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Society at war

Alyssa Yeh

I dedicate this to my family, who have always been supportive of me and my growth in writing.

Foreword World War II is the second global war that lasted from 1939 - 1945. World War II was the most deadliest clash in all of history. This war included as many as 30 different countries and up to 100 million people. Japan was already at war with the Republic of China, but the second world war actually began when Poland was invaded by Germany. The reason Germany invaded was because Adolf Hitler wanted to restore Germany back to it’s former strength and tried to invade and annex many other countries. This set off a chain reaction of very angry government officials all over the world. World War II began.

After World War II ended, many countries had repairs to attend to. Some of the tragic damage inflicted by the war still remains to this day. In my opinion, World War II was not necessary. Too many families lost their family and relatives that went off to fight in the war for their country. This would not need to have happened if Adolf Hitler had decided not to invade so many places. It only angered everyone else to the point where war had to start. Lives were lost and blood from all sides were spilled. Could the war have ended sooner or maybe not even have begun at all? UK and France declare war on Germany

Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima

Japan attacks Pearl Harbor

France surrenders

Adolf Hitler commits suicide

Positive Poem Historical Event  –   Positive  Perspective   (Haiku) Pearl  Harbor The  bombs  have  fallen Men,  women,  and   children  ran The  guns  are  @ired Grins  spread  all  around As  we  cheer  and  laugh   and  @ly And  we  soar  away And  behind  us  all Are  ruins  we’ve  created We’re  joyous,  deed  done.  

This poem is seen through the eyes of a japanese pilot that was part of the attack on Pearl Harbor. After this attack, the US joined in the war as an ally. This poem is saying that the japanese pilot flew in to bomb the island with all his other pilot friends. It was an order from their superiors, but even so they think that they have done a good thing for their country.

Positive Poem Historical Event  –  Positive  Perspective   (Ode) Follower  of  Demise Death The  way  you  throw  your  furious  head Swallowing  people  whole, As  they  run  in  fear  of  your  grip. You  are  sharp,  like  a  shining  knife, Or  the  glinting  edge  of  a  bayonet.   You  are  powerful,  like  the  gunshots   Fired  rapidly  through  the  air, Or  the  bombs  that  drop  high From  the  smoky,  ash-­‐@illed  sky.   Civilians  running  for  their  lives, Soldiers  attacking  and  pilots  @lying.   You  stretch  yourself  out   To  capture  them  and  toss  them  into  their  doom. You  seize  the  battlegrounds   And  the  souls  that  are  trapped.   You  rear,  and  buck And  kick  and  scratch.   Death  comes  to  all. This  moment  shall  live  on. For  death  has  taken  the  cold,  dark  spotlight.

Seen through the eyes of a determined soldier, this poem is about the battlefields so many young men had to face to serve their country. Much blood was spilled on these grounds. He is seeing his enemies being slain and imagines death raining down on the men. He shoots, stabs, and kills as many as he can, thinking he is doing something right.

Negative Poem Historical Event  –   Negative  Perspective   (Cinquain) The  war’s  end Dead  land Devastation Tears  shed,  gory  ruins The  A-­‐bomb  soared,  the   ashy  grounds World  War Dimmed  eyes Smoke  in  the  air Bones  scattered  on  the   @loor Split  families  searching   desperately   No  light This poem is about the atomic bomb that hit Hiroshima near the end of World War II. It caused disastrous damage and thousands of people were killed instantly. Many were injured and hundreds of thousands more would later die due to being exposed to too much radiation. This poem is in the negative perspective of a japanese civilian who was affected by the bomb. It is about the person, panicked and injured, trying to get his bearings and find his family. It is negative because this was something he obviously didn’t

Negative Poem Historical Event  –  Negative  Perspective   (Ballad) The  evacuees  of  Britain The  tag  with  my  name  drapes  down  the  side. The  children  around  me  have  all  cried I  drag  my  suitcase  out  the  door As  we  escape  from  the  terrible  war.   We  stand  in  a  line  to  board  the  train Traveling  to  the  country  where  we’ll  remain. I  won’t  see  my  parents  anymore As  we  escape  from  the  terrible  war.   Fields  of  barley,  corn,  and  rice Chills  creep  down  me,  cold  as  ice.   I  look  outside,  feel  my  sweaty  palm As  we  escape  from  the  falling  bombs.   I  arrive  at  a  house  with  a  barn  and  all, A  well-­‐kept  garden,  and  a  messy  hall. I  stand  up  straighter,  I  must  be  calm For  I  have  escaped  from  the  falling  bombs.  

This poem is about the british children evacuees who left for the country-side in the early days of september. Three million children were taken from their homes and families for their safety. They were told to live with another family during their stay in the country-side. This poem is in the perspective of a young child who has to go away for a while. He is abandoning his mother and father as they bravely go and prepare for the war at hand.

