no action; the characters speak directly into the microphone, as radio actors would have done in years gone by. The audience in this case, won’t be gathered around the family radio, but will get to see In the meantime, she’s lookthe ing forward to seeing the production herself. Although she wrote the script, she has been at school in Montreal and has not seen any of the rehearsals. If she’s lucky, she’ll be back in the Pontiac in time to see a dress rehearsal. Otherwise, she’ll have to wait like the rest of us until opening night to see her words come to life.

actors’ facial expressions and the actors will wear costumes. “What’s fun about this format is that there is greater audience interaction. They have to use their imaginations to ‘see’ the action”, Alyssa explains. “The great thing about Little Women is that anyone at any age can get something from this classic story. The characters resonate with people of all generations.”

“Now and then, in this workaday world, things do happen in the delightful storybook fashion, and what a comfort that is” - Louisa May Alcott, Little Women You can enjoy Little Women in one of three performances: December 20 at Quyon United Church, December 21 at Shawville United Church and December 22 at St. Andrew’s Knox United Church. Everyone welcome, free will offering


Did you know that without a will, your common law spouse will not be able to inherit from you, no matter the length of your relationship?


HOLIDAYS Believe it or not, the winter months, especially those leading up to Christmas, are ideal for selling a home in the Pontiac. Sure, the snow and ice can make it difficult to get out and visit homes for sale and prepping a house can also be a challenge during the busy holiday season. However, if you are planning to buy or sell during the winter, there are more than a few good reasons to get down to business.

Christmas Decorations Make People Happy Through December and January, when houses are decorated and lit up, people are feeling joyful and looking forward to

a fresh start for the new year. It’s the perfect time to purchase a new home. Selling? Christmas decorations are the icing on the cake. Most people make buying decisions based on emotion. Holiday lights, trees, fresh scents and a warm fire bring up happy holiday feelings. Buyers visiting your home will feel these happy emotions and remember it.

Shoppers are Serious Given a choice, most people would not be out looking at properties in cold and icy weather. Buyers who are out in the winter months are motivated. Listing now means that the folks who visit your house are there because they are ready to buy and are likely to make a serious offer.

At this time of year, there are not as many houses on the market which creates a sense of urgency for buyers.

Did you know that it is possible for common law partners to determine the consequences of their separation by signing a cohabitation agreement?

Homes in the Pontiac look their best in the Spring and Summer months, with manicured lawns and flowers in bloom. Seeing a home in the winter, allows you to make a four season assessment. Have a close look at the windows. Make sure that the heating system is adequate and ask about costs. These are things that we tend to overlook in the warmer months.

Did you know that a hand written will has to be verified by the Court at the time of the death? Did you know that if you become incapacitated to take care of yourself and administer your property, your spouse will not automatically be able to look into your affairs or make decisions about your health care? Did you know that a right of way to a lake does not necessarily include the right to put a boat on the water, to park a car or to install a dock?

Buying or selling a property in the Pontiac? We would be pleased to represent you and help you to find the perfect home in any season.

Did you know that a right of way cannot be established without title, even if you have been using the same road for 10 years? Did you know that you will have to declare the gift of a cottage to your children and pay the capital gain resulting from it? Did you know that the sale of a parcel of land resulting from the subdivision of a lot in more than two parcels is taxable for GST and QST? Did you know that a non-resident of the province of QuĂŠbec cannot acquire more than 4 hectares of farmland without the authorization of the CPTAQ? Regardless of the nature of your concerns, PME Inter Notaires offers you legal expertise that can meet all your needs, whether you are an individual or a business. Discover our services and how we can accompany you in every important step of your life. With you in Shawville for 23 years now! Consult Me Mireille Alary, Notary, and her team, for all questions.


Hello Shawville | Winter 2019

Hello Shawville | Winter 2019


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In 1916, Lincoln Logs were created by John Lloyd Wright, son of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. They are still a Christmas favorite more than a century later.

“It’s Slinky, It’s Slinky, it’s fun, it’s a wonderful toy…” This fun little toy has been a favourite of kids since it launched for Christmas 1945.

In 1964, Hasbro introduced their action figure, GI Joe.


