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In Your Own Words Grade Eleven College English Independent Study Unit: Magazine Project

ENG 3C0 Independent Study Unit Magazine Project Task: Create a properly bound paper magazine or a digital version through Objective: Students will demonstrate an understanding of a common media format: the magazine; students will study magazines and produce a magazine of their own covering a topic of interest to them in order to: develop writing skills for a variety of forms, as well as develop organizational skills as required to plan and lay-out a magazine, including its table of contents and cover. Process: Review various magazines and identify their common elements; choose a topic for a magazine of your own; from a list of possible elements, select items to create for your magazine; create the written work for the magazine; create the cover and design the layout; generate a final, perfect copy for paper or digital publication. Assessment: 100 marks Magazine Elements Cover Subscription card Letter from the editor Columns Advertisements Interview Opinion pieces Comic or cartoon Required Elements: Cover Table of contents Letter from editor One advertisement One review One article Four additional items

Table of Contents News articles Profiles Advice columns Letters from readers Movie reviews Game reviews

Recipes Feature articles Featured Products How-to articles Trend-watching articles Horoscopes Book reviews

ENG 3C0 Magazine Topic:

Student Name:

ISU Checklist and Assessment Assignment/Task Select a magazine topic and outline the cover page. Letter to the Editor

/10 Review /10 Article

/10 Advertisement /10 Additional elements

Due Date Wed. April 29 Wed. May 6

Wed. May 13 Wed. May 20

Wed. June 3 Mon. June 15


Presentation (see handout for details)


Monday and Tuesday, June 15, 16

Date Expectations Completed Decide on your magazine topic and outline the cover. Write a letter to the editor of your magazine as if you are a reader. Select a book, movie, or game and write a review of it. Write a news, feature, or how-to article on a topic related to your magazine. Create an advertisement. Select 2-4 additional elements to produce for your magazine.

Deliver a 2-minute sales pitch promoting your magazine in order to increase subscriptions.

Assessment Thinking and Inquiry Level: Communication Level:

Thinking and Inquiry Level: Knowledge and Understanding Level: Application Level: Thinking and Inquiry Level: Knowledge and Understanding Level: Communication Level:

ISU Magazine Project  

A set of instructions for grade 11 college English students so they can successfully complete their ISU.

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