Personal Poem Personal Change  (I  am  from) I  am  from I  am  from  the  brick  backyard  of  my  long  ago  home,   The  sight  of  my  father  draining  the  pool. The  smell  of  the  fallen  autumn  leaves  as  he  cleared  them  away.   The  hard  @loor  beneath  my  cold  bare  feet.   I  am  from  the  freezing  snow, Standing  in  our  summer  dresses.   Our  pleas  and  apologies  heard  miles  away. I  guess  we’ll  have  to  wear  the  winter  shirts.   I  am  from  the  turkey  dinner  and  the  hot  pot  stew The  puppy  lounged  in  my  lap,  unnamed.   Cups  @lung  in  the  air,  colliding  with  cheers Today  was  Thanksgiving  with  no  need  to  care.   I  am  from  the  locked  car,  with  us  stranded  inside.   Buckled  down  in  the  seat,  the  other  free  to  roam.   The  police  and  the  @ire@ighters,  they  came  and  played.   Father  @inally  arrived  with  another  set  of  keys.   I  am  from  the  tiny  ants  who  said  hello   With  a  bite  of  vengeance  and  anger Disturbing  the  nest  was  no  smart  move I  now  know  better,  covered  in  stings.   I  am  from  the  open  fridge,   two  heads  sticking  inside.   No  hesitation  to  climb  the  shelves.   If  only  we  had  dared I  am  from  the  two  peas  in  the  pod.   The  two  apples  falling  far  from  the  tree. The  two  outcasts  against  the  rest  of  the  world.     But  at  least  I’m  not  alone.   This poem consists of all the memories i hold dear to me. It’s so vivid, i am able to recall it to a simple scent of the spring air, or the feeling of wet dew drops clinging to my skin as i walk through the grass in my sandals. These are beautiful images all with my partner in crime, my twin sister Audrey. She’s here with me every step of the way and i don’t see it stopping any time soon.

Personal Poem Personal Change   (I  used  to  be,  but  now  I  am…) I  used  to  be… I  used  to  enjoy  chocolate  ice  cream  just  like  my  siblings. Now  I  love  the  taste  of  vanilla  and  refuse  to  eat  the  other  @lavors. I  used  to  watch  TV  and  stare,  fascinated  by  the  movies.   Now  that  I  have  my  computer  for  company,  I  ignore  the  TV  screen. I  used  to  have  pets  like  turtles  and  @ish  that  swam  in  a  few  inches  of  water. Now  I  have  a  dog  that  jumps  in  excitement  as  I  trudge  home  from  school. I  am  a  believer.  

This ‘I used to be, but now i am...’ poem is about what i felt and did in my childhood compared to what i do right now. It is a poem designed to see how much i changed as a person and it’s given me a lot to think about. How have i developed these years? How much will i be learning and growing in the future?

Slam Poem Slam Poem  (Free-­‐verse) The  Rich  Rule We  gaze  upon  this  world soaking  in  all  the   sights,   smells,   And  whatever  we  can  put  our  hands   on. We  are  unaware  of  those  below Those  who  have  to  @ight  To  survive  each  day We’ve  all  heard  it  before. “You  should  feel  lucky.”   Your  parents  scold,   “  I  didn’t  have  this  when  I  was  your   age!”   and  we  reply “  Well,  that’s  too  bad.” Because  while  we  are  churned  up  with   the  anger And  the  urge  to  argue,   We   Don’t Think.  

They look  at  you, Clearly  shocked You  glare  back  with  de@iance, Eyes  burning  bright. You  lie  in  bed  that  night And  think  back.   What  are  you  without Your  parents?   No  food. No  shelter. No  protection.   No  love.   Nothing.   On  the  streets, People  are  stealing, Begging,   Crying.   Their  clothes  ripped Like  your  light-­‐washed  jeans.   We  turn  away.   No  mercy. No  pity.   They  are  beneath  us.   They  lay  there  as  we  trample Across  their  cold,  limp  bodies.   We  hardly  notice.   A  monster  drowning In    gleaming  gems.   Our  life  of  gold Is  a  miracle.  

This poem is dedicated to all the fortunate people in the world who don’t realize that they are actually one of the most lucky people alive on this planet. We go on our day-to-day business without ever paying attention to the people less fortunate. The poor only want what we have, yet we continue to waste what could’ve turned someone’s life upside down. Water, food, entertainment, and much more. We all take it for granted and barely see the dirt-covered people pawing at our force field of success and riches, face full of sadness and envy. We laugh and continue on. What does that make us? Monsters born from gold, silver, rubies, diamonds.

Afterword Why did i choose to write these types of poems? - Haiku - Ode - Cinquain - Ballad I chose to write a haiku because it was almost like writing three parts to a story since three haikus made up one piece. Beginning, middle, end. Haikus are not all that dissimilar to regular stories. I am a fan of reading and writing fiction stories, so if i could do that i can surely write three haikus to piece together information. When i first learned how to write an ode i thought only of all the good things i could write about until i thought of an ode to death. It fit in well with the story i was telling, and because it would say how determined these soldiers were. A cinquain is also very fun to write. Like haikus, it has syllable restrictions so it made it more challenging for me, which was half of the fun already. Being challenged by these types of poems, and still needing to use strong diction at the same time, is helping me broaden my vocabulary and my knowledge of writing poems. While writing this ballad, i had tremendous fun. The part i loved the most was trying to find a rhyme for the rhyme scheme. It’s always about linking these sentences up but trying not to stray off topic. At first, it was difficult to get into the flow of things, but once you catch on it’s hard to shake off.


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