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EVA23Water Intrusion

SI003 Local Training Issues/Programs

Local Training Issues/Programs are a factor when one-time or recurrent training programs, upgrade programs, transition programs or any other local training is inadequate or unavailable (etc.) and this creates an unsafe situation. Evidence:

Audio Logs, Post HVCC interview data from MOD EVA personnel

Training was investigated and found contributory to the HVCC. •

Astronauts, pilots, controllers and others who deal with real-time emergencies undergo years of rigorous training. The information they receive is gathered from records and data that have been compiled, processed and eventually put into training manuals. The original products (more voluminous/comprehensive) are then shelved, while the final cut and sort is put in electronic format, for all to learn and reference when needed. The quality of the final training product is highly dependent upon the thoroughness of the process by which the source information was processed. FMEA/CILs ineffectively addressed issues with water in the helmet; therefore that information was not incorporated into ISS/EVA training.


There is little doubt that the amount of critical information (information vital for safe operations) that team members must learn has the potential to be overwhelming. That is why astronauts and controllers alike practice one emergency drill after another. Procedures to handle emergencies are developed years in advance. They are ingrained, until individual responses become automatic, which facilitates the management of overwhelming tasks. The absence of sufficient training, or experience in a particular failure mode, raises the possibility of cognitive task oversaturation.

Finding: •

Crew and ground team training did not include this failure mode of water intrusion into the helmet.


ISS EVA Suit Water Intrusion Mishap Investigation Report  

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