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2100 Ellsworth Rd., Ypsilanti, MI 48197 (734) 714-1053

By:Markesha Bigham



(project base learning) As the year moves on we start to work more in groups doing projects. Whenever we work in groups we will be using the 21st century skills & the 3 essential principles. Learning how to use them , so as we get older we’ll know what to be looking forward to in a job based enviorment.

21st Century Skills Collaboration - Team Work

Work Ethic - Not being Lazy Personal Capacity - Self Control

These are 4 great skills to have to be successful. Making sure you have collaboration because of the fact that in the may jobs we may have we’ll be working with others & having that will make it easy. We try our hardest not to be lazy & having work ethic. Keeping self control is good as we’ll. & Making sure whenever we use technology we have patience.

Technology Use - Patience

Director- Mr. McElmeel

At the end of the day YNT students will be able to take there elective class at Ypsilanti High School. They will be able to join any groups & activities they will like.

3 Essential Principles Trust - Respect - & Responsibility

New Tech Secretary - Mrs. Radcliff

With trust , respect , & responsibility there’s no way we as New Tech students can’t have a successful year.

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2100 Ellsworth Rd., Ypsilanti, MI 48197 (734) 714-1053 By:Markesha Bigham

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