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July 2013


Stay-Cool Summer Trends

STOP Skipping Breakfast! An Easy Protein-Packed Breakfast You’ll LOVE

Get your Bronze Goddess on with


Stay Cool Summer Trends.

Hello Beauties!

Summer 2013 is all about

away from a Solange-esque look

patterns. Black and white

the next time you step out on

stripes, Camouflage, Gingham,

the town. Match your patterns

Flowers, and kaleidoscope

for a head to toe look and rock

How can we complain when July is synonymous with cook out’s,

prints have officially taken

them with a pair of knock out

beaches and fireworks all month long?

over. This summer the clothes

sandals. Head to toe too much?

are fun, feminine and bright

Match your patterns with a solid

meets grunge! There has been

top or bottom to break it up and

Speaking of parties, we have tips on how you can look effortlessly cool

a healthy mix of these two

stay on trend. From gladiators, to

this summer by incorporating one of the summer’s biggest trends -

styles depending on how you

platform canvas sneakers and

feel. Don’t be afraid to stand

sandals, to floral flats, the shoe

out this summer ladies, there

options are vast this summer

is certainly no need to shy


Welcome to July.

The days are longer, the nights are shorter and the

heat and humidity are crazy!

But we’re not complaining.

It’s like one big, month-long


prints and patterns. We also have you covered on the make up! This month, we’ve partnered with m.a.d.e cosmetics.

A line of mineral

make up that’s great for our skin, this month’s box contains all the products you need to create your own bronze summer goddess look! As always we appreciate your feedback and look forward to continuing to serve you! Stay Gorgeous, Meki and The MSB Team

If you dare to wear jeans in this

graphic tees to pair with your

heat, don’t worry about being

favorite denim cutoffs.

hot in tight-fitting skinnys. Instead let your legs breathe a little in some loose fitting boyfriend jeans, add a cuff and pair them with your favorite summertime heels to give your look a feminine touch. Want to chill out and still look classically cool, choose from a selection of bold

STOP Skipping Breakfast! An Easy ProteinPacked Breakfast You’ll LOVE In this hot summer heat it is hard to

Graphic tees have definitely

think about preparing breakfast but with

made a 90’s style comeback this

it being the most important meal of the

season with an array have pop-

day it only makes sense to have a

culture inspired designs. Feeling

recipe that cuts down on cooking time

sporty? Throw on those Converse

and will leave you feeling energized.

that have been sitting in the back

The ingredients are full of protein,

of your closet since middle

“good” carbs and healthy fats…plus vitamins and minerals the body needs

school and you’ll be both comfortable and completely on trend.

Strawberry Vanilla Power Bowl

to function at its best.

Ingredients: • ½ cup of Old Fashioned Oatmeal

• 2 tbsp. Chia Seeds • 5 oz. of Plain Coconut Yogurt (Nonfat, Plain Greek yogurt is great too!)

• 2-3 packets of Stevia or Truvia (I don’t add any

• 1 cup of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (Almost any milk will do, but this is what I use)

• 3-5 Large Strawberries (You can sub for any fruit, I recommend berries!)

sweeteners because the coconut yogurt I use is sweet) Directions: Add all ingredients into a resealable container and mix well. Refrigerate overnight and by morning, the chia seeds will have expanded and dry oats softened. Fruit can be added with all the ingredients or when you are ready to eat the next morning. Note: Feel free to get creative!! We’ve also added cacao powder, bananas, flax seeds, psyllium husk, Green Grass Superfood in both Berry and Chocolate, protein powder, peanut butter and a variety of other clean eating goodness!

SUMMER MAKE UP MUST HAVES This summer we’ve made it a goal to come up with the perfect humidity proof beauty

Favorite Summer  Find

regimen. Now that it’s July and summer is undeniably in full swing we kept two very

Make Up For Ever Aqua Seal

important qualities in mind during the hunt for the perfect products: Waterproof and Oil Free. During the hot humid months our skin has a tendency to get oilier than usual. Also summer months on the east coast usually mean that you may find yourself either unexpectedly caught in a rain storm or sweating profusely while walking the city streets, thus the search for lightweight products that are waterproof. We’re going to share with you a few products that we’ve found that are awesome! Lips Stains are a great alternative to lip glosses and lipsticks when it comes to

summer lip

color. Start the day off by painting on the perfect stain and go. You can add your favorite gloss to give it some shine, add a lip balm to give your lips a moisturized feel, or just keep it matte. Lip Stains give you versatility and most importantly they last forever. The best stains not only color your lips but also give you little plump and moisture. Our favorite: Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip and Cheek Stain This stain comes in an array of shades and gives your lips the perfect pop of color while also smoothing your lips and plumping them. Stains can dry your lips out if you don’t moisturize throughout the day, but not this one. Flamenco is a bright fun red for the summer. Cheeks Cargo Water Resistant Blush This is the perfect waterproof blush!

Ok so, the shades may not exactly be

ideal for brown women. However, when blended with bronzer (try with your M.A.D.E Glow Powder or any bronzer) it is the perfect shade of blush. The formula is water resistant and specifically geared to last through perspiration.

This magical little potion turns any of your favorite powders and pencils into long lasting moisture resistant products. Just dab a little on your brush before applying your eye shadow or dip your liner in and voila, instantly waterproof!

JULY BOX everything you need for a bronze Goddess look New Penny –  A gorgeous copper color that can be applied lightly for a natural enhancement to eyes or more intensely for a bold pop of color.  Can also be mixed with clear gloss or to create a beautiful bronze lip color and can be dusted on cheeks/face for a bronzed all over glow. Brownie –     A radiant deep chocolate brown that looks great on all skin tones.  A wonderful color for adding depth to eye crease or creating a smoky eye look that's perfect for the summer and beyond!  Works great as an eye liner – apply as eyeliner by using a dampened angled brush or liner brush, dip in mineral pigment then swipe onto eyes.

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Glow Powder (bronzing Shimmer) – Add warmth and depth to complexion with this multi use powder. Light to medium complexions can use to deepen tone and create a bronzed and/or contour effect.  Deep to dark complexion can use to get a light shimmer finish to


skin. Can also be mixed with your daily moisturizer and used in place of foundation to give skin a uniform glow. Prep ‘n’ Set (Antioxidant Setting Spray) –  Use to set mineral powder after they've been


applied. Can also be used to refresh and hydrate your skin anytime.  Contains Green tea and white tea extracts which protect skin against pollutants and free radicals and can help boost your skin’s radiance, minimize age spots, sun spots and fine lines. Fabulous for all skin types. including oily, sensitive, normal and combination skin. 



Women of color, beauty, fashion, health. My Shade of Brown mini mag accompanies the My Shade of Brown monthly beauty subscription box.


Women of color, beauty, fashion, health. My Shade of Brown mini mag accompanies the My Shade of Brown monthly beauty subscription box.