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3 Essential Principles 1.Trust

By: Naomi Cotner Ypsilanti New Tech- A Paper Tour!

Definition- Reliance on the integrity of a person Examples Leaving your laptop in an unlocked classroom 2. Respect Definition- Accepting people for who they are Example: Not making fun of an idea 3. Responsibility Definition- Completing a task assigned within the time alloted Example: Completing projects before they are due

Name: Ypsilanti New Tech Address: 2100 Ellsworth Road

21st Century Skills

PBL (Project Based Learning)

Sister Schools

1. Work Ethic Definition: Believing that working hard will get you ahead in life Important because: we will only have a certain amount of time to work on projects Example: Working hard on tasks given to you 2. Technology Skills Definition- Being able to use technology well Important because: We will use technology a lot in YNT Example: Being able to use your laptop adequately 3. Personal Capacity Definition- A trait or characteristic that a person has the helps the community Important because: We need to be fair and caring toward the other students, facilitators, and visitors. Example: Not favoring one person’s ideas more than other people’s 4. Collaboration Definition- To work with other people Important because: We work in groups on projects often Example: Not taking control of the group

Project based learning is going to a process to figure out a problem. The steps for this are: 1.Entry Document (you find out what the problem is) 2.Know (you write what you know based on the entry document 3.Need to Know (you write what you don’t know but you need based on the entry document)

A way we are different from other high schools is that we have sister schools all over the country and our facilitators go and visit the other schools. There are 62 of these sister schools. The states that our sister schools are in are: California Colorado Illinois

4.Problem Statement (you write why you need to figure out the assignment)


5.Next Steps (deciding what to do to solve the problem)

New York

Louisiana North Carolina Oregon Texas

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By: Naomi Cotner 2. Respect Definition- Accepting people for who they are Example: Not making fun of an idea Name: Ypsilanti New Tech Address...