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Nov 2013

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Hello Beauties!

Whether your hair is relaxed or natural, this time of year is a great time to

Welcome to November.

just give your hair a rest. We tend to go out less (with the exception of the We are in the full swing of fall.

The leaves have changed colors and late November to New Year time frame), and apart from heading to the are now falling to the ground, the air is markedly more chilly than it office, we’re pretty much in hibernate mode, so it’s easy to put our hair in a was last month and the atmosphere’s abuzz with the upcoming holiday pony tail or bun and keep it moving. season. There’s no denying fall is truly here! This month, we’re excited to bring you products that will keep your skin On the weekends one of our favorite things to do is deep condition with a and hair stay soft, supple, and moisturized despite the changing weather. repairing conditioner, like JessiCurl Deep Conditioning Treatment or Design Most of us tend to have skin that gets much drier in the winter and one of our most neglected parts are our hands.

This month we have two

great products that will help keep your hands looking and feeling healthy and soft. We’ve partnered with our 3rd ever international brand, Olivella, and we’re so excited about it.

There products ROCK!


from now until Dec 22nd, they’ve created a special discount code just for you! Details on the following pages. As usual, we’d love to know what you think! Until next month... Stay Gorgeous, Meki and The OSB Team

Essentials Fortifying Treatment, put a plastic cap on and put a head wrap on and let the natural heat of our head work it’s magic.

Fall Skin Solution Fall is in full swing, and like most looking for smart and natural ways of taking care of one's skin is prevalent during the cooler months as skin dryness can become an issue. Often we look to science or trends to determine how to protect and care for our skin. But perhaps it is better to look back, to the past.  For centuries Olive Oil was used as a skin care aid, beauty product and all around solution for external beauty routines. Did you know the following were once daily uses for olive oil in men and women's skin care regimes: •

drops of oil added to the bath for deep moisturizing

added to hair conditioning routines for protection from split ends as well as adding desired sheen

applied directly to skin for prevention of dry skin

Fortunately there is one company interesting in following these traditions by basing their entire skin, bath and beauty line of products in 100% virgin olive oil. Virgin olive oil is among the purist because of the refining process.  By providing natural ingredients like Vitamin A and E found in olive oil, skin gets the nutrients it needs and excellent skin care is assured. Olivella® is the company and you can discover their entire line of products by visiting their online store at  Start improving your skin today.

Fall Coats We LOVE!!!


We’ve had a girl crush on Tracy Reese forever, her dresses are feminine

We’re still kind of amazed at how the nail art trend is still going strong.

and flirty without being syrupy sweet. And we adore her use of bold

But completely smitten. We’re hearing rumors it’s on it’s way out, but


we’re not convinced. And truthfully, even if it is, you can still get your

These coats are gorgeous and make us want to give up our all black all

subtle nail art trend on with textured polishes! That’s why we’re loving

the time go to coats. Put one of these babies on and it won’t really matter what you have on underneath!

the Nabi Volcano Ash and Sand Texture polish. With just a quick stroke, you can easily add dimension to a standard mani!

NOVEMBER BOX OLIVELLA Hand Cream - Enjoy the Olivella Hand Cream, which as a light texture and gives intense moisture to your hands, also hypoallergenic it can be used throughout the day. After you’ve tried and loved it visit the exclusive site just for Our Shade of Brown and receive 10% off your hand cream purchase! Makes a fabulous gift!

/OSBBeauty LUST NAILS Citrus Scented Cuticle Butter Stick– Perfect size cuticle stick for your purse, home or office! Natural ingredients. Filled with moisturizing oils and butters.


Contains: Almond Oil, Beeswax, Mango Butter, Candellila Wax, Sunflower Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Lemon Oil, Coconut Oil

MyShadeOfBrown NABI Volcano Ash or Sand Textured polish - There’s no end in sight for nail trends and Nabi keeps you on trend with their new line of texture polishes. Use one coat for a


slight texture, more if you want a more coarse texture. Either way, if you want a quick trendy look, reach for you Nabil Textured Polish! d



/OurShadeOfBrown CITRE SHINE, Shine Miracle Intensive Treatment - Use this leave in treatement after your next wash. Provides conditioning to dry, coarse hair, whether it’s chemically treated or not.


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