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Operator Volume 44 Issue 3 • March 2014

Proposed Legislation Will Impact Bus Operations Shelly Jonas The Department of Public Safety is proposing legislation this year in an effort to curb students left on the school bus following a route. They propose the following change to 169.443 Subd. 10 (a) . Each driver shall complete an interior post trip inspection of the school bus to ensure no student or students are left unattended. (Penalty is a misdemeanor) (b) If a child is left unattended on the school bus after a trip the driver is guilty of a gross misdemeanor. Additionally, contractors or school officials have 72 hours to report when a child is left on the bus. The penalty for non-reporting is a misdemeanor. Last month, The Operator asked how our members were attempting to prevent students left on the bus. Many members stated that they rely on a placard system. One member stated that they required their drivers to radio that they are "clear" following their route. If someone forgets to call in, office staff checks the bus and the driver faces discipline and/or retraining. Additionally on trips they require a coach, teacher, parent or other third party to sign off that the bus was checked for sleeping students. This helps create awareness of the issue in the community and seems to please parents and school staff that drivers are taking a proactive approach. Members have voiced concerns about the lack of detail in 10b. If the driver is ill and a student is left unattended while he/she is in the restroom, has a crime been committed? Should that person be treated the same as someone who has attempted to dismantle or short cut the child check alarm? Unfortunately when you are dealing with human drivers, there are going to be human failures. No one wants to leave a child on the bus. It would be ideal if we could do something positive to prevent the occurrence and help drivers do their jobs rather than bring the hammer. Unfortunately when you are dealing with human drivers, there are going to be human failures. No one wants to leave a child on the bus. Those who have had it happen know it is a scary and devastating incident. Ideally, the state should work on prevention rather than punishment. Perhaps mandating child check equipment would be a compromise or even extra training dollars for mandated training. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Wouldn’t that be wonderful though? What if our society’s first reaction was to support our drivers who care for our “most precious cargo” instead of reacting with punishment that will ultimately reduce our driver pool? Our Inspecting Your School Bus video is available for sale on our website. It does address the importance of a Post Trip inspection. You may wish to purchase it for an upcoming driver’s meeting to help further stress the importance of the posttrip inspection. We reduced the price of this video for members to $50.00 as an effort to be proactive in the training of drivers.

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From the President Rudy Lundahl


Voyageur Bus Company, Duluth, MN Optimism & Realism March Madness is upon us as we are all hopefully getting a little closer to the end of a long hard winter. The Optimist in me wants to hope for lots of buses going to state tournaments for many different sports. It never fails that the extra bus orders always hit when you are already shorthanded or short bused. There goes the realist again. As employers of many drivers and office staff and mechanics let’s make a big effort this year to look within our various companies and make sure we all take the time to nominate someone from our organization for a Transportation Specialist Award this year. These awards are given out at the MSBOA Summer conference and there is not any reason every one of us do not nominate someone from our respective organizations. We all have at the very least one and probably more employees that deserve this award. It does take a little time to get the application process done.........let me say if anyone has questions or doesn’t know where or how to start they are welcome to contact me for some help and info. It is very important that these people are recognized for the fine job they all do for us. Without all them putting the rubber on the road every day, or doing the dispatching and wrenching every day we would not all be where we are today. Take the time. Be an Optimist.....think positive and let’s make this year’s choices even harder to pick by having so many to choose from. Perhaps the biggest challenge we all face this time of year is the weather. No matter how hard you try and how hard we all work at it...... it is just one of those few things in our lives we just can’t control. Maybe just talking about spring will bring it a little sooner. Optimist talking. The reality is it will warm up when and if it is time for it so let’s lead the charge to finish the winter off safely.....remind your drivers.....give them training in your in-services and meetings.....try to keep the morale up around the office......the Realist must be in control even when the Optimist wants the weather to get better. It will, all in good time. Stay Safe and Be Kind!




