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Our number is (734) 714-1500 Ypsilanti New Tech High School 2100 Ellsworth Rd. Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

21st century skills

Overview of PBL

1. Personal capacity

1. First make an Entry document.

personal capacity is the ability to contain and absorb information.

2. Make a Know and a Need to Know. 3. Do problem statement.

2. Collaboration

4. Next steps.

collaboration is the ability for people to work together is succession.

5. Implement next steps.

3. Work ethic

PBL is an abbreviation of project based learning which is what we do here at new tech.

a good work ethic is you have values set and work with diligence and have a level of professionalism.

Essential principals 1. Trust we have trust that everything wont lie and have enough respect to not break the trust.

2. Responsibility to be responsible for your own stuff and take responsibility for whatever happens.

3. Respect always have respect for other students and everyone else.

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