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Friday Workshops – 9:15 a.m. STRATEGIES FOR PASSING A BOND REFERENDUM Room 101A Joel Sutter, Senior Financial Advisor; Jodie Zesbaugh, Financial Advisor, Ehlers; Ann Counihan, Board Chair, South St. Paul School District; Paul Brownlow, Superintendent, Verndale School District; and Paul Durand, Superintendent, Rockford Area School District In these challenging political and economic times, it can be very difficult for school districts to get voter support for a bond referendum. This session will feature three school districts that have passed bond referendums during the past 15 months and the financial advisors who assisted the districts. They will discuss strategies that they used in structuring the bond issues, communicating the district’s needs and the impact of the proposed bond issues, and convincing voters to support the referendums.  UILDING A COMPELLING SCHOOL IDENTITY B Room 101B Steve Razidlo, Superintendent; Judy Jenson, Director of Community Education; Tom Haglin, Board Member; and Ruth Nelson, Board Member, Brainerd Area School District; Aaron Hautala, Creative Director and Owner; and Keith Larson, Art Director, Red House Media Brainerd School District and Red House Media began the core work of creating an academic school district identity in January 2012. Components of the new identity included a district academic logo and tagline, which first took root in the district’s Long Range Plan and Communications Plan. Presenters will tell how they developed the logo, tagline and family of mascots to position the Brainerd School District to be the district of choice for student enrollment. FLIPPED CLASSROOMS: WHAT DO WE KNOW AT YEAR 3.OH? Room 101C Wayne Feller, Technology and Innovation Coach; Heather Wells, Technology and Innovation Coach; and Jeff Brazee, Coordinator of Educational Innovation and Technology, Stillwater Area School District We will explore practical issues, and how the flipped classroom model has matured. Into its third year, Stillwater has experienced an expansion, a transformation, a publication and a formal study. We will also attempt to answer the question: “Is flipped the gateway to blended?” INTERGENERATIONAL PROGRAMMING Room 101D Lisa Edstrom, Board Member; and Karen Schaub, Director of Community Education and Communications, Roseville Area School District Hear about the success and enthusiasm for building intergenerational understanding and appreciation between students at the Roseville Area Alternative High School and Roseville Area Senior Program. This unique approach to learning and community engagement has successfully encouraged understanding across generations, gender, race and culture.

COLLEGE READINESS FOR EVERY STUDENT Room 101E Julie Sweitzer, Executive Director (also a Board Member at the St. Louis Park School District); and Jim Bierma, Director, Ramp-Up to Readiness, University of Minnesota College Readiness Consortium The new law requiring school districts to assist all students in exploring college and career interests and planning for postsecondary education creates an urgent need for school boards to understand the scope of college and career readiness programs. The new state longitudinal database already provides public data on your graduates’ postsecondary track records. This presentation will describe why we must increase the number and diversity of students who graduate from high school ready for success in higher education and in the workforce, resources for achieving that goal, and how school boards can lead the way. BOARD/SUPERINTENDENT RELATIONSHIPS: THE THINGS THAT TRIP US UP (ALSO PRESENTED AT 3:45 P.M. THURSDAY) Room 101F Gary Amoroso, Executive Director, Minnesota Association of School Administrators; and Sandy Gundlach, Director of School Board Services, Minnesota School Boards Association The foundations for a good board/superintendent relationship include the superintendent’s employment contract, job description, and performance evaluation. Unfortunately, problems happen when boards and superintendents do not pay attention to these items. Learn what’s tripping up your board and superintendent colleagues and what steps you can take to prevent them. CAN INNOVATION BE TAUGHT? Room 101G Michael Smart, Innovation Coach Facilitator; and Bob Quam, Board Member, Intermediate District 287 Now in its fourth year of implementation, Intermediate District 287’s Innovation initiative has transformed how the district discovers, develops and spreads ideas. In the 2012-13 school year alone, administrators and innovation coaches implemented 188 new projects that help students learn more effectively and help staff work more efficiently. This session is an in-depth look at the principles and training the district develops and deploys to foster the growth of educational innovators who drive the district’s model. DON’T SEND THAT TEXT MESSAGE! Room 101H Mick Waldspurger, Attorney, Rupp, Anderson, Squires & Waldspurger, P.A. Learn about the risks that electronic communications -- such as email, text messages, and tweets -- present for school board members and school administrators, including potential violations of the Open Meetings Law, data privacy issues, and discovery issues in litigation. This presentation will also address the risks associated with using information on the Internet when making employmentrelated decisions.

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