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Friday Workshops – 9:15 a.m. TWEETING THE DEETS ON THAT HOMEWORK Room 101I Trevor Helmers, Attorney, Rupp, Anderson, Squires & Waldspurger, P.A. The expanding capabilities of technology and the popularity of networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, have altered the way we communicate. Social networking has also led to problems for school employees in maintaining appropriate boundaries with students and parents while using social networking websites. This presentation will discuss the unintended consequences for school staff of maintaining such relationships, and what schools can do to combat the problems created by social networking. HEALTH CARE REFORM UPDATE Room 101J Ross Manson, Principal; and Tonya Rule, Manager, Eide Bailly During this workshop, we will examine the basics of health care reform and its impact on employers; identify key decision points and action steps for affected businesses; help you understand options available, including health insurance plans, exchanges and hybrid plan options; and learn about a tool to help make the best choice regarding Affordable Care Act options. HOW THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT AFFECTS YOUR FLEX PLAN AND HRA PLAN Room 201A & B Paige McNeal, Vice President, Educators Benefit Consultants; and Barry Olson, Superintendent, Blooming Prairie School District Recent Federal rulings and FAQs have turned the benefit world upside down. We will go over the most recent updates to the Affordable Care Act. We will analyze how these changes have impacted your 125 Flexible Benefit Plans and your Health Reimbursement Arrangement and other pertinent details and action items that may present themselves. MINNESOTA TEACHERS RETIREMENT ASSOCIATION PENSIONS AND LIABILITIES Room 202A & B Jay Stoffel, Deputy Executive Director; and John Wicklund, Assistant Executive Director, Minnesota Teachers Retirement Association; and Bob Lowe, Management Services Director, Minnesota School Boards Association How have the employer and employee contribution increases and better-than-expected investment returns impacted TRA’s bottom line? Find out what the future may hold for school districts, employees, and annuitants as TRA’s Board of Trustees and staff look for ways to improve the long-term sustainability of the fund. HOW YEAR-ROUND SCHOOL BOOSTED ACHIEVEMENT Room 203A & B Sheila Berger, Principal, Austin School District Budget Boot Austin moved one of its elementary schools to a year-round format. The change has boosted our student achievement. Find out our process to switch calendars and get the community on board with the idea.

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HOW CENTERS FOR EXCELLENCE CAN HELP YOUR SCHOOL Room 205A Anne Lundquist, Coordinator for the Centers for Excellence, Minnesota Department of Education Minnesota has established three regional Centers for Excellence across the state to help school districts. See how these Centers -and three additional Centers -- can help your school district improve student achievement. FACEBOOK, PRAYER AND THE PLEDGE OF ALLIGIANCE Room 205B Margaret Skelton, Attorney, Ratwik, Roszak & Maloney, P.A. Freedom of speech for public school students has been a quagmire for educators for decades. This presentation will discuss how the courts have handled various student First Amendment issues, such as: Must a middle school allow a student to wear a bracelet that says “I (heart) boobies?” Can students be excused from class for daily prayer? Can a student be disciplined for creating a Facebook page disparaging a teacher? May a student read to his classmates from his favorite book - the Bible? Can a school discipline a student for refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance? Find out what the courts have said. KEEP TABS ON YOUR DISTRICT’S VITAL SIGNS THE EASY WAY Room 205C Ben Silberglit, Director of Software Applications, TIES; and Marci Anderson, Board Member, Anoka-Hennepin School District Having trouble finding the data you need and figuring out how to use it? Come hear how the Anoka-Hennepin Board tossed its stacks of reports and PowerPoints and replaced them with a powerful but simple-to-use tool on their iPads. With their mobile dashboard, board members can, at a glance, understand their district’s vital signs, including demographics and enrollment, assessment data, graduation rates and financial data. NOT IN MY SCHOOLYARD: E-CIGARETTES, SYNTHETIC DRUGS, PRESCRIPTION DRUGS AND GUNS (ALSO PRESENTED AT 2:30 P.M. THURSDAY) Room 205D Christian Shafer, Attorney; and Jennifer Earley, Attorney, Ratwik, Roszak & Maloney, P.A. High School students’ use and abuse of electronic cigarettes, prescription drugs and designer synthetic drugs is at an all-time high. This presentation will explore the school board’s authority to respond to student use of these products. We will also discuss the scope of the school board’s authority to prevent parents and community members from bringing firearms onto school district property.

2014 Leadership Program/January-February Journal  

2014 January-February Journal and Leadership Conference Program