Sincerely, Rudy Lundahl, President of MSBOA





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Legislative Update By Tom keliher, keliher Government Affairs Consulting, LLC. Phone (612) 723-5168 • Email: This week marks the beginning of the second year of the 88th Biennial Minnesota State Legislative Session. Session is scheduled to last until May 19th, 2014. However the Legislature is not required, by the State constitution, to stay in Session until that date. But the Legislature very rarely adjourns early. One thing of important note is the construction that is occurring in and around the State capitol. If MSBOA members are attending Legislative hearings or meeting with their Legislators, be aware that much of the public parking around the State capitol is gone. There is some on street parking in front of the MnDot Building, the Bethesda Ramp one block behind the State capitol on Rice Street, and what is called lot Q at the end of Sherburne Ave across the street from Education Minnesota. Until 2017 parking and construction will be very problematic to those attending Legislative hearings and meeting with their Legislators. The goal of all this construction is to provide additional public parking, and create a new Senate Office Building, also with additional parking. A total remodeling and restoration of the State capitol itself was the impetus for the construction turmoil and parking shortages. Tracking and following bills through the Legislative process has changed a little, however, with a little practice following Legislation is not difficult. Be aware to make sure that you are reading the last version and follow the time and date information in order to be reading the last version. and are the two entry sites. You can access hearing video, proposed Legislation as they travel through the process. Either site will allow you to access the State House or the State Senate. MSBOA is following a number of issues affecting bus contractors during the 2014 Session. The following is a short description of these issues, and as always I am available to discuss members’ views either by phone 612-723-5168 or by email The issues below are not in order of importance or significance. This list is likely to grow as the Legislative Session progresses, as these are the issues that we are aware of as of this printing. Since school buses are an extension of the larger school system, MSBOA members should be aware that some form of a new Anti-Bullying Law will likely become law this May. Out-front Minnesota, Representative Davnie and Senator Dibble are promoting a bill that would “better define” what conAudio Communications stitutes “bullying.” The supporters of this proposal believe that the State’s current thirty“Pioneer of Two-Way Radios” seven word anti-bullying Statute does not go far enough to limit or stop all forms of bullying. The bill calls for a Student Safety center to be developed in schools and at the Sales • Service • Installation • Security Department of Education, in order track incidences and types of bullying and to develop Systems • Vehicle Tracking Systems practices to eliminate bullying. Diana Olson, Sales Consultant The biodiesel blending mandate is to increase to 20% May 1, 2015, without action by the 19912 Industrial Drive Box 220 Legislature. Associations affected by the increase to 20%, who also benefit from specifBig Lake, MN 55309 ic exemptions from #1 blending mandates, are forming alliances and building a coalition Local (763)263-3582 to delay the 20% blending mandate for five years. The biodiesel promoters would like to Toll Free (877)509-6920 trim off some of the months that are exempted during the winter months. Basically, the biodiesel community is looking to increase the blend of their product and many of the end users of diesel are objecting. MSBOA has been asked to join a coalition to limit further bio-blended fuels, beyond what is in use today. The coalition is forming to have a response to bio blended mandates, regardless of the existing extension of a biodiesel blending mandate of 20% that is in current law. I am certain that most of you have heard that the State of Minnesota, and the federal Government, is considering raising the minimum wage. The State of Minnesota was prepared to enact something north of $9.00 an hour, but the State Senate did not ultimately agree to that number. Now, the federal Administration and National Democrats are promoting a $10.10 “livable wage.” It appears that the State of Minnesota is seriously considering $9.50. While hourly wages for drivers may be more, this new minimum wage Continued on page 6.

