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EVA23Water Intrusion


Figure 3-28. EMU 3011 Screening Test Data Post I-141 R&R

3.5.7 Ground-based Analysis of the Item 134 Filter and Valve, and the Item 141 Gas Trap The removed items from EMU 3011, the Item 134, its filter, and the Item 141 cartridge, along with lintfree wipes used to swab the parts were packed for return and analysis. The hardware items were placed in non-powdered, nitrile surgical gloves and the wipes in individual plastic baggies. They were returned to UTAS for detailed analysis of any contamination or anomalous conditions on 9-19-13. By 9-26-13, preliminary findings were presented by UTAS. The Item 134 filter was found to be ~90% clear. The particulate contamination was made up of what is considered to be normal ferrous and aluminum corrosion products, as well as fluorinated organics from lubricants. Some zinc and silica were noted, along with one cellulose fiber. The amounts and types fell within allowable limits which the program had deemed acceptable via a contamination book. This practice was deemed to be an example of unwarranted acceptance of what really amounts to off-nominal situations. Recommendation R-6 was generated to include investigation of instances of contamination, along with instances of water in the helmet. The Item 134 valve itself passed all leakage, cracking pressure and flow tests with values well within specification.


ISS EVA Suit Water Intrusion Mishap Investigation Report  

Report of the NASA Mishap Investigation Board examining the high visibility close call event of July 16, 2013 when ESA astronaut Luca Parmit...