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3 foundational 21st century skills

PBL is a project based learning. PBL is learning how to work and do projects in a group. PBl isn’t a hard thing to learn or do you just have to be able to work with other people. Newtech is like this gate it is very welcoming.

Technology use is a 21st century skill because everything is being turned into technology. Collaberation is a 21st century skill because you sometimes need to talk with your members of your group to find a better suggestion. Personal capacity is a 21st century skill because that means you can work with the people and the space around me.

† THE 3 ESSENTIALS ¢ Responsibility is one of the three essentials because they entrust you with a laptop. Respect is one of the essentials because you must be able to be kind to the people around you. Trust is one of the essentials because you should be able to leave your purse somewhere and nothing is

Ypsilanti Michigan Newtech These are the computers that the kids at newtech get to use and eventually we will be able to take home the laptops

This is the computer that the teachers gave us for the school year and they are cool.

something else that is important at newtech Something that is important and different at newtech is how they treat you. They treat you as if you are their family. They don’t except failure so they keep on pushing you and encouraging you to go beyond what you think you can do it is like they they want more from you because they know you can give them more. Newtech are like the pictures above Simple,Clean,and Calm, and maybe even Elegant

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