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Bullying Prevention By Shari Danzeisen In preparation for a driver safety meeting, I recently visited the new federal website: Within the next few months, schools will be doing a lot more training regarding handling bullying in the schools. This is definitely a topic that you will need to share with your drivers and include in your training as well. The website is very easy to navigate, explains all forms of bullying, has resources, power point presentations, and hand-outs for training. The following is what lists as the 10 Best Practices in Bullying Prevention and Response. 1. Focus on the Social Climate - Bullying prevention requires changes in social climates. changes in attitudes, norms and behaviors take time and committment. creating safe and caring places for youth involves a comprehensive effort on the part of everyone. It must become “uncool” to bully others and “cool” to be a friend or helpful to others who are victims. 2. Conduct Community Wide Bullying Assessments - collect local data on bullying, climates and the extent of youth violence. Use the data to raise awareness, monitor where bullying is happening, evaluate the need for training, tailor programs to meet needs, and measure efforts. Assess perspectives of youth, parents, school staff and other youth-serving professionals. Ensure that procedures are consistent with fERPA and PPRA. 3. Seek Out Support for Bullying Prevention - Early and enthusiastic support is critical from leaders of schools and youth programs. committment from a majority of staff is also important. School-based efforts have found that committed teachers are more likely to fully implement bullying prevention programs. 4. Coordinate and Integrate Prevention Efforts - Bullying prevention should be coordinated and integrated with other efforts. A coordinating group or committee will help inform decisions on way to combine, coordinate, or adopt strategies. School groups such as safety committees represent the entire staff, parents, community volunteers, and youth leaders. community groups may include representatives from many disciplines and partnering agencies. 5. Provide Training in Bullying Prevention and Response - Adults must understand the nature of bullying, its effects and how to prevent bullying, which includes effective policies and rules. They also need direction and skills to: Stop bullying on the spot; follow up routinely with youth involved in bullying and, if warranted, with their parents. 6. Set Policies and Rules - consider establishing and enforcing rules and policies that address bullying. Rules should apply to all children, set standards for behavior and cover a focused set of expected positive behaviors. follow up with positive and negative consequences. 7. Increase Adult Supervision - focus on “hot spots” for bullying from previous incidents and reports by youth. All adults should be on the lookout and know how to investigate bullying when suspected. 8. Respond Consistently and Appropriately When Bullying Happens - All staff should be prepared to respond appropriately and on-the-spot whenever they observe bullying. follow-up responses are often needed with involved students and parents. Referrals to mental health professionals within or outside of school settings may be needed.


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Entertainment came with a purr. purr. We We do too. Thomas, building purrfect buses since 1916. Financing available through

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Bullying Prevention continued from Page 4. 9. Spend Time Talking with Children & Youth About Bullying - Talking about bullying and its prevention helps youth to read social cues, appreciate differences, be understanding, and self-reflect. Discussing bullying also helps staff gain insights and build trusting relationships with students. Lessons about bullying, positive behaviors, and social-emotional skills can be incorporated in a school’s curriculum. 10. Continue Efforts Over Time and Renew Community Interests - Bullying prevention should have no “end date”. communities need to continually assess prevention needs and outcomes, revise strategies and programs, and champion the benefits in children’s lives and to the community. try to get involved in your school’s planning in bullying prevention. Ask to have a seat on their safety or anti-bullying committee if they have one. the information and training you receive can directly benefit your organization in handling bullying incidents. if possible, ask to have your drivers included in their staff training so they not only know how to spot bullying, but how to react to bullying, and how to create a “bully Free environment” on their bus. remember: school buses are statistically a very common place for bullying along with playgrounds, cafeterias, and restrooms. Why? because those places don’t have as much immediate adult supervision as classrooms.

