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PBL Process

Project Based Learning


1.) Entry Document 2.) Know/ Need To Know 3.) Problem Statement 4.) Next Steps

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New Tech High

What is New Tech about?

3 Essential principles

New Tech High School is about a system where everyone learns how to work together. This is a One of the essential principles great opportunity for students to are trust, because we all have to work with other individuals on rely on one another to finish projects. Everyone will have their projects if its there part, or we own laptops and they will learn would like to trust each other to how to use them to work on not take personal things. projects. Another essential principles are respect, because we would like for each other to respect others while we are talking or respect our work. The last essential principles is responsibility, because if you have a project to do its your responsibility to turn it on time. Also it’s your responsibility to take care of the lap tops.

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