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No experience necessary for the Delegate Assembly New London-Spicer School Board member Lucinda Dahlberg recalls her first time as a delegate By Bruce Lombard, MSBA Associate Director of Communications One of the most important benefits MSBA provides its school board members is legislative advocacy. The MSBA Government Relations staff — Grace Keliher, Denise Dittrich and Kimberley Dunn Lewis — are as skilled and knowledgeable as any lobbyist in St. Paul. However, the education issues the Government Relations team prioritizes don’t materialize out of thin air. New London-Spicer School Board member Lucinda Dahlberg was a first-time delegate at the 2018 Delegate Assembly. Dahlberg co-authored the only resolution that passed unanimously during the event. Her resolution called for “one predictable and equitable special education formula.” Photo courtesy of the New LondonSpicer School District 8    MAY–JUNE 2019

MSBA’s positions on education issues come largely from the minds of our public school board members through our grass-roots Delegate Assembly process. School board members from throughout the state are elected for a two-year term by their peers to serve as delegates. Each December, these delegates discuss and vote on various legislative resolutions submitted

by school boards and individual school board members. Resolutions that receive a majority vote, as well as positions adopted during previous years, become the basis for MSBA staff lobbying efforts on behalf of all the state’s public school boards. The 2018 Delegate Assembly approved several important resolutions that proved to be key issues during 2019 legislative session — including the full funding of school safety grants, additional money on the education funding formula, and bills relating to special education funding and reducing the cross-subsidy.

New Delegates Wanted Denise Dittrich, MSBA’s Associate Director of Government Relations, said


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MSBA Journal: May-June 2019  

MSBA Journal: May-June 2019