Legislative Update continued from Page 3. may affect job applicants decisions about which job to take. What was first described as a “housekeeping bill,” the State Patrol’s bill to make some modest non-controversial revisions to existing law regarding type III vehicles, and some other non-controversial provisions is now caught up in a somewhat heated debate regarding “post-trip” inspections. At one point the proposal was to be re-written to make failure to perform a “post-trip” inspection would be only be a gross misdemeanor when there was a second infraction of failure with a child actually and accidentally left on a bus. Now the State Patrol is advocating for one infraction would, with or without an actual student left unattended, cause a one year suspension of the “S” endorsement for the driver. There has been lots of news regarding the bulk data access to data controlled by the State of Minnesota, primarily the Division of Driver and Vehicle Services. Data access, background checks, as well as, costs and delays related to driver certification have been a dilemma for quite some time. Driver and Vehicles Services, by policy, as decided to end bulk date access, and will now charge $5.00 per inquiry. Many different groups and trade associations have similar concerns as MSBOA, as such we will closely with other of like mind regarding data access fees. Issues regarding a metro fuel tax to fund transit is back on the table this Session, but is unlikely to pass in 2014. A larger transportation package is also unlikely to pass this year, due to the fact that in an election year elected officials are hesitant to pass new taxes that everyone driving a vehicle would look at, and pay, through the next election. The same hesitancy occurs when transit promoters advocate for a wholesale fuel tax at the rack at the refinery. Those promoting more transit use, and more transit development, would basically tax milk to accomplish transit infrastructure and promote the use of transit. MSBOA will continue to work to increase the fines for stop arms violations, as well as promote the seriousness of traffic offenses that occur in and around school bus regardless of children being present on the school bus or not.


News and Views A COnTInuIng SerIeS OF BOArD COMMenTArIeS

QUITe A WINTer SeASON IN MINNeSOTA By Ken Inselmann, Willmar Bus Service, Willmar, MN As you read this article, hopefully Spring is in full effect! Seems like this winter season has been quite abnormal compared to the past few. Has there been more snow and wind than we can remember for many years? What about the "below zero" temps? I'm not sure that any areas of Minnesota were missed this winter season; it may have just impacted your area at a different time, or date. What things bring us through these "more difficult" times? I believe there are certain things that are commonplace among most companies and peoples: -

Accepting it will be more difficult, and setting up to deal with it. Showing appreciation to others for their added efforts Keeping a positive attitude Taking extra precautions, and time, as necessary Doing more than usual, and setting this example, others will likely do the same Understanding that as more people work together, more items get accomplished

There are many people "directly" and "indirectly" connected with us and our businesses, who help make transportation not only possible, but a business we can all be proud of, and support, far in to the future. In such an abnormal season, it is even more important to not forget, but to remember to give appreciation to all the people and entities, who have assisted us in our goals. SO I WILL START US OUT: THANK YOU To all connected with the school transportation industry. Together we make the industry safe, enjoyable, and worth-while! Please continue this Thank You message to your people and entities. It is usually contagious. I challenge you to notice the various expressions you get when you give. Enjoy the feelings as you give and receive! It could just make the months ahead to be the best!

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Identity Theft & The Affordable Health Act: Are your employees Properly equipped? What exactly IS identity theft, and HOW can it affect your employees? The news has been littered with identity theft breaches from fortune 500 companies, to local privately held businesses. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an issue far beyond credit cards and bank accounts! Thieves these days would rather use your personal information to make money, than steal it. Over half of all identity thefts happen at the workplace, and it takes an average of 600 hours of an employeeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to resolve many times a very twisted trail. That is 600 valuable employee hours many employers are not willing to risk losing. Here is one example to share with your staff of a recent identity theft tactic regarding the Affordable care Act. State and federal authorities have reported a rising number of consumer complaints ranging from deceptive sales practices to identity theft, which are linked to the Affordable care Act. They prey on people that may have a lack of information about the healthcare laws and therefore, try to deceive people into giving them your sensitive personal information. This crime usually comes in the form of a phone-call; knock on your door or an official sounding email. They may offer to help you with a fee to navigate the insurance process or offer supplemental coverage. Some go as far as saying the additional coverage is required. Scammers may also offer a discount plan will save you money and that it meets the requirements under the AcA so that you won't have to pay a penalty. So what can employees do to protect themselves? 1.)

BE SUSPIcIOUS of anyone claiming to be from the government. Government agencies primarily communicate through the mail. They also would NEVER ask for your credit card information, social security number or ask to wire them money.


Never give money to help you "shop" for insurance.