Yoyos were first mass-produced in 1928. Can you walk the dog, or around the world? Antonio Pasin began making metal wagons out of stamped steel in 1927. You know it as the Radio Flyer. 1930s For Christmas in 1934, the Ideal Toy and Novelty Company began manufacturing a doll based on America’s favorite child star, Shirley Temple. 28

Lego, the most wanted toy of 1949 has never lost popularity, so much so that The LEGO Group is now the world’s most valuable toy company.


The hula hoop, which debuted in 1958,was inducted to the National Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester, NY. Barbie made her debut in 1959, and she’s still a favrite of little girls 60 years later.

The first Easy Bake Ovens hit store shelves in November 1963, and was a sought-after gift that Christmas. Who doesn’t want a dessert cooked by a lightbulb?


Who could have predicted the colossal success of Star Wars? George Lucas didn’t have enough time to manufacture action figures for the 1977 Christmas season. What children unwrapped instead were vouchers to be redeemed once the actions figures were created. Hello Shawville | Winter 2019

1980s Rubik’s Cube, the fun brain-teaser was a craze that caught fire in the early ‘80s, and has become one of the world’s best-selling toys to date. Cabbage Patch Kids mania may have put the mean in Christmas 1983. Every kid wanted to “adopt” one and parents were willing to do whatever it took to make their kids’ dreams come true, including fist-fighting over the last dolls on the store shelves. They were probably the first toy to create a pre-Christmas toy shopping frenzy.

Hello Shawville | Winter 2019



In 1996, Tickle Me Elmo was another toy that caused a frenzy, complete with stampeding crowds and injured store workers.

The Razor scooter hit major retail outlets and it revolutionized transporation for kids forever. It won the Toy of the Year award that year.

2000s In November 2006, Nintendo introduced the Wii, an affordable, family-friendly game console alternative, featuring wireless remote controllers and other cool new features.

Christmas lists changed forever with the introduction of the first ipods in the 2010s. From that point on, most kids’ Christmas lists were full of request for iPods, iPads, iPhones ear buds any and all variations of the popular Apple products.



LIVES of. Mom wasn’t like that. Her greeting was warm and welcoming. ‘Hello. This is Marjorie’

BY WILLIAM E. SMITH She was amazing as a mother and as a person. She left me her diaries and were fascinating reading. I knew she had boundless energy, yet I remain astounded at how active she was every single day, the sheer number and variety of the tasks she could accomplish. I also knew she truly enjoyed the company of others. She regularly touched the lives of so many others in the community. She had a telephone answering machine in her later years at the house on the Aylmer Road. Her greeting began, ‘Hello, this is Marjorie.’ You sensed the warmth of this person immediately in that telephone greeting. Often the message on a machine comes across as rather cold and businesslike. As if to say, state your reason for calling and be brief about it. I’ve got more important things to take care 30

Hello Shawville | Winter 2019

Hello Shawville | Winter 2019


Mom was born in 1924 and grew up in a family with few material possessions. They lived on a farm near the village of Bristol. There were six children in all, born in the 1920s and 1930s so they knew what hard times meant, experiencing the Great Depression of the ‘30s. She was a good student but her formal education ended at grade 7. There was no money either for books or transportation for her to continue into high school. She helped her dad on the farm and sought employment with other local farm families. She started at $10 per month, room and board included, in the service of a farm woman nearby. That would have been typical of the times.

Marjorie got a job in a war plant in Ottawa. But here future would be back home in the Bristol area. She had met the love of her life. The rest of her story would be that of plenty of work and raising a family. At that she excelled. Her story demanded to be written. It is in the printing stage now and I will be signing copies of the book on Tuesday, December 17, at the Little Red Wagon winery, from 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. Please feel free to join me and learn more about a very special person.

The Second World War brought not only the devastation of lost family members but prosperity and jobs on the home front. 31

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Hello Shawville December 2019  

Here it is, the winter edition of Hello Shawville filled with great gift ideas and holiday fun.

Hello Shawville December 2019  

Here it is, the winter edition of Hello Shawville filled with great gift ideas and holiday fun.