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How ToGive Fido A Bath A Lot easier Quite a few dogs enjoy bath time. Some love it so much they will often splash around and really enjoy the water. For the rest of the dog-owning population, giving the dog a good washing can be a small nightmare. Hiding and refusing to get bathed is what most dogs resort to even though it could be a losing battle. To make bath time more successful, you might ask yourself what you can possibly do to make it less difficult. By following some tips. Stay Positive Pets pick up on your tone and mindset instantly. If they sense their owners are anxious or upset, dogs themselves can become uneasy. Therefore, if you hate giving Fido a bath, he will possibly feel the same way. When you intend on bathing your furry friend, it's always best to remain calm. Instead of fretting about your dog's emotions, focus on the upside of baths, like eliminating that doggy smell and the proven fact that bathing helps reduce shedding. Prior to the Bath Before you turn on the water and open doggy shampoo, there are a few things you can do to encourage him or her to relax. For example, take the dog for a walk. This helps to drain the dog of energy and also reduce his or her anxiety. Therefore, the dog could put up less of a fight when you're trying to pull him or her into the tub. Gather up all your supplies before the dog steps paw in the bathroom. Everything needs to be placed within reach of the bath so you do not have to get up and move, thus leaving room for the dog to exit. So the dog's feet don't slip and slide when they are bathing, it might be helpful to put down a non stick mat in your tub. During the Bath Use a light, natural voice when you are bathing your dog - the same voice you would use anytime you are basically communicating. It may also be of help if you have a playful frame of mind. Consider it as a form of affection when massaging and washing the dog so it feels nice to them. You can pet and caress your dog along the way. Using tepid water, you'll want to first wet the dog entirely. So they can get used to the water, begin slowly increasing the water intensity slightly. Leave your dog's face for last when you are applying shampoo, and be sure to rinse off all the residue thoroughly. Make sure to remain calm and in control if your dog happens to become upset at any time. Overcomforting your dog can actually enhance his or her fear. Behave as though the bath is business as usual and be calm about it. After the Bath Most dogs are fine being towel-dried, though you may use a blow-dryer if you think your canine can handle it. Shortly after a bath it is not smart to let the dog go outside because usually they will roll around in the grass or dirt, which would be bad if the hair is not totally dried. Chloe Cole Pet Couture

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How ToGive Fido A Bath A Lot easier

Staying calm throughout the bath is the key to achieving success. If your pet senses your fear, he or she is more likely to be worried of hopping in the tub. Once your canine becomes accustomed to taking regular baths it will go much smoother. Never make a fuss about the bath before, during or afterward, and you can be sure the next time you grab the dog shampoo, things will go a little bit smoother. Chloe Cole Pet Couture carries the most helpful products for your furry friend, like the best natural dog shampoo you will ever find. For additional information on Chloe Cole Pet Couture, visit their web page at

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How ToGive Fido A Bath A Lot easier