Beware of fake websites that may look like an official website. Do not click on links provided by unsolicited emails. The official website of the Health Insurance Marketplace is

for more information regarding Identity Theft and complimentary Identity Theft Training to equip staff, contact Brooke Peterson of Legalshield, & MSBOA Member. 651-491-1092 Article Reference: "Don't be a target for new health insurance scams" Jan2014 The costco connection.

trust tr ust noun n oun

1. Reliance Reliance on on the integrity, integrityy, sstrength, trength, aability, bilityy, ssurety, uretyy, etc., etc., of of a person person or or company; company ; co confidence. nfidence. w

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Legal Notes

By Thomas Revnew, esq., of seaTon, PeTeRs & Revnew

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WHeN MN-OSHA KNOCKS: AN eMPLOyer’S reSPONSe GUIde Even with the best safety and health program, many safetyconscious employers eventually face a Minnesota OSHA (“MN-OSHA”) inspection. Indeed, MN-OSHA conducts safety and health inspections in five scenarios: (1) Imminent Danger: MN-OSHA will inspect a site when it has been alerted to a danger that could reasonably be expected to immediately cause death or serious physical harm or before the imminence of such danger can be eliminated. Such inspections may result from employee complaints, a voluntary on site state agency consultation, or from other sources. (2) fatality and catastrophe Investigations: MN-OSHA will conduct a fatality or catastrophe investigation if an accident: (a) causes one or more deaths; (b) results in the hospitalization of three or more employees; or (c) causes significant publicity. (3) Investigation of complaints/Referrals: An inspection will be conducted in response to formal (i.e., written) and informal (i.e. verbal) complaints. (4) Referrals: An inspection will occur after state personnel or consultants in on site consultation programs make reports of unabated hazards.

• Remind company representatives to obtain as much information from the inspector as possible during the opening conference (when MN-OSHA first appears), including the inspector’s background, and the purpose of the inspection and the intended scope of the investigation. • Limit the inspector’s access to appropriate areas within the scope of MN-OSHA’s investigation. for instance, in the case of an employee complaint, MN-OSHA access to the job site should be limited to the areas alleged within the complaint. • Describe the company representative’s duties during an MN-OSHA inspection, such as accompanying the inspector at all times during the inspection. • Describe the company’s position on whether it will allow private on-site interviews of employees, and if so, when and how those interviews will be conducted. We believe the best approach to safety in the workplace is a proactive one. As such, employers should ensure that they have adequately prepared appropriate safety and health policies and procedures. Nevertheless, since even the best safety practices will not avoid an OSHA inspection, employers should prepare standard operating procedures to follow in the event of an onBest Values: site OSHA investiŏ Legal Hotline for MSBOA members gation. The stanŏ Employee Handbook & Employment dard operating Materials Package $1,075 (includes 2 hours procedures assist of attorney time – hourly rates thereafter) employers in proŏ Drug & Alcohol Testing Package $525 tecting their rights (includes 1 hour of attorney time – hourly during an investirates thereafter) gation and controlAsk for MSBOA discounts on Handbook ling the rogue ($100) and on D/A TestingPackage ($50) inspector. 

(5) Programmed Inspections: Random inspections generally occur for employers who work in a high hazard industry. While MN-OSHA is generally prohibited from giving advance notice of an inspection, one is likely to occur in times of labor unrest, after a work-related fatality or catastrophe, after the employer has received significant negative media coverage concerning a safety or health issue in the workplace, or in a high-hazard industry. By preparing standard operating procedures in advance of a MN-OSHA inspection, employers can minimize the stress of an inspection and minimize exposure to citations and penalties. At minimum, the procedures should: • Identify which company representative(s) are responsible for handling MN-OSHA inspections. Supervisors should alert the company representative immediately of the presence of an MN-OSHA inspector.

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• Train the company representatives concerning an employer’s rights during an MN-OSHA inspection.

