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FOLHAShows the steps we take to make an article

FOLHA reveals what happened with Norberto Geyerhahn after Dilma won

FOLHA de Sao Paulo By Patricia Geyerhahn Family Interview/ Historical Author's Back

FOLHA de Sao Paulo


This is the Family Tree of Norberto Geyerhahn. This is up to his grandchildren, or our generation.

This is the Geyerhahn and Amado family. Norberto Geyerhahn is on the top of the tree and he is 60 years old. He is part Austrian since his parents came from Vienna.

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Interview & Notes

Patricia Geyerhahn interview Norberto to get an idea of what happened that night. This are the notes she took during the interview.

TELL ME ABOUT THE 2010 ELECTION Dilma was elected 36 presidents 1st woman Chef of staff 4 Lula da Silva Bulgarian Bello Orisonte 1964 fought against military HELP FROM LAST PRESIDENT Due to popularity won Didn’t vote4 55% Have too vote Did you read the newspaper? TV Where were you? Rio Home Vote na gavial Voted Already knew that she would win What time was it? After 9 u could already know Votes in computer How did this impact your life? Hoping Jose Voted for other Party Tucanos What were you feeling at that time? Sad

Why? Cause Jose Serra would have been a better president. Why do you think so? He doesn’t like the way they are running the country Very leftish It would be better for Brazil if he was the president To the right party What were you wearing? Jeans T shirt What Color? Dark blue Where u eating anything? Pizza Where you at your house? Study TV What show was it? Globo Most important Results Where you with anyone? No alone Sunday Maid was voting Alone Watched hole day News

FOLHA de Sao Paulo

The truth what happened that day

Don’t Believe Whats True Have you ever known something and

will be delivered in about 10

tried to make yourself not believe it? I have. That feeling of

minutes.” “Thank you very much.”

disbelief happened to me in 2010, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the

I opened the fridge in my room and a climatic shock traveled

15th of November. I tried not to think about it and make myself not

through my body, which would have happened to anyone who is used to

believe it. This morning the news paper came with some interesting

the hot weather of Rio. I grabbed a diet Coke and rushed

news. The article was called ‘Dilma, will she win?’ and it

to the study. I didn't want to miss the election results, even

said that there is a big chance that she would win. I couldn't

though I predicted that Dilma Rousseff would win. I turned

believe my eyes.

the air con on as I went into the room, , I thought to

∞ “Hello, this is La Tarantella Restaurant. How can

myself putting my Coke down and sitting on the couch. I reached

I help you?” “I would like to order a

for the remote. DING! “Coming!” I shouted through

large pepperoni with extra pepperoni, please?”

the hallway. As I opened the glass door I could already smell

“Of course, and where are we delivering it?”

the aroma of the pepperoni pizza, ‘Hummm’ I thought.

“ Numero 1234, Rua das Bandeirantes, Panamby.”

∞ I reached for the black and

“Yes, of course, our usual costumer, Norberto. Your pizza

white control. I pressed the power button, a red light came

FOLHA FOLHA deSao SaoPaulo Paulo de

from the TV,

similar feeling, a sad angry

On it said. I clicked on the change channel

feeling I couldn't describe. “Ladies and gentleman, the

button. Globo, the most important brazilian channel.

first woman president of Brazil!” I wanted to brake the

“Good-evening Globo watchers, you have waited the

TV. It seemed that the reporter knew that I was there,

whole the day to find out who is gonna win, what party will be

with my TV on, stuffing my body with rage. It seemed like he

victorious, but first let’s announce the candidates: José

wanted to make me mad. I cant believe that she won by 55%

Serra and Dilma Rousseff, both running for the same spot,

AGANST José Serra. She was arrested one time for two

president of Brazil. Figure out who won, after the brake.”

years, she was not qualified for this position. Of curse I

8:58, I was chomping at the bit to discover who won.

wanted to do something, but I couldn’t. I just hope that in

“And we are back with some interesting news,” Even thought

2014, she is not elected as the president.

the man spoke Portuguese he had a strong spanish accent. “The thing you have all been waiting for, the results,” my heart started pounding harder and harder with curiosity and excitement “and the winner,” my heart beating faster. “Of the 2010 brazilian election is,” my heart stopped for a second. “Dilma Rousseff,” now I felt nothing. No beating. No speed. That feeling stayed with me for so little, but I felt a

Author's Note This story is about Norberto Geyerhahn. He is about 60, and this happened on the day of the 2010 election. Dilma is the current president of Brazil and she is 52 years old. He is not against woman presidents even thought it sounds like it in my text. Dilma has a history of people not liking her but after the last president helped her she won.

FOLHA FOLHA deSao SaoPaulo Paulo de



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I learnt a lot from this project. One of the many things I learnt was that I have many family members I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know about. I think that doing this project was important because we got to know about our family history.I really enjoyed making the magazine because it was really fun to decorate something lots of people will see. I had to do this magazine in two days, that was challenging, but I tried to spend my free time doing it. I thing I am so much better at writing since my first pice. I would say to students next year to enjoy as much as they can and take notes as they go. That will help a lot.

"Dilma Rousseff." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 11 Apr. 2012. Web. 04 Nov. 2012. <http:// Dilma_Rousseff>. "Brazilian General Election, 2010." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 22 Oct. 2012. Web. 26 Aug. 2011. < Brazilian_general_election,_2010>.

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