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Proof that Janet is a Good Mom

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Proof reminds Erin not to dawdle, etc., watches Erin to the corner


gets the kids breakfast when they ask sets them up with entertainment so she can shower


makes them muffins plays with the kids “letting them roll over her like bear cubs”


admires Erin’s artwork watches Erin to the corner

Setting and Mood “Setting” is the time and place of a story: when and where does it all happen? You can talk about setting in the past, present, or future, or you can be specific: the 1970’s, the 1800’s, the 2000’s. The “where” can be in the city or in the country, or a specific town, province, nation, or continent. “The Knife Sharpener” is set in a small town or in the suburbs, in the 1970’s. (This is proven by the mom who smokes, the fact that she stays at home, her husband’s traditional workshop in the basement, that she lets the knife sharpener into her house at all, and because of the TV shows the kids watch).


Evidence from the Story