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Thursday Show & Tell 11:15 a.m.—2:15 p.m., Exhibit Hall Thanks to Sodexo for sponsoring this event. CAMPBELL-TINTAH STEM MODULES Campbell-Tintah School District Campbell-Tintah works with the Southeast Career and Technical Center to provide various STEM-related modules for students to explore. The modules utilize technology-related equipment to enhance instruction in the areas of math, science, technology, and career/technology education. The district feels that this is an affordable option to equip teachers and schools for the nationwide “STEM” initiative at a reasonable cost, without extensive front-end preparation and capital outlays. CANBY HIGH SCHOOL AVIATION Canby School District Canby Public School District has developed a ground-school course and has participated in and won national GAMA STEM competitions, which allowed them to build a plane in a two-week period in Seattle, WA. The course encompasses ground school, careers, science and mathematics. REALIZING EDUCATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT AT COLUMBIA HEIGHTS: HOW FAMILY INVOLVEMENT IS INCREASING STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT Columbia Heights School District Family involvement at Columbia Heights is now a district-led priority with key elements including parent education, relationship building, and home visits. This display will highlight what has worked well to increase parent engagement at Columbia Heights. LAKE CRYSTAL WELLCOME MEMORIAL ACADEMIC DECATHLON Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial School District Academic Decathlon is a 10-event national scholastic competition for teams of high school students. Each high school fields a team of nine students based on their grade point average: three “A” (honors) students, three “B” (scholastic) students, and three “C” (varsity) students. Students take seven written exams consisting of art, economics, language & literature, math, music, science, and social science. They must also write an essay, participate in an interview, and perform a prepared and impromptu speech. The LCWM Academic Decathlon team was named a “wild card” participant from Minnesota in 2013 and attended the national competition in Minneapolis. Two students earned scholarships, and one student earned a national medal. Academic Decathlon teams from LCWM have won 11 state championships and have participated in eight national competitions. LAKEVIEW SCHOOL STORE AND COFFEE CART Lakeview School District Lakeview School Store and Coffee Cart are new approaches to providing students with life skills for employment after high school. High school students with disabilities take a leadership role by ordering and organizing inventory, providing customer service, and “learning by doing” in a structured work environment. Students also practice working with money in a real-life store.

ROOSEVELT HEALTH SCIENCE EDUCATION PROGRAM Minneapolis This display will provide school board members with a unique perspective on what it takes for the community to develop, support and sustain a health careers program for K-12 students. The display demonstrates how the student organization for health science (HOSA) supports the program. THE VISION OF INDIVIDUALIZED LEARNING Minnesota New Country School How will you personalize, individualize, and/or give students permission to own their projects? Come and talk with students about how they become responsible for their learning, meet state standards, and prepare for college. MINNEWASKA AREA DAY TREATMENT PROGRAM Minnewaska Area School Distict The Minnewaska Area Day Treatment Program (MADT) is designed to incorporate evidence-based practice techniques for treatment of students who have a mental health diagnosis indicating the need for special education. MADT uses a collaborative approach to educating the child, along with the home district, to assure compliance with the child’s IEP while incorporating individual and group psychotherapy and therapeutic skills, along with behavioral and family skills therapy. The “cornerstone” to the program is the family services that MADT provides. The Mental health family practitioners are available to meet with families in the convenience of their own home or in their offices. 21ST-CENTURY LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES Owatonna School District Owatonna High School has a flexible, inquiry-based, technologyrich program for students. The premise of the program is to provide various learning opportunities based on the interests and passions of students and to allow students to be active participants in their path to learning. DRAGON WAGON (workshop PRESENTED AT 3:45) Pine City School District The Dragon Wagon is a mobile learning bus designed to bring learning readiness activities to children unable to be part of a more traditional preschool setting. Weekly stops are scheduled for preschool-age children and their parents at a community center or room. During this activity-packed hour, children will develop reading and number skills and engage with other children and their parents.

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