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department of education Notes Dates for the Safety & compliance Outreach were set, end of March - early April. check for locations and details. fiscal year 13 reports have been reported to the MN Department of Education. check their website for the spreadsheets. A Homeless fAQ document was developed last summer by a few members of the transportation issues committee. The goal is to finalize the questions and have them put on the Department of Education website. However, it should be noted that homeless transportation is mandated by the federal McKinney Vento Act, not by the state. Questions like What happens if homeless students misbehave, can transportation be removed? can they refuse transportation on a special needs vehicle? Who is the ultimate authority on who is homeless? When should they discontinue if they are a no show? Overall, homeless students should be treated similar to a special needs situation. for example, if a homeless student misbehaves...they should follow the discipline plan that is in place for all other students. If a homeless student is offered transportation on a special needs vehicle and it is an appropriate form of transportation, homeless students cannot request something different. The definition of a homeless student may be different from what many may expect, it is not just students who are living in shelters. In general, they are students who are lacking a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence. They could be sharing housing with another person, staying in a motel or an abandoned building. children who have a nighttime residence that is not ordinarily used as sleeping accommodations are also included. Title 1 funds can also be used for some transportation, such as transportation for after school activities or bringing family members to conferences. Homeless transportation will be fully funded in fY 15-16.

Joe Beaton Scholarship MSBOA is now taking applications for the Joe Beaton Scholarship. If you know a student who could use money to help pay for school, and that student has some background in the school bus industry, get them to turn in an application! Applications are available at





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MVr Checks In December, the State of Minnesota sent a letters to companies that subscribe to their bulk data services for the purpose of conducting motor vehicle record checks. In part, the letters stated that they were no longer allowing bulk subscribers to purchase their data in an effort to tighten security. All data requests had to be done on an individual record request following february 4, 2014.

Please see the MSBOA Members Benefit section for your username and password.

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This means that those who subscribe to services like TLT will be unable to track license changes. In January, TLT (a MSBOA member) notified its customers that they will no longer be in business after february 5th. The MSBOA Office has contacted another MSBOA Associate Member, Trusted Employees, to see if we can offer a lower rate for individual MVR checks.

Be smart. Be seen. school Bus safety Poster contest Deadline: March 31, 2014 What Is It? A design contest to encourage students to THINK about all elements of school bus safety. The contest presents opportunities for school bus safety activities, as well as provides an opportunity to discuss pupil transportation safety themes while working on, or critiquing, student posters. Who May enter? The School Bus Safety Poster Contest is open to all K-12 students, including special education. rules: The 2014 theme is: “Be Smart - Be Seen, I wait in a safe place!” Drawings must be original, correct in safety concept, and the exclusive work of the student entering the contest in idea, design and execution. All artwork should be positive in approach, demonstrating only proper school bus safety behaviors. At least a part of a yellow school bus must be present in the poster. Prizes: The student in the winning grade from each category will receive a certificate of recognition and a $35 gift card to Barnes & Noble. If the entry is forwarded to the National Contest, the student will receive, instead, a $50 gift card from Barnes & Noble. National Contest awards cash prizes. Top State winners will also be invited to and recognized at a Minnesota Twins game.

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Minnesota School Bus Safety Committee Meets 3rd Weds. of every Month Locations Vary Contact: LeAnn Livingston 651-982-8193 Transportation Issues Study Committee Meets 4th Weds. of every Month Contact: Keith Paulson 763-506-1132

Office of Pupil Transportation Stakeholders Quarterly Meetings Held, Dates Vary Contact: Lt. Brian reu 651-405-6047 June 8-10, 2014 MSBOA Summer Conference Sugar Lake Lodge Cohasset, Mn

in This issue: From the President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 Legal Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Legislative Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3

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MN State Patrol Contacts Listed to the right is contact information for the state troopers in charge of school bus transportation. Use this contact information! They are ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have!

Northern Region Sergeant James Senenfelder Northern Regional Trooper Phone (612) 360-5172 E-mail: Metro Region Sergeant Paul Davis Metro / central Regional Trooper Phone (612) 685-4820 E-mail: Southern Region Sergeant chad Dauffenbach Southern Regional Trooper Phone (507) 430-0791 E-mail:

Msboa march 14