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Thursday, January 7, 2010 Tenth Grade Students Exceed Expectations! Brampton, Ontario By Janel Bascom Students in Ms. Bascom’s grade ten English class and Discovering the Workplace class have established a reputation for excellence. Over the course of the semester these students have impressed teachers at Sandalwood as well as members of the community. As part of their GLD course, these students have participated in several field trips, and on each one, the adults in charge have declared this group of students to be the best they’ve ever had. After visiting Schneider Electric Company in Mississauga, Ian Thomas, the tour leader, asserted that Ms. Bascom’s class was the best group to come through. Later that day at the University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus, the tour guide there said the same thing. The instructor at the Finlayson Outdoor Education Centre, Tammy Hand, made the same observation. What makes this class so extraordinary is their positive attitude and excellent behaviour. Whether in school or out of, they are consistently co-operative and

respectful. Beyond that, however, these students are also generous, caring, and helpful. When they teamed up with Mr. Prosser’s class to volunteer at The Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto, they dazzled the staff there as well. Even their bus driver, Mr. Daniel, was inspired to pitch in. Having driven the class previously, he knew a day spent with them would be a good one. He worked side-byside with the students all day, joining two other adult volunteers, Mrs. Marion Bascom and Mrs. Jan Stetic, in helping the students pack over 900 Holiday Hampers. From everyday behaviour in class that makes teaching them a joy, to an extraordinarily successful Community Service Project, these students excel. They are some of the finest students at Sandalwood Heights, and serve as an example to their peers.


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