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EVA23Water Intrusion

environment where the contractor was considered as having a support function rather than being a full participating and voting member of the Board. Recommendation R-36: The government officials and contract managers must put in place expectations and create a board environment that allows the EVA contractors to freely challenge technical decisions made by the governing boards when appropriate and encourage proactive participation. O-25 EVA risks have not been well integrated within the context of the ISSP risk management process. Supporting Evidence: EVA safety responsibilities are divided among 4 different organizations: the EVA Safety and Reliability Group under the S&MA Integration Branch of the Quality and Flight Equipment Division (NT), the ISS Safety & Mission Assurance/Program Risk Office (OE) in the ISS Program, the ISS Chief Safety Officer in the JSC S&MA Directorate (NA), and the MOD Flight Safety Office (DA8). A fifth organization that has a related role is the ISS Safety Division (NE) which provides staffing for the Safety position in the ISS MER. Each of these organizations has a role to play that they do very well, but the integration between them needs to be robust. These organizations have the following high level responsibilities: NT – Is embedded within the EVA Office and has overall S&MA responsibilities for EVA including providing hazard analysis, COFR, and quality assurance. The EVA Safety and Reliability Group further provides support to the Safety Review Panel (SRP) for EVA related matters and supports ISS Safety in the MER during EVA operations. The EVA Safety and Reliability Group is funded by the EVA Office through Internal Task Agreements. Funding to the EVA Office is provided by the ISSP. OE – Is responsible for assuring all ISS hardware and software has successfully completed the S&MA processes in an effort to minimize risk to the crew and vehicle by providing S&MA integration across ISS program elements and chairing the Safety Review Panel. The ISS Safety & Mission Assurance/Program Risk Office provides integrated hazard analysis for ISS as well as the integrated S&MA COFR for ISS. NE – Provides S&MA support for all other non-EVA ISS systems (with the exception of Government furnished equipment (GFE)). The ISS Safety Division staffs the ISS Safety position in MER and provides support to OE. NE is funded by the ISS Program through internal task agreements. NA, Chief Safety Officer – Serves as independent technical authority for HQ OSMA. The Chief Safety Officers are funded by HQ OSMA. DA8, MOD Flight Safety Office – The MOD Operations Safety Office is primarily responsible for establishing S&MA processes and procedures within the MOD, and for administering the MOD S&MA program. The ISS for the most part is contractor furnished via a prime contractor with NASA oversight provided by various elements of the NASA community and integrated by the Program. The exception is for EVA where the EVA hardware is government furnished via a non-prime contract to the ISS Program. EVA integration is provided by the EVA Office more or less as a service to the ISS Program. EVA is then integrated into the rest of the program through various ISS integration functions.


ISS EVA Suit Water Intrusion Mishap Investigation Report  

Report of the NASA Mishap Investigation Board examining the high visibility close call event of July 16, 2013 when ESA astronaut Luca Parmit...